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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 3:24 pm 
First Sergeant
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Warning: A bit of horror story.


part 7.- Wrath

That morning Susan had gone out to attend to some business affairs with one of the office employees, she told Christine that she would be back in a few hours, not to worry. A car was waiting outside with one of her office colleagues. She was just going to look for some important documents from the office. The woman attended to her affairs and returned to the departments. Her office mate, Matthew left her at the entrance of her house. Susan was standing in front of apartment number five. The cold was horrible, could hurt the little baby that was inside her. She opened the door of the apartment and entered. At that moment she began to hear voices coming from the room. "Yes ... yes ... please don't stop ..."

Susan was in the apartment living room quite confused. The squeak of the bed in her bedroom was heard. There were voices inside the bedroom. It sounded like sex. Susan went to the bedroom door and put her ear next to the door so she could hear better. "Yeah ... I like that ahhhh ahhhh!"

Susan's eyes began to fill with tears. She brought her trembling hand to her mouth and tears began to come out of her eyes. On the other side of the door Christine was with someone, with another woman. Susan could not understand the situation. She remembered that in the morning they had declared their love with a kiss, and now she was with another woman. Her hands trembled more strongly. She watched her huge stomach as she continued to cry with deep sadness. "She promised me that we would take care of the baby ... She promised." Susan thought. Her biggest nightmare was real, another woman was destroying her family. Someone was trying to take the other mother of her daughter. Susan continued to hear the moans and voices from the other side of the door. Susan wondered who the other woman would be, Angie or Janis from the office, maybe a friend of Christine's that Susan did not know.

"I love you." Christine's voice said.

"I love you too." the other voice answered.

At that moment Susan's heart was completely destroyed. Listening to Christine declaring her love to another woman was too much. She had not cared about her promise to take care of the baby together. She did not care about all the years they spent together. She did not care about the love Susan felt for her. Susan's hands continued to tremble weakly, she felt that she was going to faint and did not want that. She did not want to feel bad because the baby in her belly could also feel bad. The screams of pleasure from Christine and the other woman could be heard on the other side of the door. Susan with her face full of tears listening to everything from the other side, began to feel a great fury that filled her with energy. She was completely furious with Christine, but more with that other bitch that wanted to take her love. Susan opened the door with a bang. Her cheeks were red from wiping away tears and with a voice that broke, she said. "I can't believe you did this to me!"

Christine was nude in the bedroom bed. Her eyes were wide open and her face was that of a confused woman. Blankets covered the lower half of her body. Christine's dark, athletic body was completely paralyzed by a kind of fear. In her dark breasts with purple nipples one could see an agitated breathing. Among the blankets that covered Christine's legs, one could see how another person was giving her oral sex. The other person's feet came out on the side of the blankets.

Susan completely blinded by anger and sadness grabbed one of the feet of the other woman with both hands and began to pull her hard out of bed. The movement was very fast.

"Noooooooooooooooooo !!!!!" Christine shouted trying to hold the woman between her legs. But it was late, Susan had pulled the woman's body completely out of bed. Susan's face was perplexed.

A pregnant woman, completely naked, with reddish curly hair fell from the bed hitting the floor of the room. The blow hurt the stomach of the woman who gave a heartbreaking scream.
"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGHGGGGGGGGG MY BABY !!!!" the woman said on the floor, taking her hands to her big stomach. The woman on the floor turned to see her attacker. For a few seconds there was a great silence. The woman on the floor and the attacking woman were the same person. They were both Susan and both had stomachs in the shape of a huge watermelon. The two Susans looked at each other directly with complete disbelief. Christine watched the two pregnant women in front of the bed. The faces of the two Susan transformed into one of horror and two loud cries were heard.


"What's going on?" The two Susan asked, completely frightened, their faces decomposed into a grimace of terror. Christine watched one Susan and then turned to see the other Susan. Her mind did not understand what was happening.

"Who is she?" The Susan with clothes asked to Christine.

"Who are you?" Susan naked asked as she got up from the floor and her hands rubbing her stomach. "YOU ARE AN IMBECILE, YOU COULD MAKE DAMAGE TO MY BABY!!!!!" shouted the woman with tears and her eyes burning with fury.

"Christine, I don't know what happens but I'm Susan. This is our baby." Said the Susan with clothes as she rubbed her huge stomach with her trembling hands. "This is our daughter." She said to Christine with a frightened and confused face.

"Christine, look me in the eyes, I'm Susan. Look at my body. You know it very well." Naked Susan said with the same expression of panic and confusion. "I don't know what's going on, but I'm Susan." Se said to Christine as she slowly approached her on the bed. "That woman is an impostor. She hurt our baby."

The Susan with clothes completely desperate and trembling in panic begins to remove her pants and blouse. Susan took off her bra and also her panties being completely naked. "Look at my body, look at my tattoo." Said the woman as she showed the rainbow tattoo and slowly approached Christine with her face full of tears and trembling. Christine looked at the two women with her mouth and eyes wide open, she did not know what to say or how to act.

