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Author:  droid1 [ Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:01 pm ]
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Ok, so I decided to take a new approch to our cloning and here's what or rather who XD I got. Ch 2 is on it's way, just need to keep going. Just started but don't know when I can get it up. Let me know what you think k ^^. Enjoy ^^

Clothes Make the Girls: Chapter 1-
By, droid1:

After exiting a deep, dark scary tunnel two cute girls walked through a small forest to head for a nearby town for supplies. One girl wore a short blue skirt and short bright yellow top which both were held together by two red suspenders. Her feet wore a pair of red high tops with yellow lightning streaks on them. All of this complimented her deep pretty blue eyes and bright red hair with a long pigtail sticking up on her left side. The other girl wore a red bandana, red t-shirt with a yellow belt strap holding a yellow phanny pack on her bottom, and short white skirt. On her own feet she wore a pair of red sneakers with yellow outlining. All of this complemented her own sapphire blue eyes and brown hair spread out to her left and right by the bandanna.

“You should’ve seen your face when that caterpie crawled on your leg Misty.” The brown haired girl laughed. This made the red headed girl, Misty blush in anger yet embarrassment.

“Oh really, May I seem to remember your face turning blue when I tapped your shoulder. You screamed so loud everything in the cave just ran away .” Misty laughed sticking out her tongue making May blush the same. After that May simply stuck her tongue out at Misty. But both smiled in a making up fashion and joined each other laughing at their weaknesses.

“So, where’s this town? I’m so hungry and I need a change of clothes soon.” Misty said rubbing her stomach.

“My poke-nav says it should be just about half a mile ahead. I know just how you feel though, I haven’t been shopping for a new bathing suit or any clothes for almost two whole weeks.” May said grabbing her shoulders.

“Well, we’ll need to combine our funds and then we can afford just one pair of clothes for each of us and some food. Don’t forget the rest has to be for supplies.” Misty told May.

“Yeah I know. Hey Look ahead ” May’s face lit up.

“Yay We finally found it ” Misty shouted running with May holding hands to go to the town ahead of them. The two busty beauty’s entered the large town and looked around at the tall buildings and many busy and relaxing people.

“Doesn’t something seem strange to you here Misty?” May asked.

“Now that you mention it something doesn’t feel quite right May. Didn’t we just pass that woman back at that jewelry stand?” Misty asked.

“I’m pretty sure we did, and wasn’t that guy over there just with that woman at that movie’s ticket stand?” May asked.

“Welcome, would you two sisters care to browse our....” A woman with a pink t-shirt with a tulip picture on it stepped out in front of them only to pause when she adjusted her glasses. She appeared to be the same height of Misty and May.

“We’re not sisters sorry.” Misty waved her hand trying to correct the woman.
“Oh, then I’m terribly sorry. We don’t get many visitors that aren’t siblings around here so I mistook you both for...” The woman began to speak but was interrupted by one of the clothes racks falling down on her. What appeared odd as the girls helped get the clothes off the nice woman was that she appeared on top of the clothes next to them trying to pry herself up.

“Here, let me help you up.” Misty extended her hand. Just then May heard a muffled moaning coming from under the clothes.

“What the?” May mumbled. She lifted the clothes slowly but was pushed aside by the woman who threw all the clothes to the side as fast as she could. After reaching the bottom a hand appeared trying to move the clothes off of it’s arm.

“I’m so sorry Amy Please forgive me I was just putting the new line up on front display ” The girl shouted hugging the clothing covered body. At this point only the head was covered by a denim jacket.

“That’s ok Amy, of course I forgive you. You know that I love that klutzy part of you. I’m just as clumsy so don’t worry at all.” A female voice said underneath the jacket. To Misty and May they thought the voice sounded familiar but couldn’t imagine what was next when Amy lift the jacket to reveal that an identical Amy was sitting smiling and blushing while staring at her savior.

“Oh Amy I’m so glad you’re alright ” Amy shouted hugging her double. Both Misty and May seemed perplexed at what they saw and heard. Were both girls named Amy was what they thought?

“Thank you but this happened just last week and I was the one hugging you like this remember.” Amy smiled kissing the other Amy’s forehead comforting her.

“I do, but I just....” Amy started by was shushed by her twin’s finger tips touching her lips telling her to shush softly. At this both girls leaned towards each other puckering their lavender lipstick covered lips together in a deep embracing kiss as they closed their eyes. Misty and May’s eyes widened in shock as they saw the two (what they thought were) twin sisters making out.

“That’s why I married you Amy, you’re just so damn cute.” The sitting Amy said stroking the crying Amy’s cheeks and placed the moister under her own eyes. “Now we’re still both the same right dear?” Amy asked kissing her twin again.

“We sure are hon, that’s why I love you. Your always so kind.” Amy said kissing the sitting Amy.

“Just like you or rather me.” Amy giggled as her twin joined in. They both stood up after kissing again and faced the sunned Misty and May.
“Oh, we’re so terribly sorry for all of this. Please do accept our humblest apologies and find whatever you both like. We’ll give you one free pair of clothes each for the trouble.” Amy on the right said.

“In fact why don’t we bring you to our special storage. We keep some of the more private collections there.” Amy on the left said.

“That’s ok, we really don’t..” May started but both her and Misty were pulled by the cute twins to a door in the back of the small store. May couldn’t help but be fascinated by the clothing she saw as they headed for the door.

“This is quite the collection you have here, you two even have some clothes they sold back home.” Misty said.

“They even have the bathing suits we used to wear over there.” May said pointing to two pairs of bathing suits. One was a yellow two piece with an orange star and pink outlines on the top and bottom of the top with a short revealing bottom piece. The other was another yellow two piece with a pink heart on the right side of the bottom and one on the left for the top and red skinny straps for the top.

“Both of those suits are manufactured by the same company so they’re much like twins but with a different accessory on each.” Amy on the right smiled.

“Here we are, please take a look around and feel free to try whatever you like on while we go get you some special clothes.” Amy on the left told them. Misty and May acted as if they were in a candy store finding that each pair of clothes looked fantastic for each of their tastes.

“Look over here, this princess costume is beautiful.” May smiled.

