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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2018 7:18 pm 
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Dude, I really think your responsible for motivating members here to write their own TOH stories! Your mastery of writing along with understanding the genre is incredible! it's not random to see when you drop a story, several people write their own after (which I enjoy!). This build up alone has me genuinely excited. I'm quick to clone usually but again just wanted to give you praise sir

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:45 am 
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Thanks ryan3199! If I can be an inspiration for more TOH content, then that’s amazing! Really glad you’re enjoying the story so far... especially as we haven’t even got to the juicy bits yet.... ;)

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 5:50 am 
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It was almost midnight and Sandra was still wide awake. She was lying with her eyes wide open looking up at the ceiling. The night was humid and her nightgown clung to her body, showing off the voluptuous contours of her figure beneath it. She knew that she wasn’t gonna drift off anytime soon. There were too many thoughts racing through her head for her to relax and sleep. She supposed it didn’t matter too much, as it was Saturday tomorrow and she had nothing to be up early for.

It was so warm that Sandra was laying on top of the bedcovers. The fan was next to her bed but the cool air wasn’t helping too much against the incessant warmth. She figured this was the price she had to pay for living in a hot country, so she couldn’t complain too much. Sandra rolled onto her side and looked through the gap in the curtains to the pool in the garden. The water looked cool and inviting, the blue lights shimmering like an invitation.

Maybe a quick dip would help... She thought to herself.

It had been a while since she had had a midnight dip in the pool. She had found it had always helped when she had been married, but it hadn’t even crossed her mind since the break up. A quick ten minutes might just be the remedy she needed for her insomnia.

She rolled out of bed and and walked across the room to the large walk in wardrobe. She flicked on the light and turned towards the shelf where she kept her bathing suit, and groaned when she saw it wasn’t there. Of course! It was still in the laundry! So maybe a midnight dip was off the table.

Sandra was about to switch off the light and return to bed when her eye suddenly caught a shoebox in the bottom corner of the wardrobe. It slightly stuck out of the bottom shelf. She couldn’t remember seeing it before and had no idea what it contained, so she picked it up to have a look. It must have been one of her ex’s boxes that was left behind after the breakup, but it was still strange that she had never seen it before.

Sandra opened the lid and peered inside. She smiled to herself. Inside was a black bikini, a very skimpy one too. She couldn’t remember buying it, maybe her ex partner had bought it as a surprise during better times and had forgotten about it. Sandra took it out of the box and walked back into her bedroom. She looked closely at the bikini. It looked about her size, but if it was a little tight or a little loose, who cared? She wasn’t going to be seeing anybody.

She put the bikini on the bed and pulled her nightgown over her head. The silky material feeling nice as it brushed against her skin. Sandra wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and she stood naked in her room as she threw the nightgown on the bed and picked up the bikini. The only light came from the pool lights outside, casting a luminous glow across the carpet. She pulled the g-string up around her legs as she wiggled her hips side to side. They seems to fit perfectly! She then picked up the bikini and put it around her ample breasts and smiled again as they fit snugly.

Perfect! She thought.

Sandra grabbed a couple of hair clips from the dresser and quickly pulled her hair up so it wouldn’t get wet. She picked up a towel from the chair next to her bed and walked across to the bedroom patio door. Her large breasts swayed from side to side and her ass wobbled with each step.

She opened the door and stepped out into the humid night air. A few laps back and forth would be enough. The pool wasn’t very large anyway. She draped the towel across the lounger and slowly walked down the steps into the water. Surprisingly, the water didn’t seem to be too much cooler than the air. Usually she could feel a clear difference when she entered. Sandra slowly began to swim to the other side of the pool, taking her time. She reached the other side and still felt very warm, which was very odd. She began to swim back to the other side when she felt a trickle of sweat run down her cheek. Each stroke seemed to be a lot of effort.

Something is definitely not right here! She thought.

She felt really, really hot. In fact she suddenly felt almost feint. Was she getting ill? Sandra felt herself getting sluggish with each stroke. She had to get to the steps and get out, as she was definitely having a reaction to something. She wasn’t too far from the steps, but she suddenly found all her strength leave her. Sandra reached out and grabbed the side of the pool nearest to her, placing her feet on the floor. She gripped the sides with both hands as she felt a ripple run through her body, a rush of warmth seemed to build up inside of her. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, just really intense. Her whole body lurched forward against the pool wall.

What the hell is happening? She thought to herself, becoming deeply worried.

