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It's all traps

I assume Kirochka is trapping Kirochka while trapped Kirochka tried to trap Kirochka who is being trapped :lol:

Really nice novel and couldn't wait for the next

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It's all traps

I assume Kirochka is trapping Kirochka while trapped Kirochka tried to trap Kirochka who is being trapped :lol:

Really nice novel and couldn't wait for the next
I remembered the squid-guy meme in star wars
I will try to upload another chapter these days

Hola :lol:

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Part 13.- Basic Needs.

Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands
  XXXX weeks after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

Sophia Lover ran her fingers delicately over Sophia Lover's face while her clone did the same. The two women observed their faces incredulously. Sophia knew her face too well to know that the woman opposite wasn't a lookalike actress. Somehow their looks were connected to each other. "Incredible." The two women said at the same time in a low voice.

Gggrrrrggggrrrgrr (onomatopoeia of the stomach.)
Gggrrrrggggrrrgrr (onomatopoeia of the stomach.)

At that moment a double roar of stomach was heard quite loud coming from the two women. "Damn, I don't know how long I've been in this place." Said one of the Sophias.

"We have to look for food and something to drink, I'm thirsty." Said the other Sophia.

"I haven't seen anything edible in this place, only those..." Said the other Sophia.

"Iiuukk, I don't like that idea at all." The other Sophia said in a gesture of nausea.

"I know, it's a disgusting idea, but there's no other way. If we don't eat something, we're going to die." The other Sophia said, adjusting her hair.

"We will really eat bats, there is not even how to cook them." Said the other Sophia Lover.

"I know." The other Sophia said.

"Ohhh shit. I know what you're thinking." Said the other Sophia Lover.

"Just imagine you're like Ozzy Osbourne." Sophia said with a tired and forced smile.

"I knew you would say something like that." The other Sophia said. "How are we going to catch them?"

"First we need to find some." The other Sophia said. "I think I saw ones over there."

Sophia Lover walked beside Sophia Lover, they were surrounded by huge stone pillars. The two women advanced only lighted by two small lamps that each carried. They heard the flutter of some bats flying over their heads. But they could not see them because of the darkness.

"Let's throw stones and see if we can knock down some." Said one of the Sophias, lighting to up.

The other Sophia began to pick up some stones and then began to throw them away where she thought the bats were flying only guided by the sound of wings and squeaks.

But it did not seem to work. The other Sophia began to imitate the actions of her clone trying to help her. But it did not seem to work either. They spent some time throwing rocks up trying to hit a bat, until they got tired.

"Damn! damn it!" A desperate Sophia Lover shouted as she threw the rocks. "It's useless. Those things fly too fast."

"It's also quite difficult to know where they are exactly." The other Sophia said.

"I feel very tired," said the other Sophia Lover, leaning on one of the stone pillars. "I think it's best to take care of our strength." The other Sophia advanced towards Sophia and leaned on the stone pillar next to her clone. The two women sat next to each other and gave a huge exhalation of fatigue.

"It's useless. We are going to die in this place." Said a Sophia hugging her beautiful legs and resting her head on them.

"I want to get out of this damn place." The other Sophia said in the same position as her clone. Only the light of their lamps illuminated them. At that moment Sophia and Sophia turned to see each other. The two women made an expression as if they had an idea.

"Hey, do you think..." A Sophia began to say when she was interrupted.

"I also thought the same." Said the other Sophia watching her clone in the face.

"If you're the same as me." said the other Sophia, making her bitch face.

"Let's try it," the other Sophia said with her bitch face. "You want me to…?"

"Oh. If you want." The other Sophia said.

One of the Sophia Lovers began to raise her miniskirt showing a white panties. Then she lowered her panties to the height of her ankles showing a nice plucked vagina. Sophia sitting next to the pillar sucked two of her fingers and began to introduce them into her vagina. Sophia massaged her clitoris intensely.

"Do you need help?" The other Sophia Lover asked with her bitch face as she watched her clone masturbate. "Remember that we have to save strength. If you masturbate that way you'll get tired very fast."

"Aaahhh aaaaahhhhh. Okay." The other Sophia said while panting sensually.

Sophia Lover settled between the legs of Sophia Lover and with her fingers opened the lips of the vagina of her clone. «This is what my vagina looks like.» The woman thought. Sophia started to stick her tongue into her clone's vagina and suck her clit vigorously. Sophia Lover was a sex master, could cause another woman a strong orgasm quickly. But this time, she would try to bring herself to an orgasm. Something quite exciting for Sophia. Sophia licked and sucked Sophia's clit intensely. The other Sophia was panting heavily and clenching her fists tightly as she let herself be guided by pleasure.

"Aaahhhh aaahhhh aaaahhhhhh, woaw you're very good." Sophia Lover said as her vagina moistened. Her breathing began to toss with force and her gasps became more intense and sensual. Sophia watched that other beautiful woman sucking her vagina hard, but the fact that that other woman was her turn her on more. Sophia quickly began to remove her shirt and bra revealing her huge cream breasts. Sophia pressed her breasts as she watched her clone eat her vagina out. Her nipples were like rocks. The woman felt the intensity rise in her. "AAaahhh almost aaahhhhh almost aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh almost." Sophia could feel like a super orgasm was approaching little by little. "Almost aaahhhhh ALREADY ALMOST AAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Then Sophia could feel it. She took the head of her clone and crushed it against her vagina. "NOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" The woman shouted. From Sophia's vagina came one of the most incredible orgasms ever seen. The orgasm looked like a high-pressure water hose.

The other Sophia Lover opened her mouth and began to drink as much orgasm as she could desperately. The thirst she felt forced her to drink the orgasm as if it were water. Quickly all her face and her hair got soaked, the orgasm of her clone dripped all over her body. The impact of orgasm with her face splashed the bodies of the girls with liquid. Sophia drank and drank desperately from her clone's vagina. The other Sophia shrieked with pleasure as she trembled slightly and rolled her eyes back. The orgasm was slowly losing intensity, but Sophia continued to drink with despair. Apparently the salty liquid could quench the thirst a little. The orgasm turned into weaker squirts. Sophia put her mouth close to her clone's vagina and began to suck it desperately trying to get every drop of liquid that came out of her.

Sophia returned to herself, and watched that other thirsty woman trying desperately to drink from her vagina. Sophia just wanted to please her and quench her thirst, because she knew it was her turn now. "That was great." Sophia Lover said watching her clone between her legs licking each rest of the orgasm. "Did it work?" The woman asked.

"I think so." The other Sophia Lover said looking at her clone. It seemed that she had just taken a bath, her green shirt was completely wet. "I drank as much as I could."

"Now is my turn. I'm very thirsty." The other Sophia Lover said as her clone got to her knees.

Sophia Lover was on her knees in front of her clone and began to take off her miniskirt and panties revealing the same beautiful vagina as her clone. Sophia Lover brought her face to the vagina of her clone and began to suck and lick it in the same desperate way as her clone had done a few minutes ago. Sophia sucked the clitoris of her clone while her hands clenched the huge, firm ass. The other Sophia Lover began to turn on quickly.

"Aaaaaaahhhh aaaaaahhhh aaaahhhhhh, woaw you were right aaaahhhhhh this is great" Sophia Lover said as she started to get wet. The woman took off her wet green shirt and her bra exposing her beautiful breasts. Sophia massaged her breast as she watched her clone eat her vagina out. The other Sophia was quite busy trying to get some liquid. Sophia Lover was panting more and more intensely, until, like her clone, she could feel the orgasm coming closer. "Aaaaahhhh almost AAAAAAHHHHHH ALREADY ALMOST AAAAAAHHHHH HHHHHHAAAAAAAA NOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!" Sophia Lover settled on the floor and a powerful orgasm with the same intensity as her clone had a few minutes ago came out of her vagina. The other Sophia did not waste time and began to drink with desperation the precious liquid, her face and hair were soaked quickly by the intensity of the squirt. The other Sophia Lover trembled slightly as she rolled her eyes and screamed with pleasure.

Sophia Lover drank desperately from her clone's vagina. Little by little, the intensity of the squirt began to weaken. But Sophia continued to suck her vagina intensely trying to drink as much as she could. Finally the orgasm ended up leaving the two women completely soaked. Sophia Lover lay next to Sophia Lover. The two women looked at their faces for a few seconds and then gave each other an intense kiss. The Sophias pressed their bodies in an embrace while the breasts of one pressed the breasts of the other. The women kissed sensually. Then they separated their mouths and looked at each other again without saying anything. Sophia Lover set her head on Sophia Lover's chest.

"That was the best orgasm of my life." Said a Sophia Lover, pressing her head into the breasts of her clone.

"For me too," the other Sophia Lover said embracing her clone. "We're going to leave this place."


Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands
   XXXX weeks after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

Kirochka removed the blindfold from Michelle, Michelle was completely confused by what she saw. She was inside some horrible catacombs, but the most shocking of all was that next to her was another Michelle Herbert completely naked and scared, and in front of her the dead body of Kirochka Kudryavtseva. Kirochka finished freeing Michelle. Michelle watched Michelle completely unbelieving.

