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"Welcome to the Reading Room Author Index"

So I've been thinking we need to keep this section a bit more organized. If you have stories with the same characters but separate stories like me I'll be dividing those up in something like an arc form under your name. Remember, if a story has the same characters as another but isn't under the same arc they are separate continuities unless the author states otherwise.

Special Thanks to revolvingecho for his amazing help in creating the summaries you see.

COMING SOON - droid1: The final chapter of A Rose By the Same Name is on it's way. Fun, clones and goo aplenty. After that, look forward to my next story which features a whole new world of cloning. There will be love, drama, comedy and of course, clones.

COMING (HOPEFULLY) SOON - revolving echo: Trying to get back in the saddle, and focusing on working up the next Biamazons chapter. Multitude Inc. is still waiting in line, but I'll get back to it eventually.
For new work, there's this idea I just got for a story starring conjoined twins. They try to find a way to separate, but things don't turn out the way they imagined. There's also this suggestion sniper90019001 had about a woman using the machine from Teleporter Reporter for her own designs, though it'll take time before I get further working on that one.


acextreme -

carly times 2
After another Autobot-Decepticon battle, Spike leaves Carly to rest in her quarters in the Ark. As she looks around her room, Carly finds a strange device, which ends up having some rather strange effects…
A Transformers G1 fanfiction starring Carly.

Elizabeth is working on her last home work for the semester, and intends to try out her idea on how to perform time travel. She tries it out, and to her surprise she comes face to face with her past self. And then things start getting interesting.
A rewrite of a story about a girl performing an experiment in time travel, with some ‘interesting’ results…

elizabeth (liz) times 6
Her friends had often poked fun at her for working on her time travel project, but Elizabeth was finally going to do some tests that would shut them up. She performs it, but as things get weird, she finds out she’s not alone in her room anymore…
A story of a girl experimenting in time travel finding some ‘interesting’ uses for her work.

kelly kelly
Kelly Henson has grown tired of men and wishes to be with women. One day she arrives home from work, her front door opens and Kelly comes face to face… with herself.
A story of a woman coming face to face with herself, and making the best of it.

one to many stephianes
Stephanie Williams wakes up one morning, and finds someone else in her bed: herself! Confused by this and with no other clues than the strange dream they had last night, the two Stephanies decide to make the best of the situation…
A story of a woman making the best of the strange events happening to her.

sylvia and sylvia
Sylvia is interested in science, and has recently come out of a bad relationship. She manages to build a time machine into her car, and returns to the recent past. As she enters her apartment, she greets a familiar face…
A story of a woman using great science for sexy purposes.

tiffanys well
The lovely Tiffany lives together with her family, who’ve lived on the same island for generations. One day while walking too deep into the forest than she was supposed to, she found a strange well, and before she knows it she falls into it. As she comes to, she has the strangest meeting of her life…
A story of a girl who suddenly gets to meet herself.

trish trish trish and more trish
The year is 2040, and technology has gone a long way. Sexy soon-to-be Harvard graduate Trish Davidson has just finished developing a cloning potion, and rubs it over herself in the shower. As she sees it begin to work, it ends up working better than she expected.
A story of a girl trying out her new project, with very sexy results.

stacy times 4
Stacy arrives at work during the night shift, and later by accident she finds a strange room she never knew of before. Inside she finds a cloning machine. Naturally, she tries using it, and soon Stacy has plenty of help to do her work…
A story of a woman making enough of herself to do her work, and herself…

Z times 3
It was just another day when a new evil monster attacked. Z, the yellow SPD Ranger, goes to fight it. The monster has a copying ability, though that backfires, and he is defeated by the now triple Zs. Stuck with herselves, the Zs find some enjoyable advantages to the situation…
A Power Rangers SPD fanfiction starring Elizabeth “Z” Delgado.


My first story: A first person cloning experience
Emily Smith wakes up one morning sick. She wakes up hours later perfectly fine, but discovers to her shock that there's another person in her bed. And more surprisingly, that other person is her! Not knowing how it happened, the Emilys have to divide up things to do, like attending a soccer match. And at the end of the day, the two get closer…
A story of a girl having to delegate her life between two of her.

apolloC -

Experimentation (linked by apolloC)
Jemma Simmons is frustrated that SHIELD had boxed her work on 'flash cloning'. One night she's looking over the last remnant of her cloning work, but then some chemicals she was working on blows up in her face, making her drop the device. When she finds it again she discovers it had turned on…
An Agents of SHIELD fanfiction starring Jemma Simmons.

Femslash Memes (posted on by apolloC)
On a site where femslash kink memes are written, there are two stories written about the pairing Inara/Inara, the character from sci-fi TV series Firefly, and two other stories with the pairing Olivia Wilde/Olivia Wilde, an actress/model.

astorm -

It happened One Night

Lacey's Double
Lacey Smith is late for class, and is confronted with two paths. Somehow, she splits and takes both paths! It isn't until after classes they confront each other, thinking each other to be an impostor.
A story of a girl split and having to adjust to her new situation.

Lies (rewritten by Astorm)(original written by ???)
Julietta Servis thought she was just an ordinary teenager, before discovering that she is in fact a clone, created as part of an experiment to study human behavior. Neither her nor her original Juliet are particularly happy to learn they'd been lied to, but they go along with the next phase of the experiment, having the two of them live together.
A story of two girls learning to enjoy each other's company.

sample story
Amy Sanders is busy training late at night for the upcoming swimming competition. When she goes to take a shower, she discovers she isn't alone, and is shocked to find the other person is also Amy Sanders! Finding each other attractive, the two Amy's go home for some… 'alone' time.
A story about a girl who quickly enjoys selfcest.

atalanta -

24 Hour Abby - A Christmas Story
Ethan and Abby regularly host parties for their group of friends, experimenting in their sexual interactions. For this Christmas they have something special prepared, though. Ethan’s friend Adam has invented a very interesting machine, something that is going to make everyone see double…
A story of a group of people trying to both love themselves and multiply their love, even if temporary.

House of Toys
She meets with the lovely Delphine, and is invited to stay at her home, with all her lovely maids. She learns to make such amazing love. There is a maid, Genevieve, who looks just like her, and the two of them become a regular duet, entertaining the guests and lovers of Delphine together.
A story of two identical woman working in unison to pleasure people.


barefeet fighter -

The Kick Fight
Female vigilante the Kickstress discovers her employer has a secret cloning program, and uses it to fulfill her greatest fantasy, to make an exact double of herself, in order to have a fight with an opponent who can match her strength. Neither of them knowing which is the original, the two proceed to engage in an exciting mirror match, but then something unexpected happens…
A story about a fighter wanting the perfect opponent.

Black Vipah -

Piper Doubles Her Pleasure (written by Black Vipah)(posted on by TOH)
Piper is busy trying to remake the Cloning Crystal, but it keeps blowing up in her face. Eventually, she succeeds, but she discovers some… interesting side effects of being duplicated.
A Storm Hawks fanfiction starring Piper. WARNING! Contains futanari halfway through.

Blueversusred -

A Full Package Deal
Nadia Alder is an amazingly beautiful business lady, but she rejects any advances towards her. Only someone who could love her as much she could love them was worthy to be her lover. And it appears she has found the only one to match her in those regards, though she gets a surprise when she goes to the bathroom…
A story of a woman with a strong love equal to herself.

CloningMeta Tournament S01 - Delila's World
Mewtwo has suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Ash Ketchum, and decides to get revenge by targeting the boy's mother. But Mewtwo is greatly weakened, and decides to take control of someone's body to survive. However, the host's lust for cloned women overwhelms Mewtwo, and causes his immense psychic powers to change the world for the stranger…
A Pokemon fanfiction starring Delila.

The BlueVersusRed.Net Haloween Contest Event 2008!
A contest to write the best Halloween-themed clone story that year! 3 entries were posted:
Peter is at a Halloween costume party with his girlfriend Bridget, and by chance finds a medallion that summons the sexy shapeshifter Ovda. She can become anyone he wants her to be, but as he has her turn into Bridget, things get complicated as Peter can’t tell which of the two beauties is really his girlfriend!
A Halloween story involving shapeshifter hijinks.
Rachel has gone back to her hometown to celebrate Halloween with her family, including her twin sister Jenny. Waiting for Jenny to arrive, Rachel dresses herself in the cat outfit that both of them will be wearing. But Rachel finds a strange orb, the effects of which causes her to mistakenly believe that Jenny has already arrived…
A Halloween story with twins, cloning and mistaken identities.
LOVERS OF LIGHT ON HALLOWEEN NIGHT (written by droid1, reposted in its own thread)

[Naruto] Hokage's Vacation
Tsunade has become stressed from work as the Hokage, and so she takes off to have some vacation time, relax a little and enjoy herself, help recharge her batteries. While resting at an inn, Tsunade makes use of a very special ninjutsu, both for training, and for other ‘recreational’ purposes…
A Naruto fanfiction starring Tsunade.

[Original - Collaboration]Self Experimentation (written by ryan3199, illustrations by BlueVersusRed)
A sequel to the story ‘Self Motivation’.
Anna Smith has gotten over her breakup, and has come to love herself very much. Returning to the gym to shower together, Anna and Anna are interrupted in their symmetrical loving by someone all too familiar…
A continuing clone story of a girl who very much enjoys her own company.

[Soul Calibur 4] Story from (Tira x Tira, dom, NC) (unknown author)(posted by BlueVersusRed)
Tira is busy trying to collect the pieces of Soul Edge, slaughtering her way through people to do so. But as she gets critically injured during a fight, she calls on the power of Soul Edge to heal her. But through a poor choice of words, it does more than just heal her…
A Soul Calibur 4 fanfiction starring Tira.

Tales of the Realm: Chronicles of Ferrah
Links to chapters detailing the world of Ferrah, a fantasy setting with futanari characters and their lives.
Chapter 1 involves elf twins Siria and Kiria. Chapter 4 has twins Kana and Kari. And chapter 0 involves a mirror match between the identical Signa and Shasti.

[Various] The Gemini Club Ch.1
Identical lovers Mai Shiranui and Mai Shiranui are regulars at the Gemini Club, where female couples of the symmetrical kind could enjoy each other’s company. They pass by several other couples, like Chun-Li and Chun-Li, Cammy and Cammy, Morrigan and Morrigan, and many others.
A fanfiction involving the heroines from several popular fighting videogames.