“Well hi there princess. Looking good today. But hey, it’s not as cute as this set of Pjs. It looks like it’d fit like a dream, and it feels so soft.” Misty said rubbing her cheek against it.

“Aw, thank you *May blushed*, but a princess does enjoy a good sleep over. Maybe we can exchange some good stories.” May smiled.

“Sure thing, after a good pillow fight.” Misty laughed.

“Oh my gosh this one’s so amazing.” May said holding up a purse held by a mannikin which wore a red glossy outfit that looked like rich professional woman would wear.

“That is very nice looking. But look at this one. It’s adorable.” Misty said holding a pink top with a red skirt that looked alike to her current outfit but felt much softer to Misty’s touch.

“That’s so cute Misty.” May said holding up the outfit.

“Thanks May, I really like the one your holding.” Misty smiled holding up the oraange bikini May held.

“Really? Thank you so much Misty.” May smiled

“You’re very welcome May.” Misty said but just as they were having fun the Amy’s returned with a box in each pair of their hands.

“Here you go, we hope you both will really enjoy these very special clothes.” The Amy on the right said winking and smiling.

“We’ve had these for quite a while but noone either could afford it or wanted it with their tastes but we’re absolutely sure that you both will love them.” Amy on the left told them smiling and winking the same. Misty and May felt something was strange in their behavior with the way they were so quick to give up something so valuable to them for nothing. Even if they did save their lives this just seemed too good to be true to the girls. Not to mention the fact that the way they said that noone else wanted it disturbed them a bit. Amy and Amy handed the boxes to the girls who slowly opened them but were shocked yet looked a little insulted as they held the clothes up from the box.

“What are you two trying to pull? These are the exact same clothes that we’re wearing now.” May looked at the twins with a confused face.

“Yeah, everything’s the same. But I guess that’s why you’re giving it away for free huh?” Misty asked with a look of relief on her face thinking that she figured out the twin’s reason for their generosity.

“Not at all, although these clothes look the same as the one’s you both are wearing now they are quite comfortable and much easier to put on. Please, go ahead and try them out.” Amy suggested.

“The changing rooms are right there. Please, we’d be honored if you tried them out.” Amy pointed to the right.

“Why’s that?” Misty asked.

“Did you two make them?” May asked.

“Not quite, our mom made them.” The two Amy’s replied giggling holding each other’s hands. Misty and May still got a feeling of uneasiness but also felt the girls meant no harm. After all, they were so friendly and appeared to truly want to help them so they took the clothes and went towards the changing rooms.

“Oh crap, sorry May I got your box.” Misty said inside the room to May while changing.

“Damn, I got yours too. Sorry, I’ll pass it over now.” May said to Misty.
“That’s ok though girls. Why not try each other’s outfits on to see how it would look.

“Yes, I’m very sure that your clothes would look beautiful on the other.” Amy said clasping her hands together smiling.

“Well, alright. I guess it would be a little faster anyway.” May said putting on the short blue skirt.

“Wow, this doesn’t feel tight or anything at all. It’s a perfect fit. How are you doing over there Misty.” May said putting on the clothes.

“Same here, fits like a dream.” Misty smiled turning around to face the mirror in the changing room.

“Well, how do I look? Hot.” They both asked and replied when they exited the changing room. They laughed at their quick reply and what they said.

“We hope that you both will enjoy this token of our thanks.” The Amy’s bowed.

“Well, we do need new bathing suits. Do you think we could have those one’s we spotted in the store? How much are they?” Misty asked.

“You are quite lucky today then. We are having a special on them today. We are having a buy one get one free plus all our bathing suits have two pairs each in their boxes as a market promotion.” Amy smiled.

“Wow, this store is amazing.” May smiled.

“We always try to do our best at providing our customers with the best in female apparel.” Amy smiled at her twin who blew a kiss back to her. They exited the back room and Misty and May proceeded to the bathing suit rack.

“How much are these?” They asked together and giggled at saying something at the same time again. Misty held the yellow two piece with the star on the top and May held the frilled yellow two piece.

“They are five dollars each.” Amy replied.

“Holy shit That cheap ” May shouted and blushed at the stares she received by the other customers.

“With that price we can actually get another pair and still get food.” Misty stated rubbing May’s back comforting her as she sulked down to the floor.

“Can I get this one then too?” Misty held up a red two piece bikini.

“And I’ll take this too.” May said holding up a green two piece bathing suit that look like the top would hold up using a neck string and two pink hearts on the left and right sides of the bottom piece.

“Yes, right away. Please follow me.” Amy motioned them forward.

“And me.” Amy giggled.

They proceeded to the front counter with all the clothes they had picked up and the Amy’s began scanning each of them. While they were doing this Misty and May relized something they had forgotten.

“Oh no, we forgot to change back into our own clothes.” Misty said twirling slowly noticing the clothes on her.

“Well, I don’t mind. I think my outfit looks cute on you Misty.” May smiled at her.

“Aw, thank you so much May. I think you look just adorable in my outfit too.” Misty smiled at her.

“Yeah, it’s just like...” May started.

“Looking in a mirror.” Misty said along with her smiling.

“You two are surprisingly much like sisters.” Amy on the left said taking out their change from the register.

“Really?” They both blinked looking at the twin’s.

“Well, you’ll be getting closer in this town soon enough. The scenery around here tends to do that to people who live or come here.” Amy on the right said handing them their shopping bags.

“Thank you.” May smiled and turned around with Misty bumping into her face.

“Oops, sorry Misty.” May apologize.

“No that was totally my fault.” Misty said trying to take the blame for the bump.

Both girls then began to blush after looking into each other’s eyes and immediately looked away trying to figure out what they had just felt. They were clearly attracted to them wearing their own clothes. But they hadn’t even realized it. Neither girl would ever admit to the other about their secret narcissistic feelings for themselves. May often held up her own clothes at night while changing just to sniff them and kiss where ever her scent was strongest. Misty even took her clothes and placed them on her bed with a sensual picture of herself on it and kissed it passionately.

But only the clothes were identical, why was it that they were attracted only to that? Was it the fact that they each began to see the other as a reflection of themselves or was it something else that was compelling them. With those thoughts fresh in their mind, the girls walked towards the door to leave the shop.