Kirochka stood up and started walking towards the other Michelle who was trembling with fear and sobbing. Kirochka watched Michelle and then the corpse of her clone. The corpse had a metal arrow buried exactly in the forehead where blood flowed, her eyes were completely open and watching the emptiness. Kirochka showed no feeling when observing the corpse of her clone. She crouched down and tore the arrow from her clone's brain. After turning to see Michelle and showed a grim smile. Michelle still had the ax in her hands, but Kirochka took it off without any problem.

Kirochka turned to see the other Michelle who was already calm and breathing normally. "Cut these damn chains." Kirochka ordered Michelle as she approached her with the ax extended.

Michelle nodded and approached Kirochka taking the ax, Michelle could not help but observe that other woman identical to her. "Kiry, what's going on?" Finally asked the woman with the ax in her hands.

"I have no idea," Kirochka said. "I just know we can't let impostors try to usurp our lives." Michelle could not stop staring at Michelle. "You shouldn't be attached to that woman bwahahaha." Kirochka smiled malevolently. "A few more seconds and she would have cut off your head with that ax."

Michelle looked at the ax in her hands. "I know. I Listened to everything they said. But I didn't understand what was happening." Michelle said with a sad and confused look.

"Cut these damn chains." Kirochka said again as she settled on the floor with her legs extended. Michelle cut the chains of her arms and legs quickly. "That's much better." Kirochka said, stretching her limbs. "I've been following those two bitches for a while. Waiting for the perfect moment to appear." Kirochka said to Michelle with the ax. The other Michelle was beside the dead Kirochka sobbing and trembling. Kira and Michelle watched Michelle. "Kill her." Kirochka said suddenly to Michelle with the ax.

"What!" Michelle said in horror watching Kirochka.

"Kill her... or do you want her to kill you? Bwahahaha." Kirochka said macabrely.

"But Kiry ... I can't kill someone." Michelle said with a worried face.

"I remind you that that woman was about to kill you. Observe her." Kira said. Michelle watched Michelle, had a very strange feeling in the stomach every time they observed each other. "Observe her face, her body, her expressions. Tell me if you don't feel afraid watching her." Michelle and Michelle looked at each other with fear.

"But Kiry..." Michelle said with the ax in her hands and her face worried.

"Wait!" Shouted the Michelle who was next to Kirochka's corpse. "Please. Don't kill me." Michelle said sobbing. Michelle and Kirochka watched Michelle.

"I... I don't know what to do." Michelle said with her ax in her hands.

"I don't know what happens. But I don't want to die. Please." The other Michelle said as she sobbed on her knees. Kirochka started to move towards the kneeling Michelle. "Kiry..." Michelle said as she knelt while watching Kirochka. Michelle approached Kira's feet and began to kiss them. Tears moistened Kira's dusty feet. "Please, my queen. Don't kill me."

"Bwahahahaha." Kira started laughing macabrely. Then she kicked Michelle's face. Michelle gave a cry of pain and quickly brought her hands to her face. "Henceforth. I will be your only queen. The real Kirochka." Kira said to Michelle on the floor. "You listened!! I AM THE ONLY AND TRUE KIROCHKA!"

Michelle got back on her knees in front of Kirochka and began kissing her feet again while thanking her. "Thanks my queen!! Thank you very much!! You will always be my only queen." Michelle kissed Kira's feet but took a quick look at her clone. Michelle watched Michelle with her face expressionless and squeezing the ax in her hands. A rivalry had just been born.

Hola :lol:

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Part 14.- Clone Hunting.

Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands
   XXXX weeks after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

Sophia Lover had her head resting on Sophia Lover's breasts. The two women were embraced on the stony ground of the catacombs. Their bodies were completely soaked with orgasms, the viscosity felt in every little rub of their bodies. Their breaths were synchronized in some way. Fatigue overwhelmed them. Sophia Lover watched the face of her clone while the clone returned the look.

"If I wasn't so tired, I'd fuck you until I left you dry." Said the Sophia who was lying on the breasts of the other. Her beautiful blue eyes still possessed a glimmer of hope.

"The same thing, I had never cum like that before. Not even Diedrerick..." The other Sophia said, but stopped when her mind remembered Driederick. Sophia noticed how the other Sophia also seemed submerged in her thoughts upon hearing her husband's name.

"I wonder what that fool is doing." The other Sophia said as she laid her head on her clone's nipple.

"I miss him so much." The other Sophia said.

Time passed and the energy of their bodies was gradually depleting, the Sophias did not know how long they had been lying down. They needed a miracle to get out of that situation. At that moment the two women watched as a light slowly approached through the stone pillars. The two Sophias broke that embrace that seemed to last for hours to sit down.

"A light is coming." Said a Sophia.

"Do you think it's... another Sophia?" The other woman said.

The light gradually came closer to reveal a blonde woman in a green blouse and a denim miniskirt. As they thought, it was another Sophia. The new Sophia approached the two naked Sophias sitting on the floor. The face of this Sophia reflected fear, confusion and weariness. There was a little silence.

"Sophia Lover?" Asked one of the naked Sophias.

"Who ... Who are you?" Asked the new Sophia. The woman's face looked quite tense and fearful. Her body trembled slightly.

"I am Sophia Lover," said one of the naked Sophias. "And she's also Sophia Lover."

"This is impossible. What the hell happens in this place," said the Sophia dressed while her face began to break in a small cry. "I want to get out of this damn place."

"We also want to leave this place." Said one of the nude Sophias. The humidity of her body made the cold feel stronger.

"We do not know what happens. But we have to help us get out of this place." Said the other naked Sophia equally sodden.

The new Sophia Lover dropped to her knees as she sobbed lightly. The two naked Sophias turned to see each other with a worried face, in that moment they noticed a light approaching them from behind. The light showed another Sophia with the same green blouse and denim miniskirt. The new woman advanced to meet Sophias' group and stopped in silence for a moment. The light of the woman came from a small cylindrical lamp. Her face looked just as tired and fearful as the other new Sophia.

"Who... who are you?" Asked the last Sophia Lover with a confused face. In front of her were two women identical to her naked and one on her knees.

The two naked Sophias turned to see each other. The two women knew that they had the same doubt. "How many..." They both said at the same time, but stopped.

"What the hell happens in this place." The last Sophia Lover said as she began to sob slowly.

"I'm thirsty," said Sophia Lover, who was sobbing on her knees. "What's on your bodies, is what I think it is?" Said the woman making a bitch-face with tears in her eyes.

"We were also thirsty." Said one of the naked Sophias.

"We were able to quench our thirst a little." Said the other naked Sophia.

"But not hunger." The other naked Sophia said grabbing her stomach.

The Sophia who was standing sobbing listened to her clones attentively. "I'm thirsty too," the woman said. "I need to drink something." The four women were watching each other. They had the same strange feeling of not being alone, but yes, at the same time.

"We are exhausted." Said one of the nude Sophias.

"Those orgasms were amazing." Said the other naked Sophia hugging the sticky body of her clone, the breasts of the two women rubbing each other.

"But now we can not even move." Said the other naked Sophia hugging and seeing her double in the face.

The third Sophia to appear and the last one had stopped sobbing and watched their naked clones with their bitch-faces. "There are more Sophias." Said the third Sophia who appeared.

"I've seen them too." Said the last Sophia to appear. The naked Sophias turned to see their clones with clothes.

"A guy on a motorcycle killed one with a baseball bat." Said the third Sophia who appeared with her eyes fixed on the floor. "Like... in that..."

"All this is her work," said the last Sophia who appeared. "That woman is doing all this in some way."

"But how" Said one of the naked Sophias.

"I still can't believe that all this is real." The other naked Sophia said.

"If it were not for the weariness and pain I would think it's a dream." The last Sophia to appear said. "I'm dying of thirst."

"Also me." The third Sophia to appear said as she watched her other clone with clothes with her bitch-face.

The other Sophia with clothes gave her the same bitch-face. "You want me to…?"

"Oh. If you want." The other Sophia with clothes said.

The last Sophia to appear began to take off her miniskirt, then her white panties leaving her with her shaved pussy uncovered. She put her hand on her vagina and began to touch it delicately. "You can drink from me." Sophia said to the other new Sophia.

The third Sophia Lover crawled to the vagina of her clone. She brought her face closer and began to suck the clitoris desperately. Her tongue was thrusting furiously inside the salty vagina licking the walls of it and the clitoris. The other Sophia was beginning to gasp with pleasure, quickly shedding her green blouse and bra, and began to press her beautiful cream-colored breasts hard. The other two Sophias watched the scene with their bitch-faces without saying anything, something inside of them was arousing again.

"It's like watching a movie of mine, but live." Said one of the naked Sophias as her nipples re-erected.

"I know. It's confusing." Said the other naked Sophia with the nipples also hard as rocks. The two women were hugged and felt like the other woman's nipples were beginning to sink into her breasts. The two Sophias soaked with orgasms turned to see each other.

