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I love that you somehow keep coming up with situations that make them kiss and/or beat each other up. Also this Lenna fan art makes appreciate your effort to put them in every job class. ... -343095493

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I know Melon's stuff very well. It may have been partial inspiration...

I get the feeling he wouldn't be particularly happy to hear that though.

Edit: Also, finding ways for girls to kiss and/or beat each other up pretty much describes all my stories.

When twins tangle!

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Sorry for being late again to a review, but wow. What a way to be working with...and against yourself. Honestly, I do gotta admire the way you set these scenarios up; they're always a treat to read. I know we're getting close to the next chapter, so I can't wait to see how that goes.

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Sorry for being late again to a review, but wow. What a way to be working with...and against yourself. Honestly, I do gotta admire the way you set these scenarios up; they're always a treat to read. I know we're getting close to the next chapter, so I can't wait to see how that goes.
Thank you sir. I aim to please. Anyway, since there is no 29th this month, here the next chapter.

Chapter 6: The Crystal Bearer Chronicles

“U-uuuunnnhn…” For the second time since meeting each other, Lenna and Lenna awoke from slumber induced by the other. They pulled themselves to their feet as their heads cleared. Once they’d fallen unconscious, they’d fallen out of the berserker class, but their heads were still a mess, and they clung to one another as they recovered, and when they did feel better, they faced the other while holding—and being held by—her twin at arms length.

I know she can’t have the crystal. We knocked each other out at the same time! There was never an opportunity for either of us to grab it!’ And yet, they had been the only two in the room, just as before. Something was telling both girls that her twin must know something. Perhaps she had an ally who assisted her after the fight, or something else that she had not considered; whatever the case, she’d never find any crystal shades if she could not defeat her twin.

“…uuugh…” But that was, as it had been before, and as it had been since they’d first encountered each other, easier said then done. The only reason they were on their feet was due to being held by the other; their bodies still felt weak, and there was no way they could start another fight. But in such a state, Lenna had the best chance of getting answers from her twin.

I can’t let her get away, but I’m in no shape to fight her, and I’d be in the same situation even if I was healthy!’ She needed to gain information and find a way to incapacitate her twin, and she had to do it in spite of her own condition. ‘I have to use that! There’s no better choice!

“Princess Lenna….” Both were solemn. neither liked this, but it had to be done, and the other woman had taken away all her options. ‘She forced me to this! SHE FORCED ME TO DO THIS!’ Brute force, negotiation, and even trickery had failed. This was the only option.

CONTROL!!!” The words were yelled in synch as Lenna and Lenna both used the Beast-master’s control ability; it wasn’t made to be used on humans, but this was another benefit of the increased crystal power. Even as they did so, they changed into the wooden dress and puffy collar over a black body suit of the Beast-master.

“Ugggh!” Now both women felt themselves falling under the effects of the others control ability, and had to fight it off, while also asserting her own control. “A-AAAAHHHH! NO…….STOP!” It was rather fitting that both were dressed as sheep, as they were now just as helpless as the docile creatures. Soon, neither could resist any order the other gave (that is, barring an order to release one another of course).

“Where are the crystal shades?!” Both demanded, while still trying to fight off the others control. “How did you take them?” As the mutual command overtook them, both felt the words come:

“I…don’t….k-know!” Lenna and Lenna were surprised, not at her twins answer, but her own. ‘Why would I say that? Is that my answer to the first question or the second?’ No, it didn’t matter. All that mattered was making herself talk.

“You must answer!” This conflict couldn’t go on any longer. She had to reclaim the lost crystals and find the last remaining ones, but before she could do that she had to deal with her twin. “I know you know where they are! You must tell me!” Lenna grew more desperate as she fought to control her twin, while also fighting against being controlled. Neither could fully resist or fully compel the other, stuck in a weird place in between slave and master.

“Tell….me…!” They tested their wills against one another, and only barely held back the attempt, while struggling to hold onto what control she did have. “….or I’ll….I’ll…”

Stop! Stop fighting! I…don’t…can’t….

“Uhhnn I’ll never….talk….!” The two willful women would not bend, not completely.

“Why? Why do you fight me?” From the moment they’d met, they stood in each others way; Lenna had dogged Lenna’s steps at every point. She’d never wanted to fight this woman with her face, but she could not allow herself to be hurt by her….she did not want to lose to her…


She would win.


With those words, both brought their hands down between her identical foes legs, grabbing pussy lips and squeezing with all their strength.

“AUUUUGH!” Eyes widened, both girls looking at the other in disbelief, shocked not only at the realization that her twin would also employ such a tactic, but that they’d do it at the exact same moment.

No! OH NO!’ Now they were firmly in the others grip. “LET GO OF ME!” Both shrieked, an used free hands to grab the wrist of her mirror, trying to wrench her grip away from her most sensitive spot, but neither could overpower the other physically, grips being ironclad. “AAAAAAH!”

