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 Post subject: Guilty Gear: War Wedding
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Phew. I was gonna wait until Saturday to put this up, but being that we're into Anniversary week, I decided to get an early jump. It's close enough to the end of the month as well that I'd say it's still within my regular update schedule.

This story came about from a number of factors: I'd had the idea at some point, but at first I couldn't get it off the ground. I think that Revelatory was announced right when I was gonna try it anyway, so I opted to wait on that. Then of course, came DeNice and his videos which helped inspire me while I was waiting.

At the first opportunity I had, I watched the story mode of Revelatory (and it was eventually removed from the internet, so I'm glad I did), and that helped me figure out what to do. There are two stories left after theory, but in truth, while there's one more I was planning to write, that one is a while away for other reasons, and suddenly, I'm in the mood for...sequels. Lots and lots of sequels to many of my stories. Including this one. That's right. I'm announcing the sequel when I've only just posted the first chapter of this tale. Fortunately, like everything I've been posting lately, this is already done, which means I can use the time it takes to post it to put up new stuff if I want.

But I've kept you waiting long enough. This is one of my longest intros.

Anyway, I don't own Guilty Gear. It is the property of Arc Systems Works. I hope they don't sue me. Lets get this party Started!


Guilty Gear:
War Wedding

Chapter 1: Catfight Courtship

You could choose your friends, but you couldn't choose family. This applied even when you were a being from a strange and completely foreign dimension like the backyard.

Before she had learned the truth about herself and her mother, Elphelt Valentine never had never really grasped that phrase....

“What's wrong Elphelt? You seem unhappy!”

...but things were different now. They were very different, and all because Elphelt had learned something very very important.

Her, mother Ariels, also know as the Universal Will...was an insane bitch.

That last part was not a word she'd use herself, but it was still very accurate.

“...I....I can't believe your my mother! You're horrible!” Elphelt yelled. Everything she was doing to the world; all the pain she'd caused... “You've hurt so many people!And”

“Oh! Those people aren't real humans anyway, and Ram is a defective mistake!” Ariel's voice had an insane and childlike tone to it as she spoke. “Not like you Elphelt! You're exactly what I need to make things as it should be!” It would all go perfect, as long as two things happened...

“I'll never help you! I won't be Justice's core, and Sol and the others will find me!”

And those two things were that Elphelt stopped resisting, and something was done about Sol Badguy and his allies. Fortunately, Ariels had a method for both problems.

“LET ME GO! LET ME GO RIGHT NOW!” Elphelt tried to pull herself out of Justice's body, but with her arms lower body already part way in, she had little hope of freeing herself. She wasn't going to let that stop her however.


LET ME OUT” She'd almost missed it; did her mother just agree to free her? “Wait...did you just say ok?”

“Of course I did!”Ariels replied. “I can't kill Sol and his annoying group if they don't find you, now can I?”

“Kill....them?” Was mother planning to hurt her friends? “No! You can't!”

“And I won't! You will!” Ariels had an insane look in her eyes, and her voice held gleeful malice. “You are going to kill all of them!” She laughed, leaving Elphelt utterly mortified as she realized she'd be forced to do awful things against her will once again.

“NO! NO! NEVER! I'D RATHER DIE! I'D RATHER STAY HERE!” She once again tried to pull herself out of the barrier binding her to Justice, but was no more successful than before.

“Oh, I never said I was letting you out.” The woman known as the Universal Will said. “Just that you are going to kill your little friends.”

“....huh?” Elphelt was finding her mother even harder to understand now. How could she stay here and be sent to kill the others?

“I bet you're wondering how I'm gonna do it? Right?” She got right in Elphelt's face, showing her daughter just how twisted she was. “ Well, I'll show you!” Ariels moved to the side, and let Elphelt see something: another person was there. Someone who either hadn't been present before, or been unnoticed during the discussion the two had been having.

“....No...way....” And it was someone very familiar to Elphelt as well.

She wore a Gothic Wedding dress, with the opening in the front, spiked collars on her neck and wrists, and had pink hair was instead light grey... but it was the face that really did it.

“It's...It's me!” The girl who joined them looked identical to Elphelt as she was now. “But her colours are all wrong!”

“Oh right! You can't really see yourself like right now can you?” Ariels commented. “Rest assured daughter, she looks exactly like you, and without Ramlethal to detect the truth, she'll fool those redundancies!” The insane woman grinned from ear to ear. Elphelt was baffled by her twin; seeing another her standing there was disconcerting, but what really bothered her were the eyes.

'There's...there's nothing there! Did she create a copy with no emotions?'

“When this copy finds them, she'll trigger her self destruct and wipe them out!” Her mother's words froze her heart.

“No....NO! PLEASE! DON'T!” Once again, she could only desperately plead with her mother. “YOU CAN'T DO THIS!”

“You know what? You're right!” Ariels said. Unable to help herself, Elphelt hoped she'd really gotten through to her mother this time.

“She can't do it like this!” Ariels waved a hand in front of the free Elphelt, showing the lack of reaction. “Even those redundancies will catch on!” She turned the clone Elphelts head towards her bound twin. “Elphelt dear?”

“Yes mother?” The other Elphelt replied, her voice the same as the captured one, but lacking any feeling behind it whatsoever.

“You'll need the memories of Elphelt here.” Ariels pointed at the imprisoned Valentine. “So be a good child and take them. It'll help you in your mission.”

“Yes mother. “ The free Elphelt said. She walked past her mother towards her bound sister.

