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A Start to New Beginnings

Once upon a time...
  • ...In a modern day highschool
     Episode #2
Aug 01, 2008   08:02
Rating: G
Author: Blueversusred

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First period

The morning sprayed in through the gap beneath the oatmeal beige shades, stabbing Jim's eyes when he accidentally looked at the bright horizon. Also in the distance, his teacher's voice echoed a tired analysis of Orwell or Golding or something else you're supposed to think is deep when you're in high school. When he got sick of hearing her strained voice croak the meaning of this or that allegorical theme, he scanned around for some simpler stimulant for his half-asleep head.

First there was Beckie. Right below Beckie were Beckie's breasts. They hung there like giant raindrops caught in some lacey white gutter, bulging over the edges and only kept from spilling by the tension of her teenage skin. Beckie liked horses, he recalled. Beckie and her breasts, bouncing on horseback as her long red hair brushed around and between them. The mental image moved muscles in his groin he didn't think actually existed.

Then, there was Kendra. Her hair looked like straw, held behind her head with some backward-bowtie knot that only boyscouts are supposed to know. She fiddled with it now, her quick fingers and chewed-off nails feeling for imperfections. Her fingers led down to thin arms and narrow shoulders, where her skin faded from farmer-tan red to milky white. She dressed and acted like her whole life was gym class. Jim thought for a moment, in a sort of smiling reverie, how that would play out beneath the covers. Whether or not that could ever happen was, of course, not a question for right now.

The desk-chair combo squeaked a bit as Jim surveyed the rear of the room and pretend to stretch. In the back corner, at last, was something truly worth turning around for:
  • Something else.
     Episode #14
Aug 01, 2008   08:28
Rating: PG
Author: Sue Doeman

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Hayden the Cheerleader

    Hayden Panetierre was sitting in the back of the room, surveying the classes to study for her next role as another cheerleader.
   Jim was amazed at her body, her shirt hugging her breasts, her skirt giving him a view of her panties, and her wonderful thighs that he wish he could be right next to.
     It was after class that things got weird. Hayden quickly rushed out of class as Jim followed not too far behind. Hayden hadn't noticed. Jim followed her to...
  • Something farther than the else that was farther than the other else
     Episode #115
Jul 17, 2009   18:13
Rating: PG
Author: Taekocybe <taekocybe @ yahoo · com>

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What would you like?

I see that you are in search for something better... Maybe it's that the story didn't start how you liked it. So here I am to offer a new branch. (Keep in mind, this is still in a modern day high school.) So choose where we might go...

Once upon a time in a modern day high school...
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     Episode #2368
Nov 08, 2016   17:23
Rating: G
Author: Probably a Robot

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Just like the title says.
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     Episode #7355
Apr 26, 2018   21:06
Rating: G
Author: Anonymously Anonymous

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Even More High School Options

Challenge yourself!
  • Adorkable Alice was in the bathroom, doing her pigtail braids in the mirror.
     Episode #8934
May 17, 2018   16:10
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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I love me!

Alice stood in the bathroom with her body leaned up against the sink. She was looking at herself closely in the mirror, twisting her fingers in and out of her chest-length chestnut hair. She was fashioning it into two long pigtail braids, her favorite look.

“These are just perfect!” She squeaked at herself, gently wacking the braids forward and back with her hands. “You look... Perfect.” She said to her reflection, biting her lip. Her eye drifted from her hair to her outfit, up her body to her chest, her sun-tanned skin, her supple neck, her smooth jaw, her thin and pursed lips.

“I could just...” Alice paused for a moment, listening for anyone else approaching the bathroom. Then, out of her own personal pleasure, she leaned forward and kissed her reflection. Her eyes were open the whole time because she wanted to see her face as it came closer. She was used to her reflection becoming lost when the breath from her lungs fogged up the glass, but it didn’t, for some reason.

Better yet, she didn’t feel cold glass on her lips. It was warm...
  • Alice’s braids get stuck on her reflection’s braids and their linked by their hair.
     Episode #8979
Dec 16, 2018   09:36
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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Alice moved her head back and forth as she began making out with her reflection. She couldn’t believe how good it felt, it was just like she was kissing a real person. She was so distracted by the kids that she didn’t realize she was being pulled into the mirror herself. Alice heard the school bell ring and quickly pulled herself back from the mirror, as she did she felt a pull on one of her pigtails. Her hair had somehow gotten twisted and tangled with the pigtails of her reflection. “Ouch!” She yelped. As she looked back to the mirror she could clearly see the pigtails wrapped around each other. “That doesn’t make any sense.” She wined. Alice began trying to pull her and her reflection apart. “Damn it. I hope nobody sees this.” She cried as she continued her attempts to free herself from the mirror.
  • Alice and her reflection begin fighting about being stuck
     Episode #9648
Dec 19, 2018   21:33
Rating: G
Author: 2607:fb90:88ae:28aa:4d05:e4f8:f96a:e378

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Stop it!

Alice glared at her reflection, helplessly. Her braids extended straight out in front of her, connecting and them mirroring back to her refection, who was moving in perfect sync with her own image, obviously.

"This is so weird!" she shouted at her mimicking reflection. "It's not like my hair is stuck to the mirror... It's like it's braided into..." she stared at her reflection again. "It's like it's braided into yours!" she said, talking to herself in the third person.

Once again, the tried to tug them back, but this only caused pain on her scalp. She reached her hands up to the braids to hold them tight as she tugged again.
  • She pulled her reflections head through the mirror.
     Episode #9676
Dec 21, 2018   05:18
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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Two of her

Alice pulled on the pigtail with all her might. To her amazement, the head of her reflection was actually pulled into her world. The two head butted and fell to the ground, their hair was still tangled together.