“RELEASE ME! L-LET GOT! STOP!” They tried to use control, but mutual resistance, along side the pain of the others assault only added to the hopelessness of their position. “Where? Where did you put it!?” Now realizing they couldn’t escape, they redoubled their efforts to make the other talk. If she wouldn’t let go, then Lenna had no choice but to force the truth out of her, which meant pushing the other woman’s endurance past the point where she could resist anymore.

“I WARNED YOU!” Suddenly, both felt a tingling between their legs, different from the pain of the other’s pussy grab. It seemed to get stronger and stronger, until it added to the pain. “….what…..” They realized too late what was happening.


AAAAAAUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!” The thunder spell both had cast while in direct contact with each other finally kicked in. It was the weakest version thankfully, but considering they had hands tightly gripping pussies, it still hurt to an incredible degree. Now they writhed in each-others grasp, pussies being crushed, and electrocuted as they sought to conquer the mind, body, and perhaps even the soul of the other.

“Aaaaaaaah! Release……me!” They moaned, though neither could hear the others pleas, as their voices were barely a whisper. “I….don’t….know….” This time they spoke a little louder. “I d-don’t….know….” Was that true? Lenna did not have the crystal. If she did, she wouldn’t be demanding to know where her twin was keeping it. And yet…

“… me…”

…and yet…


…..why could she not bring herself to say she didn’t have it?


That final order was compounded by both squeezing each other cunts ever harder, and increasing the power of the thunder spell, combined with a mental push that, alongside the physical and magical assault shattered whatever barrier they’d erected to fight off herself. They screamed in pain, unable to fight the other on any front anymore. And in that moment, their bodies felt hot….in a different way from the thunder spell.

What happening?’ They glowed, not with the usual light of a job change, but something else, and to the surprise of both women, the two crystal shades appeared.

“….whuh?” They both stared in disbelief. What was this? Then, the pain of the electric pussy clutch overwhelmed them, “YAAAAAAaaaaaaaa……..” Eyes rolling back in their heads, they passed out once again.

Ow….it hurts….someone….help….’ That mental plea was met when the shades glowed, and they were pulled away by a strange force. The Crystals faded, as both girls were teleported away.


“I’m almost there!” Lenna moved silently, trying to avoid detection. To that end, she had equipped the Ninja class as her main job, and was now clad in a blue bodysuit with a yellow scarf around her neck. Her hair was also tied back in a pony tail.

She supplemented the abilities of the Ninja (such as the first strike ability) with other talents: the Bard’s hide ability; the Geomancer’s trap finding ability, and the Thief’s hidden passage finding, sprinting and vigilance (for preventing back attacks) abilities.

“I have to be ready…for her as well.” It had been some time since the last encounter between the two Princesses, but both knew they would meet again: they always found each other, undoubtedly because they’d always been instinctively drawn to where the crystals were, and now they both (somehow) possessed two Crystal Shades

Neither Lenna understood how it happened. All they understood was that they were now aware of the Crystal shades within their bodies. As a result, both could now feel the other to some extent. They had both also decided to focus on gaining the third Crystal, and worry about herself (well, her other self) later.

Not that I’ll need to wait that long. I know she’s here!’ Lenna stalked through the empty, ancient castle where the third shade was located. With all the abilities she’d equipped, avoiding detection was easy, so it was now simply a matter of figuring out where her prize was hidden. Finding a small passage way, she knelt down and spent a few minutes crawling towards her destination. Eventually, she dropped down into an empty room.

“Wow.” There were runes and pictures everywhere. Lenna couldn’t figure out what any of it meant, but she found herself awed anyway. “This place is amaz…..”

And then, she felt something touch her butt.

WAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Having avoided any one for the entirety of the infiltration, neither expected such an encounter, and jumped halfway across the room, flipping through the air and landing in three point stance, one leg stretched back, and one hand on the ground in front of them, while the other went behind their backs to one of their swords.

“I knew it!” Catching sight of each other, Lenna and Lenna quickly used scan. ‘So she’s equipped with the same abilities!’ That explained why they failed to notice the other, but why didn’t Vigilance work? ‘….wait….

Vigilance prevented back attacks, but touching butts wasn’t really an attack. Neither had any aggressive intentions, hence they were essentially able to slip past the others notice. Not that such things really mattered to either of them anymore. Scanning the room (as subtly as possible), they spotted the Crystal Shade on a pedestal. Fighting her twin was just a waste of time, and both knew it, so they wouldn’t bother wasting that time.

Casting Haste on themselves for a further boost in speed, both Ninja Princesses used Sprint to take off like shots. they reached the Crystal Shade at the same moent, grabbing it. There was an immediate flash, and both felt a strange tingling through their bodies. Both girls gasped as they watched the shade disappear, but this time, they saw—and felt—it deconstruct itself and low bit by bit into their bodies.

Is that what happened?’ If they weren’t sure they were somehow both absorbing the Crystal Shades into their bodies before, they were now. The process finished, and both Lennas started paying attention again; now realizing that when her body had absorbed the Crystal Shade, her hand had clasped with Lenna’s hands, leaving their fingers entwined. They had not time to dwell on this or anything else however.