[Love Hina] The very Ecchi Adventures of Motoko Aoyama
It was just another day in the life at the Hinata Sou, but during her kendo excercises, Motoko Aoyama becomes the unwitting testsubject for the last invention made by her dorm mate Kaolla Su, a cloning machine! But as the two Motokos manage to destroy the machine, they are stuck not knowing which one is the original! Can Motoko learn to live with herself?
A Love Hina fanfiction starring kendo girl Motoko Aoyama.

bottledwater718 -

Bath Tub Time Machine
Melissa Abbott wakes up one morning and goes to take a shower. However, the bathtub is acting strangely, and when Melissa returns from her shower, she is surprised to find someone in her bed! Someone very familiar, in fact…
A time travel story involving a bathtub and a girl going over her morning repeatedly.

BRIAN032352 -

Twin fight - I copied and pasted this from another website,enjoy it (unknown author)(posted by BRIAN032352)
Jarret prepares for tonight. Two weeks ago he saw the lovely Stacey in a nightclub, but things turned to the unexpected when her twin Tracey arrived, and they started arguing with each other. And tonight he’s invited them both for a date. What neither of them know is that it’s with each other…
A story of two twins who violently hate each other, and the sexual conflict between them.

The Fantasy Twins
After moving to this new city a few months ago, a young boy began fantasizing about his neighbor across the street, the lovely Debbie. He imagines there being two of her, fucking each other, and wishes he could become a double of Debbie’s and have sex with her like that. And then the next morning…
A story of a boy’s fantasies coming true…


C987648 -

[Original] Galactic Tribal War
The war between the Sindorian Federation and the Lustilian Empire has left both sides with heavy losses. The captain of the Federation ship Scarlet Minx is looking into cloning for the edge they need to win the war, but after an attack by a Lustilian ship, things start to take a turn for the strange, and several members of the female crew get duplicated in different and seemingly unconnected events. Is it all a coincidence, or are there far more sinister forces at work…?
A science fiction epic with several women cloned or otherwise duplicated.

The Adventures of Jack Rust
Private detective Jack Rust is hired by wealthy widow Emma Starkweather. Twice over, in fact, for there are two Mrs. Starkweathers, each claiming the other is an imposter. Her late husband Samuel Starkweather, wrote in his will that Emma wont inherit the estate unless the other Emma is proven a fraud. And so Jack Rust embarks on the strangest case he’s ever worked…
A detective story about a woman fighting with herself.

CallMeFangirl -

The Reflection of Herself (written by CallMeFangirl)(prompted by selfcestual)(posted on by TOH)
Dany learns to use the warlock duplication magic, and finds she likes what she sees. Dany then experiences how much fun you can have with yourself.
A Game of Thrones fanfiction starring “Dany” Daenerys Targaryen.

Catwriter -

Twin Tussle (written by Catwriter)(posted by wllo4)
John is the senior football ace at his high school. One day he goes over to the Billings twins, Cherie and Diane, in the hopes to score with them. But as things start to heat up, John finds the twins aren’t as good at sharing as he had assumed…
A story of a guy stuck between two fighting twins.

Cereal -

Sex With Myself… Literally (written by cereal)(posted by TimeTraveller)
Despite how illegal it was, she had gotten a time jump, just one day back, and even just staying in the past a few hours before returning back. All so that she could meet herself, and more importantly, fuck herself.
A time travel story about time travel used for “advanced masturbation”.

CloneBeau -

Cloned Wife ARC -
Fran has too much on her plate in life, and so her husband Jay’s solution is to have a clone made of her to share the load. While both Fran and her clone (eventually named Sarah) are hesitant about this, they slowly start to warm up to each other…
A story of a husband and wife making their relationship a threesome.

*1 Cloned Wife Story

*2 Cloned Wife Sequel

clonedLeather -

The Infinite Expedition
Beatrix De Mur is the captain of the spaceship SS Lilith, on a centuries long journey to another star system. She is sustained by a replicator, recreating her after death with her memories intact, so she can live for the entire journey. The rest of the crew are copies of herself, being the only person she loves and trusts. Today is Beatrix’s birthday, and naturally, the entire crew’s birthday, so celebration is in order. However, the day doesn’t start off quite as expected…
A science fiction story of a female narcissistic leather fetishist coming into conflict with herself.

Narcissistic Boss
Working at a top fashion magazine, Lydia is working her ass off to please her boss Victoria. But through sheer luck Lydia learns of Victoria’s secret, something she had done to herself, a secret she does not wish to share with anyone else. And Lydia blackmails her, amongst other things so she can have the same process done to her…
A story of girls with fetishes for clone-sex and leather.

Twins Mandy and Sandy are hot as hell, and love each other more than just as sisters. But while Mandy is genuinely in love, she questions if Sandy just wants to fuck her own reflection. Sandy, on the other hand, is tired of Mandy’s prudish behavior regarding their relationship, and takes drastic measures to gain a partner who is just as narcissistic as herself…
A story of twins, cloning, and leather.

CloningMeta -

The Portal of Mirror Edges
Zoey awakens to find herself in a strange environment. She's been taken to take part in experiments using the Gun of Portal of Mirror Edges (GOPOME). Amongst its effects it allows Zoey to split in two. The Zoeys have to go through several test areas as more and more copies of Zoey are created.
A story mixing elements from Portal, Mirror's Edge and Left For Dead 2.

cloner204 -

Girls Heather and Christie have gone on a skiing trip to have fun. Living alone in a cabin together, things get more saucy, as the two friends decide to have some sexy fun together. But then someone arrives, a couple of girls that they certainly didn’t expect…
An incomplete story that only got to the introduction of duplicates.

Too much for one
Michelle is a single workaholic mother, and she is swamped with her work, raising her daughters Erin and Shannon, and anything else that might come up. One day everything comes to a head, and Michelle finds herself stuck having to do 4 things at once. But surprisingly, she discovers an ability in herself that allows her to accomplish this feat! But as she continues using her new powers and begins to enjoy her own company, she soon finds there can be too much of a good thing, even if it is yourself…
A sexy tale of an overworked mother becoming too much woman for even herself to handle.

Transgendered Twining (written by manyquestions)(posted on by clonedLeather)
A technology has developed that allows one person to be transformed into the body of another for 15 minutes at a time. A company arose to sell this procedure to people. Tom convinces his girlfriend April to let him be turned into her, to have the experience. While at first it’s just for pure curiosity, the two end up having quite a bit of fun together…
A story about a couple engaging in some lesbian narcissism.

colioli4 -

Danni's Mirror
Danni Abnett wakes up irritably one morning. But then, she finds another Danni in her bed! As the two try to figure out what happened, they start finding each other very attractive. But it doesn't take long before more keep them company…
A story about a girl getting to enjoy life with herselves.

Mass Effect: Normandy Squared
The Normandy has been hit with a strange radioactive energy, and all of it's crewmembers have become doubled. Stranded in space, the crew now have to deal with coexisting with themselves.
A Mass Effect fanfic starring the Normandy crew, beginning with Aila Shepard.

RWBY: Dust in the Mirror
Team RWBY have gone off to investigate, and arrive at a large mirror in an otherwise empty cavern. But soon they realize that what they're looking at isn't a mirror at all…
A RWBY fanfiction starring Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Yang Xiao Long and Blake Belladonna.

Tearing Up
Elizabeth meets with an alternate version of herself, and is enjoying each other's company. Then, the two decide to have some… intimate relations with one another.
A Bioshock Infinite fanfiction starring Elizabeth.

What String Theory isn't good for…
Penny arrives at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment, and finds that Sheldon has built a gateway to a parallel universe. To her surprise not only does it works, but their counterparts from that universe show up! And Penny finds she likes what she sees…
A The Big Bang Theory fanfiction starring Penny.


Daml-Alyx -

Untold Fairy Tales: Spirit Bonding
Lucy is in the bath, having some decidedly naughty thoughts, and summons Gemini to help fulfill them. However, things don't turn out quite as Lucy had expected…
A Fairy Tail fanfic starring Lucy Heartphilia.

DeNice -

"Two's My Favorite One" (Athena Asamiya [King of Fighters]

deuteros -

The Biologist and his Girlfriend
The biologist had his beautiful girlfriend Hallie. One day she disappears, seemingly kidnapped, and he is out of himself with worry. But then when he finally finds her again, he finds a noticeable change to her, as there's certainly more to her than before…
A story about a biologist trying to grasp what has happened to his girlfriend.

Dick Deeper -

The Twin Avengers (written by Dick Deeper)(posted by wllo4)
Richard Deeper is a criminal with some minor superpowers, allowing him through contact to know how to affect people in any way he wants to. Normally knocking people out, he’s found some more… intimate uses for his powers. Then he has an interesting encounter with twin super heroines Archer and Tracker…
A story set in the DC universe starring original characters.

dirky1 -

the league (written by dirky1)(posted by wllo4)
The League, which sets up intense fight between people with close relationships. Family, lovers, you name it. Here tonight we have a fight between twin sisters Nicole and Lauren…
A story of twins set in an intimate conflict between each other.

divine-karenstarr -

Me Party (written by divine-karenstarr)(posted on impossiblybustylass tumblr)(linked by TOH)
Karen Starr(/Kara/Power Girl) returns home to her apartment, and is surprised to find her own identical double inside! Seems a science experiment gone wrong has let in another Power Girl from an parallel universe. Letting her double stay while they try to figure things out, Kara finds having her own double to be… interesting…
A DC Comics fanfiction starring Karen Starr / Kara Zor-L / Power Girl.

dopplover -

Double or Nothing
Dawn Jentzen isn’t feeling too well living in San Francisco. She’s all by herself after she found out her husband was cheating on her. However, on the other side of town, a woman named Dawn Jenson has gone through the exact same experience, and they have far more in common than their names and life experiences. One day, both Dawns decide to take a drive out in the town, and soon, they will have an encounter that will change their lives…
A story of two women with broken hearts finding the love of their lives.

A Timeless Love (written by Dopplover)(posted by deux_bag)
Trish is madly in love with herself. So much so that she steals the time machine that her college professor Dr. Matthews has just invented, just so she could fuck herself. Katrina, a lookalike Trish dated for her narcissistic desires, quickly gets pushed aside as Trish gets better playmates… herself. But the device gives Katrina the chance to find a girl she has far more in common with. However, there is a downside to the time machine that might put everything in jeopardy…
A story of time travel, narcissism, and love.