"Hell, I'm starting to turn on." Said one of the naked Sophias.

"We have to resist it, we would run out of energy." The other naked Sophia said, seeing her clone in the face.

The other two Sophias continued in their sexual act. One of the Sophias was standing panting sensually while caressing her huge breasts and the other was kneeling licking and sucking violently the vagina of her clone, had her hands on the ass of her clone and squeezed her buttocks tightly.

"Almost Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, almost aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh." Said Sophia Lover standing.

At that moment and without warning a light lit up in the darkness very close to them. It was the guy of the motorcycle; apparently a woman in a black latex suit and a yellow motorcycle helmet. In her left hand she carried a baseball bat while in the other a small cylindrical lamp, on her back she wore a brown backpack. The event was so sudden that none of the four Sophias reacted at the time, but after a few seconds there were four cries of horror.


Quickly and without wasting time the four women began to run towards the darkness desperately. The women had left the lamps on the floor and tried to lose themselves in the blackness of the catacombs, dodging the stone pillars. But at that moment another light was lit in the darkness very close to one of the naked Sophias. She was another woman in a black latex suit, yellow motorcycle helmet, a baseball bat in one hand, a lamp in the other and a brown backpack on the back. The four women were petrified for a few seconds again, their faces distorted with panic. The woman in the motorcycle helmet raised her bat and hit one of the naked Sophias on her head. This Sophia did not even scream, the blow had left her unconscious at once. The other three Sophias did not stop to watch the horrible scene, they continued running in the dense darkness while trying to dodge the stone pillars. Another lamp was lit in the dark showing another woman in black latex, yellow motorcycle helmet, baseball bat and a backpack. Then another light came on with another woman in a latex suit and the same items. Then another. Then another. The Sophias ran completely terrified without turning back as they tried to lose themselves in the darkness. It was a nightmare.


Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands
   XXXX weeks after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

"Let's move on. We have to find that motorcyclist." Kirochka said to the other two Michelles. The woman still wore the shackles in her hands and legs, only that these were no longer linked by chains and they hung freely from Kira's extremities.

One of the Michelles was kneeling next to the lifeless body of Kirochka Kudryavtseva, the woman embraced the naked corpse and gave her a tender kiss on the mouth, then closed her eyes with her hand and whispered something in her ear. The other Michelle and Kirochka watched the touching bizarre scene.

"Agh! You disgust me." Kirochka said while making a gesture of displeasure. Michelle next to her still felt loss about what was happening, there was a dead Kirochka and another Michelle identical to her. They were clones, as in the new movie that Kirochka would film. "Stop kissing corpses and help us carry the weapons if you do not want us to kill you right now." Kirochka arranged the metal arrow into the crossbow and lifted one of the swords from the floor. "These weapons are beautiful." Kirochka said admiringly, "Whoever made these weapons was a real metal artist." Kirochka turned to the Michelle who had stopped hugging the corpse and was approaching her. "Where did you find them?"

Michelle looked like a zombie, her face had tired of sobbing and now had only a tired expression. "We found a cargo of weapons about 700 yards from here." Michelle said as she grabbed a spear from the ground, then turned to see her clone still holding the metal ax, there was a strange discomfort in the two women each time they watched each another. Michelle found it hard to see her face and body in another person: Those beautiful breasts size B, her slim athletic body, the beautiful friendly face tired by the situation and her straight, brown hair tied in a ponytail. The women gathered all the weapons from the floor and walked again, leaving Kirochka's dead body behind.

The women were walking along one of the illuminated paths of the catacombs. Michelle and Michelle walked in front, one immediately next to the other, completely silent. Each one carried a cargo of weapons. Kirochka followed them with the crossbow in one hand and a sword in the other.

"You are very quiet." Kirochka said, smiling maliciously. Michelle and Michelle did not say anything, they just walked. One of the Michelles looked considerably more exhausted than the other, although both wore the same expression of confusion and discomfort in their faces. "I can not stand that one of those things, clones or whatever you want to call them try to steal my identity." Kira said watching the back and the ass of the women who came forward. "But I see that you are different, Michelle. You do not mind walking next to one of those things... Although one there tried to kill the other. Bwahaha." Michelle and Michelle turned to see each other for a moment as they walked, there was tension in the look. At that moment they began to hear cries in the distance. "What is that?" The three women stopped. The screams were heard to the right of the path. "Let's go! ..." Kirochka said as she raised the crossbow and smiled macabrely. " hunting."

The women went to the right, where the screams were getting louder and louder and they came to some rocks where they hid themselves crouching. A few meters from them there were two Kirochkas naked with shackles in their hands and legs throwing strong insults in Russian. Each Kirochka was held by a Michelle from the waist and one arm trying to control them while they said something with a terrified and worried face. But the two Kirochkas did not pay attention to them and only observed each other with a devilish face and making aggressive gestures. There were some lamps illuminating that part of the catacombs.

"Great." Kirochka hiding in the rocks said with a grim smile. "More clones." The woman had the crossbow ready to shoot the clones. "I think I can hit one of those things in the head." One of the Michelles next to her looked more worried than the other, it seemed she wanted to say something to stop Kirochka but the words did not come out of her mouth. The other Michelle just watched with a dark tone on her face, she knew that Kirochka was not going to stop even if she asked her, had already witnessed it on other occasions. Kirochka was really demented.

SWWWWISSSHHHH (Onomatopoeia of the crossbow.)

The arrow of the crossbow shot out.


"Shit. I failed." Said the Kirochka with the crossbow in her hands. The arrow had embedded itself in the shoulder of one of the Kirochkas who fought.

"Что, черт возьми, это?!!" The Kirochka with the arrow on her shoulder shouted. “AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!”

The other Kirochka who fought and the two Michelles who were close to her turned to see the place where the arrow had come from.

Kirochka left the crossbow on the ground and took the rusty but still sharp sword, then stood up revealing her naked and voluminous body. She had the sword in her hands and a grim smile on her face. The other women in the distance watched her uncertainly.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Shouted the Kirochka with the sword and ran with the weapon raised, her huge breasts bouncing with each step she took. The four women in the distance watched with concern to that other Kirochka approach with a murderous instinct in her face.

"дерьмо!!! теперь что?" Said the two Kirochkas in shackles. And they quickly tried to run, although once again it was almost impossible because of the chains. One of the Kirochkas left a trail of blood that ran from her shoulder to her hand as she ran, then stumbled and fell. Kirochka quickly caught up with the Kirochka who had the arrow on her shoulder, ready to brandish the sword on her when the Michelle who was with the wounded Kirochka interposed.

"NOOO!!!" Michelle shouted as she protected the injured Kirochka with her body.

Kirochka with the sword stopped. "Move girl if you do not want to die." The Kirochka with the sword said. Hidden behind the rocks one of the Michelles, the one with the most tired face, had a strange sensation of deja-vu. The scene was very similar to something that had happened a few hours ago with the other Kirochka who had died, only that that time the sword had pierced that poor Michelle.

"Don't do it, please!" The Michelle who protected the wounded Kirochka implored with her eyes full of tears.

"You do not leave me another option." Said the Kirochka with the sword and grabbed Michelle's ponytail. The woman gave a loud cry. Then with the handle of the sword Kirochka hit the girl on the head strongly and she fell to the floor fainted.

"...It was an accident." Whispered one of the Michelles hiding in the rocks, the one with the most worn face. The other Michelle turned to see her without understanding what she was talking about and without mood of asking.

The Kirochka with the arrow on her shoulder was lying on the floor face up while watching her clone with the sword, she was worried but she did not stop showing her menacing teeth. Like a wild animal wounded and cornered. The other Kirochka with shackles and the Michelle who accompanied her tried to escape slowly.

"Проклятая гребаная сука!!!" Shouted the Kirochka with the arrow in the shoulder, a lot of blood was coming out of the wound. The woman backed away, dragging on her buttocks, knowing what was coming and unable to avoid it.

"Я запрещаю вам говорить со мной таким образом BWAHAHAHAHA." Said the Kirochka with the sword and in one quick movement she nailed down the steel into the heart of the other Kirochka.

"сука!!!" Those were the last words of the injured Kirochka while blood flowed from her chest and her mouth in large quantities, then she died instantly. The other Kirochka grinned macabrely, pulled the sword out from the corpse of her clone as she saw the other Kirochka and Michelle trying to escape. The corpse was left with the expression of death on the face and with the arrow stuck in the shoulder.

"Bwahahaha is useless running or hiding!" Shouted the Kirochka with the bloody sword. "I can not let anyone try to steal my identity, there can only be one Kirochka Kudryavtseva !! AND THAT WILL BE ME! BWAHAHAHAHAHA."

Hola :lol:

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Part 15.- The Same Result.

University of London, England.
       Physics department. Year 2008.

"It gives exactly the same result." Said a thin Gothic woman of about 18 years. She had a little acne on her face and a very marked Russian accent.