Out of the corner of their eyes, both saw another light flash, and a strange parchment floated out in front of them. “What is that?” Both asked aloud. “I don’t know! How would I?” They instinctively answered, even though the questions had been rhetorical. Releasing one hand, they both reached out for it, and the moment they touched it, information flashed into their heads.

This is a map to the final Crystal Shade. Only those who’ve claimed the first three can claim it, for even ones who can sense the power of the Shades would be unable to discover the location. Take this, and complete your journey.

The message finished, leaving the two girls shocked. However…

Two pairs of brown eyes locked onto each other. There was no need for words between them. Not only did both want the map, but they would also need the Crystals the other possessed as well. Immediately, both pulled away, but tore the map in half in the process. Both girls frowned.

“Give me your Crystal Shades, and your map!” Both demanded, of course at the same time. “Grrrr!”

Negotiations were just going to fail again. It was time for plan b, even if plan b wasn’t much better. Lenna pulled out two Kunai blades, and so did Lenna.

“If you won’t surrender, then…..” At this point, both leapt off their feet and charged.

“ENGUARDE!” They met in the middle of the room, twin Kunai clashing as they tried to overpower each other. With their blades locked, both slowly inched towards the main exit.

“You intend to go after the last Crystal even while fighting me?”
“Of course! I can’t let you claim it first!”
“But I will claim it first! And I will defeat you!”
“We’ll see about that!”

They broke their blade lock and took off out of the room in a sprint, but quickly began clashing weapons again as they rushed off.

Another race, and another battle for not just the final Crystal, but for all of them.

And that's another part down. Until next time ladies and gentlemen!

When twins tangle!

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Looks like we're nearing the end here, and it seems both Lennas have just reserved themselves to racing/fighting for those crystals to the end now... despite their original unwillingness to do it... and their track records always being ties. Not that I'm complaining, after all, for obvious reasons... See you for your March update to this story.

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So here we are in the midst of our tenth anniversary. Hard to believe this place has been around since 2008. Obviously, I don't have a specific story up like Droid does, but I can continue this guy here, so here's the next part.

Chapter 7: G Chocobo Racing

The sound of two pairs of feet hitting the pavement echoed throughout the near empty castle as the two fleet footed Princess Kunoichi dashed through the halls and corridors, slashing at each other with their Kunai while avoiding the traps and few monsters in the area.

“Take this!” As they leapt down a stair case, they flung their Kunai at each other. The two knives struck each other in mid air, and were knocked out of the sky. Lenna and Lenna didn’t let this deter them. Using the Dual Wield and Rapid Fire abilities, they threw even more Kunai, practically filling the air with knives. But the outcome didn’t change, as all those Knives just struck each other as well.

“Dammit!” They continued to throw more Knives, and then they threw Shuriken, and Fuuma Shuriken, and then those hit each other as well, they just threw more. Shurikens, Kunai, Darts, Arrows, etc. They littered the ground and filled the air. While the bulk of the weapons continued to strike each other, a few did slip through, forcing both girls to dodge. Even then, the hail of weapons left them with numerous (but minor) cuts on their bodies, as well as slashes in their clothing.

Bouncing off walls, and then off the floor, they dashed towards the other, pulling out Sasuke Short Swords. “Raaaargh!” They raised the swords high over their heads, intending to bring it down on the other and split her in half.



Instead, the blades came together with a loud metallic crash that echoed all around them, and reverberated through their bodies. Now face to face, they locked eyes, just like they locked blades.


However, they realized they could feel….a breeze. And also….

“EEEEEP!” Looking down, the Lennas realized they were now topless. All the tears in their clothing from the numerous projectiles had reduced their clothing to barely functional scraps, an the collision of bodies during their blade lock caused what was left of their tops to fall clean off. They both stared for a moment…..

“ACK!” Then realized they were staring(and being stared at). Unfortunately, pulling back from their blade lock was not a good idea, so they stood there, a pair of topless blushing idiots who didn’t want to be stabbed in the face.


….until the deadlock was broken by a trap.



“Whaaaaaaaah?!!!!!” And then, they flew, courtesy of a catapult in the floor, right out of the castle.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!” And they flew very far, and “very high, clinging to each other tightly while shrieking like Banshees through the sky, and far away from where their latest battle had began until they finally hit the ground.

“OOOOF!” But that wasn't the end of things. Now they were sent tumbling down the side of a cliff, head over ass. “Ack! Ooof! Ow! Urk! Oooouuuulp!”

Head smacked against head, breasts squashed breasts, groins crashed against groins, and lips tasted lips as their bodies collided with the ground and each other all the way down the cliff. Even through all that, as they reached the bottom, they managed to right themselves, separating their tangled and tumbling bodies and rolling to their feet, using momentum to start running again. They were dirty, bruised, and felt like fools, but they weren’t done. Not by a long shot.


The two Lennas fought their way through a forest, now employing fire, water and lightning scrolls as they went. The area was scorched and set ablaze with flame and electricity, which was a quickly doused by water, That wasn’t all they did however.