"Please, look at me, Christine." The other Susan said as she approached Christine and stroked her face with her trembling hand. Christine watched her with her face completely confused.

"Christine!" Said the other woman approaching Christine trying to take the woman's head to watch her.

Christine wanted to scream but could not. Her beloved Susan was in front of her. Two of her. Two Susans asking her to believe in her. The two women in front of her had the same look of fear and confusion on their faces. The two women had trembling hands and all they wanted was for Christine to respond. "I believe you." But Christine could not do that.

The two women watched Christine as her trembling hands caressed her face.

"Listen to me, look at me, I'm Susan."

 "Look at me, I'm Susan."

"Please, our baby. Ahh ahhh ahhh ahhhh. "A pant of confusion made it difficult for Susan to breathe.

"Our baby. Ahh ahhh ahhh ahhhh. "The same panting was presented in the other woman. The Susan who had come in with clothes took the big black hands of Christine and put them on her stomach. "You can feel her, she's our daughter." Christine could feel the baby's movement inside of Susan.

The other Susan looks at that woman. That a few minutes ago had hurt her. She could have hurt the baby in her belly. That pregnant woman had hurt her baby. She watched as Christine had her hands on that other belly. Susan was furious, jealous and scared. Without thinking, Susan pushed the other Susan out of bed."DON'T RUIN MY LIFE !!!!!!" She shouted as tears ran down her cheeks. The other Susan fell off the bed with her buttocks.

"AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhgggggggggggggg !!!!" Susan shouted as she fell off the bed. At that moment she felt a horrible fear for the little baby. The blow made her buttocks ache, but she worried more about the baby. She quickly put her hands to her stomach and shouted. "MY BABY!!!!!" Susan turned to see that other woman who had attacked her with eyes completely lit in fire. And that other woman watched her with that same look. Susan's angelic gaze had completely disappeared. A fury full of maternal instinct and madness had seized her.

The Susan who was on the floor got up and lunged forward with her nails towards the other Susan who was waiting for her. Quickly Christine intervened. She quickly got up from the bed and held Susan. For Christine's athletic body, stopping Susan was no problem. The problem was that Susan was pregnant. She had to be careful with the baby.

Christine's dark body stopped Susan's. She held her fragile hands with her huge hands. Christine was much taller than Susan. With her leg and pelvis resting on Susan's stomach, she tried to stop the woman's advance by caring for her stomach. Christine turned her eyes back and watched as the other Susan prepared to attack. Christine was scared those two women had fire in their eyes. The Susan in the bed threw herself at the other Susan. Quickly Christine took the other Susan with one of her hands. The woman was tall so she could keep the two pregnant women a little apart. The two redheads pulled the other woman's hair while screaming in anger and pain. Christine had the two women held by her stomach. She tried to keep the stomachs from getting hit and a tragedy occurred.She tried to keep the stomachs from getting hit and a tragedy occurred. The two Susans threw punches over Christine while shouting insults.







Christine was quite scared those two women seemed to really want to hurt themselves. She had to protect the babies of those two crazy women.


The redheaded women had completely red faces. The veins on her neck and forehead were marked. The two Susan were watching each other with demonic rage. They were roaring like a bull that is being attacked while their eyes were full of tears.

"Calm down both of you!!!" Christine ordered. The two women did not respond, they just watched each other with their eyes fixed on those other eyes. Suddenly, as they struggled, the two women accidentally head-butted Christine. Christine fell forward, knocked out. Susan and Susan were scared. The two women stopped suddenly and knelt in front of Christine.

"Christine! Are you ok?"
"Christine! Answer please."

The women's hands shook the woman on the floor trying to wake her up. But Christine was completely knocked out, that double hit was too strong. Her eyes were completely blank. The women shook Christine more desperately as a cry of weeping came from their mouths. The women began to cry inconsolably.

"Christine !!!!!" The two women screamed crying. Tears flowed from her nose and through her mouth. The two women sat in front of each other and watched their faces completely flooded with tears.

"What are you??!!!"
 "What's happening ??!!!" They both said at the same time.

Little by little, the expression of their faces changed. They began to turn red and to fill with anger. The two Susan felt that they were being observed in a mirror, a mirror of madness. Completely naked, pregnant and full of hate. They did not understand anything, just knew that their life and their plans had changed forever. Susan watched the woman in front of her, completely enraged, her face red, veins in her neck, tears coming from her eyes.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT !!!!" the two women shouted with all their strength.

The small fireflies flew around the room without paying attention.

Hola :lol:


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:28 am 
Brigadier General
Brigadier General

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The WRATH part is my favorite. Markometalhead, u hype me up with your stories. I had this fetish for a long time. But I didn't share it as I don't know who is on the same page as I. I saw some youtubers like RosieEllenDix, Paloma Renee, and the weissgoldsteins, and this is some fetish I dreamed of.

 Post subject: Re: Winter
PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 6:25 pm 
First Sergeant
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Part 8.- Vanity.