"We can perform the same experiment over and over again, and it will always launch the same result." Said a beautiful blonde woman in her 30s, she had big cheekbones and she was dressed very casually. The women were conducting experiments with electromagnetic charges in a physics laboratory at the University of London. "If the same energy values are used in the same controlled environment, the result has to be the same. It does not matter how many times the experiment is done. It is a law."

"But, Doctor Sonya," the goth girl said, taking notes on a computer. "So why we keep doing the same experiment if it's always going to give the same result. It's a bit frustrating, don't think?" The girl's English was not very good, but it could be understood.

"Hahaha, this experiment is quite complex," said Dr. Sonya. "My other students never manage to reach the correct result, and those who achieve it don't manage to do it more than twice. But you Kirochka. You haven't made any mistakes, no matter how much we conducted the experiment. The result remains the same again and again. You surprise me." Dr. Sonya watched the young Kirochka with a big smile.

"Thanks." Kirochka said blushing a little before the doctor's eyes.

Sonya approached Kirochka and began to run her hand delicately over the girl's face. "I'm serious. You really surprise me. You are a very intelligent woman Kirochka." The doctor brought her lips to the girl and gave her a sensual kiss on the mouth. Kirochka was surprised at that sudden action. Her face flushed completely as she felt those lips moisten hers. Then the doctor moved her mouth away from her student's. "Tomorrow at the same hour." The doctor said, took some notebooks from a table and left the lab without saying anything else. Kirochka was speechless, had just received her first lesbian kiss and had enjoyed it.


Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands
   XXXX weeks after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

Sophia ran terrified without being able to see anything between the stone pillars. She needed to escape from that place at any cost. She had lost sight of the other Sophias who were with her. Now was alone again. She knew that one of those women in latex suit could appear at any moment. Sophia ran and ran until she saw the lights of the catacombs again. Sophia ran and cried in desperation trying to dodge the stone pillars in the darkness. She was completely naked, with some small scratches on her body. The woman came to an illuminated part of the catacombs where she again ran into a series of mannequins that stole her figure. She did not know what to do, whether to hide or keep running, somehow felt as if anything was useless. The mannequins, the women in latex suits, those other Sophias, all this had to be a nightmare, there was no other logical explanation.

Sophia kept running but her mind could no longer understand reality, everything was lost. Then she stopped, in the distance between the illuminated path and the mannequins, she could see someone approaching, a blonde woman in green blouse and denim miniskirt walking shyly and slowly through the collection of mannequins, it seemed to be another Sophia Lover.

«What the hell is going on? Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... »The nude Sophia Lover had reached the limit, could hardly feel her body trembling slightly from the cold and fatigue, nothing mattered anymore. The woman looked around, there were some stalagmites of different sizes on all sides, the woman grabbed one of the pointy ones and pulled her off the floor with all her strength, the last of her strength. Then the woman settled next to her mannequins and began to try to stay still, trying to control her crying and breathing. «Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense...» That phrase was the only thing that was repeated in her mind. Then she could see how that other Sophia Lover with clothes was slowly approaching.

The Sophia Lover with clothes began to walk more hastily among the mannequins. All those blank eyes and all those crooked and half-open mouths made her feel dizzy and confused, until for some strange reason she stopped without understanding it. The naked Sophia Lover had rolled her eyes and screwed up her mouth trying to imitate the mannequins to camouflage herself with them, in her hand she held the piece of stalagmite tightly, her body trembled slightly. The Sophia Lover with clothes approached her slowly with a confused expression on her face. Then the nude Sophia Lover could not take that tired static position anymore and in those eyes those beautiful blue pupils appeared, in a quick movement she fitted the stalagmite into the stomach of the other Sophia Lover. Blood began to stain that green blouse as tears began to appear on the face of that Sophia Lover who was dying.

For a moment the nude Sophia Lover returned to sanity only to realize what she had done, had just killed a person. It was not a dream, it was real. Everything was real. Then her face was horrified by what she had done and tears began to run down her cheeks. "Forgive me." The woman said to her clone. Then unable to bear it anymore, Sophia turned around and started running again without any direction. She no longer had many strengths in her body. Then her mind repeated that phrase again. «Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense... Nothing makes sense...» Her legs gradually lost strength, it was getting harder keep standing, her eyes closed little to little, she staggered with every step she took. Sophia moved between the mannequins and the lights of the catacombs, until in front of her appeared one of the women in latex suit and yellow helmet.

It was the end. Sophia dropped to her knees with her body too tired to continue. The woman in latex suit was just standing there with the baseball bat in one hand and a brown backpack on her back; her yellow motorcyclist helmet and a controlled breathing.


Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands.
     XXXX weeks after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

Kirochka walked through the catacombs chained with shackles in her hands and legs, beside her were Michelle Herbert, both naked.

"Then that villa was twenty minutes from Arnhem?" Kirochka asked with a serious face.

"Yes, only a few minutes ago we were there, don't you really remember?" Michelle said walking next to her.

"Mmmmmm... Arghh," Kirochka looked desperate. "We need to find something to cut these damn chains." The women continued to move at a slow pace when they began to hear cries in the distance.

"What is that?" Michelle said.

"It's heard close, let's see." Kirochka said. The women went to where the cries were heard, they reached the top of a slope and hid behind rocks.

"Kiry!!... Look!!... are us." Michelle said with an expression of disbelief. Michelle and Kirochka were at the top of a slope, and at the bottom you could see two Kirochkas shouting things in Russian, while two Michelles tried to stop them. "What is happening?"

Kirochka watched with disbelief the scene from above, then noticed something and signaled to Michelle. "Look over there," Kira said. "Behind those rocks." Michelle turned to see where Kira was saying, behind some rocks were two Michelles and a Kirochka hidden with what seemed to be an arsenal of medieval weapons. "Look at all those weapons. If only we could get closer."

"Why are there more of us? What's wrong?" Michelle said with a face full of fear.

"Come on," Kirochka said smiling a little. "Let's get one of those weapons." Kirochka started moving down the slope carefully. Michelle watched her for a second and then began to follow her queen.

"Kiry, do you think this is safe?..." Michelle asked when she was interrupted by a horrible scream.


Kirochka and Michelle turned to see what had happened, they were still down the slope. Down there was a Kirochka with an arrow stuck in her shoulder, a few meters away from her was a Kirochka with a sword in her hands behind some rocks.

"It seems that one of those women just wound the other with a crossbow." Michelle said as she carefully descended. The women watched that other Kirochka swoop down with the sword in their hands to those other Kirochkas.

"Let's continue," Said Kirochka with shackles supporting her arms and legs on rocks stuck to the wall. "We have to surround these women and come from behind. Then we will have to use those weapons to kill them."

"What!!!!" Michelle said with concern. "Kill them! What are you talking about Kiry?"

"Those things that are down there, can not exist." Kirochka said.

"But Kiry, they're persons." Michelle said worriedly. "We can't kill them." The women had carefully descended and were behind the two Michelles who were guarding the arsenal of weapons.

"We have no other choice if we want to get out of here. Look." Kirochka said pointing to the scene unfolding. A Kirochka had just stabbed a sword in the heart of another Kirochka.

Michelle was shocked. "This is horrible." The woman said, covering her mouth with her hands. The women were very close to the two Michelles who were hiding with the weapons.

"We have to act fast if we do not want to end up like that," the Kirochka in shackles said to the Michelle who accompanied her. Michelle watched her with concern. "You will take care of the woman on the right, the other woman is for me. Okay?"

"But Kiry..." Michelle said worriedly.

"OK?!!" Kirochka asked again as if she were giving an order.

Michelle watched her for a few seconds and then under her head. "Yes, my queen." The woman said.

Michelle and Kirochka were ready to attack those other two Michelles. "Now!!" Kirochka yelled and rushed at one of the Michelles. The other Michelle hesitated a moment but ended up accepting the order of her queen and pounced on the other Michelle. The other two Michelles turned back when they heard the noise and watched in horror as a Kirochka and a Michelle was preparing to attack them.

Michelle with her body fell on the other Michelle, their heads hit hard and their breasts crushed against each other. The two Michelles were holding on to the ponytails and pulling themselves hard as their bodies turned on the stony ground of the catacombs. The two women gave loud cries of pain.

The Kirochka who was with the sword was advancing towards another chained Kirochka and another Michelle who were trying to escape slowly, when she heard the shouting and turned to look towards the rocks where the two Michelles were hiding. "Huh? What the hell is going on there?!!" The woman shouted.

A Michelle who was on the floor fainted, little by little began to come to her senses. The woman opened her eyes and the first thing she saw was the corpse of Kirochka Kudryavtseva with an arrow stuck in her shoulder and a horrible wound in her chest where all the blood was leaking. "NNOOOOOOO!!!" the woman screamed in horror. She quickly started to crawl to the dead woman while crying deeply. "KIRYY!!" The woman screamed in sadness as she held the corpse with her hands.