“Please take care and thank you for shopping at Split & Gain.” Amy and Amy smiled waving goodbye to Misty and May who turned around to look at them as they left the doors but too many girls began entering the store before they could see them.

“Weird name for a clothes shop huh?” May shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah, well I guess we’d better find a place to get some food and supplies.” Misty placed her white gloved covered hand on May’s bare shoulder. What she didn’t realize was that May’s shoulder seemed to be shrinking to Misty’s length and even smoothness. It even looked like it got skinnier matching Misty’s arms as well. Without even noticing, May’s arms and shoulder’s looked exactly like Misty’s.

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A very interesting take on the regular theme - can't wait to see how it pans out =9

Author:  droid1 [ Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:31 pm ]
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Well, I know this has been a long time coming but hope it's worth the wait. A new take on the cloning theme. Chapter 2 is here.

Clothes Make the Girls Chapter 2:
By: droid1

“Well, here’s the spot. The guide says that this place should be perfect for stocking up on stuff.” May said pointing to a large shop with a pokeball on the sign.

“Well, let’s head in I’m dying to get some food and do some real shopping. Huh?” Misty was saying but blinked when she caught what she was saying.

“That was weird. You just said exactly what I was thinking.” May told Misty.

“I was wondering if you were the one saying it for a second. Let’s just go inside and get this over with.” Misty added.

“Wait, shouldn’t we check to see how much we have left before we go in?” May asked but as she was talking both her’s and Misty’s eye’s widened.

“Did you just act patient and wanted to save money?” Misty asked in disbelif.

“I didn’t mean to. I don’t know what came over me.” May rubbed her head.

“Maybe we’d better head over to a hotel to get some rest real quick. I think we’ve been spending so much time together that it’s starting to get to us.” Misty held May’s hand as they head to the right while looking for the hotel they researched in the Poke-Nav.

“I guess I am feeling a bit tired. Wanna order a cab?” May asked.

“See, that’s more like it. Let’s get one over here.” Misty smiled.

“Going along with what I’m saying, you must be tired but I was joking. Let’s just walk. It’s right over there.” May giggled.

“Really? Wow, that place is huge.” Misty looked up smiling widly with May as they relized they were getting way more then what they were paying for. The building was very tall and looked built to light up at night and two large antenas sat on top of what seemed to be a roof accessible to the hotel guests.

“Time to check out how much this really is.” Misty took May’s Poke-Nav while she was still awe-struck and was stunned at the lowest price she’d ever seen.

“What is it?” May looked over Misty’s shoulder and was equally stunned at the screen.

“$50 BUCKS That’s amazing” The girls shouted.

“It says for every extra guest an extra $30 are cut off from the bill for each day spent. Included are all services available to any who pay for two days or more on weekdays.” May said flushed with excitement but couldn’t help but think it was all a dream.
“I guess we should check it out at least.” Misty walked towards the door with May following. What they still didn’t notice was that May’s figure still seemed to undergo some noticeable changes such as her height was now at Misty’s eye level, and her arms and legs seemed silkier and skinnier. But both girls were totally oblivious to these changes as the girls walked up to the counter to purchase a room.

“Excuse me, um..” Misty said shyly but the counter lady smiled and began speaking to ease her.

“Yes, would you two lovely ladies like a room? If you’re here to inquire about our low rates they are true. I can tell, you both are new to town aren’t you?” The brown haired lady asked.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” May asked.

“We just had a feeling.” Another brown haired lady identical to the one they were just speaking to appeared from the chair she was sitting in while typing in information in a computer.

“What the?” Both girls stood surprised at seeing two of the beautiful desk clerk in front of them.

“I apologize greatly. My name is Sara and this is my sister Sara.” The Sara’s smiled.

“It will be our pleasure to assist you with any needs you have.” The Sara at the computer got up next to her sister and bowed.

“Well, uh...” Misty tried speaking but the situation was just so surreal that she simply couldn’t find the words.

“I guess we’d like a room then.” May managed to break the silence with Sara and Sara taking their backpacks in their hands.

“Please, allow us. We will take care of everything.” Sara on Misty’s right said.

“Sara and I will show you to your room.” Sara next to May said taking a key from the rack above the desk. The twin receptionists/bell hops took Misty and May to a strangely shaped elevator. What was strange was that it looked like two elevators mashed into one and yet still looked like two somehow. After leaving to the second floor they exited the elevator and entered a long brightly lit hallway.

“Hey Misty?” May whispered as she nudged Misty’s arm.

“Yeah May?”

“I think I figured out what felt weird about this city.”

“Oh really? I don’t think I could’ve put all this together.”

“You don’t have to be so mean about it.”
“Who’s being mean? I’m just saying that it’s obvious by now.”

“Alright fine then.”

“Fine then.” Both girls faced forward after their argument and stopped where the Sara’s stopped bumping into them.

“Oh, sorry. Huh?” Both said but thought they were hearing things. It almost sounded like their voice came out of the others mouth.

“That’s quite alright. Please enjoy your stay here at the Twin Inn.” Sara and Sara said as they placed their bags on the large bed and left.

“But..... Wait....” But they were gone before either girl could tell them that they didn’t want a room with one bed.

“Guess we’ll just have to make due with this.” May said.

“Speak for yourself. I wanted my own bed and everything.” Misty whined.

“It is a nice room though.” May told Misty as she looked around at the large room. There was a small kitchen, a full bathroom and a nice sized tv.

“Still want my own bed.” Misty stuck her tounge out.

“What’s with you lately? All day you’ve been acting weird.” May stood in front of Misty.

“I’m acting weird? You’re saying this room is nice. You’ve always wanted your own bed.” Misty glared.

“And you’ve never cared about that kind of stuff before.” May continued.

“Why are you acting like me ” Both girls screamed and with that both girls felt a shock in their body and fainted on the bed. Upon waking up they rubbed their eyes and rubbed their heads.

“What happened?” Misty and May said looking at each other but snapped when they saw each other. They were wearing their own clothes.

“Weren’t you wearing my clothes?” They each said.

“Stop that. Stop talking at the same time as me.” Both girls continued arguing but felt the shock again and fainted.