“Stay....S-stay back!” Elphelt could only struggl uselessly as her other self approached. Placing a hand on her, the free Elphelt formed a magic circle around her arm.

“Connection established. Proceeding with extraction of information.”

“No! No you can't!”

Ephelt's struggles seemed irrelevant as her twin entered her mind to gain the knowledge needed to properly infiltrate Sol's group.

“Nnngh!” Still, the bound Elphelt tried to fight back, fruitless as it seemed, but...

“ seems she's...interfer....ring...” Unbound Elphelt was having trouble now, showing some actual concern on her face.

“Hmmm? Is that true?” Ariels didn't seem too concerned.

“Yes! Now that we are directly connected, she is using our identical control mechanisms to try and push me out.”

“That's right! Since we are the same, I can stop you, even like this!” The imprisoned Elphelt stared defiantly at both her twin and her mother. “I won't let you do as you please!”

“Hmmm. Really? REALLY?” Ariels sounded as mad as ever. “We'll we can't have that now can we?” She turned to the standing Elphelt. “Elphelt dear?”

“Yes mother?”

“You simply have to go deeper into her mind to get what you need.” She stepped closer to the two of them.

“Um...” The free Elphelt actually seemed bothered by her mother's new order. “That may not be a wise idea. Due to our identical status, if I were to go any deeper into her mind than I am now, there is a rish of being overwhelmed by...”

I SAID...” Ariels, in one smooth motion, grabbed Elphelt's arm, ripping it off of Elphelt's head, while also pulling Imprisoned Elphelt's head up, so she was staring directly at her twin.

GO DEEPER! She then pushed Free Elphelt's face forward, right toward bound Elphelt's face.

OOOOOOLLLPH!” Both Elphelts gave a muffled yelp of shock as their faces were shoved together, meeting at the lips. The magic circle that had been around the free Elphelt's arm was now appeared around their heads.


“There. And don't come out until you're finished. Mothers orders.”



Moments ago, they'd been outside they'd been outside with one Elphelt bound, and the other free. Now, they both stood in an empty black void. Both Elphelts seemed taken aback as they realized this was a shared space in their minds.

“I...must complete my mission...” One Elphelt said, though she did not sound sure of herself. Still, she took a step towards her twin.

“NO! You don't have to do this! You're me, so I know you don't want to hurt anyone! Please don't!” The other Elphelt said. She could see her twins face; she could see the doubt on it as the other woman's emotions were clearly stirring.

“I can't...I can't go against mother...” The first (or was it the second) replied. “I-I'm so sorry.” Closing the distance much quicker than her mirror self expected(causing their chests to mash together with a soft squish) Elphelt grabbed her twin by the sides of her head. With both hands gripping her twins head, she quickly formed magic circles and began the memory extraction.

“KYAAAH!” The assaulted Elphelt yelped as her mind was attacked, memories and feelings being picked apart by...herself. They were the same; she couldn't stop her twin...but that didn't mean she was helpless. No sir.

“I'll stop you...” And with that, the Elphelt having her mind attacked placed her own hands on the sides of her twins heads, forming her own magic circles. She could only fight fire with fire, but she would do so if it would prevent anyone from being hurt.

“KYAAAAAAA!” Now both girls shrieked in pain as they assaulted one another's minds. Each tried to fight past the others assault and access her doubles core programming and memories, but being identical to the last detail, it was proving to be harder than either would have liked.

“Aaaaah! Stop....N-no....Must.....C-can't......AUUUUUUGH!”

Save her friends; Obey her mother; help humanity; destroy humanity; right, wrong, her feelings, her mission. All of it was mixing together. There were no barriers between the two as they bored their way deeper and deeper into the other's head.

'I must save...I must obey...NO!' who was who? Did Elphelt want to stop her mother or save herself? It was all just a blur. Their desires became one just as their minds did. 'NO! I'm being assimilated!' In mere moments, neither would be sure which of them was which, and if that happened, no matter who won, they'd both be a threat to everyone she cared for, and helpless puppets of their mother. 'I must do something....there's no choice! I have to make sure she can't hurt anyone!' Elphelt knew what needed to be done.


They screamed even louder as they poured more energy into the other. She would not be used as a weapon.

KYAAAAAAAAAAA!” Tearing into one another's minds relentlessly, only one clear thought could get through all the pain:

'I....I still want to get m-married.....'


Back in the real world, the still lip locked Elphelts briefly convulsed before eyes went totally blank.

“Huh.” Ariels seemed slightly annoyed. “Went too deep. Oh well. When they wake up, I can send her off to get rid of those redundancies!” She took a step towards them as she spoke. “In the meantime, I'll look inside her head to get an idea of how ell it worked.” However, when she tried to touch one of them...


“Ugh!” Ariels was shocked, literally and figuratively as barrier emminated from the bodies of both of her daughter. “What? What is this?” Something was wrong, but she had no more time to dwell on it as the sound of a ship drew her attention.

“Tcch! Here already are they?” Sol and his allies had arrived, sooner then she'd thought. “Oh well, I'll just do this one myself!” No matter what was going on with Elphelt, she'd still merge with Justice eventually. It would take a miracle to defeat her.


Unfortunately for Ariels, miracles do actually happen. Against all odds, she was defeated, the threat of Justice was neutralized, and Elphelt was saved. That only left one issue to deal with...


The morning sun shone down upon the kingdom of Illyria, particularly one room in the castle where two figures were sleeping soundly in bed, cuddling rather close.