A Kirochka with chains leaped against one of the hidden Michelles, the Michelle who had the most tired look, but stopped at the last moment. Michelle watched this Kirochka and watched the other two Michelles wallowing on the floor next to her."Michelle!! Cut the chains, it's an order from your queen!!" Said the Kirochka with shackles putting the chains of her hands in front of the tired-looking Michelle.

The woman hesitated for a few seconds. "Yes, my queen." Said the Michelle with the most tired face while bending her head before Kirochka. Michelle took an ax from between the weapons and quickly cut the chains off Kirochka's hands and legs. Kirochka started to laugh.

"Well done Michelle, your queen is grateful." Said Kirochka now free as she took a sword from among the arsenal of weapons.

"Thank you my queen." Michelle said blushing a little. A small smile was drawn on her tired face.

Kirochka was standing with a sword in her hands as she emerged from her hiding place among the rocks, the woman was observing that other Kirochka with a sword that was also watching her.

"Now this gets more interesting." The other Kirochka with a sword said with a smile on her face.

"Let's see who is the real Kirochka." Said the other Kirochka with sword. The two women put their swords in attack position and rushed against each other with a shout and a murderous instinct.

The Michelle with the most tired face watched all the scenes while her face showed a smile; Two Michelles were fighting on the floor next to her, screaming and pulling hard on their ponytails; Two Kirochkas were willing to kill each other with sharp rusty swords; A Michelle was crying over the corpse of a Kirochka; And a Michelle and a Kirochka were trying to escape slowly. All was a dream. It had to be a dream...

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This is really getting interesting, it feels like Michelle wants to be the queen herself now ;)

But how many yellow motorcyclist are there? Will they fight themselves too?

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This is really getting interesting, it feels like Michelle wants to be the queen herself now ;)

But how many yellow motorcyclist are there? Will they fight themselves too?
thanks for the comment

  tomorrow upload the next chapter

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Part 16.- Confrontation

   Amsterdam, Netherlands.
   October 21, 2024


«What is happening? Where the hell am I?» Michelle Herbert wondered as she watched a huge catacombs around her in first-person. She ran desperately through the place with her hands full of blood. «And this blood? Why am I running? I can't control my body, perhaps I'm dreaming?» The woman observed everything in first-person, as if she were living in someone else's body, only that she knew that this was her body even if it did not obey her. Michelle ran desperately through the catacombs without looking back. Then she stops suddenly when in front of her saw a Michelle Herbert with an ax in her hands and her body full of blood. That Michelle Herbert had a scary expression; She had a cute smile full of madness and a tired look. «But what the hell? Why I see myself? All... filled..... with........ blood.....................» The sound of a song was heard in the background as the image of the bloody Michelle vanished.


It was Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve, the song that Michelle had on her cell phone when she used it as a wake-up alarm. Michelle opened her eyes little by little and noticed that everything had been a nightmare, as she thought. Michelle looked at the cell phone watch. It was 5:00 a.m. her flight to New York would leave in two hours. The woman sat on her bed and began to think about that horrible dream. It was not the first time she dreamed about that huge catacombs. The dream was becoming a little more recurrent.

Michelle had her baggage ready, and she was ready to take a taxi to take her to the airport: She wore cream-colored pants, a red shirt, a gray vest and her inseparable Pulp Fiction cap. She called Peter:

"Are you ready?" The woman asked on the phone.

"Yes, I'm already at the airport with some people from the production." Said Peter Moore from the other side.

"Great, then I'm going there." Michelle said, sounding nice on her cell phone as she dragged her suitcases to the door of her apartment.

"Kira will also come? I haven't seen her." Peter asked.

"No." Michelle said. "Kiry will take the flight on Sunday, she said she wanted to leave some things ready before she left."

"Okay. Perfect. Then all ready, hurry up if you don't want to miss the flight."

"Yes, I'm going there." The woman said as she left the elevator in the apartments where she lived carrying her suitcases. The woman took a taxi and arrived at the airport in the city of Amsterdam. The dream had already been forgotten.


Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands
Six months after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

Kirochka tried to run but it was impossible, the shackles prevented it, Michelle ran next to her grabbing her arm to help her to run faster. "Quick Kiry. We have to escape." Michelle said as she encouraged Kirochka to move faster. "Look Kiry, another woman like you appeared."

Kirochka looked back. Two Kirochkas with swords observed each other. Kirochka stopped. "Wait!" She said to Michelle. Michelle also stopped suddenly.

"What's wrong?" Michelle said worriedly. "It's our chance to escape."

"Those two bitches are going to kill each other." Kirochka said with a malevolent smile. Michelle watched Kirochka, but Kirochka's vision seemed completely lost in those two women ready to begin the fight. "This will be interesting."


Two long shouts were heard inside the catacombs echoed all around. Two women armed with medieval swords were running at full speed ready to attack.

A Michelle hidden among the rocks watched in disbelief the scene that was going to unfold. Next to her were two other Michelles; (at this point all the Michelles were with the same exhausted and tired face) the two women were on their knees holding the ponytail of the other with one hand, with their faces one immediately next to the other, the cheek of one crushing the cheek of the other, one breast of one crushing one breast of the other. The two women were with unbelieving faces watching the Kirochkas beginning the fight. "Kiry!!!" The two shouted at the same time.

Kirochka and Kirochka with their swords in their hands ran at full speed against each other. The women's breasts shook wildly.

CLAAAASSSSHHHHH (onomatopoeia of swords clashing)

There was a loud clang of metal that echoed around the place. Then another and then another. The two women attacked each other violently, discharging all their strength in each slash. They threw a slash every second with great force, but for some reason the swords clashed blocking the attack of her opponent. The breasts of the Kirochkas shook violently with each blow. It seemed that Kirochka was good at handling the sword, the two women gave an incredible show, had the brow furrowed and the mouth showing their white teeth with those fangs longer than normal and saliva coming out through the mouths like dogs or enraged demons.

"Bwahaha, incredible." Said the Kirochka with the shackles, she had a smile full of emotion. The Michelle who was next to her noticed how the nipples of Kirochka's big breasts began to erect and become like rocks. "Something happens behind those rocks," Kirochka said pointing to the rocks where the other Michelles were. "Let's go investigate." Kirochka said smiling macabrely.

"But Kiry..." Michelle said with her face worried and quite scared.

"It's an order!" Kirochka shouted.

Michelle watched her for a second and then bowed her head in reverence to Kira. "Yes, my queen."

"Let's go while those two things are busy." Said the Kirochka in shackles. The two women began to approach that mysterious set of rocks trying to pass as far as possible from the Kirochkas fight.


Kirochka and Kirochka were face to face, separated only by their crossed swords that drew an X in front of the women. The two women pushed with all their strength to the front, their faces were inches from each other, they were with a devilish look in the eyes and showing their fangs like hungry animals. The two women took a step forward, and the thigh and vagina of one hit with the thigh and vagina of the other. The two Kirochkas felt something at that moment. They were super sensitive. But the two women tried to hide it, although the two realized it. Their bodies were pushed more forward, their faces were only separated by the edge of crossed swords. The women could feel the other's breathing on their face as they continued to exert force. The two huge mons pubis were crushed against each other, the women were crushing more against each other and the two huge mons of pubis began to open by pressure. It seemed that they kissed each other. The two women pushed against each other with more force and growled with more intensity, their breasts were hard as rocks, they were getting aroused at an animal level. The vaginas massaged while they struggled.

The Kirochka with shackles walked with Michelle watching that fight without losing any moment of it. Kirochka could not stop seeing those two wild and animal Kirochkas.

"Kiry, look." Michelle suddenly said. Kirochka turned and in front of them there were some Michelles observing the fight very carefully behind some rocks. But what really excited Kirochka was seeing all that arsenal of weapons on the ground. The Michelles had not noticed the other two women, but suddenly one turned her head and saw that other Kirochka and Michelle. The other two Michelles who were clutching their ponytails also noticed these two new intruders. All observed each other without saying anything.

At that moment the intensity of the lights began to slowly lower and a sound began to be heard in the distance:


By one of the many paths of place appeared a person on a motorcycle Kawazaki zzr 250; Wore a black latex suit, a yellow motorcycle helmet, a brown backpack in the back and a Tablet-Laptop in one hand. The motorcycle stopped a few meters from the Kirochkas with swords. The lighting had dropped to almost half.

The two Kirochkas with swords separated from each other, still aroused, and stood in front of the motorcyclist. A few meters from them there was a Michelle Herbert sitting on the floor with Kirochka's cadaver in her arms, also attentive to everything that happened. The motorcyclist sitting on the motorcycle turned on had the Tablet-Laptop in her hands, put her finger on it and began to move it. The lights of the catacombs returned to illuminate as in the beginning.

"You're making fun of me." The two Kirochkas said annoyed at the same time. The two women turned to look at each other with angry eyes. The motorcyclist began to nod slowly. The two Kirochkas were upset wielding their swords with force.