Another deep rush of warmth ran through her. It was almost like an orgasm! Again the rush came and she couldn’t help herself. She tilted her head back and let out deep guttural moan, her eyes rolling back. The waves kept coming and she kept moaning deeply. Gyrating and spasming against the wall. Then suddenly she felt a force push out from her body, almost like she was giving birth, but without the pain. It felt like was expanding in all directions. Sandra grunted hard as she pushed, but couldn’t understand why she was pushing. She felt a sudden jolt in her body and then she was literally getting pushed to the side. It felt like she was stuck to something that was slowly coming unstuck from her. It was the strangest sensation that she had ever felt. She let out a long moan as she kept pushing. It felt like a mass was getting pushed out from her skin. She felt a tug as her body lurched sideways.

Sandra’s ears filled with a loud PPPHHHHLLOOOPPPMPHH! as her eyes went blurry. Her vision suddenly split in two and then snapped back to one as the sensation raced up through her head. She felt the bikini and g-string dig into the sides of her body as if they were being pulled tight, and then they suddenly snapped away. Sandra pushed against the large mass that was ejecting from the side of her body when she felt her feet give way. She temporarily slipped under the water as the weight pushed out of her completely. Her feet slid across the floor as she tried to grip the pool side again. She felt the mass of flesh bump against her, her legs getting entangled with what felt like another pair right next to her. She grabbed the ledge and lifted her head above the water, gasping loudly.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:03 am 
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Love it.


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PostPosted: Wed Aug 08, 2018 10:48 am 
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Oh my god yes! Things are really heating up now ;) :D

Redheads are the best clones ;)

 Post subject: Re: Perfectly Mirrored
PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2018 5:47 am 
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Sandra quickly pushed her wet hair out of her eyes and looked to the side of her. She almost choked in shock when she looked directly into the face of another woman. A blonde woman with a red panting face who was holding onto the ledge right next to her. Sandra kicked her feet against the tiles away from her as the woman did the same in the other direction. They backed away from each other, gasping as they wiped the water out of their eyes.

Sandra looked up at the woman again, her breath catching in her throat. She looked at the woman’s face as her mind tried to comprehend what it was seeing.

It was her face! She was looking at another woman with her face!

‘What… what the FUCK… who are you!?’ They both shouted at each other.

They stuttered in horror at the sight before them. Bringing their hands up identically to their mouths as they heard their own voice ring back at themselves.

This woman, it’s… it’s me. She just came out of me! They both thought to themselves as their minds whirled.

‘How… how the FUCK!...’ They both cried out again.

The same thoughts simultaneously ran through their minds. They had just pushed another person… another her, out of themselves. Was this a nightmare? It couldn’t be real.

‘STAY BACK!’ They both cried out to each other again. ‘Stay the FUCK away from me!’

Their eyebrows furrowed at this identical exchange. How the hell did this happen?

The Sandra who was closest to the steps backed up to them and then turned around and clambered up. Her naked body bouncing as she staggered up. She turned around and looked at her duplicate standing in the pool, her eyes wide and her naked breasts heaving. She had a look of utter terror on her face. The Sandra in the pool looked up and saw her own terror stricken face looking back at her too.

She’s terrified! Both Sandras thought. The same as me!

Sandra didn’t know what to do, she threw her hands around herself to cover her nakedness and staggered over to her bedroom patio door. She jumped back inside her room and flung the door closed, backing up towards her bed. She was shivering like crazy, not because it was cool, but because of the intense situation she had just been through. She quickly looked down at the right side of her body, feeling along it with her hands. There was nothing there. She had expected to find some sort of mark or groove along her body, where she had pushed out this copy of herself. She ran her hands through her hair and trembled.

Sandra stood transfixed in the swimming pool. She ran her hand along the left side of her body, expecting to find some indication that she had just pushed out another her. There was also nothing there, all she felt was smooth skin beneath her fingers. She shuddered at the events that had just unfolded, and the knowledge of the other her hiding in her bedroom. What the hell was she going to do? How was any of this possible. She slowly walked over to the steps and then out of the pool, feeling the humid air on her naked body. She glanced to the lounger and saw the towel she had thrown there before. Sandra picked it up and wrapped it around herself, her fingers still shaking. Once she was decent, she found herself at a loss. Her double was in her room, what was she going to do now?

Sandra had thrown her long nightgown over her still wet body. There was no time to get dry, and the towel was outside. The gown clung wetly to her and was slightly uncomfortable, but at least she wasn’t naked anymore. She tip-toed over over to the patio door and peered out into the garden, her breath catching in her throat. Her double was standing out there looking at her, her face pale in the glow from the pool lights.

Sandra saw her clone look out from the window. She had put her nightgown on and was now standing there transfixed, staring directly at her.

Sandra and Sandra stared at each other, both swallowing hard. Their hearts pounded madly in their chests. Their large breasts rose up and down simultaneously.