“Zeninage!” The forests was also littered with Gil, as they employed the coin tossing ability of the Samurai (while still in the Ninja class), having long since run out of Kunai, Shuriken and anything else they could throw. Still attacking from a distance, they cleared the forest.

“CHOO! CHOO!” They heard the unfamiliar sound; it was a whistle. Even as they continued their battle, they saw it: a train. Such a thing did not exist on their world, but it must be one of the things from other worlds that appeared here. Whatever the case, both girls planned to make use of it. Not bothering to slow down, both jumped onto the train, now hoping that the moving object would throw the other off balance.

“Why can’t you just surrender?! I could never do that! My world would be destroyed! And what about my world?!” It was still the same issue (at least on the surface): how to save her world without destroying the other’s? If there was a way to do so, they’d had no time to find it, having been at each others throats from the very start. They moved to attack again, but…

“My sword!” They no longer had them, having dropped them when they were thrown from the castle. They had run out of scrolls, and Gil as well. “Bah!” Fortunately, they could use other weapons, and they both decided they needed something with a lot more ooomph then what they had used in the past. As such, both Lennas pulled out Maces, swinging the spiked flails with ease. They circled one another, neither wanting to get a blow from the other’s weapon, waiting for the vital opening.


An opening which they found (though who left an opening for who first was impossible to determine) and immediately attacked.


Needless to say, their mutual desire to avoid being mace-smacked went un-answered. Both Princesses dropped their weapons, holding their now battered faces. “Ow! Ow! Ow!”

With their attention taken up by the face pain, neither Lenna noticed that the train was nearing a tunnel. If they were still standing there when they reached it, they’d both be a head shorter, but as their ride drew closer to the tunnel, it seemed they’d fail to see it.

“Why….” As they recovered from the mace strikes, they both pulled out hammers. “….YOU…!” Full of rage, they raised the hammers over their heads and brought them down on the others skull.

THUD! “GGGRRRRK!” Both Lennas were smashed into the ground by the other’s hammer, but by pure luck, their assaults let them avoid greater disaster as they barely missed being beheaded by the tunnel. Laying in a heap on the roof of the train, neither began to rise until the point where they’d passed through the tunnel.

“Grrrrr!” Oblivious to the disaster they’d avoided, they stood again. “TAKE THIS!” Both girls pulled out a bag; the catch ability let them capture monsters they’d defeated and use them against enemies, and that was exactly what they planned to do here. In perfect synch, they both opened their bags and released the hidden monsters.

“….oh……..!” Two Large purplish pink dragons appeared: The Magic Dragon. the two creatures began to glow, and their mouths lit up with flame…



Simultaneous, near point blank Blaze attacks destroyed the train, the two dragons, and the surrounding area. As for the Lennas……


They flew once again without wings, while trailing smoke behind them. The rest of their ninja clothing was burned clean off as they fell to the ground. Not ready for the end quite yet, both Lennas did two things:

First, they once again changed jobs, re-clothing themselves in short green dresses with orange boots, blue vests, and orange belts with yellow buckles, and finally green head bands with feathers coming out of them on their heads. Second, the now Ranger Lennas used the Catch ability to bring out some Chocobos, which they mounted before hitting the ground. The chase fight now took another new turn. They quickly pulled out arrows, nocked them, and then took aim.

As they did this, the arrows suddenly lit a flame. they then fired, but rather then one arrow, there was four, as they combined Rapid Fire with Spell Blade (one of the deadlier combination of abilities) mean flaming arrows filled the sky in moments, with tiny explosions pocking the landscape. They eventually added thunder and blizzard spells as well, burning, freezing and shocking all around them. Finally came the Flare arrows.

Chunks of ice, gouts of flame, and crackles of thunder were everywhere; sometimes the arrows struck the ground and sometimes they struck each other, but something—besides the two combatants—always got hit. On occasion, they fired un-magic-ed arrows, trying to catch the other unawares, but Lenna merely caught Lenna’s arrow and fired it back at her.

As another explosion fell near, Lenna came up with a plan. She fired off 4 arrows: Fire, Ice, Thunder…and one other that looked unenchanted. Then she quickly changed to the Canoneer job class, dressing as a more traditional Pirate then her sister. The three magic arrows struck each other, while the final one slipped by and was caught, as many of them had been before.

It worked! I have her!’ Both suddenly presented canons, preparing the Open Fire attack. ‘Wait for it….!’ Lenna was waiting for her final deception to take effect.

“Come on….come….” She yawned. “What….?” Suddenly, she could barely keep her eyes open. “Why do I….NO!” The arrow! the one that had been normal! It had been enchanted with a sleep spell. Her plan had been to put her other self to sleep, but she’d fallen for the same trick.

“No! I can……zzzzzz……” Soon, both Lennas had fallen sound asleep while still on their Chocobos. As their mounts ran, a third Chocobo emerged from a forest, frightened from its hiding place by the numerous explosions. Meanwhile the two birds the Lennas were riding drifted close together, until they were side by side.