"Bwahahahahaha." The Kirochka with shackles in her hands and feet began to laugh. "It's the end Michelle." The woman said to the Michelle who was standing next to her. Michelle watched her with fear. Kirochka just smiled. All the people had their eyes on that motorcyclist, who only remained on the motorcycle with the engine running. The tension could be cut in the air. Then the motorcyclist began to remove the yellow helmet slowly, showing her beautiful evil face. All the Michelles were impressed, the Kirochkas weren't. The motorcyclist seemed to be really a Kirochka Kudryavtseva, another one.

The Kirochka on the motorcycle began to laugh perversely. "Bwahahaha. I can not believe you found such beautiful weapons. They will look great in my private collection." The two Kirochkas watched the Kirochka on the motorcycle in anger. Kirochka from the backpack of her back took out a small gun GSh-18 quickly.


And she shot one of the Kirochka with a sword in her chest. The sound of the shot deafened everyone in the place. The echo repeated itself again and again in the catacombs. All the Michelles gave a cry of horror at that moment. The other Kirochka with a sword watched her clone fall dead next to her.


The second shot sounded giving directly into the stomach of the other Kirochka, who fell instantly next to the corpse of her clone. There were more cries of horror from the Michelles. Quickly the two Michelles who were holding on to their ponytails separated and ran towards the corpses. A Michelle remained hidden in the stones while a few meters from her was the Kirochka chained with shackles and the Michelle who accompanied her, they were approaching the arsenal of weapons.





The two Michelles who were approaching the corpses shouted desperately. The two women knelt and held the bloodied bodies of the Kirochkas with their arms. They cried in horror at what was happening while their tears wet the faces of the Kirochkas. Then one of the Kirochkas began to move her lips and some weak words began to come out of her mouth along with some blood. The two Michelles were exalted to see the woman still alive:

"Sorry Michelle..." Michelle and Michelle watched that Kirochka in the arms of one of the Michelles. "We're not real... we're... clones." Then this Kirochka also died coughing up blood from her mouth.

Kirochka on the motorcycle watched the scene with a malevolent smile "Come out of your hiding!! The game is over. Bwahahahaha. "


here ends the arc of Catacombs
in the next chapter the last arc begins: Deathmatch

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Here begins the arc: Deathmatch


Part 17.- Horror porn movie festival.

 Staten Island, N.Y. City
   Oct 31, 2024

The night had fallen and some people with all kinds of strange clothes arrived at the place where the horror film festival was held in New York City. An event that with the passing of the years acquired more popularity within the underground scene. This year the new film by the director Kirochka Kudryavtseva, The massacre of the clones would be presented on stage.

The festival was organized in the extensive grounds of a huge old colonial house a few miles away near Historic Ritchmond Town, a place known for its colonial aesthetic and a good amount of paranormal stories, a perfect place to celebrate a horror-gore festival. The owner of the house was a young New Yorker millionaire, event organizer, heir to the property. There was a large stage a few meters from the huge house. The place was a complete madness: A group of hip-hop gothic opera musicians was performing on stage, Rob Zombie would close the event. In the audience were the most freaky people from various parts of the planet; Several metalheads, punks, goths or outlandish rappers along with disguised people of all kinds were guided by their most perverse and sexual instincts; An orgy of witches was held in the center of a circle of fire with satanic images around; Couples of vampires cut their skin with knives to give each other blood to drink; Persons representing sexual theater plays; There were people giving pain shows, inserting all kinds of pointed objects around the body and hanging on hooks; People with extreme body modifications, synthetic horns under the skin, enlarged and sharp fangs, tattooed eyes, forked tongues or perforations and extreme expansions; Several people went with all kinds of varied costumes, from the classics: Werewolves, vampires, zombies to the new currents as sexy anime-cyber-lolita-alien girls and things of that style. There were some people in the porn press and youtubers.

A carriage was approaching the huge house, all the surrounding land was surrounded by forest. Inside the carriage were Kirochka Kudryavtseva and Michelle Herbert: The two women were dressed in beautiful Victorian dresses, of bulky and long skirts, and sexy leather bodices. Kirochka was in black while Michelle in red. The two women were wearing extremely white makeup on their faces and red and black lips respectively. As the carriage approached the big house, so did the number of freak people in the vicinity. The carriage stopped in front of the big house. Kirochka and Michelle went down.

"This place is amazing, I feel at home." Kirochka said looking around at the little Woodstock of evil.

"I knew you would love this gift Kiry." Michelle Herbert said smiling when she saw Kirochka so happy. "In three hours will be the presentation of your film, open some short films before and... Ahhh I feel a little nervous."

"Quiet, everything will be fine." Kirochka said.

At that time one of the organizers of the event left the big house to receive them, was the owner of the place. The guy was dressed in the costume of a vampire hunter from the Castlevania series (Richter Belmont being more specific). "You must be Miss Kudryavtseva and Miss Herbert if I'm not wrong *hic*..." The young man was a little drunk. "Come in please, we were waiting for you." Another carriage stopped in front of the big house. From them came out the famous pornstar Sophia Lover and her manager, and husband, Driederick Landerweerd. The two of them wore their skin painted green and strange silver suits.

"I feel stupid," Sophia said to her husband as she got out of the carriage. "This suit makes me look fat."

"Don't say that Kitten, you're perfect in any color." Landerweerd said as he waved and smiled at some sexy cyber-lolitas.

Kirochka, as a lover of ancient aesthetics, quickly fell in love with the interior of the great house that possessed a very careful colonial essence. The furniture, the tables all had an appearance to the seventeenth century. "Miss Kudryavtseva, I'm a great admirer of your films... hic*... sorry I'm a little drunk," said the owner of the big house as they crossed the huge livingroom full of freak guests. "...I've seen all your movies... hic*.... sorry,.... and.... you have to meet Ralph, he's a cool guy..." The music of the stage was heard inside the big house. Michelle told Evan, the owner of the big house, some things about how they made the recording process. Kirochka walked admiring the objects around her under a heavy red light, when she suddenly stopped in her tracks. For a moment she thought she saw a blonde woman with big cheekbones holding a white kitten in her hands.

"Kiry?" Michelle asked noticing her once again strange.

"I need a drink." Kirochka said at Michelle as if nothing had happened.

"I'll take care of that," Evan said. "You have to drink this vodka, there's no other like it in all New York."

Outside Sophia Lover gave some interviews to internet journalists and youtubers related to the pornographic industry and interested in the path that the actress' career would take. "The decisions of my career are handled by my manager so only he... look, he's there." Sophia told a group of people who interviewed her. "Hoonneeyy!! Hoonneeyy!!" Sophia said approaching Landerweerd from behind.

Driederick turned to Sophia quickly. "Karamel, you can not wait, look, I'm talking to Mr. Zombie." Driederick said, then continued talking with Rob, who was hugging sexy vampire triplets. "Yes, Mr. Zombie as I said, Sophia can play the role of any character in your next movie." Driederick turned to Sophia again. "Karamel, a villain."

Sophia inflated her chest, "BWAHAHAHAHAHA" and started laughing imitating Kirochka's macabre laugh.

On the stage a guyt full of piercings and tattoos announced that the short films were about to begin, the lights of the place lowered their intensity and on the huge screen of the stage began the first movie of the night.

Kirochka drank her fifth shot of vodka quickly. "Serve me another one." Said the woman inside the big house of the festival.

"Woow what way to drink, if this keeps up we'll need another bottle." Evan said serving another glass.

"Kiry we should go outside, the movies are being projected." Michelle said grabbing Kirochka's arm.

"Movies can wait. Just shut up." Kirochka said grabbing the glass and drinking the vodka in one gulp. "Serve me another one."

"Woow great." Evan said taking the glass and pouring another drink.

At that moment something simply erupted in Michelle, a strange feeling of accumulated rejection. Kirochka had been avoiding her for the last few months, they no longer played to the slave bitch, her participation in the ideas of the last movie had been almost nil and the worst thing is that despite everything Michelle did to have the love again, or whatever Kirochka felt like that, she could not get it from her. Something in Michelle just exploded. "ENOUGH NOW!" The woman shouted forcefully.

Kirochka, Evan and some people around remained serious observing the girl in the Victorian red dress. "Uuuhhhh I'll go for another bottle." Evan said moving away from the women.

"Kiry, why do you treat me like this for the last few months? We've been together for so many years, and I..." Tears started to emerge from Michelle's eyes, fortunately the white makeup on her face was very good so it did not fade. "What happens? What's the matter with you?, I just want to see you happy, to be together again, I want to be your slave bitch, I want you to ask me about the decisions of the movies... I..." Michelle cried tenderly with her nice beauty face like Jennifer Aniston.

Kirochka watched Michelle with her serious face as usual. She emptied the glass of vodka and then asked: "You would never betray me?"

The question took Michelle by surprise. "Don't. Never, you know you're my only queen, and I'm your faithful slave bitch." Michelle said smiling with her tender smile.

"Bwahaha," laughed Kirochka approaching Michelle and giving her a tender and affectionate kiss on the forehead. "Take care."