“Ow, what was that? May? What the Hmppphhhhmmmm ” Misty woke up to the surprise being face to face and shockingly lip to lip with someone who looked just like her. This imposter had her clothes, her hair and even her sweet voice. They tried untangling themselves so they could stop kissing. However this became difficult as they both moved the same way.

“Who are you?” Both Misty’s said surprised to hear their own voice mirrored by this imposter. They wiped their mouths off staring into their eyes.

“I’m Misty. Misty Waterflower. Huh? That’s impossible I’m Misty Waterflower ” Both girls shouted out with anger. They began to walk arround in a circle examining each other head to toe.

“Alright fakie, what’s the birth mark I have that I’ve never told anyone about?” Both Misty’s continued arguing till they asked a question only the real Misty could answer. But as they each opened their mouths to speak a strange change overcame them and each of them now stared into a new pair of eyes just where the Misty imposter (to each) was standing seconds ago. They even moved forward with the changed and managed to kiss again like when they were Misty. This strange changing event caused who was just Misty to change into May. Now, May stood in front of what she thought was an imposter of herself. Both girls wore May’s clothes not to mention both spoke in her voice, had her bandana with her brown hair in the style she loved most. They tried to let go of their lips quickly but when they pushed they ended up pulling themselves forward by accident. They blushed as red as their tops.

“What the hell? Who the fuck are you?” Both May’s asked wiping their mouths. Neither even seemed to notice that they had just changed their body, voice and appearance from Misty to now May.

“What on earth are you talking about I’m May Haruka. What No you aren’t I’m May Haruka ” Both May’s continued arguing until they come so close their foreheads touched.

“Alright bitch that’s enough Stop talking, and looking and acting like me ”

“Well there’s something we know. You’re acting sucks ” One May said.

“Shut up bitch You’re totally acting and you know you suck at it ”

“Alright.” They started exchanging sentences.

“If you’re really me.”

“Then there’s a couple of ways to prove it.”

“Show me you’re poke-nav bank code ” “Show me you’re poke-nav personal data bank ”

Both May’s jumped back at the absolutely intolerable request set by her look alike.

“Are you high or something? Who the hell would give out that information to someone claiming to be the person she’s impersonating?” Neither girl missed a single word or tone. Both May’s talked, looked and to their strange situation smelled the same when they took a deep breath.
“Well if you..... A flower with something that looks like my pigtail sticking out of it’s left side. The birthmark’s on my left ass cheek.” The May’s changed back into two identical Misty’s once more finishing the question and answering it that they asked before changing into May.

“Huh? Why’s my head hurt?”

“Wait, I remember now ” Both Misty’s snapped together.
“We just changed into May before didn’t we?” One asked.

“Yeah, and then we changed back to me.”

“What are talking about? I’m still me.”

“Yeah right.” Misty squinted her eyes in a gloating look.

“Yeah, guess you wouldn’t know just how great that is huh?” Misty shareed her same look.

“Real nice. Who wrote your comebacks?”

“Hearing you talk it was probably you.”

“Listen hear you loud mouthed bimbo.” Misty pointed her finger on Misty’s chest.

“Bimbo Why you little skank.” Misty grinded her teeth and pointed her finger on her double’s chest as well as not to be intimidated. Neither Misty could take it. They had never experienced anyone who made them so mad just by looking at her own face. What made her even more mad was that they each still thought of themselves as the original Misty Waterflower. Suddenly without warning the copied redheads took their right hands and slapped the other as hard as they could.

Without warning they changed again into two identical May’s including their clothes. Both stood face to face as confused but frustrated as they were before they changed into Misty.

“Have a better idea then please do tell.” May said.

“I would but I’d rather just sit here listening to your stupid mouth run off all day.” May rolled her eyes.

“Wait, didn’t we just do this?”

“Huh? What the hell are you talking about now?”

“Shut up for a second, I know we just did this.”

“Yeah, we did didn’t we? Deja vu?”

“Weirdest one I’ve ever had.”

“I’ve ever had.” May pointed to herself.

“Would you stop that. You and I both know I’m the real May so quit...”

“You’re the real one? Ha Couldn’t be more wrong sweetheart. This is all me hon.” May motioned her hands up to head down her waist.

“Jealous much? I don’t blame you. Must be hard to compete with a body that works with any outfit.” May pulled her hair back staring at her twin.

“Please *May waved her hand down* I have way more important things to think about then some carbon copy knock off preteding to be me.”

“Finally something we can agree on.”

“You stay over there.”

“And you stay over there.”

“Fine ”

“Fine ”

Both May’s turned to enter their beds under the covers staring at their twin through the sheets.

“Don’t even think about doing anything.”

“Same to you. I’ll scream if you try anything.”

“Me too, so just stay in your bed and I’ll stay in mine.”

“Fine Wait, do you remember changing or talking to someone else?”

“Huh? I thought that was just me. You remember it too?”

Both May’s sat up hugging their pillows pouting as they stared at each other.

“So, you think we were really Misty before?”

“I was about to ask you the same thing thank you very much. But yeah, I do.”

“But how?”

“I don’t know but......”
“Uhrgg, huh?” Both Misty’s shook their heads.

“I remember now ” Both shouted pointing at each other.

“We did change.”
“Into May.”

“Or into us.”

“Ok, let’s agree not to get angry at each other any more.”

“Agreed.” They shook hands.

“Wow, it really feels like my hand.” Misty slowed the shake down.

“Yeah, surreal.” Misty slowed it down till they mutually stopped.

“Totally. So Misty, um.... what’s up?” She tried asking casual.

“Um, not much I guess. Other than being in the most awkward situation ever.”

“Yeah, right isn’t it.” Misty laughed.

“It is.” Misty laughed with her.

“Why do you look so sweaty?” Both asked pointing.

“I guess it was when we were arguing.”

“Or was it when we were May?”

“Who knows.”

“Here, want me to help you?”

“With what?” Misty backed up.

“With you shirt. We obviously can’t wear these to bed can we?”

“Bed? ” She blushed.

“What are you thinking about?” Misty blushed too.

“Nothing, what were you thinking.” She pointed.