As for the two Lennas, the sleep spells began to wear off, but there was another issue: the canons they’d pulled out. The fuses had been running down while the girls were sleeping.

“Ngh…..huh!” Mere moments before they canons fired, both Lennas woke up. They only had a few seconds to register that the other was right in front of her…..


“Auuugh!” Then the canons went off, sending them flying again. They flew through the air once more, before landing on the third Chocobo.

“YOU!” Both of them. Lenna promptly punched Lenna in the nose. “Ow!” Soon they were wrestling and struggling on top of the Chocobo, all the way to their final destination. “GIVE ME THE CRYSTAL SHADES! GIVE THEM TO ME!!!!”


“C-crystals….give….me….” Lenna slapped Lenna weakly in the face. “S-surrender….” Lenna pulled Lenna’s hair with all the power of a new born child. Both girls (and the chocobo they were riding on) were exhausted. Sick of carrying such a violent pair of humans, the bird bucked them both off with an angry WARK and left.

Lenna and Lenna lay in a battered pile, trying to rise.

“Welcome to…THE GOLD SAUCER!!!!!”

They both heard the voice. And they both knew it. It was unmistakable. But it was also impossible, because the man it belonged to…..had died.


And there's chapter 7. Just two more to go, but don't worry; I got stories lined up for quite a bit if I keep up to once a month (which I'm planning to do for a while). See you guys in April, and Happy Anniversary!

When twins tangle!

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Alright. We are in the Penultimate chapter here. It's been a long ride truthfully. As always, read and review.

Chapter 8: Theatrhythm Curtain Call

The two exhausted Lennas couldn’t believe what they were hearing: Gilgamesh, the former right hand of Exdeath, up until the latter banished the former for numerous failures.

“But….you died…”
“You sacrificed yourself…”

“How…?” Neither woman could grasp what was happening. The last they’d seen of the multi-armed warrior, he’d given his life to save her and the party from Necrophobe, another minion of Exdeath.

“I am a pre-recording of the legendary warrior Gilgamesh…”

“Pre-recording…” Both Lennas repeated. Was this another thing pulled into the void from another world.

“….here to tell you of our wondrous facility. A gift from another world that made brief contact with the void. Here, warriors can engage in numerous contests of strength, endurance, intelligence and courage in order to settle any conflicts between them like men, women, and women who dress like men!”

Numerous contests?’ Lenna and Lenna wondered if they’d made a mistake. Could the final Crystal really be here?

“Of course, there are rewards for competing.” Gilgamesh continued, and as he did, a strange picture (actually a video screen, another thing thing not from their world) appeared in front of them. “Said prizes are quite valuable, but the top prize…” A new image appeared and both girls gasped. “….is this! A copy of one of the Crystals!”

That was it. A Crystal Shade, in fact the final Crystal Shade, was here. Seeing their goal in sight, both Princesses knew their course was mostly set, but Gilgamesh was not done yet.

“You earn points with every victory, and the more you earn, the better the prize. Most importantly, a challenge is binding. Once both warriors agree to the terms, they cannot go back on them!” This made both Lennas gulp. That meant the winner would be undisputed. This was all or nothing.

“Since it’s come to this…”
“Things have come this far so…”

“….I CHALLENGE YOU TO A BATTLE AT THE GOLD SAUCER!” Both said, now perfectly in synch. There it was. “Winner gets not only the final crystal, but the losers Crystals as well!” This truly was all or nothing. Both girls shook hands, now bound by a verbal contract. They knew that all of their crystals would be at stake, but they had no other choice.

“Now, just take a look at these contests that you warriors must engage in! Due to a special feature, they will be tailor made just for each contestant!” Gil finished his speech as the two women browsed the list of contests.

What?’ Neither of them recognized these….well, they were supposed to be games, but judging by their strange rules, they were likely from other worlds as well. Lenna's gaze drifted from the list and she locked eyes with Lenna.

She looks as confused as me!’ This meant that she wasn’t at a disadvantage, but…

I’ll be playing all these games for the first time, but so will she! I couldn’t beat her before because we’re good at all the same things! Maybe, this time can be different!’ If neither girl was good at the chosen contest, luck would play a factor, and luck might be just what she needed. ‘I’ll just have to hope she makes more mistakes then I do!

All that was left was to choose the first battle.


“We are now prepared for the first contest to determine who will gain ownership of the 4 Crystal Shades!” The voice of Gilgamesh echoed through an empty room bathed in darkness. It was apparently something different from the pre-recording they’d heard before. Neither girl understood it, they only knew he’d be officiating their battle.

“in the left blue corner,” a spotlight shone down, illuminating the first of the two Princesses, “….Princess Lenna Charlotte Tycoon of the kingdom of Tycoon!” Lenna stood with a determined look on her face.

“And in the right blue corner,” another corner of the room was illuminated, revealing the other Princess, “….Tycoon Kingdom’s Princess, Lenna Charlotte Tycoon!” Like her twin, Lenna wore a determined look.