“...mmm....E-elphelt...” They were slowly stirring...”...Valentine...”

A third person in the room observed them as they came too. 'Maybe now, we can get some answers.'

“Eliminate all redundancies...” Suddenly both figures—the two Elphelts—shot up, stretching out their arms in their...her...usual morning ritual...

“ With extreme predjuAAAAACK!” But since she usually wasn't sharing the bed with someone else, they ended up hitting each-other in the face, and getting knocked right off the bed.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Both Elphelts rubbed their now sore cheeks, unsure as to what had happened.

“Are....are you both alright?” The third person asked.

“'m not alright!” Both answered, as they were now fully awake and recovering from being punched in the face. They only briefly glanced at the other person before turning to the other...

“Eh?” Upon seeing who'd hit her, both Elphelts paused. “.....”

“Elphelt...” Before the other person could say anything more....

AAAAAAH!” Both Elphelts screamed at the top of their lungs and immediately jumped over the bed, crashing together. “NOOOOO! DON'T BLOW THEM UP!!!

“What....” the third party could only watch as two crazy brides started a wrestling match on the bed while yelling incomprehensible things.

MOTHER IS WRONG!” Elphelt grabbed Elphelt by the hair and yanked hard.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO HURT THEM!!” Elphelt slapped Elphelt in the face twenty times in a few seconds

THEY ARE MY FRIENDS!!!” Elphelt started punching Elphelt right in her—rather prodigious—chest.

DON'T LET HER USE YOU!!!!” Elphelt grabbed Elphelt by the neck and started throttling her rather violently.

The third person watched in disbelief as the two Elphelts tried to knock some sense into each-other (and really only did the exact opposite), yelping and shrieking through the whole debacle. They went on for a few minutes before they finally began to hear what the other was saying.

“...AND HER MAKE-UP IS What did you say?” With hands still around the other's neck, hair rather disheveled, and Bunny hood veils slanted and off kilter on their head, they stared at each-other as they realized that what her twin had been saying was not what she'd been expecting.

“That's what I would like to know!” The third voice knocked them out of their confusion and they both turned towards that person.

“”They knew her but that was impossible...Mother had...hadn't she?

“'re alive?”

And that's part one. The next chapter will come at either the end of April or the beginning of May. I guess well see.

Happy Anniversary to BlueVersusRed.Net! May it continue to satisfy all our TOH needs.

When twins tangle!

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Ah, you're gonna tackle Guilty Gear (Elphet) now huh? Already like it due to the intro being quite on point to what I remember from watching Revelator's story mode. For this one I could understand the length of the intro; Arc System games like Guilty Gear and BlazBlue are pretty... out there when it comes to their story lore so you sorta gotta ease in to stories featuring them (which is something for me to remind myself of when I do my Noel/Noel[Mu-12] BlazBlue TOH fic after I'm done with my Athena story).

That being said can't wait to see how this one turns out... (and how Ramlethal reacts to having her closest sister getting the double treatment...)

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Alright. Here's the next chapter of War Wedding. It felt like forever since I got here. Ironically enough, I said I was considering some sequels to other stories, but since then, I've once again changed my mind. It's hard to decide what I want at times. That's mostly because I don't want to keep doing the same stuff over and over (which is funny, since I often do in fact do the same things over and over). That being said, there are two ideas I'm still considering that are sequels. Both won't happen for some time though.

In the mean time, lets start the next chapter.

Chapter 2: Pugilistic Proposal

Elphelt and Elphelt stared in disbelief at their sister. For her part, Ramlethal stared back, just as confused (though for reason different then either Elphelt).

“....Ram...” She had died. Mother had tricked her and she'd been caught in an explosion. That's what Elphelt had thought, but now here she was, alive and well. “...I-is that...really...?”

Ramlethal had a lot to take in. Her sister was now two people; they had been smacking each-other around mere moments earlier, and now they looked moments away from breaking into tears...or trying to hug her.

“.....RAAAAAAAAAM!!!!” Ultimately, they went for both, leaping off the bed (after releasing their death grips on one another of course) and right at Ramlethal, tears pouring out of their eyes like fountains. Ramlethal gulped, unsure as to whether she wanted to be caught between her sister turned sisters, but not knowing what she could do about it. But...



It ceased to be an issue when they managed to smash their heads together while only halfway to their goal. Ramlethal watched as they fell face first to the floor with a smack, twitching.

“” It was hard to think of something to say to that. Even if Ramlethal was used to strange things with Elphelt as a sister, this was a rather atypical situation. “I think we need to start from the beginning.” She said dryly.

“Ow...” The two Elphelts couldn't really object to that.

[email protected]~

“So that's the story of how I survived the explosion.”

“Oh! That's incredible Ram!”
“Wow! That's so cool Ram!”

As they spoke, both Elphelts patched each-other out with bandages and wrappings from their first aid kits. Bandages on their cheeks (from the punches and slaps), foreheads (from when they smacked their heads together), and noses (for when they smashed their faces into the floor).

“Now, from what you've told me, Mother created a double to infiltrate us?” Now the Elphelts remembered just what they'd been doing before, and turned their attention back to each-other, both of them now eyeing her mirror image carefully.

“Yes, that's right!” They remembered what the other had said. “Why did you think I was the spy?” Now they got confused.

“But isn't it you? No, it's not me! But I'm sure it's not me!” Now they were getting worried. If the spy no longer even knew she was a spy, then how could she be stopped?