“Nothing, let’s just get changed ok.”
“Fine, here I’ll help you too.”


“Your welcome. Thanks too.”

“Your welcome.”

As she and her twin lifted their shirts off they turned back into May and May. They stared at each other with disgust.

“WHAT THE FUCK ” Both shouted.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” They slapped each other and turned back into Misty.


They changed rapidly back to May then back to Misty then to May again.

“Huh?” Both May’s said.

“What’s” Both Misty’s continued.

“Going” Both May’s continued.

“On?” Misty’s asked.

“Ow This is starting to hurt.” The May’s held their stomachs.


“Truce, now let’s find a way to stop this.”

“Yeah, sounds good to me May.”

“Me too May.” They smiled and let out a small giggle.

“Let’s put this back on.” Misty and Misty pulled each other’s shirt down.

“Those girls knew this was gonna happen.”

“Wait till I get my hands on them.”

“Let’s go Misty.”

“Already with ya Misty.”
Both girls bumped into each other now stuck in the door way.

“Oh come on ” Both changed back into May.

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Another overdue update. I know alot of you wanna see how this turns out ;).

Clothes Make the Girls: Chapter 3-

The May’s still stuck in the doorway screamed as loud as they could for help but as more than a half hour passed they gave up. Their arms were pressed and trapped with only able to move their hands slightly and their legs became twisted as they tried to escape before.

“Just remember, don’t get mad.”

“And don’t fight each other I got it.”

“Me too. There has to be a way out of this.”

“We have to get out of this so I can get those girls.”

“So we can get them.”


Both May’s relaxed and tried moving again. Unfortunatly they still couldn’t get their body parts untangled. They did manage to get two arms moved but ended up stuck in a very uncomfortable place. Now a doubled pair of May’s hands sat between each other’s ass cracks.

“Do you mind?” Both asked.

“Think I like it?”

“Yeah, you do.”

“Really now? Then you like it just as much May.” They stuck their tongues out trying to make the other see. Even then they managed to accidentally touch their tongues.

“Slut. Slut? You’re the dirty fucking.... Wait, we have to stop this.” They both nodded.

“Come on, none of this is our fault.” One May started.

“So let’s just get out of this.” The second May continued.

“And we can get those bitches for doing this to me I mean us ” Both May’s finished.

“Ahhh, ow What the fuck? Huh? I’m free I’m free We’re free Haha ” They both laughed and hugged.

“Yay I love you May You’re a genius haha ” They hugged tighter.

“Huh? Hmpph.” They let go and turned their backs. They then decided to shrug it off and lean on each other’s back.
“So, love me huh? Didn’t think you swung that way.” They both said and began to chuckle.

“Well, what’d you think of that kiss before?” May asked.

“Well, I didn’t hate it.”

“Me neither. We could um, try it again. Just to see ya know.”

“See what?”

“If we really swing that way.”

“Could be. I’m all for it.”

Both continued exchanging conversation so fluently and naturally only blushing when they started the conversation. It was as if they had done this every day of their lives. Now not even finding having an exact duplicate of themselves in front of them let alone proposing that they make out they both felt completely comfortable with each other now.

“Then do you think I should?” May whispered softly.

“We should.” May leaned in whispering into her twin’s mouth.

The two identical May’s leaned in for the most impossible situation they could’ve ever expected. One minute these two busty beauty’s were at each other’s throats literally and trying to kill each other and the next they’re about to share an intimate kiss with each other, themselves, this copy, this twin, this other her was actually arousing her.

“I hope she doesn’t like totally freak out at the last second.” May and May thought to themselves.

“Aw fuck it, she’s doing it too. No way she’s thinking that.” They thought.

Without another word or thought between them the May’s lips made full contact sending an unbridled joy or ecstatic pleasure throughout their whole bodies. May and May had accepted the feelings surging through their bodies and held each other in a gentle embrace. Their arms swung behind each other caressing both their hair and backs.

When May and May had let go they simply let their arms lazily hang on their side swaying from their movements and brushing hands slightly. Continuing their kissing the twin May’s opened their mouths for a deep tantalizing and unbelievably incredible french kiss. The identical way they kissed is what got them turned on. Both matched each other’s wants and technique pefectly according to what each other wanted at the time. They both knew what they loved and they were gonna give it to themselves exactly and even a little extra.

“Mmm, ohhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh May May, May, May ” They screamed.
Both May and May fell back into the room in each other’s arms, hands gliding all over their bodies. Rolling on the floor they managed to get a tiny gesture of humping between their lower halves. They yelped were surprised but neither cared. They simply went back to kissing and rubbing their double’s back. They kissed and kissed till they got a grip on the bed on pulled each other up.

“Oh May, this has to be the happiest most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced.” They both said echoing voices whispering with their faces simply inches apart. They decided to get a little dirty by stroking their asses and pressed crotches to see how they would react to the touch of their own hand. Without disappointment the May’s moaned instead of jumping back. They accepted their copy’s touch with pleasure.

“Try this.” May said trying to tickle her double under her arms but by relex and her thinking to do the same thing they rolled off the bed with a thud.

“Woah Ooofff.” They fell.

“Mmm, still feels and tastes just as good.” May smiled looking at her sister.

“Yes, oh yes. Oh yes ” May smacked her lips into May’s.

They tried getting back onto bed but one or the other kept slipping. Before they knew it one was on the bed while the other May was basically upside down falling off the bed with her sister again. While the one on the bed managed to climb back up and the other almost head on the floor they were each faced to face or rather face to a rather familiar posterior smacked right dab in front of them. The scent and complete impossible thought of even touching her own ass got May aroused but this was on a whole other level. Did she dare to think of placing her head, face or even lips anywhere near this personal place? Or rather to the fact would May want her too? After all, they were the same girl but they felt very much in love at the moment and very accepting of anything they wanted to do to themselves.

“Is she really in love with me?” May thought while May thought the same.

“Hey May, I have a question for you.”

“Yes May? I kindad have one for you too.” May starred at her twin’s shorts covering her ass.

“Oh, you go ahead.”

“No, you go first. I insist.”

“After you.”

“Beauty before beauty.” May snickered.