Now that both were visible, they could be seen wearing matching blue cocktail dresses, with green sashes around their waists. On their feet were red high heels, and in their hair were flowers: The Dancer job class. In between them, a little off to the side, was a pedestal with a key on it.

Lenna and Lenna began to walk towards the other, slowly at first, but soon picking up the pace little by little, until they were moving rather briskly towards each other. The click of their heels echoed throughout the room.

“And for their first competition….” Gilgamesh’s voice continued as the girls drew closer, raising their hands above their heads mere moments before they met.

“Brawl-Room Dancing!” Right as he finished, Lenna and Lenna finally reached each other, bodies slamming together (making both of them give soft but high pitched yelps of pain and slight pleasure), breast to breast, nipple to nipple, and cheek to cheek. Their hands clasped, fingers interlocking and entwining in a contest of strength. They held that position, arms straining, and bodies rubbing into the other, while they waited.

“And here’s the first song of round one!”

As the song began, both Lennas altered their movements, changing from—visibly—trying to overpower the other to moving in time with the music: a rhythmic Mamba beat.

“Mamba de Chocobo!” The unofficial theme of the Black Chocobo played as the girls matched the beat while still interlocking fingers. Their feet moved in the proper pattern, and now nose to nose, and (still) chest to chest, they danced in a perfect, but altered form of the Mambo.

Had there been any observers, they would have, at most noted the slightest bit of aggression in the ladies movements, almost as though they tried to break each others spirits even as they danced together. It would have taken a sharper eye to see the full nature of their movements however.

As Lenna dipped Lenna, the dipped raised her leg and tried to kick the dipper in the back of the head.

As Lenna was twirled by Lenna, the twirled swung a knife edged chop at the twirler.

They briefly broke apart, hands still joined, but then pulled themselves back together…


….both being kneed in the stomach as they did so. Trying hard to keep up the pace, they pulled each other close so that they could hide the pain and avoid falling to their knees. Now again cheek to cheek, they continued to step in time to the music.

Brawl-Room Dancing wasn’t just a fight, or a dance: it was both. The Lenna’s were both partners, needing to perform the dance together, and opponents who had to outdo the other, while inflicting damage in any way possible. During all this, they still had to it look like a normal dance as well, and not give away the battle going on. The two girls had chosen it together, hoping that the numerous conflicting requirements would give her an edge, but so far, they were stalemated as usual.

“The first round is nearly done, and the second is about to begin!” Gilgamesh’s voice signalled the start of a new round. So far, neither Lenna had fallen behind, nor had they taken the lead.

It’s time for a change of tactics!’ Both women thought, gazing into each others eyes, but also at the Key off to the side. Claiming it apparently meant extra points, so if she took it before he twin, even if they danced to a standstill, she would still have the edge.

“Now for the second round! The song is Waltz for the Moon!” Without missing a beat, the Lennas changed from Mambo to waltz, but also began moving towards the key. Brows furrowed as they both realized they’d had the same idea once again. Like the previous dance, it was a somewhat altered version due to their grappling, but still recognizable as a waltz.

I can’t let her get that key!’ Both Lennas attacked with a rather un-waltz like (but still in time) high kick, thigh rubbing against thigh as their attacks countered and deflected each other. Whether they lost points while fighting over the key or gained the key in the process, Lenna and Lenna hoped to change their luck with the current situation. This was why they used the Barehanded ability of the Monk Job class once again so that they could fight each other without weapons while they danced.

Lenna’s palm strike was barely evaded by Lenna, who tried to elbow smash Lenna’s face, but was blocked. Leona attempted to flip Lenna on her back, only for Lenna to right herself in mid-air and cartwheel back on her feet while promptly flipping Lenna back, who did her own cartwheel, then flipped Lenna, who cartwheeled and flipped Lenna….

Needless to say, they reached the key (and far more quickly then either of them had expected) but were a little disoriented from all the flipping and cartwheeling. Despite this, they both grabbed said key, gripping it at the same moment.

“Grrrr….!” Unsurprisingly, they found themselves unable to overpower the other and wrench the key from her twin’s grasp. Lenna gnashed her teeth in frustration. “I won’t let you stop me!” They had expected this to be honest; their previous encounters had left them with little doubt that this could happen, though they’d hoped to avoid it. That being said, both of them were prepared for this scenario.

Lets see her handle this!’ Both girls started trying to force the other to let go. First once used a free hand to knock the key from her twin’s grasp…


….an act which was mirrored by her twin, causing it to fly free of both of their hands.

Both Lennas, still keeping rhythm with the waltz reached for it, again slamming chests together, along with heads clunking against each other with a sound akin to Coconuts. “Gugh!”

One Lenna pulled the key towards herself, but the other Lenna would have none of it: she swiped the key, and snatched it out of her twin’s hands….


….but not before slapping her other self right in the face in a rather creative use of the mug ability, stealing back the key and causing damage all in one move. But as she pulled the key towards herself…


….she was slapped in turn when Lenna returned the favour with her own, while snatching the key back. The attack having triggered her counter ability, leading her to use her own mug ability. However….