Lust in Space (written by dopplover)(posted by TOH)
Amber Malloy is the first human travelling outside the solar system, but she is bored out of her wits out in space, and if she ever returns to Earth, she will be very old. She has a replicator machine on board, and could recreate any guy she wants to, but stops herself, since it would mean spending possibly the rest of her life with this guy. But inspiration hits her. There is someone she knows who would be her perfect match, someone she could live with the rest of her life…
A space story of a lonely woman realizing how to find companionship and love for herself.

more tales from dopplover (posted by TOH)
A number of stories written by Dopplover.
JULIE, JULIE, JULIE DO YA LOVE YOU? (written by dopplover)
Julie Self had spent most of her life behind a computer, with little time spent socializing. She decides to make use of a dating service. Perplexingly, it offers her best match to be another woman called Julie Self. As she ends up meeting this other Julie, she finds they share more than just a name…
A story of a woman finding her perfect match.
COMFORTING KIM (written by dopplover)
Kim is drinking her sorrows away after learning how much of a bastard her husband Tom was. As she cries it out in front of the bathroom mirror, she sees something inside the mirror that’s going to change things for the better…
A story of a heartbroken woman finding comfort with herself.

doppeltime -

Anna's Girls [Fringe] (written by YellowMMs)(posted on by doppeltime)
Actress Anna Torv is having strange sexual dreams involving two versions of Olivia Munn, a character she plays on TV. Those fantasies are so intense it almost feels real. It gets to the point that Anna is starting to prefer the fantasy over reality…
A meta fanfic starring actress Anna Torv and her role of Olivia Munn from sci-fi series Fringe.

Dopz -

Cydney's Meteorite
Cydney Bishop is alone at home, wishing for company, when a meteorite crashes right into her backyard. Things get weirder when something from the meteorite collects a sample of her blood. And soon Cydney isn't alone anymore…
A story about a girl who gets a close encounter of the sexy kind.

Double Vision -

Pod Story
The plant has for thousands of years launched its seeds into space, seeking to find worlds on which to reproduce. On a certain planet called Earth, Rebecca McCoy pricks herself on the thorns of a strange plant, and shortly after she leaves, the plant starts to grow a pod, and out comes its first creation on this world, a copy to replace Rebecca…
A story of a an alien life form beginning to take over a world…

droid1 -

A Rose by the Same Name
Doctor Iris Rose has been busy working on Project Wonder Goo, part magic and part science, to make a universal cure-all and so on. But things don't turn out how she expected, and now Iris, her co-worker Dr. Stephanie Blaze, and their interns Sara and Bridgette have to face some very familiar and sexy faces as a result…
A story involving sentient goo and its intention towards the female scientists who made it.

Chun Li Untimate Double Edition 2
Chun Li is waiting for the time of her next fight, and in the meantime is spending time lounging in her hotel. However, something strange happens with a fighting game she found, and while she is enjoying a bubble bath, Chun Li finds she isn’t alone anymore…
A Street Fighter fanfiction starring Chun Li.

[Inuyasha Kagome x Kagome] Cloning in the Hole!
Kagome Higurashi has regularly been using the old well by her family’s shrine to travel to feudal Japan, but this time something strange happens, and while she finds herself back in feudal times as expected, Kagome discovers she isn’t alone…
An InuYasha fanfiction starring heroine Kagome Higurashi.

[Pokemon] Clothes Make the Girls
Pokemon trainers Misty and May are traveling together, and arrive at a strange town that appear to be inhabited by nothing but twins. When they arrive at a clothes shop, they get coerced into trying out clothes that are identical to what each other are wearing. But the clothes turns out to have a special effect on the two girls, making them far more similar to each other than ever before…
A Pokemon fanfiction starring Misty and May.

Green Eyed Irony
Britney and Brandy are best friends, and are as close as if they were twins. Still, Britney is just slightly more attractive in every way, and Brandy is jealous of the attention she gets. But then one day a mysterious jeweler gives each of them a gemstone. After they return to their dorm, the gems turn out to have some unusual effects on them…
A story about two close girls, becoming both multiplied and each other.

Digigirls ARC - [Digimon Adventure 02] (series by droid1)
A series of stories featuring the Digidestined girls from Digimon Adventure 02, as they all get duplicated, and enjoy life side by side with themselves.
A series of Digimon Adventure 02 fanfictions featuring Kari, Sora, Mimi and Yolei.

*1 Lover’s of Light on Halloween Night
Kari is busy preparing for the big Halloween party at school, and takes a trip to the Digital World to relax. But something happens to her as she returns to the real world, and she splits in two! Not being aware of each other’s existence, confusion erupts for Kari and her friends as her two selves run around school. What will happen when Kari and Kari finally bump into each other?

*2 [Digimon] Dear Me, Myself and Us
Sora and Sora are writing in their diary of how their life has been since their duplication. Living together, going to school together, dressing the same, Sora’s mother even seems very accepting of the fact that her only daughter turned into twins. But still, the feelings Sora and Sora have for each other are more than just as sisters…

*3 [Digimon] Me + Me= Mimi x Mimi = Mimi2
Mimi and Mimi do everything together, handling their fashion business, being in love with each other, and of course shopping. And being filthy rich meant they did a LOT of shopping. One day while going out to eat with Sora and Sora, the Mimis make them an offer they refuse to let be refused…

Joy's Holidays ARC -
A series of stories featuring several female characters from Pokemon, as they celebrate various holidays together at Joy and Joy’s unusual parties.
A series of Pokemon fanfictions featuring Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Delila, Johanna, Misty, May and Dawn.

*1 Joys to the world (You’re my splitting image)
Nurse Joy is holding a regularly Christmas party for single girls, and this year she is getting help from her sister Nurse Joy. But this year they have something special planned for the guests, something which will render it a singles party no more…

*2 [Pokemon] Joy's Funhouse
Joy and Joy are preparing for a Halloween party, inviting the same girls over, their group now twice as large. This time the Joys have put together a little contest, something that will make all of them see more than just double…

[Pokemon Misty x Misty] Just Like Me
Misty is waiting at a café, rereading a letter from her secret admirer, and waiting in excitement for their meeting. But what she doesn’t know is that on the other side of the café, her secret admirer, another Misty, is standing against a wall and doing the exact same thing! When the two finally bump into each other, they discover how much of a perfect match they really are…
A Pokemon fanfiction starring Misty

Love of the Same Name ARC -
A series of stories crossing over the settings of Pokemon and Card Captor Sakura, starting with an adventure that results in the duplication of various female characters.
A series of fanfictions featuring Pokemon’s Misty and Delila, and Card Captor Sakura’s Sakura and Tomoyo.

*1 Love of the Same Name
One peaceful night while camping out, Misty is kidnapped by Team Rocket, and is subjected to their experiments. Gaining an unexpected companion, they escape together from the Rocket base and arrive in a small town, where they meet a certain girl named Sakura Kinomoto. Meeting new friends, will they be able to stop Team Rocket’s nefarious schemes?

*2 Getting used to New Situations- Life With Herself
Over a month has passed since Team Rocket had been stopped, and things have settled down. But our heroines’ lives have changed forever, now living side by side with their own doubles. See how they all learn to adjust themselves to living literally beside themselves.

*3 Delila's Day On Off
The Delilas are spending time between working at the Gemini Lounge and enjoying each other’s company. But hijinks ensues when Duplica arrives and gets a room at the Lounge, and things heat up even more when a room for two is booked under the name Touko White…

*4 A Delightful Day For a Wedding [CloningMeta Tournament s1]
The 4 Delila's have gotten engaged to each other, and enjoy a foursome in bed together. They already want to get married the day after, so the quartet of lovelies are working to get ready, and have some more fun in the meanwhile.
A Pokemon fanfiction starring Delila, also Misty.

Lina Inverse Times 2?
A nefarious man wants revenge on Lina Inverse, and decides the best way to deal with her is to use magic and duplicate her, and have to the two Lina's fight each other. Unfortunately, the duplicated redheads don't react to each other the way he had expected…
A Slayers fanfiction starring Lina Inverse.

Kat Fight (A Story From the World of Duplicatus)

Keeping Up With The Kim Kardashians
It’s raining outside, and Kim Kardassian is alone in her penthouse, bored out of her wits. Having nothing better to do than masturbate in front of the mirror, a sudden knock on the door surprises her, and what is on the other side will surprise her even more…
A fic starring Kim Kardassian.

Make a story based on a pic thread
A thread where people post pics of TOH and people then write stories based off of them.

Sakura Haruno, Party of Two
Konoha kunoichi Sakura is out in a forest training, enjoying her time by herself. Staying at a cabin, she unexpectedly gets a package delivered at her doorstep. Inside is a seemingly mundane block of clay. But it turns out to be more than just clay, and Sakura’s time by herself suddenly turns very interesting…
A Naruto fanfiction starring the pink-haired ninja Sakura Haruno.

Sex, Doubles and Photoshops
Jack is spending his time photoshopping pictures of multiple Sofia Vergaras. But a mysterious virus enters his computer, and causes something strange and unexpected to happen, something very sexy…
A fic featuring Sofia Vergaras.

Time Travel is Difficult
After helping a mysterious elderly woman, Bianca Barnes is gifted with the power to travel back in time, though there are certain rules she has to follow when interacting with her past self. Naturally, things go wrong fairly quickly.
A story about a girl who needs to sort out how time travel works. And seemingly fails.

Triple Triplicate Girl
Luornu is out on clean-up duty in an asteroid field, and is alone… with herself, three times over, as usual. But after a solar flare hits her ship, Luornu finds there’s not just the 3 of her onboard anymore…
A Legion of Super-Heroes animated series fanfiction starring Luornu Durgo, aka Triplicate Girl.

[Dragonball/Z] When You Wish Upon A Bulma
Bulma Briefs has finally gathered the 7 Dragonballs, and summons the dragon to grant her fondest wish, to have a perfect lover and soul mate for herself. It does so, but the results are not what Bulma had expected. Initially discontent, perhaps Bulma will become happy after all…
A Dragonball fanfiction starring Bulma.