“Cuteies before beauty’s.” May giggled.
“Ok, same time?” They both asked humming a yeah to confirm one another to start.

“Do you....Mphhmm.” They began but May on top began slipping and her ass landed clear on May’s face while May’s ass moved back and fell slamming into May’s face. Their voices muffled but beginning to moan as the vibration started to turn them on. They began sucking and trying to open their mouths a bit just to lick themselves. May and May were now in a very awkward 69 position with the one on the bed and the other upside down. One could even say it looked like they were posing for a queens playing card. Or in their minds princess.

“Wow, May this feels fantastic.” May thought.

“Mmmm, I know she’s gotta be enjoying this as much as I am.” May thought.

May and May purred and rub their faces on the lower half of themselves in front of them. When they tired of their own squishy smoothly firm shapely ass they went further towards the middle for some crotch to face action.

“Ohomammeomppppppppmaymmamappp” Their muffled words trying to escape just kept sending a thrill up the twin May’s clothed womanhood. Finally they managed to let go and the May on the bottom fell with May on top slipped falling on her. Now May sat on top of May’s chest with May staring up her double’s cleavage. They both blushed. May tried getting up but May stopped her. She grabbed her arm and grinned.

May began licking her bare leg and pushed her chest up and down so May could feel her hard nipples pushing into in crotch.

“Oh Haruka chan. Do you mind if I call you Haruka chan?” May on top asked.

“Not at all Haruka chan. But we can switch between names.”

“Love it, pure fucking genius Haruka chan.” May smiled still cooing from May licking her legs.

“Why thank you May.”

“Why your welcome May.”

May and May went to remove each other’s clothes with bottom May going for her shorts and top May going for her bandana. As they did this and came close to revealing some extra eye candy for the other something happened that sent a shocking feel through their bodies. Their eyes closed and they moaned. When they opened them again the two saw in the same positions not May but Misty. The two May Haruka’s had once again changed into the two hot Misty Waterflower’s.

Still in the sensual positions the two Misty’s sat still enjoying the feeling they got but when they snapped back to they blushed redder then their hair and sneakers. They screamed at the top of their identical lungs creating a unique stereo echo.
“Is there anything we can help you with?” Sara and Sara walked up to them. The Misty’s screeched as loud as they could falling to the ground in their embrace hugging each other tighter then ever for reassuring support.

“Wha.... We were um....” The Misty’s blushed.

“Are you two enjoying your honeymoon thoroughly?”

“We have plenty of room service girls who would be happy to assist you with anything you’d like to purchase. We also have them available as one free complimentary toy for the two of you as a gift.” Sara smiled.

“Honeymoon?” Misty said shocked.


“Wait, what are you... honeymoon?” They both said shocked again looking at each other.

“Twincest toys of course.” Sara giggled.

“What ” They both hugged each other then let go blushing.

“We got everything here for two sexy young twins like yourselves.”

“Double Dildos, headed and well you can tell what this one’s for.” Sara smiled holding up a dildo that had one above another. The other Sara held up a long pink gel filled looking toy that seemed like it would go between something.

“Uh, we gotta get going so um, we’ll be seeing ya later. Bye.” Both Misty’s said slowly as they backed away and zoomed across the hallway corner tripping over the other’s leg but they quickly regained their balance without falling.

“What is with this city?”

“There’s two of you and you’re wondering about how weird this place is?”

“Guess there are weirder things huh?”

“Hey, I wasn’t saying it was weird bad.” May said reaching to hold May’s hand.

“Can we pick up where we left off.”

“Wait, we just changed and remembered what happened.”

“You’re right. But why?” May said both changing back to Misty.

“Hmm, I wonder if we can control it.”

“Let’s concentrate then.”

Both Misty’s tried hard but a bright ruby red color glossed the twin red head’s faces as they instead of changing into the two brown haired May’s they let out a rather loud fart. They fell to their knees back to back before letting another one out as their asses touched they jumped back up and hugged sobbing briefly.

“Fuck it. I don’t wanna do this anymore”

“Me either Those bitches are so gonna pay for this.”

Misty and Misty loosened their hug slightly to come identical face to mirrored identical face with each other. They wiped the small tears from their respected other self and moved closer in and accepted a gentle yet warm welcoming kiss.

“That was um.... someth....”

“Ing right? I uh... wan....”

“Go to that store before we get wrapped up in each other’s beauty right?”

“You think I’m beautiful?” Misty blushed.

“Of course. Very cute and very beautiful. Do you think I am too?”

“Yes I do. I really do. I think you’re pretty Misty.” She blushed with her double.

“Thanks.” They both mumbled playing with their fingers head down but eyes still looking at each other.

A silence glazed the hall as the two red head beauties just stood there admiring each other’s face and body as shy as could be.

“So, then if we keep changing into each other still thinking we’re both the same girl then that means that we are?” Misty broke the silence.

“I suppose so. After all it isn’t really all that bad though. We have someone who we can completely trust at least.”

“Yeah, you’re so smart.”

“Thanks but you were thinking the same thing.”

“Guess so, now what are we waiting for Misty? Let’s go and get some info about what happened to us.”

“Right with ya Misty.”

Both Misty’s smiled walking hand and hand as they left the hotel and walked the streets filled with twins until they came across the clothes store they were at before. Of course changing back into May all the more fueled their desire to confront the twin shop keeps.

Author:  droid1 [ Thu May 10, 2012 8:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Clothes Make the Girls

Ok, you're probably gonna ask how, why and how long has it been since this story got a fucking update? Forever right? I wanted it done before the anniversary but I couldn't do it on time. Srry. But it's ready now and I hope that it's just as good as you remember. I'll be trying to finish this story soon. But for now, enjoy Clothes Make The Girls Chapter 4.

And as always. Comments are greatly appreciated and welcome.

Clothes Make the Girls: Chapter 4-

Still changing between the two, May and May, or maybe it was Misty and Misty. No matter though since they were changing more and more rapidly now.

Coming up to the shop the twins slammed the doors opened and stomped to the counter.

"Enjoying yourselves." Both Amy's asked.

"NO!" Mays now Mistys shouted.

"Why are there two of me!"

"Why, whatever do you mean?"

