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PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:28 pm 
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This is sweet. You're balancing the 8 Kellys very well, which is a hard feat. Looking forward to seeing how they deal with each other as the evening progresses.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 27, 2018 8:19 pm 
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Chapter 9: Big Crowd

In Kelly’s house, we’re now 4 Kellys around the couch, and 4 Kellys at the front door mat. Some of the Kellys were starting to get a headache from so many people just showing up, assuming claiming her identity.

“Let me guess...” Kelly in one of the Chairs started. “You all are Kelly also, right?”

“ ‘Also Kelly’? We are Kelly, who are you guys?!” Kelly in front of the door group said.

One of the Kellys behind pushed Kelly out of the way, having Kelly over her shoulder.

“Listen, we’ve been out for a while and had to walk all the way here from work. This one needs to rest, since she fainted over there...”


The last Kelly from the door went over to the kitchen to grab some waters. “Relax, no one saw us, we were very careful about that.”

Kelly mumbled to herself and another Kelly tried to calm her down.

Kelly stood up from her chair and also went to the kitchen. “Hey, need a hand carrying those?”

“Yeah... thanks.” Kelly felt weird, having someone identical like this around her, now that things had seemed to calm down. Kelly then poured more waters for all 8 of her, and each Kelly took 4 waters and passed them around.

Meanwhile, Kelly on the couch sat up, moved to one side and pat the spot beside her.

“Have her rest here.”

Kelly and Kelly both squished on the couch beside Kelly, since they were both very tired.

The last Kelly from the door started to head upstairs. “Hey, I’m gonna grab some more chairs, can someone help?”

Kelly, who was comforting Kelly, turned to Kelly on the stairs. “Sure, i’ll help!”

She turned to Kelly. “Just relax, we’re gonna sort this all out, ok?”

Kelly slumped in her seat and pouted, looking down at the ground. She didn’t understand anything of what was going on, None of her did.

Kelly and Kelly case back from the Kitchen and put all the waters down in a circle in the coffee table in the middle of them. The 6 Kellys sat there, waiting for the other 2 to get back with 2 more chairs for them to sit in.

As John got back to town, he quickly called up his boss, Dan on his cell phone. On the other end, he could tell his boss was nearly in bed, due to how tired he sounded.

”This better be important John... it’s suppose to be a day off for some of us.”

“Sorry Dan, but it is. I was just checking the northern forest, and I was Attacked!”

”Really?! What was it?!”

“I don’t know sir... but it was human sized, it knocked me down, and i think it even drooled in me.”


John could hear some chuckling, he could tell Dan wasn’t taking him seriously.

”Listen kid, it was probably some kids pulling some sort of prank on you or something. They know how hard you work, and some of the newer kids still think they’re actual Kids...”

“Yeah yeah, I get it. But there’s also another issue, and it’s the reason I called you.”

”Well if it’s so god-damn important, then START WITH IT!”

“Well uh... there’s some sort of strange liquid coming from the north. It’s Purple, and seems to be killing wild life and plant life that it touches. I think it’s some sort of Acid.”

”And why, exactly it this so important? How much of it did you see?”

“It was a small stream of it, but if that stuff got into the ground and into our water supply, who knows what would happen! We need to evacuate the town.”

”Now hold on, private... It will probably take a few days before something like that got into our water supply. But if it helps you, then i’ll check out this ‘Acid’ tomorrow with you.”

“Alright, thank you sir.”


John was very nervous about the whole thing, but Dan probably had better judgement than he did for this kind of situation.

John proceeded to his home for the night, preparing to show Dan the liquid tomorrow for him to judge.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 28, 2018 9:17 am 
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It would be fun to see those things go into the water supply ;) ;)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 7:39 pm 
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Chapter 10: Chairs, Stairs and Steam

Kelly followed Kelly up the stairs. Every so often, Kelly glanced down at Kelly’s ass as it swayed from side to side.

”Damn, I never knew I was so Nice and Thick!” she thought to herself.

Kelly always knew with her keeping up her exercises and doing all the other running around, she had kept a very well milder figure and body. The only problem was that even though she might notice someone give her a glance or two, they’d immediately walk away, not wanting to hang out with “Nerd Girl Who Tries Too Hard.” It really upset her some days, but now she could actually appreciate her body from the outside perspective.

”Wait, what am I saying?! I can’t just be so desperate as to fall for myself, can I?!”

Kelly and Kelly reached their room, as Kelly opened the door and motioned Kelly in.

“Ladies first.”

Kelly would have responded, but was slightly lost in thought. Kelly took note of that as she walked up to her.