"Huh?" Michelle blushed, but at the same time she worried. In all her life of meeting Kirochka, she had never shown affection for anyone else, not even when drunk, and now she gave her a tender kiss on the forehead. Something that Kirochka would never do. Kirochka began to walk towards huge glass doors that led to the large stage outside. Michelle remained watching her, now truly worried.


Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands
Six months after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

"Get out now!" Kirochka shouted in a latex suit sitting on the motorcycle on inside the catacombs. "If you do not come out...!!" At that moment an ax flew straight to her head. Kirochka reacting quickly crouched with everything and motorcycle to dodge it, the ax had passed very close to her. Then she accelerated and began to circle the rocks where the ax had come from. Between the rocks were two naked Michelles with worried faces and a naked Kirochka pointing at her with a crossbow, apparently had cut the chains of their shackles. The arrow shot out and once again Kirochka managed to dodge it by skidding with the motorcycle, the woman with the GSh-18 pistol in hand shot.


The bullet hit the naked Kirochka in the clavicle and a lung.

"KIIRRYYYYY!!!" It was heard the cry of a Michelle, the one who had been accompanying that Kirochka. The other Michelle who was hiding in the rocks just watched the Kirochka on the motorcycle without saying anything. The Kirochka on the motorcycle only smiled macabrely.

The naked Kirochka fell on her beautiful big butt and leaned on a rock while bleeding from the impact of the bullet. The Michelle who had been accompanying her quickly knelt before her trying to help her in some way. "Kiry, please don't die!!" The woman said desperately. The naked Kirochka watched the Kirochka on the motorcycle with a dying smile as her breasts filled with blood and her body paled.

"Accept your destiny." Kirochka said turning off the motorcycle and pointing her clone with the gun.

"Bwahaha, I'm not afraid to die." Said the injured Kirochka. "Not this time."

At that moment three other Michelles appeared surrounding the rocks and carrying the corpses of three Kirochkas that had accompanied each respectively. The bodies of the three of them were muddy with the blood that spilled from the wounds of their lovers. Fatigue, fear and madness were perceived in their faces. The three women put the corpses on the floor and knelt before them at the same time, watching that other majestic Kirochka on the motorcycle.

(In this part the Kirochkas began to speak in Russian). "Where are we?" Asked the dying Kirochka as she bled to death.

"Under a small village, which people call Lichten van vuurvliegjes. We're way below the surface." Answered the other Kirochka pointing with the gun.

"Bwahaha, you're filming all this, right?" Asked the dying Kirochka. The five Michelles just watched the Kirochkas talking without understanding much of what they said.

"Yes." The other Kirochka answered.

"I do not know what's going to happen when I die... cough* cough*" The dying Kirochka said in Russian as she coughed up blood, Michelle next to her wiped her mouth with her hand. "Sonya told me I would be immortal. Bwahaha, what nonsense." Kirochka on the motorcycle just listened and watched her dying clone while still aiming. "Although now I understand a little more her words... cough* what she said just a few hours ago... cough* cough* But that does not matter because as long as Kirochka still alive, I'm immortal. Bwa ha ha ha ha."


Another shot was heard hitting the dying Kirochka in the chest and ending with her.

"NOOO!!!" Michelle shouted next to the dead Kira in horror as she cried with sadness. All the other Michelles were frozen and terrified. The wicked woman on the motorcycle only smiled macabrely.

"I am the only and true Kirochka Kudryavtseva!!" Kirochka put away her gun in her backpack and began to remove the latex glove from her right hand, showing to all Michelles the X-shaped scar. The five Michelles watched her in disbelief. There was a period of silence.

"We are clones, right?" Asked one of the Michelles next to one of Kira's three corpses. The other Michelles turned to see her. "Kiry told me before she died."

"Yes." Kirochka said. All the Michelles were disconcerted.

"So, who is the real Michelle?" Asked another of the Michelles next to the corpses.

"She must be in her apartment," Kirochka said as she got off the motorcycle and approached the arsenal of weapons on the floor. "Next month we start recording my new movie, The Massacre of the Clones." Kira raised a sword from the floor and began to watch it with emotion.

"Why?? How??" Asked the only Michelle who was not next to a corpse.

"Who of you found the weapons?" Kirochka asked excitedly. The Michelles turned to see each other.

"Me." Said one of the Michelles timidly. Was the only Michelle who was not with a Kirochka corpse.

Kirochka with the sword in one hand approached Michelle. Michelle was scared to death. But Kirochka began to caress the woman's face. "You have made me feel very pleased." Kirochka began to kiss Michelle sensually and lustfully in her mouth, Michelle felt that she was melting. The other Michelles observed the scene completely silent and without expressing anything, but you could notice a little envy in their confused faces.

"Kiry? What is happening?" The four Michelles not kissed asked at the same time.

Kirochka stopped kissing Michelle. "We're filming my last film, a little documentary." The woman said while still seeing the Michelle who had kissed. "I will need you all, because I am your queen and you are all my slave bitches, so you will have to obey me from now on. UNDERSTOOD!!" Said the woman smiling macabrely.

All the Michelles hesitated for a second, but responded almost instinctively at the same time. "Yes!! My queen!!!" And the five Michelles knelt before that majestic Kirochka in black latex suit.

Hola :lol:

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Part 18.- Escape.

 Staten Island, N.Y. City
   Horror porn movie festival.
     Oct 31, 2024

The festival continued, the movies passed, several people were trapped in strange orgies of all kinds while watching the films. Until finally the turn came for the last movie of the night, but before seeing it the director would have to say a few words about her latest project. There was a bit of haze, but not much. Among the audience were the people from the production of The Massacre of the Clones: Michelle, Peter disguised as the zombie character that he played in the Kirochka movie The Orgy of the Living Dead, Sophia Lover, Laderweerd and others that existed but I did not mention them in the story because they were irrelevant.

Kirochka before going up to say a few words approached the guy who was handling the huge screen of the stage, from her huge breasts took out a small USB memory and handed it to the guy saying something. Then she went on stage with applause and whistles, the woman wobbled a little. Kirochka walked with her huge Victorian dress across the stage, then ripped off the huge skirt staying only with the bodice and long black stockings; Her vagina had been exposed showing her huge and fleshy mons pubis. The people in the audience were whistling and applauding. Kirochka stuck her tongue out and made horns with her hands, the woman looked quite drunk. Then she grabbed a microphone. "I just want you to know... that..."

The public shouted exalted. "Come on Kira, say it." Evan shouted with his friends.

At that time Kirochka could see her, among the audience very close to the stage was Sonya, in a rather casual suit that clashed with the costumes of the night. In her hands was the little Lady BonBon purring. Kirochka felt a little afraid before that woman. "I just want you to know that..." Kirochka swallowed saliva while Sonya watched her intently. "...I hope you enjoy the movie." The woman finished and was rushed off the stage. The film began shooting.

Kirochka got off from the stage showing her sexy vagina but instead of going to the audience with the other people of the production, the woman started running towards the entrance of the grounds of the big colonial house. Kirochka was advancing past the people, taking off her women's pumps to run faster through the grass, heading towards a large metal door in the entrance.

The movie started, but something strange was happening. In the first minutes appeared a few words on a black background and Sophia Lover was seen on scene running through a huge catacombs recorded from fixed cameras, a very different start to the bar scene in Amsterdam.

"What does this mean?" Michelle asked herself in a low voice as she watched the film bewildered. "Where is Kiry?"

"Hey! What the hell is going on? I don't remember having recorded those scenes." Sophia Lover said to Michelle annoyed.

"I... I don't know." Michelle said, still watching the movie. On the screen Sophia Lover meet with another Sophia Lover, then someone appeared on a motorcycle and began to hit one of the Sophias while the other ran in terror. There were scenes recorded in first-person from the perspective of the motorcyclist. People in the audience were thrilled with the gore scenes.

"My beautiful karamel didn't record any of those scenes," Landerweerd said annoyed. "We're going to sue you."

"I know that place," said Peter Moore watching the screen. "I've been dreaming it since a while." Michelle turned to see Peter with uncertainly.

In another scene appeared a naked Michelle, tied hands and feet while another naked Michelle held an ax ready to nail her. "Hhaaa!" Michelle gave a small shout as she watched herself on the screen. "Where is Kiry?" She asked again, but nobody could answer.

In the film several scenes were seen with Michelle, Kirochka, Sophia, Peter or another sexual partners of Kira; cloned, fighting or being persecuted by strange maniacal motorcyclists. Michelle couldn't believe what she saw, remembered having dreamed something similar to some recorded scenes. The people in the production were really confused.

Kirochka ran at full speed towards a huge metal gate that gave access to the entrance to the grounds of the big house, it was the main entrance and it was far away from the stage, the big house and the people, only a little mist accompanied Kirochka . The main entrance door was open and could see a road on the other side. But then, it was possible to distinguish a silhouette that waited in the entrance. Kirochka stopped. "Sonya." The woman said with a little nervousness in her voice.

"What did you do?" Sonya said annoyed as a small kitten meowed on her shoulder. "I didn't think you would actually betray me."

"I only showed to the persons what technology is capable of doing." Kirochka said forcing a smile and trying to hide her nervousness.