E: -

Eagle -

Four on the Floor (written by Eagle)(posted by deux_bag)
Sexy twin sisters Mandy and Mindy Willison are at a twin festival. As they enjoy it and have fun, they encounter with another pair of hot sisters, Stacey and Tracy Bentley. As they enjoy each other’s company, things start getting very sexy…
A story of two pairs of twins and the enjoyment they find together.

exoblader -

A Case Worth Solving
Private detective Alex Drake lives in a time where the Carmen virus has killed 3/4s of all women in the world. The human cloning procreation act was passed to rebuild the female population, and they are working with former weapons corporation HYbrid to do so. One night, Alex is visited at his office by Alice. One of her, anyway, for the Alice Model was HYbrid’s first series of Human Female Replicas…
A sci-fi pulp story involving female cloning, but the story is still in development…

Hall of Mirrors
Matt awakes to find himself trapped in a bizarre labyrinthine hotel. As he tries to find his way out, he finds his girlfriend Lauren has ended up there as well. But then they move to the next room, and find another Lauren. And then another, and another, and another…
A story of a couple trapped in a loop of replicating girlfriends.

F: -

fuhing -

Twins Catfighting in a limousine

Fyrechyld -

Assignment #1 - Love Thyself [furry, m+f, clones] (written by Klesk Vadrigaar)(posted on by Fyrechyld)
Two old friends, Limly and Kaitlynn, meet again and go out to rekindle their friendship. Kaitlynn convinces Limly to try and make some clones of themselves, and that’s only the beginning…
A furry story with clones of both female and male characters.

G: -

GeminiFlash -

Mirror Match
Former journalist Lenora “Lenny” Creston is working as a bounty hunter with partner Rody Birts, but work hasn’t been good for them lately. One day, Lenny gets a hold of a strange mirror, which ends up having an unexpected effect on her…
An Art of Fighting fanfiction starring Lenny Creston.

gotastic77 -

A Story of Shifting (written by gotastic77)(posted on by TOH)
Jamie, a boy in his late teens, finds he has the ability to transform into the people he touch. While at first this causes him to isolate himself from his peers, he begins to finds use for it interacting with narcissistic girls. But things change as he is confronted by the Federal Paranormal Department…
A story of a guy who can fulfill the narcissistic fantasies of girls.

Girl's Night In (written by gotastic77)(posted on by TOH)
One night Suzie’s roommate, the hot readhead Georgie has gotten a strange statue. After fumbling around with it, a bright light flashes, and they are surprised to find there are now both 2 Georgies and 2 Suzies. The Georgies find it awesome, while the Suzies worry about how it could have happened. The 4 girls spend the night having fun at home and learning to know themselves…
A story of 2 girls duplicated, and finding how much they enjoy their own company.

Katnesses (written by gotastic77)(posted on by TOH)
Days before the Hunger Games begins, Katniss is put through an odd new training method, being duplicated and her two selves having to fight to the death. Katniss engages in the exercise, and comes face to face with herself. But this strange encounter takes a turn for the unexpected.
A Hunger Games fanfiction starring Katniss Everdeen.

Sorority Shift

H: -

hironakamura -

Feminine Enchantress
Liz enjoys sitting in front of the mirror, masturbating, enjoying the sight of her own reflection. But after she falls asleep, her reflection comes out of the mirror, and soon the two of them start enjoying each other for real…
A story of a narcissistic woman’s fantasy coming to life.

Heather and the Pocket Watch(unidentified author, posted by hironakamura)
Heather McKibbin is alone at home and bored. Looking over an old pocket watch in her father’s collection, she finds out is has the power to travel through time. Heather ends up in the immediate past, and comes face to face with a familiar girl who until now was alone at home and bored…
A time travel story of a girl who alleviates her boredom in the intimate company of herself. And herself. And herself, and herself, and herself…

“Narcissism” - a Ranma ½ Lemon Fanfiction (written by St Fan)(posted on by hiro nakamura)
Nabiki is masturbating by herself, but it isn’t enjoyable enough, so she makes use of some Instant Jusenkyo Water she had gotten hold of, specifically, of the Spring of Drowned Twins, and uses it on herself. Now face to face with herself, the Nabikis enjoy a little ‘alone’ time…
A Ranma ½ fanfiction starring Nabiki Tendo. Note, there’s gender bending halfway through it.

holly4davidt -

Doctor Who TOH (various writers)(posted on various)(linked by TOH)
A number of links to Doctor Who fanfictions involving Amy Pond engaging in carnal activities with herself thanks to time travel.

humblefool -

"WANK Magazine #3"
Alphie enjoys the fact that his girlfriend Veronica is a hot model. After a photo shoot for an article talking about cloning, the two recreate her shoot in private, but things take an unexpected turn as her reflection comes to life just like on the magazine cover!
A story of sexual play involving a fantasy turning unexpectedly real.

hyperdragonspider -

Nicole meets another Nicole, and they decide to take a trip to the park together. As they arrive in Nicole’s car, things start heating up in the car, and it isn’t the engine…
A short story of two identical women getting it on.

nicole and jasmine vs themselves
Nicole and her sister Jasmine are at Walmart, but as they try to leave, they have a surprise encounter that makes them see double…
A short story of a pair of sisters who end up fighting themselves.

i: -

Iron Spider -

Goddess vs. Goddess (written by Iron Spider)(edited/modified by Kingsmann)(posted by deux_bag)
Faye Morgan has an interest in the occult, and her skills in magic start to attract the attention of a coven. It appears she is the reincarnation of their goddess, and they keep her under observation. But then, as Faye tries out some magic, it has an unexpected effect on her…
A story of a woman’s experiments in magic leads her in confrontation with herself.

J: -

K: -

Kagami koi -

[Legend of Zelda]Forest of Dreams
The Sage of Forest, Saria, walks alone in the woods, her heart broken as Link is to be married to princess Zelda. As she falls asleep by a tree, she wishes she could find someone like herself to love. What she doesn’t know, however, is that someone heard her wish…
A Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time fanfiction that was not only unfinished, but never got to the point where any duplication took place.

Ken -

(Multi-Woman (written by Ken/Korben (revised by Cheetah)(continued by revolving echo)
Tina has a special ability which she normally keeps to herself: she can duplicate on impact. One particular day when Tina is masturbating and becomes horny enough to fuck with her own clone, she discovers new aspects to her ability she never thought possible.
A oneshot about a girl enjoying new and unusual forms of masturbation.
The story is expanded upon with sequel chapters written by revolving echo.

KloneDyke -

A Memorable Evening (Ripped in Two Sequel of the Sequel)

Results May Vary

Korben -

Jenny Garth
Jennie Garth is taking part in an audition, and she is willing to do anything to get the part. But the last part of the audition is a little special, as Jennie now has to love herself…
A fic starring Jennie Garth.

L: -

ladytania -
viewtopic.php?f=13&t=3466] The Clone (w ... ed by TOH)
The superheroine Ultra Woman is in a desperate battle with her own clone, created by the mad Professor Mutos! Can Ultra Woman defeat an almost exact copy of herself, or will she be replaced?
A superhero mirror match story.

Little Lolita

The Girl in the Mirror (written by Little Lolita)(reblogged by selfcestual)(posted by TOH)
It was hard for Clara to get used to living alone. Passing by her mirror, she yearns for sex, and then her reflection steps out of the mirror…
A story of a girl wanting company, and getting it.

literotica -

literotica stories (various writers)(posted on by windeagle)
Links to clone stories posted on First is DOUBLED PLEASURE, about a man and his developing relationship with a close pair of twin sisters. Then there’s GO SCREW YOURSELF, where a young mad scientist invents a doorway to parallel universes, and finds his counterpart isn’t perfectly identical. Notably his counterparts’ a she…

lobot -

Chun-Li's jade (English)
Chun-Li's jade (Chinese)
Chun-Li lives in a secluded villa, admiring her reflection in narcissistic delight, though feeling lonely. One night she goes down into her basement, and finds a glowing piece of jade in a box down there. When she wakes up the next morning, she finds she isn't alone in the bed…
A Street Fighter fanfic starring Chun-Li.

M: -

MaxFleming -

Android Love ARC -
A female android is surprised when a package with another model of her arrives at her master’s doorstep. Appearing to be a delivery mistake, she gets into an argument with the newer model about who is more worth to stay as the master’s servant, as she has newer software than the older model. And so a rather unusual conflict arises…
A story of two synthetic women in conflict to prove their superiority over each other.

*1 Android Love - Part I

*2 Android Love - Part II

*3 Android Love-Part III

*4 Android Love-Concluded

Beach Twins ARC -
A man is happy with his sexy wife Kara. But a day at the beach turns unexpectedly problematic, as her sister Kira joins them, and he can’t tell them apart. Worse is when Kira refuses to reveal herself, and conflict arises between the sisters…
A story of a man trapped between his wife and her identical twin.

*1 Beach Twins

*2 Beach Twins-Part II

*3 Beach Twins-Part III

*4 Beach Twins-Part IV

*5 Beach Twins-Concluded

Cross Fittest ARC
Monica Medina has just partaken in the regional CrossFit Games and is taking a shower. She finds that another player is in the shower room too, who scored the same as her. In fact, this other person seems quite familiar…
A story of a woman who found herself twice as fit as before.

*1 Cross Fittest

*2 Cross Fittest-Part II

*3 Cross Fittest-Part III

*4 Cross Fittest-Concluded

Mirror Madness ARC -
Mindy V is frustrated, as not even last lover was able to satisfy, try as much as she might. Looking at herself in the mirror, she wishes there could be someone who could pleasure her. Things turn strange as she during masturbation finds herself no longer alone in her room…
A story of a woman finding someone who is able to please her sexually.

*1 Mirror Magic

*2 Mirror Madness-Part II

*3 Mirror Madness-Part III

*4 Mirror Madness-Part IV

The Replacement ARC -
Claudia is perplexed to find out that her ex, Robert, is apparently together with a woman identical to her. Fuming that he would replace her with some copy of her, she goes down to Miami to investigate. But as she arrives to face her duplicate, she has an unforgettable encounter…
A story of a woman learning of how divided her life’s choices were…

*1 The Replacement

*2 The Replacement-Part II

*3 The Replacement-Part III

*4 The Replacement-Part IV

*5 The Replacement-Part V

*6 The Replacement-Concluded

Mirrorbeast -

My Commission's (Story Editon)

mowermandave -

Magic and Muscle
The proud amazonian warrior Malana keeps besting every challenge the wizard throws at her, until he comes up with a very special opponent. The only person he can imagine who could be her equal in a fight…
A fantasy story of a warrior woman locked in battle with herself.