She really is terrified. Sandra thought. She’s just as scared as me. I need to do something...

Sandra slowly opened the patio door again, not taking her eyes off her clone. She felt her lip tremble as she tried to speak.

‘What… the… hell…? Are you… me?’

Sandra felt her lips tremble as well. Her double’s voice was exactly like hers! It was so strange to hear another person speak with her voice.

‘Are you… me?’ She replied.

Sandra gulped again. ‘I’m Sandra, Sandra Avens… you just came out of me. I can’t believe this.’

Sandra looked back at her, perplexed. ‘I’m Sandra Avens too, but you just came out of me…’

Sandra opened the door a little wider, stepping outside again.

‘No, I was just in the pool. I felt ill… and then you kind of… came out of me.’

‘No’ Sandra replied. ‘That was me… you just came from me.’

Both women continued to look at each other. Anxiety spreading through their bodies.

‘Are we… exactly the same person…?’ they both asked at the same time, blinking in surprise at their perfectly matched question.

‘How did this happen?’ Sandra said. Taking a few steps towards her twin. ‘This can’t be real…’

‘I know…’ Sandra responded. ‘This is utterly crazy! It’s just…’ she was totally lost for words. ‘It’s unbelievable!’

She bit her lip, and glanced back towards her bedroom.

‘Do you want to, erm… go back inside? We need to figure this out.’

‘I know.’ Sandra replied. ‘We can’t stay like this!’

Sandra slowly backed into her bedroom as Sandra followed her inside, sliding the door shut behind her. They stood a few metres apart from each other, gaping at the sight of their own bodies in front of them. Sandra and Sandra were both still dripping wet, but they barely noticed.

‘Ok… They said at the same time. ‘We need to do something…’

‘But what?’ They both said together again.

‘I have no idea!’ They both replied to their double’s and their own questions.

‘Well… maybe. As we came from each other.. we have to try to join back together again…’ Sandra said.

‘Maybe.’ Sandra replied. ‘Maybe we have to merge back into one… this is like a dream or something!’

‘I know...! OK... let’s just do it… quickly…’

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:50 am 
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Sandra and Sandra stepped towards each other and hesitantly raised their arms. They came a little closer until they were a foot or so apart, and then slowly came together, their hearts thumping wildly. They wrapped their arms around each other and pushed themselves close, feeling the warmth of the other woman's body. They closed their eyes, expecting that they would suddenly join back together again, but nothing happened. They hugged each other closer as their large breasts pushed up against their counterparts, ballooning between them as they squeezed each other tight. Both Sandras hoped that this would work, hoped that this bizarre twist of fate would reverse itself. They squeezed each other’s wet bodies hard as their heads looked the other’s shoulders, gritting their teeth.

Sandra and Sandra kept squeezing, but it soon became apparent that nothing was going to happen. They came apart and stared at each other again, taking in the surreal and slightly horrifying sight of seeing their living reflections manifested before them. Sandra couldn’t believe she had touched another her. Surely this had never happened to anybody in history before.

‘It’s not going to work!’ They both blurted out together.

‘I know!’ They both responded.

‘Well maybe…’ They looked at each other and knew that they both thought the same thing.

‘We need to get our skin to touch’ Sandra said, blushing.

‘Yeah… we can’t merge back though clothes obviously’ Sandra replied, blushing just as profusely.

They took a step back and and hesitantly removed their clothes again, Sandra pulled her night gown up over her head as her large naked boobs flopped down. Sandra untied the towel and let it slip to the floor, her equally large, naked boobs jiggling. They stood before each other stark naked, their cheeks flushed and their eyes looking anywhere but at the other woman.

‘Oh jeez… this is crazy.’

‘Tell me about it, let’s just get it over with…’

Sandra and Sandra came together again, pushing their wet naked bodies close. Their boobs flattened together, their nipples brushing against their equal counterparts. They gasped out in shock at the surreal situation they were in as they wrapped their arms around each other’s waists and squeezed their bodies tight, teeth gritted once again.

They tried this for a good minute or two. They even pushed their feet back into the carpet, heaving against each other as they willed their bodies to become one again. The two naked, identical women grunted together in exertion as their hands gripped their wet backs.

They suddenly pulled back, breathing heavily.

‘Shit!’ they both exclaimed together.

‘Wait!’ Sandra said. ‘Maybe we’re doing this wrong!’

‘Yes I know what you mean, we’re trying to merge the wrong way!’ Sandra replied.

Sandra and Sandra moved so that they were side by side. And then pushed up against each other again, the opposite way to how they had split before. They pushed against each other for a few moments longer, until they parted, throwing their hands up in expiration.