Ramlethal looked back and forth at her arguing sisters. Even though she had no reason to, she suspected neither of them was a threat. Instinct; something she was not all that familiar with, but when it came to Elphelt, it was strong, stronger than she'd realized. An idea came to her. A way to help her be sure.

“El! Lets use our link!”

“Eh? Both Elphelts turned back to Ram as her words brought an end to their argument

“I should be able to look inside and see what happened.” Ramlethal explained, holding up both hands as magic circles formed around them. The Elphelts looked at each-other again, and then back to their sister and nodded. They also needed to understand what had happened to them during that time. Elphelt and Elphelt both brought up one hand and entwined it with both of Ramlethal's hands. They then clasped their remaining hands together as they formed their own Magic circles. The link that all Valentines shared would help them see what they needed, but....

“...this is....El?”

“What is it Ram?”

“I can't.... I can't see anything. You're both blocking me!”

“WHAT?” The Elphelts couldn't believe what they'd heard. “But...I'm not....are you...? No! It's not me!”

“I'm completely unable to access any of your programming even through our link! I couldn't even stop you if one of you tried to self destruct again!” As Ram said this, both Elphelts seemed to go into a trance. “El....what's wrong...?”

“I remember.” Both girls spoke in synch, but it was montone. “Mother sent me deep into my own mind. Two Elphelts sharing a mental space. We fought...tried to take each-other over...”

“And?” Ramlethal asked, now on pins and needles to hear what was going on.

“Mutual assmilation.” One Elphelt succeeded in gaining the memories of the other, but also the emotion that came with them. The other ended up taking in the programming mother instilled.” The moment they finished, they gasped as they broke out of the trance.

“I see. So both of you could suddenly self destruct, even with mother gone?” Ramlethal said, mostly to herself. Hearing this, the two Elphelts promptly panicked and started throttling each-other again.

“No! Don't do it!”

“WAIT!” Ramlethal—actually—yelled, just as her two flaky sisters started pulling at faces. “I don't think either of you will do that. It seems that memories and emotions were shared as well, so it seems that neither of you has any intention of harming anyone.” The two Elphelts stared at Ram as they let her words sink in, and then turned back to one another.

“Really...?” Both Elphelts could see the sincerity in the others face. It wasn't that surprising; her mother had opted to hide her original mission from her for a reason after all. Seeing that her double really wasn't going to harm anyone (at least not willingly) both of them gave a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness! It's really over!” Filled with sincere joy, neither could but hug the other.

“It would seem so, but there are still some details that must be dealt with.” Ramlethal added. “I can no longer connect with either of you, and there's no way to know if whatever task mother had for you isn't hiding somewhere in your mind.”

Elphelt and Elphelt still had their arms around each-other even as they replied to their sister's thoughts. “Yes, I think we must have sealed ourselves off to anyone but each-other.” One of them said. “But we can still keep one another in check as well.” Still hugging herself tightly, Elphelt turned to Elphelt as she spoke.

“I won't let you do anything bad.” They both said. “If any of mother's programming tries to assert itself, I'll save you.” As they finished saying this, they both came face to face. At that same moment, the other's words full sank in. The combination of all this things made both girls actually blush a little. “um...well...”

Their thoughts drifted back to their first...connection, and this made them remember their kiss. Combined with having her twins arms wrapped around her, and pulling her close, this made both Elphelts turn an even brighter shade of red.

'Oh....I can't believe that happened. I wanted my first kiss to be with my future husband!' Ram couldn't hear their thoughts, but being as close as they were to each-other, Elphelt and Elphelt immediately clicked in to what the other was thinking; between the tight hug (which had gone on far longer then either had wanted), the memories of their kiss, and both of them giving what was essentially a declaration of protection to the other, Elphelt and Elphelt just kept turning red until their faces matched Sol's vest.

They both laughed nervously. 'Ack! If I'm not careful, I'll start thinking of her that way, and that means I really would take anyone!' It felt as though they were slowly dragging each-other down the yuri route but....

It was nice to know there was someone who would help her...who could help her. As crazy as it seemed, and as embarrassing as it was to her twin say that, both Elphelts were comforted by the fact that someone would prevent her from causing any harm to others or herself. In the arms of her double, she

“Are you both alright?” Ramlethal asked, as both Elphelts seemed to be crying again. Snapping out of their mutual trance, both found themselves wiping a tear out of the others eyes as they continued to hold each-other. No secrets between them; they knew exactly what her twin was thinking, and why she was crying.

“Sniff... yeah...!” The seeds of something very odd were planted. Neither could ignore it, or miss it....but there was one thing they missed; a brief moment where their eyes glazed over.

“Secondary protocol in stand by mode.” They whispered, too low for Ramlethal to hear, but as they again snapped out of their trance, both realized the other had said something.

“Hmm?” Both brides were sure the other had said something. “Did you...” Ram interrupted them again before they could finish asking.

“Come Elphelt. We must inform the others of what has happened.” They watched as their sister left the room, and forgot what they'd been thinking before. Elphelt and Elphelt turned back to one another, realizing they were still wrapped in each-others arms. Blushing again, they let each-other go, but as they did, each women let one hand find it's opposite, and squeeze it tight. 'Ack!' They found they were doing another thing that they'd been saving for their husband, but they didn't let go. Hand in hand, faces red, they took off after Ramlethal.


“Things with you just get more and more complicated.” Sol grumbled. Meeting up with the others, Ramlethal and the Elphelts had explained everything.