"That technology is not yet made for them, that's why gave it to you, because I thought you could help me decipher the mysteries of the universe." Sonya said caressing the kitten in the middle of the mist. "Besides... this world doesn't have much time left."

"I knew it." Kira said. "I've been watching the youtube videos, the strange phenomena in the sky..." Sonya smiled with a face indifferent to Kirochka. "...Something is about to happen. True?"

"Hahaha the people of this dimension don't know how close they are to their end." Sonya said smiling malevolently.

"What is going to happen? An invasion?" Kirochka asked some worried.

"Hahaha, that shouldn't bother you anymore," said a voice behind Kirochka. Kirochka turned quickly. It was another Dr. Sonya with the same casual clothes and the same kitten in her hands as her clone. Kirochka turned from one Sonya to the other. "I really liked you, you were my favorite. What a disappointment." Kirochka started running again passing next to a Sonya and heading towards the road, barefoot and half naked.

At that moment a third Sonya appeared in front of her. "You can't escape Kira." Said the third Dr. Sonya dressed exactly like her clones and caressing a Lady BonBon. Kirochka was standing on the road that was surrounded by trees watching those three women who approached her slowly. The three women seemed to walk and move in exactly the same way, as if they were mirrors reflecting a person, every little movement they made seemed to be synchronized. Something that caught Kira's attention quite.

"Kirochka, you never gave you the time to understand my gift." The three doctors said at the same time. "When I spoke to you about immortality, I really did." The bodies and voices of the three women were perfectly synchronized. "But now it's too late..." At that moment the lights of a car could be distinguished at a distance on the road in the thin mist. The car seemed to be driving at full speed and heading towards them. "...Now what..." The three doctors said.


The car rammed the three doctors horribly; Two went flying through the air and one stayed under the tires of the car. The three kittens ran in all directions. The car stopped exactly in front of Kirochka, it was a beautiful Dodge Viper of four-door. The passenger window got off and the head of a woman with short, purple hair appeared. Her hairstyle was very anime, with her hair spiky.

"Get in the car, quick!!" Said the purple-haired woman as the back door opened.

Kirochka without thinking twice climbed the Viper.

"Here GREEN, we have the woman." Said a woman to a smartphone sitting in the back of the car next to Kirochka. The woman was exactly the same as the woman sitting in the co-pilot, only that she had green hair, she also had a very anime hairstyle in the front, with spiky hair, but in the back her hair was straight and fell to her shoulders.

"Great," said a woman's voice in the smartphone. "We will continue at the festival for anything. SILVER out."

Kirochka was confused, but those women had definitely saved her life, or not?

"Where's the machine?" The green-haired woman asked as she pulled out a Colt Delta Elite pistol and pointed it at Kirochka on her head. A beautiful Asian woman with black, long and straight hair was driving the car with dexterity. This woman had small, slanted eyes, a broad forehead like Ellen Page and a beautiful upturned nose. Despite sitting around driving, it was seen that she was a woman of thin and short stature.

"Who are you?" Kirochka asked completely confused.

"The only ones that can save this dimension of the apocalypse." Said the purple-haired woman sitting in the passenger seat.


Catacombs, somewhere in Netherlands
Six months after Kirochka got the cloning machine.

"Are you hungry?" Kirochka asked in her black latex suit at the five naked Michelles. The five Michelles nodded shyly. Kirochka inspected the face of one of her dead clones, who had her eyes closed and her mouth a little open with blood draining. "You will also want to take a bath and rest a bit, I suppose." Kirochka ran her hand over one of the bloody breasts of her clone, the woman pressed her breast tightly as if inspecting her volume and consistency. "Then follow me ..." Kirochka inserted her fingers in the vagina of the clone's corpse. Kirochka massaged the huge vagina, pressing it hard, threading her fingers very deeply, comparing that huge meaty vagina with hers. Kirochka didn't show any kind of feeling as she watched her own beautiful lifeless face. The woman stood up again and started walking toward the motorcycle, the Michelles just watching her without saying anything. "Michelle..." Kira said.

"Yes." The five women answered at the same time, then turned to observe each other uncomfortably.

"The Michelle who found the weapons." Kira said turning on the motorcycle.

"Yes." Said one of the Michelles. The other Michelles turned to see her with discomfort, confusion and envy. Michelle could feel those looks.

"Come, sit back." Kira said.

"Yes my queen." Michelle said with a small confused smile. The other four Michelles with their bloody bodies by their lovers only watched their clone.

"The others pick up the weapons and follow me." Kirochka said.

"Yes my queen." The other four Michelles said. And they began to gather the weapons that were on the floor. Kirochka began to go slowly on her motorcycle with four Michelles following her on foot through the catacombs and a Michelle sitting and hugging her behind her.

"From now on you all will live here." Kirochka said as she drove the motorcycle.

"But Kiry, why?" Said the Michelle who was sitting behind her. The other four Michelles listened.

"Believe me, you'll be better here than out there. Something big is about to happen, I'm sure..." Kirochka said driving through the catacombs slowly, following one of the illuminated paths of the place. "Here we can be safe. Here we can be immortal." All the Michelles listened to Kirochka's words with uncertainty. The rest of the way they did not say anything.

Kirochka took a Tablet-Laptop from her backpack and began to see a map on it. The Michelle who was sitting behind her took a look at the map from time to time. The other four Michelles just stretched their necks a little trying to see the screen of the Tablet-Laptop. Kirochka down a ramp and entered a small road surrounded by two huge walls on each side. Then at a crossroads of five ways, Kira took the third road to a cave. The Michelles followed her each one carrying a small amount of weapons. Finally in front of a wide dead-end road, very hidden in a corner, was an identical reproduction of the house of Kirochka. The five Michelles were impressed to see the huge house in the middle of the catacombs, they had walked for more than two hours and the women were exhausted. The motorcycle stopped in front of the huge house.

"The house has electricity thanks to a huge energy storage," Kirochka got off the motorcycle and walked towards the entrance of the home while the women followed her admiring the house of Kirochka. "Connect a huge water tank on one side of the house." The women entered the huge living room of medieval aesthetics: The great painting of the divine comedy, the armors, the chandeliers, the curtains, the whole room was a perfect copy of the hall of the Kirochka's house. "The drain is not connected to any..."

"Kiry..." Interrupted one of the Michelles, the one who had traveled on the motorcycle. "What's going on?"

Kirochka stopped in front of the five Michelles, she had left her yellow helmet on one of the sofas. "An old university professor came to visit me a few months ago."

"You mean..." The five Michelles said at the same time, the five of them turned to see each other with discomfort, four of them carried medieval weapons in their arms.

"Sonya, I think I told you about her." Kirochka said watching the five Michelles, after from the backpack on her back she took out a strange device, a kind of black metal box with a lens in front and a screen on top. "She gave me this. It's a duplicating machine."

"But Kiry..." The five women said at the same time turning to see each other, but finally they finished watching the Michelle who had traveled on the motorcycle.

"But Kiry, then that means that you..." Michelle said with a bit of nervousness and fear.

"Yes, I cloned you," Kirochka said quickly. "I am to blame for your calamities in these last hours." Kirochka and the women watched the machine in Kirochka's hands. "It's alien technology." The five Michelles were impressed. "This is supposed to..." Kira said lifting the machine. " the secret of immortality, and in part it's right. I don't know how many times I have died in the last hours, and see me, I'm still breathing, walking... as if nothing had happened to me, bwahaha."

"Kiry..." Said the Michelle who had traveled on the motorcycle. "Why are you doing this?"

Kirochka turned to see the Michelle who had spoken. "I am recording a documentary, the most terrifying documentary in history, bwahaha. I put lights and cameras in a large part of the catacombs. This documentary raises the moral limits of the alien technology and some other things, as if the clones feel fear, bwahaha." Kirochka grabbed the cloning machine with both hands and began to select some commands on it. A light appeared from the lens of the machine, and before the light a sort of spherical vortex appeared in the middle of the room with a woman forming inside.

"Но что, черт возьми..." Said a naked Kirochka Kudryavtseva with shackles on her hands and feet watching all those women, then the woman began to choke by the drastic change in depth and pressure.

"You see, they are only clones," said the Kirochka in black latex and again selected something in the cloning machine, a light made disappear the new Kirochka leaving a spherical vortex that then also disappeared. The five Michelles were shocked. "They are not real, they are not born as normal people, they appear and disappear as if they were a flash of light, they are not human... And you five are the same, for that reason you can't be Michelle Herbert, nor think about her life, nor about her past. You are something different from Michelle Herbert." The five Michelles watched Kirochka with confused and bewildered faces. "You're just my slave bitches. Bwahahahahaha" Kirochka said laughing. "Eat something, there is hot water for you to take a bath. All of you know this house perfectly. Think of it as your new home..." Kirochka frowned in concern. "...I just hope they don't find us so fast." All of Michelles watched Kirochka mute.


the end of this horror story is coming, I hope you like it =)

Hola :lol:

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