‘Nope!’ Sandra said. ‘It’s not going to work.’

‘Are we stuck this way?’ Sandra asked, her eyes widening.

They both stood in shock for a few moments as the implications of this started to sink in.

‘Before anything else we need some clothes.’

‘You’re right! This is ridiculous. We can’t just stand here naked!’

Sandra and Sandra both turned towards the closet, bumping together. Sandra let Sandra go in front of her, and they both quickly grabbed a couple of t-shirts and some spare pyjama bottoms. They quickly changed and walked back into the bedroom again, looking at each other desperately.

‘Well… what’s the next step?’

‘Jeez, I don’t know. Trying to push back together isn’t going to work obviously.’

‘Yup, we need a different plan.’

They both ran their hands though their hair, mimicking each other perfectly. They both laughed nervously at their in-sync mannerisms, their eyes darting from side to side. Suddenly they looked over at their tablet lying on their bedside table.

‘I guess… the internet might have an answer?’ They both said together.


Sandra and Sandra sat together on the edge of their bed. Sandra was holding the tablet and scrolling through pages desperately. They had spent the previous half an hour looking for any answer or explanation to the impossible situation that they had found themselves in. They had typed in all manner of queries regarding a person doubling, or splitting, or multiplying, or a dozen other similar questions. The only results that they had gotten were stories or scenes from TV and movies. They even came across a website that had erotic fiction regarding clones. Nothing was based in reality and nothing was useful. They kept passing the tablet back and forth, as each tried out different searches.

‘There’s literally nothing!’ Sandra groaned. ‘We can’t push ourselves back together and there’s nothing online about this problem. What other options do we have?’

Sandra leaned forward, holding her head in her hands. ‘Maybe we have to find somebody, a doctor or scientist or something. Maybe they can help, although I don’t want anybody to know about this.’

‘You’re right. We have to find a solution ourselves before we ask for anybody’s help. I can’t even comprehend what anybody else will think of this!’

‘What would my… our families say? Sandra gasped suddenly. ‘What about Melissa? What would she think?’

Sandra winced. ‘We can’t tell her, not yet anyway. The shock would be too much, especially after the last few months.’

‘That’s true. Telling people is the last option if we can’t do anything else ourselves.’

‘I guess we have to keep looking, maybe something will come up.’

‘Or maybe we’ll wake up tomorrow and we’ll be one again, or it will all have been a dream.’

‘Oh I hope so, we need a miracle!’

Looks like we’re living a real life miracle right now’ Sandra said, smiling shyly at her twin. She looked down again at the tablet as she scrolled endlessly through random pages.

Sandra looked across at her doppelgänger. She had never seen her face from this angle before, except in photos. It was utterly bizarre. She watched herself, utterly fascinated. The way her twin’s eyebrows furrowed and the way she bit her lip as she looked intently at the tablet screen, were mannerisms which she never knew she had. To be in the presence of another person who claimed her whole identity and all her memories was jarring, yet oddly fascinating.

She watched her for a few moments longer, until Sandra passed her the tablet and she started looking again.

Sandra leaned back and sighed deeply. She looked across at her double and watched her intently, thinking the same thoughts as her twin had just been thinking about her. After a few minutes she pushed herself back and up the bed, leaning her head against the headboard. She pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around them as she continued to watch the other Sandra from behind.

Sandra kept scrolling. She thought she came across a few interesting articles, but they turned out to be false leads. She carried on for a little while longer before she decided it was the other Sandra’s go.

‘Do you want to look again…?’ She said, turning around to her twin.

But the other her was sound asleep, her head resting against the headboard. There was a calm look on her face.

Sandra smiled and turned around, carrying on her search. She felt her eyelids get droopy, but she was determined to power through.

Maybe I’ll just lie back for a few minutes… she thought to herself as she placed the tablet back on the bedside table. She lay backwards and stared at the ceiling, thoughts racing through her head.

A few minutes later she was sound asleep too.

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It's very well written. And hot!


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 11, 2018 3:56 am 
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Glad everybody is digging it. There’s still A LOT more to post

 Post subject: Re: Perfectly Mirrored
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Sandra suddenly awoke to a loud knocking at the door. Sunlight streamed through the bedroom window.

‘Mooooom’ came Melissa’s voice from outside. ‘Are you awake? I need a ride into town.’

Sandra lifted herself up from her bed, rubbing her eyes. They suddenly shot wide open, as she looked to the side of her. Her doppelgänger was sitting up right next to her, a look of identical shock plastered across her face.

So it hadn’t been a dream. Her clone was real, and she was still here.