"This is how you came in."

"And came out."

Both Amy's giggled leaning their elbows on the counter.

"FIX US! NOW!" Both Mistys screamed changing back into Mays.

"Oh alright."

"Don't get your panties in a bunch."

Again the twins giggled. The Mays blushed with rage.

"We'll fix the changing but it's not very fun in this town without a twin."

"That's why we helped you girls out a bit. Get to enjoy the best of each other without the hassle of......."

"FIX!" May shouted.

"US!" The other May screeched.

"NOW!" Both of them became Mistys again still screaming their lungs out.

Amy and Amy looked at each other and smiled wickedly.

"On second thought..."



"Not with that attitude."

"You can both just stay like that. And like that." Amy laughed as they changed.


"Hey! Watch it! Ahhhh!!!!" Amy and Amy were tackled by both Mays and pinned down to the ground.


"Excuse us ladies. Is there a problem here?" Two red headed woman walked through the doors. They were dressed like they were at a club with their long hair a mess and lipstick trailing down their faces.

"MOTHERS!" Amy and Amy were further pinned by Misty and Misty.

"Did you two clone the tourists again?"

"No mothers. Not at allhhhaaaaaaaaa!" Misty and Misty squeezed the Amy's wrists harder.

"Amys!" The two woman spoke sternly.

"Yes mothers. Ok, let's do this." Amy and Amy sighed.

May and May looked at each other and nodded, got up and let the Amys compose themselves.

"EEEEEPPPP!" May and May slapped the twins after they just felt them up their shirts.

But the slap didn't connect. They felt their shirts being tugged but now they were in their own clothes again.

They hugged and smiled laughing.

"Huh?" They looked next to them seeing another pair of themselves mirroring them exactly.

"WHAT THE FUCKMMMMMMPPPP!!!!!!!" They were drawn to their mirror image like magnets. Full bodies spread wide like on a magician's dart board and kissing.

And POOF! They were one again.

"That's better, now you two have fun now and don't disturb any more of our customers."

"Yes mothers." Amy and Amy looked up watching their mother's head to the back of the store.

Misty and May stood there blushing. Frozen to what just happened, and more importantly how they felt about it.

POOF! There were two of them again.

"What!?" They all screamed in unison.

"Isn't this more to your liking?" One Amy spoke.

"Yes, this is better than the other becoming you yes?" The other Amy finished.

"FUCK NO! Oh!" They all blushed at their angry faces. Mostly at hearing themselves swear so loudly and so closely. Or maybe it was the word that caught them off guard.

"Fix.... us..." Misty and May along with their clones tried shouting but couldn't take their eyes off their respective other selves.

"But isn't this...."


"N.... uh......"

"We'll give you a free trial. If you like yourselves that much come back and pay for the clothes."

"Deal. Wait what? I didn't.... I mean did you... We weren't....."

And before they knew it Misty and May were relatively right back where they started. Except this time where once there were two were now four.

"What just.... Hey! Stop that! No you stop it! FUCK!!!!" May and May screamed at each other.

"Well, I suppose we'll just have to go back in there and......." But just as Misty and Misty walked they felt each other's hands holding and pulling themselves back.

"Do you not wanna go back in?" They asked in unison. Clearly this would be difficult.

"She's just a clone Mist. Hey! Stop that! What are you implying you copy cat! FUCK YOU! Hmpph!" The May's turned in a huff leaving the Misty's to gaze in aw at the strange sight.

"Let's do the trial. Can't be that bad right?" Both Mistys spoke and nodded in agreement then walked away.

"Hey! Don't leave me alone with her.... me. OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!" May and May groaned furiously walking cheek to cheek sparks flying everywhere.

Misty and Misty greatly enjoyed their time together. Even if it was a date with a mirror they rode the merry go round together, each giving the other a turn in front, bought each other hot dogs and then ice cream for desert later which they ate watching the sunset from the docks.

May and May however were a mess by the time they reached the docks. Misty and Misty although not surprised still asked them:

"What happened to you two?" They had gotten used to speaking at the same time. It was like that all day.

May and May panted.

"This whore thought she could catch me by surpise in that stupid tunnel of love. I... We just followed you two cause the boat ride seemed relaxing."

"But?" The two red heads sighed.

"This whore almost falls asleep on my head as I'm just casually leaning to the side and nuzzels against me! And THEN, she turns and almost kisses me!"

"Doesn't that mean you were both sleepy and you both tried to kiss each other?"

"Who are calling a whore you skank! Fuck you! Not a chance sister! That does it, Raaaahhhhhhh!!!!! OOOooofffff!" The two May's kept forgetting each time they fought that it was like taking on a mirror. They charged each other head first and head first they did clunking each other full body and knocked out on the dock.

Misty and Misty giggled.

"Oh May, try to enjoy yourself." Misty and Misty looked to each other and laughed holding each other from falling from laughter.

Misty and Misty leaned on each other's heads and closed their eyes.

"This isn't half bad." The two smiled.

"In fact, it's twice as nice."

The sunset came and the moon shove over the clones and their originals. Who was who however still wasn't clear.

"I think we should head back to the shop. I'm keeping you." Misty and Misty leaned on her own forehead.

"May? WHAT THE!?"

Misty and Misty were right to be shocked. Locked in a tight embrace were both May's naked from head to toe. Clothes were all the way back up to the beach.

"How the.... When did you.... Without either of us......."

May and May were as unconscious as they were before, with the notable exception that they were naked and seemed to recently have had sex with themselves.

"Good thing I always pack extra towels in my bag. We'll wait till you two wake up. Wait? Isn't this gonna end teribly if they wake up and find out they fucked each other? Hmm, yeah, let's clean them up carefully and put their clothes back on."

Misty having seen May naked plenty of times had no problem washing her off. In fact she enjoyed it. She kind of used to have a thing for her. May more so for Misty than vice versa. But the attraction was never really explored. They decided to remain as good friends and travel together.

"You having second thoughts? Of course not, you? Not at all. Here, help me dry my May off first. Hehe, your May. Shush, haha you'll wake them up. Me, you're the one giggling silly."

May and May groaned making Misty and Misty freeze in place over their breasts still drying their bodies off.