Lenna countered with mug…


….which made Lenna use Mug as a counter….


Thunderous blows rained down upon Lenna by from Lenna as they continuously bitch slapped the key away from each other. And through all that, they kept up the Waltz as well, despite the fact that dancing together should have been impossible while slapping one another silly, but they managed nonetheless.

“We’re heading to the final round girls!” Gilgamesh’s voice could only barely be heard over the two women’s own shrieks and squeals, but they were still aware of the upcoming final round. “Freestyle dancing to J-pop!”

A fast up beat theme began playing, and the Lennas began moving—and slapping—at a faster pace. Neither of them had heard of J-Pop, but they both assumed it was another concept from one of the other worlds that had touched the void, just like their current battle venue. What did surprise them were the Lyrics to the song.

~What can I do for you?~
~What can I do for you?~
~What can I do for you?~
~I can’t hear you!~

With the faster pace, both Lennas kept using Mug and counter to strike each other and steal the key, while still trying to both dance together and outdance the other. So far, the results were as they always were. Neither woman was going to accept that however.

“Sword Dance!” Unleashing the strongest attack of the Dancer class, the Lennas started trading even more rapid fire blows.

“Gggugh!” Lenna grunted as she was slapped in her already red face…

“Eeeeek!” Lenna shrieked as she was punched in her vulnerable breasts by Lenna…

“Blllgnh!” Lenna smashed her forehead (either on purpose of by accident) right into Lenna’s….

“Hrrrrk!” And finally, Lenna put her foot right between Lenna’s legs, inflicting a very intimate pain upon her. Once again, both ended up clinching, which they disguised as getting closer for more close up dancing while they recovered.


Then they did it all again.


…..and then again…..


….and then again…..


Slaps, tit punches, head buts, and groin kicks, over and over again. But no matter what they did to each other, Lenna refused to relent to Lenna.

This isn’t working!’ With the key still gripped by both of them, they realized they need to try something else again.

“Mystery Waltz!” The freestyle nature of their current competition meant they could employ any form of dance they wanted, so they temporarily went back to a waltz. The Mystery Waltz would let them drain magic power from the target.

“Uhhhnnn!” Feeling herself getting weaker, Lenna altered her strategy once again. “Jitterbug Duet!” Another dance, this one to drain physical strength. “Urrrgh!” Lenna was wracked with further weakness. Between the two draining attacks, and the intensity of their battle, both were wearing down.

“Give….me….t-the key…!” But that didn’t mean they would stop, so it was time for the next strategy.

“Tempting Tango!” Now seeking to confuse the other, they clasped hands tightly (while still holding the key) and launched into an elaborate and mutually arousing dance; they rubbed chests, hips, and upper thighs together while keeping themselves in close contact, turning each other on with every bit of contact. “Aaaaaah!” They could feel the effects of the confusion taking over, but they did not want to succumb to it again. “N-no….I….won’t….l-lose!”

Lenna ended up slapping herself (not her other self, but herself herself), knocking them out of the confusion. Now even more furious for nearly being seduced, they immediately flew into an assault of slaps, kicks, punches, hairpulling, tit twisting, boob punching, etc, tearing into each other while tearing up the dance floor.

“Time’s almost up girls! Can you find the path to victory…?” As Gil’s voice cut through the sounds of combat, both girls started attacking each other with even more intensity: Lenna knocked the flower out of Lenna’s hair, tore the skirt and top off her dress, scratched everywhere at Lenna’s body….but nothing changed.

“…or will it be…”

“…no…” Both knew what Gil was going to say. Neither wanted to hear it.

“….a draw?”

NO!” Refusing to allow another stalemate, they went with their final resort: grabbing each other by the hair, and pulling her mirror image into a scintillating kiss. “OOOOULPH!” As they lips connected and their tongues slithered around each other, both felt themselves becoming….weaker? …….but far more docile.

NO! She didn’t! She couldn’t! h-have…. ’ But the feeling washing over her whole body told her different.

Flirt. Another technique exclusive to the Dancer class, and one that inflicted the charm status, leaving the affected unable to fight back. Now locked in a deep kiss, they wrapped their arms around the other, falling to their knees as they did so, totally caught in the other’s grip.

“Time’s up! This battle is a draw!” Unfortunately for the two women, they had only pulled this off at the exact moment time had run out, so their plan to charm the other into doing nothing until time ran out had failed. The Brawldoom Dance contest had ended in a tie.

“Mmmmh….” Not that either girl could do anything about it….or so it seemed.

“Glgch!” Still locked in their kiss, and with no way to attack each other, both Lennas felt a sharp instant pain all over their bodies. Lips still engulfing each other, their eyes rolled back in their heads.

Doom. A blue magic spell that inflicted KO after 30 seconds; they had both cast it just before starting the kiss as a final insurance, on the off chance the Flirt plan went wrong, if the other fell unconscious, that would still help her win. Unfortunately, this plan never took into account the other girl doing the same thing.

