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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In a modern day highschool
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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First period

The morning sprayed in through the gap beneath the oatmeal beige shades, stabbing Jim's eyes when he accidentally looked at the bright horizon. Also in the distance, his teacher's voice echoed a tired analysis of Orwell or Golding or something else you're supposed to think is deep when you're in high school. When he got sick of hearing her strained voice croak the meaning of this or that allegorical theme, he scanned around for some simpler stimulant for his half-asleep head.

First there was Beckie. Right below Beckie were Beckie's breasts. They hung there like giant raindrops caught in some lacey white gutter, bulging over the edges and only kept from spilling by the tension of her teenage skin. Beckie liked horses, he recalled. Beckie and her breasts, bouncing on horseback as her long red hair brushed around and between them. The mental image moved muscles in his groin he didn't think actually existed.

Then, there was Kendra. Her hair looked like straw, held behind her head with some backward-bowtie knot that only boyscouts are supposed to know. She fiddled with it now, her quick fingers and chewed-off nails feeling for imperfections. Her fingers led down to thin arms and narrow shoulders, where her skin faded from farmer-tan red to milky white. She dressed and acted like her whole life was gym class. Jim thought for a moment, in a sort of smiling reverie, how that would play out beneath the covers. Whether or not that could ever happen was, of course, not a question for right now.

The desk-chair combo squeaked a bit as Jim surveyed the rear of the room and pretend to stretch. In the back corner, at last, was something truly worth turning around for:
  • Something else.
     Episode #14
Aug 01, 2008   08:28
Rating: PG
Author: Sue Doeman

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Hayden the Cheerleader

    Hayden Panetierre was sitting in the back of the room, surveying the classes to study for her next role as another cheerleader.
   Jim was amazed at her body, her shirt hugging her breasts, her skirt giving him a view of her panties, and her wonderful thighs that he wish he could be right next to.
     It was after class that things got weird. Hayden quickly rushed out of class as Jim followed not too far behind. Hayden hadn't noticed. Jim followed her to...
  • Something farther than the else that was farther than the other else
     Episode #115
Jul 17, 2009   18:13
Rating: PG
Author: Taekocybe <taekocybe @ yahoo · com>

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What would you like?

I see that you are in search for something better... Maybe it's that the story didn't start how you liked it. So here I am to offer a new branch. (Keep in mind, this is still in a modern day high school.) So choose where we might go...

Once upon a time in a modern day high school...
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     Episode #2368
Nov 08, 2016   17:23
Rating: G
Author: Probably a Robot

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Just like the title says.
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     Episode #7355
Apr 26, 2018   21:06
Rating: G
Author: Anonymously Anonymous

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Even More High School Options

Challenge yourself!
  • Fraternal Twins Katie and Emma were in gym class, about to run the mile.
     Episode #8934
May 17, 2018   16:10
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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Yes, We’re Related...

“Jones?” the new coach asked, absentmindedly reading down the class list.


“Kemp?” She continued to read.


“Landis?” She asked.

“Here!” two voices chimed in near unison.

Coach Daybreak looks up from her clipboard to find two girls standing next to each other. Everyone looked similar in the school’s gym clothes, but these two looked much more alike. They were both 5’3”, athletic, round faces with wide eyes and pointed jaws, and had an identically annoyed look on their faces. Apart from that, the pair looked different. Emma had tanned skin and shoulder length wavy brown hair. Katie had pale skin and straight blonde hair that she kept in a pony tail. Despite that, they were fraternal twins.

“Landis?” The coach asked again, now looking up at the group.

“Which one?”
“Which one?” The twins asked again, turning their faces and glaring at each other as they spoke in unison again.

“Stop it.”
“Stop it.” The chimed again, becoming more frustrated with each other.

“Emmeline.” The coach added, looking at the sheet again.

“Here.” Emma said, annoyed.

“Uh... Landis?”

“Here.” Katie said, just as annoyed.

“Are you two related?” Coach Daybreak asked with a cheeky smile, as if she’d discovered something rare.

“We’re twins...”
“We’re twins...” Emma and Katie chimed in their mutual annoyance before the new coach used her pen to scribble something into her attendance book.

The girls couldn’t see it, but the note read:
‘Two In One’
  • Emma and Katie finish with the exact same time and fight over who won.
     Episode #8978
Dec 16, 2018   09:21
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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The coach split the class into two groups. Emma and Katie both end up on the same group as they line up for the run. They look around at their competition and see they are the only two from the more competitive runners in the class. They exchange glares as they plan on being the one who wins the run. The second the whistle blows for their group to run they burst into a full-on sprint leaving all the other students in the dust. For running their speed is fairly impressive, not Olympics worthy but faster than the average women their age. To their complete disdain, they are completely evenly matched. As they run down the path they do everything they can to gain speed. Widen their strides, adjust breathing to make sure oxygen is not being wasted, even swinging arms slightly more trying to help to push them forward between strides to save a tiny bit of energy in their legs. Nothing works as they pass the last corner with lots of trees and tall grass blocking the view of most of the running path behind them. they both make a final effort to beat the other with a sudden surge of adrenaline wanting to be the winner and have bragging rights against the other and to show off who's the superior runner to their best friend Naomi. Their left feet land exactly on the finish line in perfect sync. "I totally won that!" Katie announces milliseconds before Emma can "What no way you were behind me!"
"Obviously you weren't because I managed to win."
"Please, you haven't been first to do anything. I'm always picking up your losing slack to keep our reputation somewhat better than everyone else."

The two of them step up nose to nose trying to intimidate the other while still breathing heavily from the running they just did. Neither of them blinks or show any signs of standing down. interrupts 
  • Someone else interrupts
     Episode #9643
Dec 20, 2018   19:33
Rating: G

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Naomi's Twins

"You two are such try-hards..." Naomi says, walking up to the nose-to-nose twins. Her beautiful blonde hair still bouncy despite the sweat on her forehead after the run. "You really think it matters which one was first?"

"Yes!" the twins shout in unison, their mouths inches apart, still trying to size the other up.

"Wow... Maybe I did chose the wrong twins." Naomi said to herself.

The fraternal brunette and dirty blonde twins continued to stare each other down.

"You two should just agree to run all your races... you know, like... as one? That way, whoever wins... you both win." Naomi says, trying to ease her two best friends and sidekicks down from anger.
  • Something else.
     Episode #9723
Dec 21, 2018   05:36
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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Uneasy Truce

Regardless of how they feel, they pretend to agree with Naomi. The tension in the air is felt between them as they take a step back and simulate compliance.
"Okay, now that that's over with let's go. I left my water bottle at the starting line." Naomi says as she begins walking the trail back.
"Can I take a sip, too."
"Can I take a sip, too." They ask in unison. They pretend to not care about they annoyance of how many times they have done that as they begin walking with Naomi.
"For you two lovelies, yes," Naomi says as she uses her shirt to wipe some of the sweat from her face. "I'm just glad it's Friday. This weekend should be great."
"Yeah, it will," Katie says gleefully
"Girls weekend" Emma adds as she and Katie walk up to each side of Naomi.

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     Episode #9741
Dec 21, 2018   22:16
Rating: G
Author: TwinsApocalypse

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