“Miss Elphelt,” Ky was the next to speak. “...and Miss Elphelt. Are you certain you will be able to prevent the other from doing anything problematic?” He was trying hard to be delicate—as always—but how do you ask someone if they can make sure their potentially evil twin doesn't blow up delicately?

“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.” Sin said. “I mean, won't you have to be together all the time just to be sure?” The Elphelts had strange expressions on their faces that could only be described as a mixed of pained acceptance, but also something else.

“Yes, we know.”
“And we're prepared for that.”

Inside, both were a mix of emotions; there was genuine gratitude to her twin for being there to stop her, but both wished there was another way. How could she get a husband if another bride was constantly around her?

“There's no way you can be sure?” Sol's voice cut in again. “If you messed with each-others heads before, couldn't you do it again? Make sure you really won't harm anyone?” This made both brides blink.

“Do it...again?” Sol had a point. The last time, they'd been at odds, fighting each-other, but now that both wanted the same thing, trying again might allow them to do much more. “It could work...” both said aloud.

“All we'd have to do is....” One continued.
“We'd just have to....” The other spoke at the same moment.

“...Is connect....with....” And at that moment, they realized just how they'd have to do it. At this realization, their faces once again matched the colour of Sol's vest.

'No! No! No! I should not be kissing someone when I'm not married yet! I mean, we'd at least need to have a proper date, and like dinner, then a dance under the moonlight and thenI'dbetoldhowbeautifulIamandhe'dgetonhiskneesandpulloutaringandproposeandwe'dbemarriedthenextdayinabigchurchandthepriestwouldbemr.Kyandthen....we'd....'

“ACK!” Everyone watched in confusion as both Elphelts got massive nosebleeds. Their faces bore euphoric looks as they collapsed atop each other, giggling like a pair of school girls.

“....what the hell was that about?” Sol asked aloud, though none were able to give him an answer.


One hour later, both girls had regained consciousness, stuffing their noses with tissues to stem the bleeding.

“I got too excited...” Both mumbled, embarrassed at their previous actions. Well, that was only half the issue. During their temporary sleep, they'd remembered some things about what had happened when Mother had linked them up before. With that in mind, they'd flown out to a quiet place where they could talk alone. No one but the two of them.

“ that we're awake again....” Elphelt found it hard to find her words. “...there's something I wanted to talk to you about...”

“Me too actually.” The other replied, realizing they may well be on the same page (an advantage of being the same person, not that it helped with the embarrassment. “I remembered a bit more about what we did to each-other when we first...” Saying it was really hard.

“Oh! So did I.” They found themselves blushing again. “ see....the thing is....”

“...our programming....we can....”

“....we have to....”

They stumbled over their words, as they realized that saying what they needed to say would be harder then they'd realized, but....

“We....need.....” had to be done.

“WE NEED TO GET MARRIED!” As they spoke, they turned to face each-other, grabbing the other by the shoulders, faces flushed.

'Ack! I said it! She said it!' They turned away again, still embarrassed by the whole thing. They really were dragging each-other down the yuri route.

“I....I think we re-programmed each other when we were linked up....” One spoke first, though they still didn't face each-other.

“ that we could keep mother's prgramming in check, but only if we had the perfect wedding...” The other continued.

“So we need to marry each-other!” They finished in unison. There it was; everything seemed to be out in the open now. Though they still didn't face each-other, both Elphelts absently allowed one hand to reach out and find it's opposite. Their fingers entwined, and they squeezed tightly.

'This is so embarrassing!' Both women thought, even as they both found themselves comforted by the other's hand clasping with her own. 'I was supposed to have a husband! Not a wife! But...I have to do it! It's the only way to ensure neither of us succumb to mother's programming and keep everyone safe! And...' Both of them remembered the horror of discovering their true mission. How she'd always been under Mother's control. She didn't want to experience that again, and she didn't want her twin to go through it as well. 'I said I'd protect her, and if this is what it takes, if it's the only way... then I'll do it!' She'd save everyone this time, herself included.

Both Elphelts felt the other squeeze her hand even tighter. It was firm, protective, and stronger then either would have thought. Full of determination, the two Elphelts finally turned back to face each-other.

“Elphelt...” They both noticed something, and it was kinda of odd.


Their free hands—the ones not entwined—were holding their guns, which were pointed right at the face of the other.


“GAH!” Saying it was a bit of a shock would be a massive understatement. “OW! OW! OW!” Both Elphelts held their faces, undamaged by the shot, but obviously in some pain. They stood up, now glaring at each-other and very very confused. “YOU SHOT ME! WHY DID YOU SHOOT ME!?” They yelled at the other, not able to understand what had just happened. However, mere seconds after asking the question, both got their answer when their eyes once again went blank.

“Protective protocol enabled.” They once again began speaking in a monotone unison, no emotion in their voicecs. “Marriage only possible once proper level of strength determined. Combat protocols required.” They finished speaking, and then shook their heads, snapping out of their daze.

“...proper strength...”
“...combat protocols...”

There was confusion from both of them for a moment. What did that mean exactly? Then all of their memories came back.

“Oh...Oh no!” Elphelt realized the truth.
“I think we did more then we realized when we were synched!” The other caught on as well.

While attacking each-other, they'd unintentionally put in the marriage clause in their programming to prevent the other from being a threat; a way to keep her twin in check. But at the time, they'd been fighting each-other, and losing. Those two acts had blended together in their confused and mutually frightened state to create the current situation: neither could marry anyone (including the other) if that person was weaker then herself. If one of them could not defeat the other, then they could not be married, and if they couldn't be married....