The Competition [FUTA WARNING]
Lucy is an incredibly hot, incredibly horny hermaphrodite, but none can satiate her lust. When she arrives at a bar for her next date, she is confused to learn that everyone is familiar with her. And when she finally meets her date, Loni, Lucy gets the surprise of her life.
A futanari story of a lustful hermaphrodite finally meeting her match.

The Doubled Agent
Secret agent Tara Roads wakes up on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and finds she’s literally beside herself! The two Taras learn this was done by her archenemy, mad scientist Dr. Miles Smith. He has made it so that Tara will duplicate every day, until the boat will be overcrowded with her clones, with little hope of survival. Will the Taras be able to escape their fate, and stop the evil doctor’s mad scheme?
A story of a sexy spy duplicating out of control.

The Island Clones
The people of the dying planet Terion need to relocate to a different planet, and have cloning devices called Duplicators transported to their new home to quickly repopulate their native wildlife on the new world. Unfortunately, one of these Duplicators crash down on an island on Earth by accident. 300 years later, a couple named Ray and Sally are marooned on that same island, and so the Duplicator awakens…
A story of a couple being affected by alien technology for the most sexiest result.

Space heroine Galaxy Star arrives to meet with the man who created her, cloned her, her father, the evil Kregor, after he threatens to destroy a planet if she doesn’t show up. When she comes face to face with him, the old man has her fight her most dangerous enemy yet…
A science fiction story of good, evil, and clones.

Mr. 2ofher -

Dragon-Ball Chi Chi
In an alternate timeline where Kami had merged with King Piccolo after Goku’s victory over him, Chi-chi is frustrated that she couldn’t get to confront Goku in the tournament. Wanting to improve her chances of getting together with him, she gathers the dragon balls to wish herself twice as beautiful as she is. Unfortunately, the wish doesn’t turn out the way she had expected it to…
A Dragon Ball fanfiction starring Chi-chi.

Fairy Tail: Battle Date
6 female members of Fairy Tail have been lured on a trip to an island. They discover they had been invited by a man called Duplo Binary, who wants them to help his research. When he finally reveals what it's about, the place suddenly gets more crowded…
A Fairy Tail fanfiction starring Lucy Heartphilia, Erza Scarlett, Mirajane Strauss, Lisanna Strauss, Cana Alberon, Evergreen, and Juvia Lockser.

One Piece: Crashing Waves.
In an alternate universe where she never joined the Straw Hat crew and Jimbei ended Arlong’s reign of terror on her home island, Nami is busy sailing the seven seas and robbing everyone blind. But a chance encounter robbing a man with a very unique devil fruit ability changes things, as Nami gains a partner in crime who is quite literally her equal in every way.
A One Piece fanfiction starring the sexy redheaded navigator Nami.

[Legend of Zelda] Crossed Eras
Shiek, really the princess Zelda, prepares to enter the Labyrinth of Ordeals. But somewhere else, Tetra, really the princess Zelda, also prepares to enter the Labyrinth of Ordeals. Zelda has found out that someone is draining half the power of the Triforce of Wisdom, and she is trying to get to the bottom of it. But when Zelda finally faces the person using half of her part of the Triforce, Zelda will be in direct conflict with herself…
A Legend of Zelda fanfiction starring princess Zelda.

To Love Ru: Double Trouble Tails
Alien princess Lala is an inventing genius, and this time she has built a cloning machine! Naturally, she tests it on herself. As Lala begins to enjoy her own company, an accident with another device causes them to be a bit more intimate than they intended…
A To Love Ru fanfiction starring Lala Satalin Deviluke.

Fate Extra: Caster, Extra Self she didn’t want
Caster goes with her Master through a dungeon to meet with another Servant-Master pair. Caster feels unsure if there is anyone they can trust, but then she is surprised when they meet the other pair, who look very familiar indeed…
A Fate/Extra fanfiction starring Caster/Tamamo no Mae.

Ranma 1/2: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat
Cologne is disappointed in her granddaughter Shampoo’s failure, and is training her at Jusenkyo. She makes Shampoo fall into one of the cursed springs, which creates a worthy opponent for Shampoo to fight, one which Cologne insists she has to defeat before she will have it undone. But as it turns out, this might not have been such a good idea…
A Ranma ½ fanfiction starring Shampoo.

The King of Fighters: Psycho Twins

Naruto: Road to Hinata
After learning about Naruto and Sakura's strange adventure in a mirror reality, Hinata comes face to face with a very unusual reflection of herself…
A Naruto fanfic starring Hyuga Hinata.

Darkstalkers: Soul Survivor
Morrigan has gone off to have some fun. But unexpected circumstances lead to her gaining a new playmate, someone who knows her very well…
A Darkstalkers fanfiction starring Morrigan Aensland.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Goddess

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: Nia-Hen
Humanity has grown beyond the allowed limits, and the Anti-Spirals activate their messenger in response. Nia finds herself trapped in her own body, and struggles with her other self…
A Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann fanfiction starring Nia Teppelin.

Tales of Twins
Several certain women have gone to the famous resort Altamira Island, but Chloe Valens isn’t in the mood for fun. Her life has recently taken a drastic change, and she needs time to think. But something strange and unexpected happens, as Chloe and the numerous other women on the island come face to face with themselves…
A fanfiction starring Chloe Valens from Tales of Legendia, and featuring several other female characters from the games of the Tales Of series.

The Legend of Zelda: Tangled Timelines
Princess Zelda finds herself having visions, and strange encounters with her own double. She learns of an important mission she has to undergo, but it is a mission she cannot complete on her own. Will Zelda be able to perform her task, or will she fail by struggling with herself?
A Legend of Zelda fanfiction starring princess Zelda.

Writer's Block (Various)
A writer of selfcestual fanfiction struggles to come up with a good idea for a new story, writing and rejecting several ideas in the process.
A meta-fanfiction featuring several female characters from numerous fictional series.

Multi26 -

Michelles aplenty (continued by revolvingechco)
A sequel to cloner204’s story ‘Too Much For One’.
Michelle awakens from a bizarre nightmare filled with clones, only to find that her dream is more real than she had thought, both for herself and for her daughters Erin and Shannon. Can Michelle stop her nightmare from turning true?
A story of a family multiplying out of control.

Redheads are the best clones ;)

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NastyNasEscobar -

Lucy Barkwell arrives at her house, only to discover someone else is in there! Freaked out, she is even more surprised to discover she looks exactly like her! As the two Lucys try to figure out how to become one person again, they find each other's company rather… interesting…
A story of a girl dealing with not being alone in her own home, and liking it.

Melany Bishops wakes up from a night of partying, and goes to the bathroom. But when she returns, she finds someone else is in her bed, and it's another Melany Bishops! The two Melany's, confused at the occurrence, go through their daily routine, and find that they are both enjoying the sight of the other.
A story of a girl who wakes up to find the pleasure of her own company.

nvebr -

[Jackie Chan Adventures] (Jade x Jade(s))
Jade is forced to do her homework while a videogame tournament she wants to be in is underway. She recalls the cloning magic she once used, and decides to do it again. But things take an unexpected turn…
A Jackie Chan Adventures fanfiction starring Jade Chan.

O: -

P: -

Phen -

Rikkudupli (FFX, futa, multipenis, lots of clones)
Rikku is sitting on her bed at the inn, and bored out of her wits. But things suddenly change for the interesting, as she discovers something has changed about her body. She starts pleasuring herself, but before long, she isn’t alone on the bed…
A futanari Final Fantasy X fanfiction starring Rikku.

Pilot_MoonDog -

Sex With Ghosts (A non-genre TOH story) (written by Sarah Kanning)(posted on by Pilot_MoonDog)
Carla Bingham is an asexual woman working at a place where people can go and have sex with robots modeled to look like anything their heart desires. However, she is not amused when she meets with a bot that looks very familiar…
A story of a woman finding she is the object of other people’s desires.

Q: -

R: -

redblue -

Marisa and her r0se
Marisa and her boyfriend Kevin are off to college, but things change as Marisa befriends a girl named Rose over the net. Rose is uncannily similar-looking to Marisa, and the two get off on each other. Then Rose comes to town and invites Marisa to meet up in person, only for Marisa to get the surprise of her life…
A story of girls dealing with an unusual sexy condition.

Replica -

Replica - In The Beginning There Was Only One
Jane is furious that James has dumped her in favor of his old ex Rebecca. So she decides to have the same thing done to herself that Rebecca had done: having a Replica made of herself! But as Jane comes face to face with herself, she finds being two people isn’t all she thought it would be…
A story of a woman forced to learn to live with herself.

revolving echo -

Anri & Anna [japanese translation]

BIAMAZONS (collaboration by neonigma3 and revolving echo)
Tylene has had strange dreams about living in the Amazon rainforest since she was young. When she discovers there might be a connection between her dreams and a recently discovered lost culture in the Amazon, Tylene goes to the dig site with her twin friends Liza and Beth to find answers. But the truth of the matter turns out to be far stranger than she had imagined…
A story involving twins, triplets, and conjoinment, about a girl discovering her true heritage.

Multitude Inc.
Maya has gone to the offices Multitude Inc. to have herself duplicated. However, while she awakens from the procedure literally beside herself, the two Mayas find themselves closer than either of them would have liked. Furthermore, they discover something strange has occurred in the building. Maya and Maya begin exploring to discover what has happened to Multitude Inc.
A suspenseful tale involving cloned girls, some with strange bodies, others with strange abilities.

Multi Woman Continuation (first chapter written by Ken/Korben (revised by Cheetah))
Tina has the power to split herself into multiple copies, but she starts discovering new and unexpected applications of her power. However, one night she has to be in two places at once, and unexpected circumstances changes her life forever. As she develops her relationship with new girlfriend Cate, alongside several members of Cate’s family, Tina is forced having to learn living with herself, and her life starts to spiral out of control.
A story of duplicated girls learning to live with themselves and each other.

Rogues Gallery [X-Men, Marvel]
Rogue, member of the mutant super hero team the X-Men, has arrived home, tired after a day of fighting. But after having copied the powers of Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man, Rogue finds some unintended ‘recreational use’ of her borrowed ability…
A Marvel Comics fanfiction starring the mutant super heroine Rogue.