  Rose Wilkes was deeply asleep, the previous night there was a party and she had spent a little time with the drinks. Rose came to department six wobbling. In the night she had tried to take off her blue dress without getting it, she only managed to free an arm and a breast showing a pink nipple erect by the cold of winter. Fighting a few minutes with her dress and not being able to take it off, she decided to go to bed like that.

It was already the afternoon of the other day and the diva of beauty was still asleep, her hair was a mess like the makeup on her lips and her eyes, but still she continued to look beautiful and perfect. Without Rose noticing her apartment was filled with the strange fireflies that were appearing everywhere.

Suddenly, while she was sleeping soundly. She began to feel something rub her nose, something round and soft caressed her delicate nose continuously. Rose's eyes began to open slowly as that tickling continued. Rose tried to identify what was on her face. Apparently it was a foot, and what rubbed her nose was a the fat toe of a foot. Rose took the foot and watched it. "Nice color of nail polish, it's my favorite." The woman thought as she set that leg aside.

"I can't believe I brought someone to my apartment. I'm not supposed to do that anymore." Rose thought and settled on the bed with her back to that other woman. Her head ached, her mouth tasted like vomit. She just thought about sleeping a little more.

"Wait, I didn't go back with anyone yesterday." Rose thought quickly. She was still wearing the beautiful blue dress with her arm and an outside breast. Rose sat on the bed, under the blankets there was another person sleeping next to her. Rose grabbed the blankets with her hand and in a quick movement removed them from the other person.

"Oh... my... god." Rose said quietly. Next to her sleeping like a baby was the most lovely and beautiful woman Rose had seen. The woman had the makeup and hair made a mess, wearing a luxurious blue dress by which you could see one of her breasts. The woman Rose was watching next to her was the same woman in the mirror. Rose turned to see the large mirror in the closet door. Her face was a disaster exactly like that woman's.

The sleeping woman opened her eyes slowly, the first thing she saw was that other beautiful woman watching her. Her makeup was a mess. The two pairs of green eyes made contact. There was a great silence.

"Who are you?" The two women said with a bit of fear in their words.

"Is it a dream?" The two said.

The nipple of the bare breast of the two women was completely hard. The two noticed how her partner's nipple was completely erect just like hers and quickly covered it with her blouse. The other Rose Wilkes sat across from that other woman. The two women glanced at the large mirror. The mirror reflected two beautiful twins who had spent a night of drinking.

The two women were confused, continued to watch their faces for a few minutes. The head still hurt a little.

"You ... are ... just like me." The two women said and then a nervous smile escaped their mouths.

"Your hair is a mess." the two women said and almost at the same time with their hands they tried to accommodate the other woman's hair. Their fingers gently combed that other head, they combed their hair putting that fringe that always covered one of her eyes. The two women had a strange feeling, fear was away, now what they felt was curiosity. "That woman is just as beautiful as me." The two women thought. "I have to be dreaming."

"We should ... clean the makeup." the two Roses said at the same time with a smile on their faces. The two women got up from the bed and went to the bathroom, one behind the other. They still felt confused by that other woman, but they also felt attracted to each other. The two women stood in front of the sink and began to wash their faces, erasing all that dry makeup of the previous night. The two women looked at each other in the small bathroom mirror and smiled at the reflection. It was impossible and magical. Two perfect smiles of angels was what they observed in the mirror. One of the Rose took a towel and began to dry her face with it, then she passed it to the other Rose who did the same.

"I think those strange lights have something to do with this." Said one Rose while the other was drying her face.

"I thought the same thing ... I feel weird." The other Rose replied.

"I know, I'm talking to the woman in the mirror." The other Rose said.

"I always wondered, how would it be if that woman one day came out of the mirror."

"When I was little ..." said the other Rose with a little nervousness.

"... I played that the woman in the mirror was my best friend ..." the other Rose continued with the same nervousness.

"... The only one who could understand me." They both said at the same time.

The two women embraced and laid their heads on each other's shoulders. "I felt very lonely." The two women said at the same time.

Their faces stared at each other with a seductive look. Then the two women began to laugh. "Ha ha ha you are so sexy." They both said at the same time.

Like two magnets with opposite charge the heads of the two women were attracted to each other. The full lips of the Roses pressed against each other and their tongues played inside the mouth of that woman out of the mirror. The two women were caught in the taste of that other tongue. In the delicate way it moved inside her mouth. The kiss had lasted for a long time, the two women could not separate their mouths. A great force of attraction prevented them.

When the two women finally separated. They observed each other using that look that Rose used to seduce anyone. It was a sad but mischievous look. When the two Roses observed that this other woman also used her seductive gaze, instinctively the two women gave a laugh. It was the most incredible thing in the world. Only fifteen minutes had passed and Rose Wilkes was completely in love. It was the first time someone had made Rose feel that way.

"... Those lights are everywhere." said a Rose.

"They are beautiful." The other answered.

Hola :lol:


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