Elphelt and Elphelt quickly realized their situation; They were not just committed to this course of action. It was the only way to prevent them from being a threat. They knew what had to be done. Once again, they clasped hands together, squeezing tight. There was no more hesitation.

“Lets do it!”
“Alright! It's the only way!”

She had promised everyone that she'd keep her other self in check. She couldn't let them down. And she had promised said other self that she'd protect her as well. That meant she couldn't let herself (in both senses of the word) down either. If this was the best way to ensure everyone's safety, then neither would hesitate.

“Winner gets to be the bride, and keeps her dress! Loser has to be the one to propose!” They said while still clasping hands, then pumped them up and down once in a sort of two handed hand shake. “DEAL!” If they were going to do this, then they might as well make sure they got some details of their future marriage ironed out in the process.

'After I win, we're going to have a long talk about us! Both thought to themselves, and there were a lot of things to talk about at that, but first things first.

In order to be safe, and in order to keep herself safe, Elphelt Valentine needed to marry Elphelt Valentine. And if either of them wanted to be married to the other, they would first have to prove their strength by kicking the other's ass. They were both completely ok with that.

“I hope my dress doesn't get dirty!” Both said as they stared each-other down. Then again, she was willing to endure a little dirt for her perfect wedding. In fact, if this whole situation had taught her anything, it's that she'd endure quite a bit for any wedding period.

And that's part two. Next time, our blushing brides battle it out. Read and review folks.

When twins tangle!

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great setup in chapter 2!

"The best things come as pairs..."

PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2017 7:28 am 
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Leave it to Elphelt to get herself into such a predicament... Since Elphelt literally, if she could, marry anything that moves, it truly wouldn't be much of a stretch to say that she would marry herself if she had to... Really liking where this is going and I appreciate the very small cameos from Sol Badguy & Ky Kiske midway through. Felt fitting that those two would be around (though I wonder if Sin will have anything to input on this... Not that he needs to; he can 'watch' what's coming up next chapter like the rest of us are going to do, lol.

A lover of fighting game girls, a lover of mirror matches [...and a magnet for double K.O.s, apparently].

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Alright. Time for chapter 3. Not much more to say about this, but since my last post, I'm bounced back on forth on other stories I want to do. I've been considering a few short one shots to tide me over until I can get to the stuff I really want, so I'm constantly changing my mind on other new stuff. I've got my story backlog though so regular updates will continue for a bit even after this story is done, hopefully until I can do everything I want.

On a completely different note, I started this topic a while back (viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5276), and to my own surprise, I actually started writing the story I spoke of there. That's the first time that something came to me like that and I just started doing it. It's even almost done since I purposely chose to make it short. The only issue is I have no idea where I'm going to put it, as it doesn't fit the theme of this site and I don't feel it's quite right for any other place. I suppose I'll figure it out once I'm done. Anyway, I've kept you waiting long enough, so lets get back to the War Wedding.

Chapter 3: Elphelt's Enemy Engagement

Elphelt Valentine was in love....

...with love.

She was engaged to engagement.

And she was married to marriage.

That's always been the key thing about Elphelt: She was more enamoured with the ideas of love, marriage and all things in between then the actual acts. That's why she was so obsessed with them. That didn't mean she'd never loved anyone: she loved her sister Ramlethal, but only as a sister. For Elphelt, true love and a real wedding and marriage were always out of reach...that is until now.

All she needed was the willingness to fight for it, and she had that in spades.

[email protected]~

It was the strangest fight ever: Warrior Wife vs Battling Bride, with a wedding on the line. Charging each-other, Elphelt and Elphelt immediately launched high kicks at her twins head. There was a loud thud, and a crackle of energy as their feet met with equal power, giving both a figurative shock.

'Oh wow! She's really strong!' Both women realized this would not be an easy fight, even for her. Not too surprising considering who they were fighting against, but knowing something and truly experiencing it were different things. 'But I'll show her how strong I am!' This was a battle for their future...and their wedding dresses (she couldn't forget that). It was strange to be in a fight where marriage was actually guaranteed no matter who won, but that didn't mean she'd be lazy about it. Just picturing herself in her dress walking down the alter gave both of them the energy to fight all out.

Still high on the thought of their future wedding, both pulled out wine bottles and fired the corks at the other. The two projectiles collided in mid air without causing damage to the intended target. Elphelt and Elphelt tried to kick at each-other again, this time trying low kicks, but only managed to strike foot with foot. Both winced slightly, but were undeterred and tried again, switching feet, only to cancel out the others attack with her own a second time.

“Not bad me! But my womanhood will definitely conquer this battle!” One of them said.
“No way! Even if you are me, you can't defeat my womanhood!” The other countered.

Both girls pulled back and then kicked at the mirror image in front of her again.


With that declaration, they kicked at each-other again, and then again, and then over and over. It looked more like a strange dance then fight; both of them holding up the skirts of their wedding dresses, their feet constantly striking each other, and it went on for a few minutes, a perfect stalemate.



Trying to break their deadlock and gain an advantage, both threw feints and attacked with a different foot then usual. The plan worked and both Elphelts were kicked in the shins for their efforts. This led to them both hopping around holding their shins.

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” They took a few seconds to recover from this, slightly annoyed. “Ow, my foot! You meanie!” That was no way to treat her future wife. Sure, she was treating her future wife like that too, but still....