Miranda, having been adopted, didn’t know who her parents were, until she gets a mysterious letter from her biological mother. However, when she arrives to meet her, she comes face to face with someone unexpectedly familiar…
A somewhat confusing time travel story where a girl finds out just how much she loves herself.

stories from Conjoined Dreams (stories written by Dr. Mercurious)
A collection of sexual stories involving conjoinment. Posted here are stories of conjoinment involving twins or duplications:
- A girl has a doctor make her undergo a radical medical procedure to change herself.
- A girl visits her friend, and finds she has become twice as smart as before.
- Models take part in a show with magical transformation clothing.
- A woman fools around with her stage magician boyfriend’s props, and is later joined by her twin cousins.

stories from (stories written by various authors)
A collection of various twin/clone sex stories by different authors:
A couple of stories already on BVR,
- a Pokemon fanfic of two lookalikes having sex,
- a girl time travels to be with herself,
- a girl manifests the ability to multiply herself,
- a girl uses a magic book to multiply herself,
- and an unfinished story of a couple ending up on a deserted island, where some crashed alien technology starts to affect them, including cloning the woman…

Teleporter Reporter (written by revolving echo, original idea by sniper90019001)
Leonard Wright has managed to build a fully functional teleporter, and shows it off to his best friend, news reporter Sophia Moon. When she insists on trying the device herself, an accident happens, and Leonard starts to literally see double! Can Leonard fix his mistake, or will Sophia be forced to live with herself?
A story about a teleporter accident and the ramifications it has on its sexy test subject.

The Bifurcation Blade
The lady knight Cassandra thinks she has finally found a weapon that can kill the demon queen Dezira. But the Bifurcation Blade, a sword that can supposedly ‘cleave anything in two’, has an unexpected power that will change the lives of both Cassandra and Dezira…
A story set in a fantasy world with numerous duplicated women.

The Right Choice
Irene is frustrated. She wants to go on a date with John, but her best friend Clara has been crushing on him for longer than Irene has. Not knowing what to do, Irene soon finds herself literally torn between her choices…
A story of a girl having to face herself twice over to make a decision.

Together in Spirit (written by revolving echo, inspired by ideas from sniper90019001)
Mai is grieving over the tragic death of her twin sister, Mia. But one night, she is visited by someone she didn’t expect, and the conflicted emotions resulting from this meeting will change things, be it for better or worse.
A ghost story about the love of a pair of twins transcending death.

ryan3199 -

It takes Two Of You to survive
Claire Wells is a sexy spy, the best of the best working for TechDawn. But during a simple assassination mission, someone starts getting in her way. That someone being herself. Will Claire succeed in her mission, or will she fail as she keeps coming into conflict with her own double?
A thrilling story of a spy butting heads with herself.

Maximum Maxines
Maxine is a college girl who is too hot for anyone to handle but herself. One day while she is swamped with school work, she discovers a spellbook titled ‘Duplication’. Believing it to be the answer to all her troubles, she reads aloud the magic words, and comes face to face with the sexiest person she’s ever met… herself. Can Maxine get her work done, or is facing her own reflection in the flesh too sexy and distracting? Will Maxine even be able to handle living with herself?
A sexy tale of a narcissistic girl who just can’t get enough of herself.

"Ripped In Two" Sequel : Second Chance
A sequel to the story ‘Ripped in Two’.
3 months have passed since the second Jolie was lost, and Jolie cannot help but be reminded of how tragically things turned out every time she looks herself in the mirror. But her husband has been keeping something secret from her, something that will change things, perhaps even for the better…
A story of a woman regaining her love for herself.

[Original - Collaboration]Self Experimentation(written by ryan3199, illustrations by BlueVersusRed)
A sequel to the story ‘Self Motivation’.
Anna Smith has gotten over her breakup, and has come to love herself very much. Returning to the gym to shower together, Anna and Anna are interrupted in their symmetrical loving by someone all too familiar…
A continuing clone story of a girl who very much enjoys her own company.

(original ) Self Motivation
Anna Smith, frustrated at being dumped by her boyfriend, decides to blow off some steam at the gym she works at with some freestyle wrestling. But she gets a surprise as her opponent is someone who is her equal in the ring…
A clone story of a frustrated girl who finds her perfect match…
A sequel was written, titled ‘Self Experimentation’.

To Double a Twin
Sexy twin scientists Valerie and Mallory are busy working on their latest invention, when they’re not having sex with each other, anyway. But then something goes wrong with the machine, with some surprising effects for them…
A story of a pair of twins and the consequences an accident has for them.

S: -

sapien -

Found: Story with a Bit of Clone Action (various writers)(posted on by sapien)
Links to some TOH stories. First is MY MOM IS A SEX GODDESS, a rather messy story of a guy with a sexy mom, and his friend using a genie’s wish to make her the ultimate sex slave. Then there’s chapter 5 of MAGIC GIRLS, stories involving girls using their magical powers to have incredible sex, and one girl splits herself into multiple selves.

Scarf Man -

A Swarm of Wasps [Avengers, Marvel]
Janet Van Dyne, the superheroine Wasp, is bored with nothing to do, her love Hank Pym busy doing science. Unexpectedly the villain Egghead has snuck in with a cloning device, to force the heroes to fight their own doubles. Though the cloned Janets have other thoughts on their minds…
A Marvel Comics fanfiction starring Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp.

scottishpride890 -

Beside herselves with love and hate
Penelope Cruz comes home, where she has some inventions made by physics professor Hans to test out. One day she is busy with two things she wants to do, and doesn't know what to do. But then she recalls that one of those inventions is The Perfect Xerox, which can copy anything, and she gets an idea…
A fic starring Penelope Cruz.

Honey, I had an orgy with myself
Diane Szalinski has a very sexy dream involving clones of herself. The next morning, she goes up to her husband Wayne’s lab and borrows his Replicator. However, due to her own carelessness, she gets more than she had initially expected…
A Honey I Shrunk The Kids fanfiction starring Diane Szalinski.

Three Times An Amy
Amy Adams was home alone and bored. She wanted some company, and a good foot rub. Plus she had work to do later. She wished she could just snap her fingers and make some clones of herself. But after snapping her fingers, she finds that is exactly what happens…
A fic starring Amy Adams.

Torrie by the dozen
Former female wrestler Torrie is enjoying the peace and privacy now working as a secretary. However this week she’s forced to work overtime. One afternoon she finds a Staples Easy Button, and decides to push it for fun. But something strange happens, and Torrie finds she isn’t alone at the office anymore…
A fic starring former WWE diva Torrie Wilson.

selfcestual -

A COUPLE SELFCESTUAL STORY PICKS (written by selfcestual)(posted on by Multi26)
A few stories posted on the Selfcestual tumblr:
UNFORGETTABLE [Unforgettable]
Carrie Wells, a police detective with a photographic memory, enjoys looking back at a crime scene in detail, since she enjoyed recalling her own appearance during those cases. Then one day, reviewing her memories of the latest case, the memory of her past self starts acting on its own, and Carrie gets a very enjoyable fantasy out of it…
An Unforgettable fanfiction starring Carrie Wells.
After an accident falling from the top of a human pyramid, cheerleader Santana finds herself in her own subconscious, and can conjure up anything she wants. After trying out a few things, Santana decides to indulge in her naricissism…
A Glee fanfiction starring Santana Lopez.

Double Sue Storms [Fantastic Four (movie)] (written by selfcestual)(posted on by TOH)
Sue Storm has been fiddling around with the hologram system in the Baxter Building, and has not only made a replica of herself, but one that reacts to touch. But from the looks of it she starts doing more than just clinical testing.
A Fantastic Four fanfiction starring Sue Storm.

Run Simulation: Annie slash Annie [Community] (written by selfcestual)(posted on by TOH)
Annie goes to make use of the Dreamatorium, to come face to face with her simulated duplicate again, wanting to talk about being loved…
A Community fanfic starring Annie Edison.

Black Widow Squared (Scarlet/Scarlet)
Natasha Romanov is bored after the lack of excitement since the Avengers saved the world from Loki and the invasion. Morph, a shapeshifting former X-Man who is one of some new potential recruits, comes to her as she is training, and offers to give her a worthy opponent. Things then take an unexpected turn…
A Marvel Cinematic Universe fanfiction starring Natasha Romanov, aka the Black Widow.

Self Love - Tracer/Tracer
Tracer likes to play around with her teleportation ability, to the point of changing places so fast it looks like she's in two places at once. Then she decides to take things a step further with touching herself…
An Overwatch fanfic starring Tracer.

Selfdenialboi -

Clone Machine Fantasy
Young millionaire Tristan recounts his greatest date from 2 years ago. He picks up a date at a bar, Tracy, and goes home (where he owns a cloning machine) to prepare for the date. He meets up with her and they have a good time.
An incomplete story that hasn’t yet gotten to the point where some cloning took place.

The Enslaved Identical Brother
Twin brothers Mark and Anthony are identical in every way, but despite appearances, in truth they didn’t get along, and now both their parents have died there’s nothing keeping them from tearing each other apart. Things start to get intense as both brothers ask out Monica, who somewhat unaware that she’s dealing with two men…
A story about male twins that hasn’t gotten far enough yet in its plot.

seriousish -

Pretend We Used To Be Lesbian Lovers! Do It For The Children!
Emma and Regina are having a conversation that takes a turn for the sexy, but Regina finds out Emma has something hidden in the closet…
A Once Upon a Time fanfic starring Emma Swan.

SexyCloning -

Wish On A Star (unidentified author, posted by SexyCloning)
Popular girl Britney has scheduled 3 dates on the same night tomorrow, and she wishes on a star that she could go on all the dates. The next day she wakes up, and her wish has come true, for there are now three of her! But her multiplicity doesn’t stop there, and Britney soon finds her house overflowing with herself. Can Britney undo her wish? And how does her best friend Chelsea factor into the story?
A tale of a girl trying stop herself from becoming too many people.

sheltie1987 -

Double Dose of Granger
Harry is rather surprised to find two Hermiones in her home, arguing with herself. And then the conversation turns to much more racier things…

silent_peon -

Replica (from "The Outer Limits")
Zach is faced with the problem of his wife Nora, and her duplicate. She is just as much real as the original Nora, and Zach doesn’t know what to do. But as Nora and Nora face each other, things take an unexpected twist…
A fanfiction of The Outer Limits episode ‘Replica’, starring Nora.

sir -

Desires made flesh
Whenever Samantha is sexually frustrated, she manifests her desires into reality. On the bus back home, Sam starts thinking about her sexy boss Jessica, and her power starts flaring up, making her dream come true. Double up, in fact.
A story about a woman with an amazing power with sexy results.

sniper90019001 -

Shortest TOH Stories Ever
A collection of short dialogue exchanges of various duplication scenarios.

