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 Post subject: IScience Labs
PostPosted: Wed Aug 29, 2018 11:46 pm 
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The day was bright and full of colors and the warm embrace of spring. Trey, was an aspiring bio and chem major at a prestigious University.

Trey owned an apartment off campus and was on his last year to obtaining his major.

He had a girlfriend whom lived with him and loved him very much, but was also very snoopy.
Brooke, blonde hair, glowing skin and a slim figure with decent but firm breast.

Trey loved his work and girlfriend and often times found it difficult to see her because she was also very busy.

She too wished she could spend more time with him but as college is known, their classes and schedules were unforgiving and gruesome.

Brooke wanted to be a real estate agent although she worked at a local clothing store.

Trey on the other hand worked as an intern at a low funded company and was awaiting his graduation to move up in his field.

He loved how he could manipulate cells and all other things with the works of chemicals as he fully understood the biological sciences and chemistry.

One day when try returned home he checked the mail. In the mail was a letter that was directed to him.

Trey opened the letter curiously and upon reading it, his eyes filled with joy.

"Brooke, Brooke" Trey screamed.

"What is it, I'm studying babe"

"You won't believe who just offered me an internship"

He showed Brooke the letter and she congratulated him then continued her studies.

Trey called immediately to accept his position at IScience laboratory.

He talked and scheduled an official first day.

Him and Brooke celebrated that night and fell fast asleep.

Trey was set to start the following Monday.

He waited and worked and went to class for the remainder of the week and on his last day, bid farewell to his co-workers and wished them luck.

The following day would be his first day and as he came home he read a note from Brooke that read,

"I'll be home late tonight, I need to stay at the library to get this stuff down, get some sleep, I won't wake you, good luck tomorrow."

A little bummed out, Trey prepared himself dinner and watch some TV in hopes that Brooke would come.
After an eternity of waiting he decided to go to sleep, sad bug eager for what the next day would bring.

Trey finally drifted off to sleep and hours later Brooke came in to see him dead asleep, she smiled and shortly after prepping herself she joined him.

Trey woke up early and got ready.

He set off for IScience, ready for the new job and entering the building, the front desk lady said,

"You must be Trey, please make your way to the mitosis branch please"

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 6:50 am 
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Great start! Love that you're aiming for the mitosis splitting route, my favourite form of cloning ;)

 Post subject: Re: IScience Labs
PostPosted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:05 am 

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I agree love mitosis

 Post subject: IScience Labs
PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 1:51 pm 
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Trey walked to the lab and took in his surroundings, he saw lots of animals in cages and scientist around these machines.
He was amazed at the work he saw around himself.
He then went on forward to get his lab coat and be introduced to the scientist on the floor.

They all greeted him with a warm welcome and he became more eager to begin his work.

His girlfriend called him to check in and he assured her that everything was fine.

After one of the scientist called him over so he could see the process and learn the different functions.

"This is a low split, where the object or organism will slowly separate, this is the medium setting and then the high which is instant."

"While you can not tell the difference between objects, if an organism is cloned, the original will be far superior unless the clone and original come in contact for to long, we have only used animals thus far."

Trey was intrigued and could not wait to conduct his own research.

He watched as they cloned a lamb and a bull frog.

He asked "Does this machine have the capability to put mitosis through a human?"

The scientist answered yes but it would be a while to find the volunteers and such.

Trey was fascinated and at the end of the day went home with aspirations of his new job.

Brooke and him discussed his day.

"Babe it was the best day ever, their is so much to accomplish their, I want to be the first person to put a human through mitosis"

Brooke responded "I'm glad, heck I'll be your first test subject as long as you don't go hitting on the other me"

Trey thought for a few seconds of having two Brookes and he smiled then said "Of course not"

They ate supper and then prepped themselves for bed.

 Post subject: IScience Labs
PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:19 am 
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Trey was very successful at his new job, aside from being interested in it he also became enraptured in it.

He was at the point where he wanted to make a break through and really show the company his worth. He studied vigorously finding exactly what the machine had to acquire in order for it to put a human through mitosis.