Whatever the case, the first real blow had been struck, and while it wasn't a significant hit, it was something. Still limping slightly, the brides to be opted to stop kicking literally and start kicking things up a notch in a more figurative sense.

“Ow... Nice hit,” Elphelt said, while pulling out the bouquet strapped to her back. “But you haven't beaten me yet!”
“Don't get cocky!” Elphelt grabbed the bouquet off her back as she spoke. “ You're strong, but I'll definitely win!”

YOU'LL HAVE TO BE STRONGER THAN THIS IF YOU WANT TO MARRY ME!” With those words, they reeled back with their unorthodox weapons and whacked each-other right in the face.

“Ugh!” It was another first for both of them; Elphelt had never been hit by her own bouquet before. Both women stumbled back a bit, taking a moment to recover.

“This... this will really take some time won't it?”
“Yeah. We're going to be here for a while.
“...if it's for the perfect wedding...”

They both nodded. 'I did promise I'd save her didn't I? So I have to be strong enough to do that, and I have to help her be strong enough to do the same!' This fight was the first step in their new existence, and both Elphelts knew that if they couldn't conquer this obstacle, neither of them could keep the promise they'd made to each-other.

“Alright! You're gonna propose to me under light of a full moon!” Elphelt yelled while swinging her bouquet at Elphelt.

“Nuh-uh! You're proposing to me under an aurora!” Elphelt attacked with her Bouquet while shouting.

Their weapons clashed against each-other again and again as they leapt about, parrying, thrusting, and swinging at each-other with their bouquets like they were swords, both determined to make sure the first part of their eventual marriage was perfect.

'Actually...' each woman thought about the proposal the other wanted. '...that does sound pretty romantic!' Unfortunately, they did this while still in the midst of their battle.


“UMPPPPFH!!!!” They both got hit in the face again, losing their train of thought. “Ack! I lost it!” They glared at the other, very irked now. “What kind of husband ruins her wife's fantasy!?” They immediately started pummeling one another with their weapons.

“I'm not the husband! I'm the wife here!” They swung again at each-other again! “No you're not!Yes I am!”

Thock! They uppercutted each-other into the sky with their bouquets and crashed back to earth.

“Ugh! Am not!”

CRACK!! They smashed the bouquets over the other's head, sending them crashing into the ground again.

“Oooof! Are too!”

WHUD!!! They whacked each-other across the face, sending them both spinning, and the world with them.

“Urrrk! Oooooh! You're gonna wear a tuxedo for sure!” Both of them quickly pictured themselves in ugly black Tuxedos. Not surprisingly, this made them start beating each-other harder then before crashing together and kicking up dust cloud that obscured the violence they inflicted on the other except for the occasional foot or hand striking a face, along with a few gunshots. There wasn't room in this marriage for two Brides, or at least that's how it worked in their minds. Unwilling to compromise on the matter (at least at this point), they broke away from each-other and both pulled out Pineberry grenades.

“Take this!” They threw the strawberry shape grenades at each-other, but there was a surprise waiting for them both. The explosive fruits actually hit each-other in mid air, bouncing off of it's opposite...


...and right back at their respective Elphelts, who were left with only seconds to react...


....which was nowhere near long enough as the grenades blew up in their faces.

“Oow....HACK!!!” Both women found themselves laying in large crater from their grenades going off in their faces. Her dress was, without a doubt, very dirty. “Ok.....” They both pulled themselves to their feet, no less determined then before. “...Let's try this!” They threw grenades at the other again. This time, the two objects flew past each-other at their intended target.


“Whuh....?” Seconds later, the two Elphelts were in even larger craters then before. They had both tried to avoid the grenade coming towards them while simultaneously pulling out their handguns and shooting at it. This caused both grenades to be set off early, downing them again.

“A-are you give up...?” Both women were pretty beat up by now. “N-no....way!” The reply, like the question, was said in perfect unison. “I've waited way too long to be a bride! And I have to prove I'm strong enough to protect you, so I'm gonna beat you!”

They stared each-other down. Raw determination and the dream of walking down the isle drove them on, but...

'She still....wants to help me....?' Wanting the wedding was one thing. Elphelt always wanted a wedding, but the fact that her twin was still hung up on their earlier promise....'...she really....she really cares!' The perfect wedding had always meant everything to Elphelt, but now, engaged in a battle for her own hand in marriage, both realized they didn't just want to have the perfect wedding. They wanted to give the perfect wedding to her twin. It wasn't just her wedding. It was THEIR wedding, and if they could prove their strength to the other, then they could finally have it.

'She...she's...doing this...for me.... Elphelt couldn't believe what her twin was putting herself through, enduring a utter pounding, and all to make Elphelt happy....because if there was one person on earth that Elphelt wanted to be happy, it was herself.

'She's wonderful! She's the best!' Now they realized they didn't want to marry each-other out of some obligation, or just because some programming was forcing them too. They wanted to marry each-other for the same reason any two people did. 'I have to be the best for her! I will be the best for her!' Only one of them could have their dream proposal and marriage, but they could at least show the other that the strength they were using to fight today would be the same strength they would use every day to make the other happy.

“HERE COMES THE BRIDE!” With that declaration, both women transformed their bouquets into gigantic rockets, barreling towards the other. “BRIDAL EXPRESS!” They quickly realized the other was doing the same however. “EEEK!”

SMASH! Not surprisingly, they crashed together, breasts smashing breasts, crotches striking each-other, bellies slapping together, heads cracking against opposing heads like coconuts, and even lips melding into one as they had another inadvertent kiss. “Ugh!” They were a pain filled heap on the ground seconds later.