”What’s her deal?” Kelly thought to herself, then got a glance of her double’s bouncing boobs, and as she passed her by, her swaying ass. Kelly felt a slight drop of drool fall from her mouth, she hadn’t gotten any action in forever, and seeing this person was slightly turning her on.

Kelly shook her head and snapped out of her trance. ”What’re you doing?! You can’t fall in love with yourself, that’s so fucking desperate!”

Kelly and Kelly both entered the room. As the door shut behind them, they both grabbed a chair from opposite sides of the smaller space. Almost in sync, both lifted the chair, took a few steps backwards, and accidentally pressed the Ass of Kelly with their own. They both yelped out a bit in shock and dropped their chairs with a loud thud. Both Kelly’s turned to eachother, apologizing profusely for startling eachother, when a thought came to both of them.

”Wow... I have a really soft ass.”

Both were rubbing their ass, even though it didn’t entirely hurt, but wanted to check how soft it really was. They both looked up and saw their double doing it and blushed crimson red.

“I-It’s not what it looks like!”
“I-It’s not what it looks like!”

Both blinked and stared at each other, after the in sync response.

“Wait... were you checking if...”

Kelly blushed more and cut Kelly off. “I-I wasn’t checking anything!”

Kelly walked over and put a hand over Kelly’s shoulder. “Hey, it’s ok, we’re both Kelly, right? You don’t have to lie to me.”

Kelly blushed even more and looked down. ”Oh god, is she trying to seduce me?!”

Kelly slowly moved closer, moving her hand down Kelly’s back. ”Oh god, am I really doing this?”

Kelly looked up, and both Kelly’s were so close they could feel each other’s breath on their face. Both Kelly’s chucked and said together.

“Y’know, you have a very soft ass.”
“Y’know, you have a very soft ass.”

Out of nowhere, Kelly pulled Kelly closer and Kissed her, as Kelly quickly moved her arm down and grabbed Kelly’s ass. Kelly then went around Kelly’s waist and grabbed her ass. Both moaned slightly from the play and sat on the bed, kissing, and cuddling as things got a little more steamy in the room.

The 6 Kelly’s were sitting around the small Coffee table in their living room, trying to make sense of what was happening. They were all trying to find out how they were splitting, until they realized one pattern in all of their stories. They all overlapped at some point with another’s, but then “split off” at certain situations.

As 5 Kelly’s were all intrigued. One Kelly stayed back and was still slumped in her seat. She just didn’t understand what was happening. What was worse was that she started having this aching feeling in her gut, seeing all of these hot girls around her was hot, but she knew in a way that they were all her.

”God, why am I such a fucking idiot?! How the fuck did I get so desperate as to now get feelings for my-fucking-self, I’m so pathetic...”

Kelly stood up, stomped her foot and let out a yell. “GAH, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME?!”

Each Kelly looked over at Kelly, shocked at the outburst. Kelly looked across all their faces.


Kelly then stormed off upstairs, heading to another room, wanting to be alone.

Each Kelly looked around at eachother, slightly confused and others sad at themselves. One Kelly from the couch stood up.

“I’ll go make sure she’s ok. She... might be better with one of us rather than 5...”

The other Kelly’s nodded their heads as Kelly went in search of the other Kelly.

As the 4 Kelly’s kept discussing their situation, another stood up from her chair.

“I could really use a drink right now, anyone else want something?”

They had all finished their waters, and were starting to get a bit thirsty. One Kelly rummaged in her bag and grabbed her bottle of purple juice.

“I mean... we still have this stuff, right?”

The other 3 Kelly’s tried to stop her from drinking it. But it was too late. The other 3 seemed to brace for impact, as if she was going to explode... but nothing happened.

Kelly looked at them, then back to the drink, when suddenly something clicked in her head.

“Guys! The drink is what gave us this power! Since we drank from it, whenever we try to make a hard decision, we split!”

One Kelly looked up at her. “Yeah, you could be right. At least it isn’t the drink alone that makes us split.

Another Kelly looked up. “It would explain our overlapping stories from different times of the day.”

Kelly sat back in her chair. “Well, on the bright side, the Juice seems like it doesn’t cause it. Maybe it’s already in our system, so it’s just like a normal drink to us now.”

Kelly looked at the drink. “I wonder what would happen if anyone else had some of the drink.”

PostPosted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:38 pm 
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...WOW. tthat chapter was fantaastic. hopefully were in for a kellly orgy haha

PostPosted: Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:57 am 
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It's really cute how the Kellys appear to be pairing up. Hopefully they'll all come together at the end once their attraction for each other becomes apparent.

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