SonicBoom403 -

A little bit of Peach for everyone! (written by SonicBoom403)(posted on by revolving echo)
Peach and Daisy are visiting the Sprixie Kingdom, and Peach show's off the power of the Double Cherry, duplicating herself. Daisy then gets the idea for Peach to make enough copies to share herself with everyone.
A Super Mario fanfiction starring Princess Peach Toadstool.

sparky -

clara doctor who fics (posted by sparky)
Links to a number of Doctor Who fanfics revolving around Clara Oswald engaging in romance with herself.

c-s-s-a stories (posted by sparky)
Links to cloning stories from the Celebrity Sex Story Archive.

ASMIN WAGNER AND HER CLONE [Note: it’s written in German, so use Google Translate]
Jasmin is a hot woman, but she’s lonely. And so, she’s gone to an American cloning center to make her very own clone. And so Jasmin and Jasmin2 start having fun…
A fic starring singer Jasmin Wagner.

Jennifer has been shooting a sci-fi thriller about a cloning machine. After finishing shooting, Jennifer is by the machine used in the movie, when a bolt of lightning hits it. When Jennifer returns to her trailer, she finds an unsuspecting guest there…
A fic starring actress Jennifer Love Hewitt.

steampunktrunks -

Dual Identities
He walked down the street, and arrived to meet with the beautiful Chamille. Chamille, and her equally beautiful twin Carla. But it looks like things won't turn out quite as expected…
A story that hasn't gotten far enough to quite get a clear picture of the plot.

stoner-blake -

A Good Idea Gone Bad (written by stoner-blake)(posted on by droid1)
Ruby finds out about Weiss's training technique of using clones for practice, and tries it herself. However, the training takes an unexpected turn…
A RWBY fanfiction starring Ruby.

T: -

Taekocybe -

Beyonce vs. Sasha (written by rawballz)(posted on by Taekocybe)
A story involving Beyonce’s alter ego Sasha Fierce not only becoming real, but very aggressive towards her. In the final chapter, Sasha confronts Beyonce in a rather intense face-off…
A fic starring Beyonce Knowles and her alter ego Sasha Fierce.

tazel -

Interview with "Legion" [Warning: Furry themed]
Staff writer Mannfred Johnson from Valkyries Magazine has gone to interview skunk super heroine Legion, and learns a little of how life is for her, and being able to become multiple people.
A furry story of a heroine who can be as many people she wants to be.

the island 226 -

June and the Island
June awakens to find herself on a tropical island in the middle of nowhere, with no idea how she arrived. Trying to explore the island, she doesn’t find much before the day ends and she has to rest. But when she wakes up the next morning, she finds someone lying next to her, a very unexpected person indeed…
A story of a girl thrust into mysterious circumstances, and trying to survive with herself.
NOTE that the story is more of a summary than a full story, as the author did not feel confident in his writing to fully flesh it out.

TheMagicBox -

The Adventures of Clara and Oswin (my Doctor Who TOH series.

the_rake -

Double Dancers
Iris is a regular dancer at the club. The club had gotten a russian girl, Irina, who looks like her. While Iris was unnerved by this at first, they are now getting along, and have a dance routine together. And their interaction with each other gets very good…
A story of two women enjoying working together.

Mirror Image
She loves looking at herself in the mirror, fantasizing about her reflection. Then she starts getting to close and personal with the mirror…

tilante -

Wizards of Waverly Place TOH (written by tilante)(posted on by TOH)
Alex makes a duplicate of herself to cover for the fact that’s she spending the night over at her boyfriend’s. But not unexpectedly, things end up getting complicated…
A Wizards of Waverly Place fanfic starring Alex Russo.
Note it isn’t until chapter 13 that actual TOH occurs.

Timothy5298 -

Dreams of a Teenage Boy
Alex dreams one night about a machine that could create clones of any woman he desired, and he wanted orgies involving lots of Kate Upton clones. After he wakes up, he discovers the machine of his dreams right there in his home…
A fic involving one young man’s fantasies about Kate Upton being realized.

TMG Saga -

The Morning After (written by TMG Saga)(posted by TOH)
Hannah awakens, surprised to find another her next to her in bed. She remembers using her magic to not only make her body sexier, but also to bring her own reflection to life, and had taken her own virginity with it. The two Hannahs quickly proceed to continue where they left off last night…
A story of a girl using her incredible magic powers for her own sexual satisfaction.

TOH (a.k.a. Misterix) -

A Fold in Time
Roxanne has gotten hold of a time-belt, a device that will allow her to travel through time. She is very excited, for soon she will do something she has only dreamed of, potential paradoxes be damned. She travels back 1 minute into the past, ready to experience… herself.
A story of a narcissistic girl using time travel to live out her greatest fantasy.

Ashley's Dream (written by Elian Narknanbwa)(posted by TOH)
Jim gets a call from his girlfriend Ashley. She insists that he come over to her immediately, being secretive about what is going on. As Jim arrives at her apartment, he gets the surprise of his life, as he unexpectedly sees double. But soon, things go out of control, and he begins to see quadruple, decuple, and so on…
A story of a girl becoming too much for her boyfriend or herself to handle.

clone erotica for purchase (linked by TOH)
Links for stories, one of which is for purchase:
DOUBLED (by lula Lisbon)(FOR PURCHASE)
Beautiful ex-model turned scientist Dr. Rachelle decides to be the first to clone a human being, in part to be try doing herself. Both she and her boyfriend Paul will get surprised by how things turn out with her clone.
THE LONG RUN (written by Jack Stratton)
Smith was going to take the long run, a long-time trip through space, but he wasn’t going alone. After meeting the lovely k8 (Kate), he had 4 clones (Al, Bee, Dee and Meg) made of her, to ensure the trip didn’t get lonely. And lonely it certainly wasn’t…

Elf Indulgence
It’s Christmas Eve, and Daphne the elf is busy helping Santa deliver gifts all across the world. In one particular home, Melissa is home alone, her boyfriend in Iraq, and feeling lonely, having narcissistic fantasies in her head. When the familiar sleigh arrives at her home, and as Daphne is delivering the gifts, she learns of Melissa’s fantasies, and decides to give Melissa a very special present…
A Christmas story about a girl getting the gift of narcissistic love.

Necromancer (unidentified author)(posted by TOH)
A female necromancer is surprised when she, somehow, raises a zombie that is a copy of herself. As she takes this undead double home, the necromancer begins to explore herself…
A fantasy story of a woman learning to be intimate with herself.

Pru's Room - an excerpt from a Charmed fan fiction site (written by Lucifael)(posted by TOH)
Xander Harris has ended up in San Francisco, and gets his life mixed up with the Halliwell sisters. At one point, Pru, the eldest sister, calls him to her room for a some very intimate relations. Adding to that, Pru shows some very unorthodox usage of her astral projection powers…
A Charmed/Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover fanfiction featuring Pru Halliwell.

Regina, Regina (written by TOH, continued by ryan3199)
Regina is alone at home, depressed at how none of her relationships have managed to work, getting sadder that the only thing able to turn her on is her own image. Regina then tenses up as she hears someone else is in her home! Armed with her stun gun, she goes down to see who the intruder is. But the person waiting for her downstairs was the last person she would have expected to see…
A story of a lonely woman who finds love in herself.

Ripped In Two
Jolie Aguiles is a happily married mother of two, but with her husband’s extended travels her responcibilities at home keep weighing more heavily on her. One morning she is stuck between coming to the aid of her children at opposite ends of the house, and doesn’t know what to do. Through sheer force of will, she somehow manages to go to both of them simultaneously! Now two people, can Jolie co-exist with herself?
A story of an overworked mother trying to balance life with herself.
A sequel was written, called ‘Ripped in Two Sequel: Second Chance’.

Self Indulgence
Janet screamed in surprise, as the door opened and she came face to face with her exact double. But shock quickly turns into lust, as Janet had wished for this to happen, and now that her wish had come true, there was only one thing on the minds of Janet and Janet…
A story of a woman living her fantasy of loving herself.

The Other Woman
Cynthia has broken off her relationship with Max, who is obsessed with her and has her partake in threesomes with lookalikes of herself. After moving cities to avoid his stalker behavior, she spots a woman identical to herself! Even more perplexing is that this woman is on a date with Max. Curious about all this, Cynthia decides to get to the bottom of this, but as she digs deeper, she finds things are far more complicated and strange than at first glance…
A story about one man’s obsession over a single woman, to the point that one of her just isn’t enough.

The Twinning of Kari Brady
Stephanie has never been as lucky in love as her best friend, the far more gorgeous Kari. But one day she confronts Kari and her husband with a Twinning Spell, which will allow her to change into Kari’s form. They accept to help her, but as Stephanie becomes Kari’s exact double, they find she’s become far more like Kari then they had thought…
A story of a woman wanting to become as sexy as her best friend.

Too Many Pams
Pamela Conners and her boyfriend Charlie are having sex, and the topic comes up of how it would be like if there were two of her. When Pam later takes a shower, she starts thinking about what it would be like to fuck her own duplicate, wanting it to be real. But suddenly in the steamy shower stall, Pam suddenly finds she’s not alone…
A story of a woman’s sexual fantasy coming true.

To Thine Own Self Be True
It’s Valentine’s Day, and Sarah Wallance is annoyed that she has found no one who could satisfy her love. Then she unexpectedly receives a package, but she soon discovers that she isn’t alone, and comes face to face with a familiar face. While Sarah initially finds it to be her perfect partner, they keep clashing in their attempts to co-exist…
A story of a woman finding it difficult to live with herself.

Tina Times Two!
A man comes home and is greeted by his hot wife Tina, but as they enter the bedroom, he is confused to see another Tina! The two of them then recount their unexpected encounter with each other, all in saucy detail…
A story of a woman’s sexual encounter with herself.

U: -

UedMasod -

No Loss, No Gain [WARNING: FUTA]
In a kingdom where all the “kings” have been lady hermaphrodites who produces the next heir with their own hermaphrodite daughters, the last child Shy refuses to have sex with her parent, and has such the king has cursed her never to have children ever so long as she refuses to continue the bloodline. Then being shut into the dungeon with no one to fuck, she is approached by Aisha, her guardian spririt, who grants her one wish. And Shy says: I want to have sex with myself. …
A futanari story of royalty who gains an unexpected sex partner.