“....uuuuuhnnn...” That had hurt. Elphelt and Elphelt lay on the ground, twitching. Slowly, they pulled themselves to their feet, practically using the other as grip to do so.

“I won't....give....up....” They wrapped their arms round the other as they spoke, squeezing in a bear hug, even though their knees shook and their bodies were battered beyond belief. “You're me....and...I”

'Secondary Protocols still in effect. Initiating weak spot explotation. They both heard the voice in their heads, but they still had to finish what they were saying.

....TO BE HAPPY!!!!

They promptly kneed each-other between the legs.

“Oooourk!” Their eyes widened, and hands went down between legs. “Ooooooh....” Even after what they'd endured from each-other, they still hadn't proven their strength. Cheek to cheek, they fell to their knees, bodies resting against each-other.

'She's...she's too much! I-I can't....' Elphelt was no longer sure if she could win. Her other self was just way too strong.

Slowly, faces turned to meet and eyes met. “You're s-so...strong...” The words were more an admission of defeat than a sign of respect. She couldn't win. She'd failed. But right when they were ready to admit it out loud, they saw the tears in others eyes. “I'm sorry...I want to help you but...” It just seemed hopeless. They'd been fighting with everything they had and neither saw victory in sight...and yet what were their options. What did failure mean for them?

'No....I promised her...I promised everyone! And....' Despite the pain, they stood, full of new determination. The battle wasn't over. Not yet.

“I'LL WIN THIS, MARRY YOU, AND KEEP MY DRESS!!!!!” Elphelt couldn't let herself down—in either sense of the word—and she wouldn't stop until she'd won. With that thought in mind, they immediately head butted each-other.

“GAAAH!” They went down again, head throbbing after smashing together like hollow logs. Still, they immediately stood back up and punched each-other in their incredible breasts. “YAAAAAAH!” Not anywhere near done, they then grabbed handfuls of those same breasts and started twisting and clawing. “ARRRRRRGH!!!!!!”

And thus, the most unorthodox courtship and marriage proposal continued.

[email protected]~

It was hours later; the grunts, yelps and moans of the two battered beyond belief brides echoed throughout the area. Despite everything, the protocols Elphelt and Elphelt had placed still activated whenever they thought it was over, but neither would fail the other. As such, they'd slapped, bit, clawed, punched hair pulled, Bouquet smashed, shot, blown up, head butted, kicked, breast attacked, groin attacked, twisted.....well, the point is, they had really gone at it, and all out of love.

After a particularly vicious exchange that led to them clotheslining each-other off their feet, they rolled away to get some distance apart and then stood again, stunned, and wobbling unsteadily. It took them both a few seconds to regain their senses, but even then, both were still gulping air, exhausted.

“A-are you.... ready?”
“'s almost done....”
“....then....lets....l-lets end it w-with this!”
“A-alright....get ready f-fall for me!”

After such a lengthy brawl, both felt they could really trust the other to protect her from herself if mother's programming became an issue. In front of her was everything she'd wanted in a husband: strong, protective, handsome....well beautiful really. Now all that was left was to become a proper bride by winning this fight. It seemed like a dream: the next move would decide it all. 'Is today going to be my day?'

“MY LAST RESORT.....!” Both girls, knowing the end was near, pulled out Miss Confire (their long range rifles), and brought out a single bullet from their cleavage. They levelled and aimed their weapons at the other. “.....THE MAGNUM WEDDING!!!”


The two girls fired at the same moment, and for a second, as their projectiles travelled through the air, it looked like they'd strike each-other. But then, both bullets sailed past their opposite number by mere inches.

“Oh my...”
“Oh dear...”

Elphelt and Elphelt had no time to dodge (and likely couldn't have anyway as they were both far too tired) and were shot right in their hearts. As always, the Magnum wedding was dead on.

“......” They stood there, heads bowed, bodies quivering.....and seemingly waiting.

“S-secondary protocol.....achieved...” Then they raised their heads, hearts in their eyes. In the end, they'd never needed to win the fight, just prove they wouldn't lose. A tie was still technically a victory for both, and they had proven they were not weaker then the other, even if they weren't stronger then the other.

“ELPHELT!” Where anyone else would have collapsed from being hit by the magnum wedding (to say nothing of how beaten up both were already), the two future wives seemed to be filled with power as they ran towards each-other over the scarred battlefield. She'd done it. She had finally done it. She'd found someone to marry; someone to make her happy and who she could make happy in turn.

“I LOVE.....”


Another collision, with their lips once again engulfing each-other and cutting off the mutual declaration. Double KO.

It didn't matter. When they woke up, they'd still be the happiest women on the planet. Nothing could take that away from either of them.

And there we go. Until the next part.

When twins tangle!

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love kick fight!

PostPosted: Sun May 28, 2017 10:32 am 
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excellent battle chapter~ liked how you integrated their motivations throughout

"The best things come as pairs..."

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You story has so much heart. It was a very rewarding reading experience in many ways.

For more selfcest follow my art blog on tumblr at doubles' dilemma.

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Well that was a mirror match worth reading about. Really enjoyed it. Leave it to Elphelt to have such a crazy motivation about wedding herself, despite the result being the best for the both of her, and STILL winds up ending in a Draw. Then again, that's exactly how I like my mirror girl battles. Nice stuff, man.

A lover of fighting game girls, a lover of mirror matches [...and a magnet for double K.O.s, apparently].

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