He spent hours on the contraption and finally, he thought he was done.

Trey screamed "Success" and alerted the other scientist that his contraption and modifications would allow them to put a human through mitosis, of course a very complicated task but nonetheless it could be achieved,

Trey sprinted to his girlfriend and yelled "Baby I think the machine is ready to put a human through mitosis"
Brooke responded " How wonderful darling I'm so proud of you"

She looked on into Trey's eyes and saw further excitement.

He then began "I was hoping that you would be the first to volunteer to go through the process"

She looked astonished and replied "Oh I don't know, don't you think it be weird to have two of me walking around, let alone the fact that I'd have to share my life with the thing."

"The thing would be you" He blurted "Plus it would be 10 times dumber and chances are that we'd want to keep the clone in containment for further study and analysis"

Brooke hesitated and then said "How soon do I have to decide?"

"Well I was hoping to have your support by the end of tonight and we could begin as early as tomorrow after your classes"

Brooke looked stunned and curious all at the same time and then to break the tension asked another question
"How long would it take to split me in two"

He looked happily and more eager then answered "Anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes and the process should be complete and then right after some short test but I am almost positive that my company will compensate you for the time that you give us"

Brooke stared him in the eyes then looked away and thought more about it and asked " And your sure this is safe"

Trey responded " 100 percent"

Brooke said "Alright babe I'll do it"

Trey broke out in excitement and gave her a big kiss and a huge hug and told her that he loved her.

He anxiously awaited the next day, filled with the anticipation of the event that would occur.

Brooke on the other hand was very nervous that she would somehow let Trey down and maybe even back out out of fear. She sis not want to let Trey down but she also did no want to make herself feel uncomfortable. The thought of a lesser version of herself walking around was very bizarre. What if someone mistaken-ed her clone for her or sexually used her clone. These were the kind of thoughts that roamed around in her mind, but above all else was that the clone would come out exactly like her with her built sexy frame and curves and that they would be indistinguishable.

She fell asleep hoping that she was overthinking everything.

Finally the next morning came and Trey was up the earliest, already preparing breakfast for the two.

Brooke awoke and greeted him and in return received a warm greeting and then Trey spoke,

"Ready for today champ?"

Brooke replied " Yes I think so"

Trey looked very enthusiastic and said "Well, great"

They both devoured the egg and pancakes and headed for the car set course for IScience Labs.

Upon arrival they were greeted by the scientist who applauded and were very pleased to meet Brooke. She was basically a celebrity.

After much paperwork and tons of warnings she began to get into gear for mitosis.

They supplied her with a blue jumpsuit that was very elastic that would help keep her more comfortable during the process
Trey smiled as she began to prep.

Finally the time had come.

There Brooke stood, at the center of the machine with at least 200 scientist looking at her awaiting fir the machine to commence. Trye was at the control panel and shot her a glimpse and a thumbs up.

The machine went of and the colors began to change.

Brooke felt something odd inside her, first it felt small, then it gradually increased in its magnitude. She could feel her body expanding in every area along the middle of her. She could feel her head splitting and despite what it may sound like, she was in very minimal pain.

Her neck began to grow bigger and a third eye was now appearing along with a second nose and third tit. Also a leg could be een growing between the two entities. It was a fascinating site for the scientist.

Finally the bodies began to take on their own forms and had finally separated.

The two women stood their, shocked and exhausted from what had just transpired.

Two Brookes stood close but not touching and completely still.

All the sudden drool began to come out of one of their mouths and the scientist came in and took the clone.
Trey followed and said "Not that bad was it"

Brooke answered "Not at all, so when do I see her?"

"You can see her when we are done testing her vital signs, just be weary when touching her"

"Why" Brooke asked

"Well a little contact will spark her brain to act like yours and aside from the clothes you both are wearing their will be no way to tell you apart"

"So your saying that if I touch her directly that she will become me?"