The Deadlock
The sorceress Sara lives by herself in the forest. After turning her former hometown into an abandoned shell, whenever travelers would pass her home, she would make them into her unwilling test subjects. But then one day, after performing some strange summoning, Sara comes face to face… with herself. The two Saras look at each other as their new subject, but as they try to subjugate each other, things go from bad to worse for Sara…
A story of a woman in conflict with herself, and how she makes herself suffer because of it.

The Perfect Mirror
ui enters what appears to be an old storeroom for magic tools. Trying a few things out, she notices a strange mirror, where her reflection isn’t mirrored, but moves the same way like she is, left hand to left hand, right foot to right foot. Curious, Yui then tries to touch the mirror, and then things start getting interesting…
A story of a girl symmetrically pleasuring herself.

UnknowN_AvataR -

Major Timothy Waters is the pilot for the testing The Atom, as part of the Pegasus Inter-Stellar Travel Project. But something happens as they activate the vortex, and before he knows it, he finds himself in a lush prairie, found by some interesting beauties named Sarah…
A story of a man coming on an unexpected travel and meeting some very interesting women. The story has had little development, though.



wllo4 -

dopplegang what?
After chaos has ensued from the vampire Willow from the alternate universe, Buffy and friends now have a Willow to spare. As they try to handle keeping the vampire around, things take some unexpected turns…
A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction starring Willow.

[original] My trip to scotland
Rachel Coal took a trip to Scotland, but after finding something horrifying in the basement of her hotel, she runs out into the night and collapses. The following morning she finds herself in her bed at the hotel, but finds she isn’t alone…
A story of a woman who is unable to live with herself, and the consequences it has…

[original] oneshot
She always desired it, and finally it was true. She was face to face with herself, could feel what she feels like. They get intimate with each other, but things get more spicy, as she is rather competitive…
A futanari story of a woman who finally gets an equal to satisfy her.

When dreams come true
Mya wishes she could find someone like herself to love. Through a chance encounter she meets Claude, who she schedules a date with the following day. Jeffrey, who Mya has never met, is obsessed with her, and angered by her finding someone else. However, in his anger he throws something into her home, an experiment he had just finished in making. And it has some very unexpected consequences for Mya…
A story of a woman exposed to something that makes her literally beside herself.

Wolfman97 -

Princess Peaches fantasies come true
Mario has been chained in the dungeon for days. Finally Peach takes him out, and reveals the bizarre reason she's done this to him…
A Super Mario fanfic starring Princess Peach.

wordweaver93 -

ThirteenxThirteen (written by wordweaver93)(posted on by TOH)
After having broken up with Foreman, Thirteen is longing for someone to be there for her, to confide in, to love. But her perfect match shows up unexpectedly, just waiting in the mirror all this time…
A House fanfic starring Thirteen.

WotanAnubis -

[Metroid] A Shapeshifter's Thanks
Three years after the events of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the shapeshifter Gandrayda has been revived and purged of the Phazon corruption. Grateful to Samus for helping in resurrecting her, Gandrayda decided to give the bounty hunter a very special thank you…
A Metroid fanfiction starring Samus Aran and shapeshifter Gandrayda.

[Final Fantasy VI] Approach
Terra is walking through the snow, barely aware of what she is doing. She is being controlled, forced to do something against her will, and she can barely register her own actions. Inside her mind there is a part of her not dominated, talking to her, and giving her comfort…
A Final Fantasy VI fanfiction starring Terra Branford.

[Metroid] Echo
Samus is puzzled by what has happened. After Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, after her adventure on the planet Aether, which had been split into a light and dark half, Samus has gained unexpected company aboard her ship. Her ‘guest’ doesn’t appear to have long to live, however, so Samus gives her the time of her life…
A Metroid fanfiction starring Samus Aran.

[Rumble Roses] Face/Heel
Wrestler Candy Cane is a punk delinquent, and for some reason has gone to the fighting ring, despite there being no one to watch. Things turn strange as her opponent appears, the awfully cheerful Becky Welsh. The reason why she questions whether if she’s on drugs is because, well, Becky Welsh IS Candy Cane…
A Rumble Roses fanfiction starring Rebecka Welsh, aka Candy Cane.

[No More Heroes] Fucking With Jeane
A sort of continuation of the story ‘Fucking With Me’.
Jeane is well aware she’s in a porn fanfic, so she knows that Shinobu won’t be able to refuse when Jeane asks her to teach her to duplicate herself. Jeane comes over to Shinobu’s place, and finds it filled with, well, Shinobu. Lots of her. Of course, Jeane isn’t getting this for free, so she shows Shinobu something she can teach her in return…
A futanari No More Heroes fanfiction featuring Shinobu.

[No More Heroes] Fucking With Me
Shinobu has been training with Death Metal to learn one of his techniques. Coming home after a long day of high school, Shinobu decides make use of her new technique, and use it to relax a little and enjoy herself, in the company of… herself.
A No More Heroes fanfiction starring Shinobu.
A continuation of sorts was made, called ‘Fucking With Jeane’.

[No More Heroes] Life and Death - Garden of Madness
Scarlet Jacobs, also known as the assassin Shinobu, arrives for a regular day of high school, but strangely no one is there. As she enters her classroom, she finds someone there, and has a strange encounter…. with herself…
A futanari No More Heroes fanfiction starring Scarlet Jacobs, aka Shinobu.

[SMAC] Santiago's Secret Project
The Spartan Federation has finally completed making cloning vats, unfortunately for their ruler, Colonel Corazon Santiago, her top military advisors don’t think they should duplicate the higher ranking members, despite the many practical uses this had, and even less in making more of the greatest Spartan of all, herself of course. Still, they relented in letting her have one body double, which still has its perks…
A fanfiction of Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, starring Corazon Santiago.

[Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey] Awakened Zelenin
After waking up, Zelenin finds herself in a room, Lilith gone, and yet she isn’t alone, for there is another Zelenin, naked, on the bed. As the other Zelenin approached her, Zelenin learns to accept herself…
A portion of a Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey fanfiction starring Zelenin.

[Tomb Raider: Underworld] Shadow in the Light
Lara is on her private tropical island, enjoying having some time by herself. Of course, when she says she’s by herself, it doesn’t mean that she’s all alone on the island…
A Tomb Raider: Underworld fanfiction starring Lara Croft and her Doppelganger.

[Fire Emblem] Swords of Spirits
Florina is enjoying life living with Lyn. But their relationship isn’t merely a twosome, for when Lyn gained both swords Mani Katti and Sol Katti, they needed a separate wielder for each of them, and the power of the blades created a rather interesting solution…
A Fire Emblem fanfiction featuring Lyn.

[Winx Club] Tecna.EXE
Tecna is rather bored, so she’s spending time working on an AI, and finally finishing, decides to be face to face with her new creation, using her VR stuff to enter her program. As she enters, she comes face to face with her new creation, Tecna.EXE…
A Winx Club fanfiction starring Tecna.

[Overlord] Tempting the Temptress
The Overlord’s mistress, Rose, has come to visit her sister, Velvet. Rose has come to teach her sister some rather special magic, both to make the narcissistic Velvet happy, which would also make her less of a nuisance. As Velvet tries it out, she cannot help but start to agree…
An Overlord fanfiction starring Velvet.

[Advance Wars: Dark Conflict] The Cloned
Despite attempting to leave, Larissa can’t make herself go. Her connection to her clone sisters Lili and Catleia keep pulling her back, and it annoys her. Larissa goes to where Catleia is waiting, and things turn to a more intimate scenario…
A futanari Advance Wars: Dark Conflict fanfiction starring Larissa and Catleia.

Vat Sisters
Jennifer Saint is a ‘gen’, a clone made by GenCorp, and bored out of her wits, fantasizing about meeting others of her batch of clones. But things turn interesting as she comes face to face with one of the new arrivals, a certain Jane Smith…
A futanari science fiction story of a clone finally meeting someone like her…


Xzeihoranth -

A More Dazzling End (written by Xzeihoranth)(posted by colioli4)
The Luteces start mucking about with the multiverse to get a better ending, but gets some unexpected results. After going through crap, Elizabeth ends up in the warm company… of herself.
A BioShock Infinite fanfic starring Elizabeth. The TOH happens first in chapter 5.



Zev95 -


zogar_zag -

Aloha Lisa, Lisa (written by zogar_zag)(posted by deux_bag)
Lisa Stevens is irritated that her fiancé had dumped her for someone else. She decides to take a good long vacation to the Hawaiian island of Lanai to enjoy herself. What she will soon find out, however, is that another woman, Lisa Stevens, is also planning a trip to Lanai. And soon Lisa will have an encounter that’ll change her life…
A story of a scorned woman finding her fondest desire coming unexpectedly true.

Redheads are the best clones ;)

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*Reply co-op'ed to expand the index*

Redheads are the best clones ;)

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*Reply co-op'ed to expand the index*

Redheads are the best clones ;)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:00 am 
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Thank you everyone ^^. I'm really happy everyone like the idea. I'm really excited to work on it and can't wait to finish it. It started out as me wanting to organize my stories better since I have so many stories with the same girls in them but then I thought why not make an index for everyone?

Another thing this thread is good for is drumming up hype for your upcoming stories. Anyone who has something they want to put under their name as COMING SOON can just let me know and I'll put a placeholder under their name. I've already got one if you can spot it to give you an example ;). But hurry, cause this one's coming real soon :)

Redheads are the best clones ;)

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*Reply co-op'ed to expand the index*

Redheads are the best clones ;)

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I know, I'll be fixing them later today or tomorrow. Right now I'm going through each page by letter and poster. This way I don't get the poster's name confused while I'm cycling through the pages. It's faster for me that way. Sorry if it's wrong for now but I'll be fixing it very soon. Soon as I finish the list in fact. In the meantime I've put a note under your name so I can remember to check them once I get to R.

Redheads are the best clones ;)

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Ok, apparaently according to bvr's post, both ryan and him worked on Self Experimentation as a collab. Self Motivation however was ryan's original. So I've posted Self Experimentation in both bvr and ryan3199.

Redheads are the best clones ;)

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And with that the official Reading Room Author Index is complete. If anyone finds anything they think is incorrect or has any ideas please post here or message me. Happy clone reading everyone ^^.

Redheads are the best clones ;)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 22, 2012 10:30 pm 
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Special Ops
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Thanks for indexing the stories Droid1! It's much more user friendly now =D

I stickied the topic for ya!

"The best things come as pairs..."

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