“Who are you?” The original Alice asked.
“How did I get here?” The reflection questioned.

The head burr had managed to force them out of sync.
  • They manage to get the other pigtail tangled
     Episode #9731
Dec 21, 2018   06:23
Rating: G
Author: Ozaru

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Look what you’ve done!

“I don’t know... this is very strange...” original Alice said slowly.

“You’re me!”
“You’re me!” both Alices said in unison, seemingly ignoring the single tangled braid.

“No...” the original Alice said, growing a bit annoyed.

“No, I’m me...” the other Alice said, feeling the tug on her hair. “And your hair is stuck to mine...”

“Get off!”
“Get off!” The said in unison, trying to push each other away before feeling the braid tighten. In their shoving and pulling, they turned around, back to back, and tried pushing each other’s backs and butts to separate. In swinging around, their other braid swung too and hit each other, tangling instantly.

“Ouch!” They squealed, stuck back to back with their braids linking them.

“This is your fault...”
“This is your fault...”
  • Alice and her reflection try to push apart but only get stuck closer to their scalps.
     Episode #9742
Dec 21, 2018   06:39
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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It’s getting worse

“Get off!” The two shouted in unison. They kept pushing and pushing on each other eventually causing both of them to lose their balance and spin around in around in a circle. They finally fell back to the ground after hitting a sink.

“Ugh great.” One Alice said as she turned her head to the side.

“Ouch!” They both yelped. Their fighting had caused the braids to wind together much tighter than before to the point where the girls could hardly turn their heads without their hair pulling.

“Stop doing this!” They grunted. The two Alices then tried to turn their heads opposite ways resulting in a horrible strain on their heads.

“I wish I’d never kissed you!” They both shouted through the pain.
  • The pair keep fighting
     Episode #9749
Dec 21, 2018   06:50
Rating: G
Author: Ozaru

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Why did this happen?

“I wish I didn’t kiss you!” The other shouted.

“How is this even possible?” Alice asked herself quietly. “You’re me... I kiss my reflection all the time and this has never happened...”

“I was just thinking the same thing...” the other Alice added.

“Shut up!” She snapped, twisting her neck suddenly, causing them both to wince in pain.

“Stop it!”

“Make me!”

The girls sat, back to back, head to head, as they thought together.

“It was like you came out of a mirror. We’re both... um.. Alice, right? So what do we do now?”
  • Stand up to look at their reflection
     Episode #9753
Dec 21, 2018   07:02
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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More Alices

“Well, maybe we should stand up and take a look at the mirror. Maybe there’s a way we can fix this.” One Alice said.

“Sounds good to me.” The other replied

“One, two, three!” The first Alice shouted. The two of them locked their arms together and leaned against one another in order to stand up. They slowly managed to maneuver themselves to the front of the mirror.
  • They see two brand new Alices stuck together in the mirror
     Episode #9766
Dec 21, 2018   07:10
Rating: G
Author: Ozaru

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We look crazy.

“We look crazy!” One Alice exclaims.

“We look like twins. What are those twins who share a body or whatever?” the other Alice asks.

“How would I know? You don’t know, so I don’t either.” Alice thought.

“Whatever. Just look at us. Our heads are stuck. It’s like I’m leaning against a mirror-“
“And the mirror is talking back. I know, I was just thinking the same thing.”

The Alices glared at each other’s faces through the mirror. The pain of their hair making it hard to appreciate. While they did look freakish and strange, Alice couldn’t help but admire her cheeks. The way her jaw curved. Her cute button nose.

“Do you wanna get closer?”
“Do you wanna get closer?”
  • The two Alices scoot closer to their reflections.
     Episode #9768
Dec 21, 2018   07:18
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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This may have been a mistake

They both lean in towards their reflection, getting a better look at how bad their hair was tangled together. I looked as if they intentionally braided their hair together.
"How is this even possible?" One of them asks as they both begin to fumble with their braided pigtail. Their hands keep overlapping as they try to move each other out of the way wanting to be the one who separates them. aggressive hand slaps and bickering continue as they continue to get in each other's way, making any progress slow if that.
"Okay, this is getting us nowhere if you keep putting your hand in the way."
"You're the one tangling our pigtail worse then it already is. I'm just trying to fix it."
"Whatever, we wouldn't even be in this mess if I didn't kiss you."
"I kissed you and have been regretting it ever since. You're just lucky we have amazing hair or I'd just find scissors and cut yours off to save on time."
Finally, they both put their hands on the sink's countertop taking a break and simply shoot looks towards one another. They want nothing more than to figure out what is going on but involuntarily pulling each others hair from moving ones head too suddenly was going to hurt any progress worse than them untangling their hair has.
  • They finally work together to untangle their hair
     Episode #9776
Dec 21, 2018   20:57
Rating: G
Author: TwinsApocalypse

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Now what?

“Maybe only one of us should do it.” One Alice said.

“Fine, Whatever, I will...” the other said. The first Alice grinned as she watched her reflection, the other her successfully untangling their braids.

One both girls were separate, their hair totally untied, even from their braids, they looked at each other uneasily.

“What now?”
“What now?” The asked in surprising unison.

“Well, I mean...”
“Well, you are...”

“I am what?” One Alice asked.

“You’re the copy. So why don’t you go back through the mirror?”

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     Episode #9780
Dec 22, 2018   04:47
Rating: G
Author: TheMagicBox

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