"No" Trey said "The effects will not remain permanent as long as it is not a full body exposure"

Brooke said "So I can touch her, I just have to be wearing clothes"

"That's correct"

With that the couple walked to retrieve Brooke's normal clothes and then hopefully go check on the new Brooke.

Brooke had mixed feelings but was definitely excited to see her clone and Trey was very proud about the achievement he had just made in just a few short months, it seemed as if NOTHING could go wrong for this power college couple. Both were overjoyed.

Brooke was now dressed and both of them headed toward the station where the other Brooke was being held....

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 30, 2018 12:13 am 
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Brooke walked in and saw her dumb double. She began circling around her clone and started to check herself out.

Trey said "Why don't you gently hold her hand.

Brooke raised an eyebrow and hesitantly grabbed her doubles hand

In the instant the double seemed to come alive and then both Brookes spoke "What just happened"

They then turned to eachother still holding hands and spoke simultaneously again "Trey whats going on"

Trey laughed and said "let go of her hand".

The Brookes did he asked and one of them returned to the dumb state but the other remained the same.

"What was that" Brooke asked

"If your double is in contact with the you she becomes you but as I said it will only stay for a long period of time if it's full body contact."

"Would you be able to tell the difference if that happened"

"No" Trey said "So don't try it but don't worry I doubt it'll be permanent even if it does happen"

Brooke stood curious and slightly afraid and then they both exited the doubles facility.

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 12:32 am 
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Glad to see you're back.


 Post subject: Re: IScience Labs
PostPosted: Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:01 am 
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Will there be a new chapter soon? :)

 Post subject: IScience Labs
PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 11:58 pm 
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Various experiments would occur on Brookes double. Brooke would observe and despite the double being her, she somewhat felt bad for her doubles treatment as a lab rat.

Brooke would often visit from behind a glass door to say hi to her double and to give her a feeling of comfort.

The lesser Brooke would just drool and sometimes smile and make odd noises and sometimes even gesture to come inside her holding chamber.

The weeks that went by, the lesser Brooke was learning and could now formulate words, but was nowhere near actual human intelligence.

Brooke would try to teach her English as well.

Brooke went to her doubles holding one day

"Hi Brooke, is their anything you would like to eat today."

"You come in" lesser Brooke responded in a primitive manner.

"You know I can't do that"


Brooke could see the fascination in the lesser Brookes eyes.

She saw herself within her, but she knew the risk were far to great, but then again she thought there was no way that the lesser Brooke could get the drop on her or even understood what she had to do to make their minds equal.

One day Brooke came early to lesser Brookes holding cell.

"Hello Brooke" the real Brooke said


"I have a surprise for you today" Brooke said

Lesser Brooke looked in anticipation.

Brooke continued "I'm going to come in so we can talk.

Lesser Brooke broke out into a smile and began to dance around.

With that being said, a few minutes passed before Brooke came inside and a hazmat suit from head to toe and she put on long black rubber gloves to cover her hands.

She entered the room as Lesser Brooke danced around.

"Weeelllcuummee welcoming" Lesser Brooke spoke

Brooke smiled and began interacting with her other self.

Lesser Brooke was touching all over the suit in confusion and Brooke laughed and played along touching her doubles body covered in just a paper top.

Lesser Brooke put her palm against the glove of Brooke and then they shared an interesting moment.

Brooke was curious so she removed her glove and then they came in skin to skin contact.

For a moment it was a shock and each Brooke intermingled their hands.

"What just happened" Both Brookes said

"You can talk now" the duet said

"Stop copying me"

Both let go of eachother and sprinted toward the exit.

Trey came down to see two Brookes fighting at the entrance to the holding cell.

Trey ran and pushed the Brooke with the paper on into the cell and grabbed the one in the suit and shut the doors.

The other Brooke screamed "you got the wrong one, I'm Brooke"

Brooke looked on in horror and shock

"What were you thinking" Trey said

"I don't know" Brooke responded

"That couldve been bad, next time use your head" Trey said

Brooke looked back at the other Brooke still screaming "I'm Brooke" and crying frantically....

To be continued

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