‘Melissa, sorry… I can’t!’ both Sandras shouted out together.

‘What’s wrong with your voice?’ Melissa responded. ‘It sounds like there’s two people in there?’

A look of panic spread across each Sandra’s features. They each pointed a finger at themselves, then at each other as they tried to decide who would speak. Sandra put one finger up against Sandra’s lips, indicating her to be quiet.

‘Erm, I don’t know what you mean sweetie. It’s just me in here. And I’m not feeling too good. You’ll have to grab the bus I’m afraid.’

‘Really Mom!? It takes so much longer. Can’t you just quickly run me in?’

‘No is no Melissa. I’m not feeling up to it. Stop complaining and do as I say.’

‘Fine whatever!’ came the angry reply. Sandra listened to Melissa’s feet as they stomped off down the hallway.

Sandra and Sandra looked at each other.

‘Oh fuck…’ they both said.


It wasn’t a great start to the Saturday for Melissa. She hated getting the bus, but Isabella and Claire wanted to meet her for some shopping, and she wasn’t the type of girl to say no to that. She needed some new swimwear for one thing, and she just wanted to have a gossip about that bitch Jennifer too.

Melissa showered and changed into jeans and a low-cut white t-shirt. If she was going to spend the day in the shopping mall she wanted an outfit that got her attention. Showing off her large cleavage was something she never got tired of, and she always enjoyed the appreciative glances from other people. She also knew that there was possibly a party tonight, and she wanted to buy a few new items to show off.

Melissa left the house and grabbed the bus to the mall. There was a lot she wanted to talk to her friends about, but she was still slightly annoyed that her Mom was making up some excuse so she wouldn’t have to drive her in. Sandra definitely wasn’t ill. Melissa knew her Mom well enough to tell when she was lying, but she didn’t know why. It sounded as though there had been two voices coming from the bedroom. Melissa cringed at the thought of her Mom having somebody over. She must have just heard wrong.

She arrived at the mall and went to meet Isabella and Claire. They met up in the foyer and spent the next few hours shopping around for various clothes for the party. Another girl from school was throwing it at her house, and Melissa had to be there. She wasn’t going to let the rumours and gossip about her stop her from having a good time.

Melissa wanted to find a bikini, but she had trouble finding anything that matched her voluptuous shape. The straps either stretched too far across her large boobs or the g-string was too small.

Oh well, she thought. There’s no rush, I can always find one another time.

They grabbed a Mac Donald’s to eat at the food court. Melissa knew that it wasn’t a healthy option, but she was going to hit the gym the next day, and she had a netball match on Monday, so she would work it off.

‘Have you seen what Jennifer posted on Facebook about you?’ Isabella asked as they sat around eating. ‘She’s been shit talking constantly.’

‘Urgh! She’s such a bitch. I really don’t care what she has to say unless people are actually paying attention to her.’ Melissa responded, biting into a coupe of French fries.

‘Yeah but that’s the problem.’ Claire said. ‘People have been agreeing with her. They think there’s gonna be a round two between you at the party tonight.’

‘What!?’ Melissa exclaimed. ‘She better not be going! And if she is people will be getting a round two. You two will back me up right?’

Isabella and Claire looked doubtfully at each other.

‘We don’t want to get involved between you and her. You have to sort this out between yourselves.’ Isabella replied.

‘Urgh, whatever!’ Melissa said, rolling her eyes. ‘I wish I had somebody I could count on to back me up!’

Her friends looked at each other, raising their eyebrows. Melissa was sometimes such hard work to be around.

They finished up and wandered around for a while longer, looking at makeup items and all other things teenage girls are interested in. It started to get late, so they agreed to go back home and meet up at Claire’s a little later to get ready for the party.

Melissa jumped on the bus and headed home. She was going to eat some dinner, try on a few of her new outfits and then head over to Claire’s. She was slightly annoyed that her friends weren’t being more supportive of her problems, but she would just get drunk at the party and try and forget about it. Maybe there would be even be somebody cute there who she could spend the night hanging out with.

Melissa got home and dumped her shopping bags on the kitchen floor.

‘Moooom? Are you home?’ She called out.

There was no reply, so she guessed her Mom had got over her fake illness and had decided to go out. Her phone suddenly pinged, and she looked at it to see that her Mom had just sent her a message.

Hi sweetie. I’ve gone out with a friend for the evening. I’m not sure what time we’ll be back, but I’ll either see you late tonight or tomorrow. Have a good night. Kisses x

Melissa was kind of relieved. She knew if her a mom was here they’d probably end up having another argument, and she didn’t need that tonight. She could just chill for a couple of hours before she would head over to Claire’s.

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