Lucky for the twin red heads the twin brown haired girls were just turning in their sleep. But they happened to turn over to hug their double.

"Are they, making out in their sleep? I think so."

"Hmm, do you..... No, after you.... duh, same girl. Would you like to.... that is with me.... um......"

Misty and Misty's um..... other half, clone or whatever blushed and moved in closer to each other to act on the last thing they had expected from this wild day.

The closer they moved to each othr the faster and louder their heartbeats raced. They swore they could hear and feel the other's which made what they were about to do that much more exciting.

Ever so closer.

Ever so slight.

Mouths opened little by little.

Lips quivering.

Eyes closed.

Misty and Misty were in total sync. Never missing a beat. Completely engrossed in their mirrored doppelganger.


Misty and Misty jumped back stunned by the frightful surprising screech of two May's voices.

"Misty! This bitch was kissing me in my sleep! Can you believe her! Me?! You were the one who.... FUCKING STOP THAT!!!!!! UGHHH!!!!!!"

Misty had never been more relieved. She/They had thought the Mays had spotted them almost kissing. With the state the two were in that would've been quite problematic.

"What? You think I have better lips don't you? That's why. You wanted a taste for yourself. Well you can't have it honey. This whole package is mine." May glossed her hands over her body while her double mirrored her every action and word.

"I have the better bod you bitch! Stop fucking calling me a bitch! And stop fucking swearing! I don't swear! Fuck you!"

Misty and Misty turned to giggle because they couldn't help but find it all funny.

"We'll continue where we left off later ok?" Misty and Misty winked.

A loud noise was heard from the May's direction as the fiery duplicate battle continued.


May and May rolled over each other getting tangled in the towels and subsequently each other.

"Misty! Help me get off of her!"

"Don't you mean help her get off of me?" Misty and Misty laughed.

"It's not funny!!! This..... Ooooooo..... you........." May and May silenced.

Whatever was going on under those blankets got them to finally shut up but that was short lived.

"You. Don't. Get to. Touch there!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" They screamed even louder than before if that was possible.

But this scream sounded more like they were enjoying something rather than anger.

Could it? The Misty looked at each other eyes widening.

"Nah." They both shook their heads.

"She's got my..... Oooahhhh...."

"Ok, we'll leave you two love birds to whatever this is. Me and Mist got something we wanted to finish up isn't that right?" They winked at each other.

"Misty......" May and May whimpered, eyes widening, breathing heavily and sweating like crazy.

They tried wiggling out of their clothes but they just kept bumping into each other and kissing themselves. Bump, kiss, bump, kiss, bump, kiss, bump, kiss.

It was never ending. And when they didn't bump or kiss they managed to get their heads in their shirts and they motor-boated each other as they struggled.


May and May had become too exhausted to continue their bout. Somehow, don't ask how, but the two beautiful doubles managed to wiggle their way out of their tops. Unfortunately for the two of them they hadn't put a bra on since the Amy's pulled their little magic.

They screamed in their heads as loud as they could till they could notice they could hear each other. Out loud was next to impossible. Their lungs wouldn't allow it. Their boobs meshed together and they both passed out.

Misty and Misty whistled.

"Phew, what a way to go huh?" They giggled.

"I suppose." They giggled again.

"Well, their asleep." They put their hand on their partner's upper thigh.

"And we're not." The two hands rubbed the identical thighs till they hit their identical matching blue shorts.

"Wanna continue where we left off?" Both Misty's eye's half closed, smiling, starring into each other's mirrored eyes.

"Oh yes, but I'd like to take it slow ok?"

"I wouldn't have it any other...... way." Misty and Misty whispered as their lips came together for a wonderful kiss.

Tongues danced wildly in the twin's mouths as they moved their arms to embrace their partner and laid down in the sand. Rolling down the beach the waves gently blanketed their bodies before pulling back.

"Oops, all wet. Guess we'll need to stop by that store again." The two Misty's kissed again.

"I think I'll keep you." A quick peck before speaking again.

"But this whole speaking and mirror thing might get a little annoying somewhere down the line. I don't mind as much but I was worried you might ya know? Not that I'm worried about what I think about myself, that is I uh, wait. Sorry, I mean, ugh. Can we start over or at least kiss again? Sure, love to." The conversation went from blushing shy red heads back to it's previously heated make out session.

For hours the Misty's laid on the beach wrapped in each others arms and towels they had brought for themselves. Their clothes hung on a make shift clothes rack they made out of sticks they had found.

Underneath the towels you ask? Well...... no, they didn't have sex. Misty talked Misty out of it and vice versa. They were much too shy. But they didn't mind their breasts pushed against each other so they only covered their lower halves.

This clone wasn't like before when May turned into her. This was Misty. This was her all the way down. Neither wanted to rush things and neither wanted a repeat of what happened at the hotel with May as her. Not yet anyway. And Misty and Misty were just fine with that. Unlike the lust they were overcome with at the hotel they could think clearly now. They began to think that the cloning before had some sort of special effect on them. But now they could take their time and do as they pleased.

So there they slept. Entwined in each others arms and legs, naked boobs pressed together, and crotches and asses doubly wrapped in extra layers of the towels. The one thing they wanted to try just for giggles was tie their pony tails together so that they knew they'd share an intimate first night even if sex was a given no.

The night would seem like forever to these sleeping beauty twins but the morning was just around the corner.

And who knows what'll be in store for the two sets of clones when they visit the clothing store then.

"Ow, bitch." May and May mumbled in their sleep.

One can only imagine in the city of twins and clones.

Author:  wizarddray [ Mon Jul 09, 2018 9:52 pm ]
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I just want to say this story is legendary to me. Such a mind-bending read. I come back to it regularly.

Author:  Shri [ Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Pokemon] Clothes Make the Girls

All you need is some artwork, and BAM you've got a publishable book!

Author:  droid1 [ Mon Jul 16, 2018 11:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Pokemon] Clothes Make the Girls

Wow, thanks you guys. That really means a lot to me. I honestly didn’t think anybody really cared that much about this one. There are plenty of errors and I didn’t really edit it that much but i loved wroking on it and I’m super glad you guys enjoyed it ^^

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