“…..mmmmm…..” Lenna and Lenna, were out cold, still locked deeply in their kiss. The first battle was inconclusive, but they’d only just begun.

Phew. I'd wanted to do this dance fight chapter for years honestly. Glad I got the chance. See you in May!

When twins tangle!

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Welp! Here we are at the end. When I decided I wanted to do a Final Fantasy story, the fact that I chose Lenna instead of more popular voices like Tifa, Terra/Tina, Rydia or any other girls might seem odd, but I was on a weird FFV kick, and her wide variety of costumes meant I could do a lot of different things. I certainly don't regret it, as this was pretty fun (even if my characterization is still a little weak).

But enough talk: time for the final chapter.
Chapter 9: The Maidens who fight across the planet

“Mmmm….mmmgh….!” Slowly but surely, Lenna drifted back into consciousness. As she regained her bearings, she felt something….familiar.

Lenna's eyes snapped open, and she came face to face with Lenna, who had awoken at the exact same time. They violently separated their mouths while jumping to their feet. Both Lennas were twitching, and their eyes held a demented desperation.

This conflict between them….it had gone on far too long; both princesses had passed their breaking point. Even someone as kind hearted as Lenna could reach the point where she was driven….


….a little crazy by a situation.

“I don’t care….”

still in tattered clothes, they got face to face for a moment.

“…how long it takes…”

In a moment, those dresses were replaced as they re-equipped the Dancer class.


They would find another competition in the Gold Saucer to battle with. They’d use all of them if they had to…..


….but they would not stop. Not until there was one winner, and one loser.


Lenna and Lenna (still wearing the Dancer dresses due to challenging each other to keep them for all subsequent challenges to limit the other’s options) stood in the middle of—what others would have called—a basketball court. To their left, a basketball seemed to hover in the air, levitated by some unknown force.

The two Princesses stood nose to nose and tit to tit (even if both were red in the face from embarrassment and frustration at such a position), eyes blazing as they waited. The light levitating the ball changed colours, from red to yellow, and seemed to move downwards ever so slightly, and so did the Lennas as they lowered their bodies, still staying nose to nose as they stuck their asses out.

All they needed was the signal.

Seconds later, the ball’s light turned green, and there was a piercing screech in the air (a whistle). The ball was launched into the air, high above both girls.

And speaking of the girls, upon hearing the whistle and seeing the ball go up, Lenna and Lenna sprung off the ground like shots; twin blurs of blue and pink, they propelled themselves high off the ground and towards the ball. As they reached the same height, they reached for it, seeming to hover in the air. It was thanks to the dragoon jumping ability that they were able to gain such height, while the float spell allowed them to stay up even longer.

With the ball just a few inches out of reach, both Lennas tried to grab it, but they got in one another’s way, causing the ball to bounce out of their reach.

“DAMN YOU!” Harsher language then what she was known for, but Lenna (both of her) had long since past the point of wanting to be kind to Lenna. She lashed out and slapped her other self right in the face.


In return, Lenna backhanded Lenna on the cheek.


Soon hands were striking faces relentlessly when they weren’t slapping hands away from the ball. Many feet above the Earth, the two Light Warriors engaged in a slap fight over the basketball. In the course of their mutual bitch slapping duel, stray hands managed to knock the ball away, sending it flying; it sailed through the air, before falling through a netted hoop.

“Bzzz!” The buzzer sounded, indicating a point scored. Lenna and Lenna started to come down, still slapping each other furiously as they waited for the announcer to speak.

“The score is Lenna 99, and Lenna 99!” Hearing the announcer reveal they were still tied engaged them both. That meant they’d once again touched the ball at the exact same moment.

The Basketball Battle (as Gil had called it) was simple: put the ball in the net right from the opening tip-off. They’d been shown how to play through strange moving picture—called a movie by Gilgamesh—about a strange dog man who was chronically clumsy. Whoever touched the ball last while putting it in the net received a point, and in the event of a draw, they’d simply keep going until one girl got ahead. Unfortunately, draws were the natural state of affairs where the two Lennas were concerned.

As they finally touched land again, they slapped each other one last time (earning mutual death glares), before once again stepping into each other, noses touching and breasts squashing each other flat as nipples met perfectly tip to tip. The ball once again floated beside them, bathed in a red glow. Match number 100 would begin in mere moments.


Now the Lennas stood on a baseball diamond (another game they knew nothing of), with one on the pitcher’s mound, and the other in the batter’s box. As they had agreed, they were still in their Dancer’s dresses, standing at the ready.

Despite reading the rules multiple times, neither girl was sure she fully grasped the rules on how to play the game. This had led to some….problems.

As if on some silent cue, the pitching Lenna suddenly started to wind up, thus leading to her twin to take a full batter’s stance.

“Take this!” Lenna yelled as she hurled the ball with all her might. It sailed through the air at lightning speed towards her mirrored opponent.

“Raaaar!” Lenna (the batter) reeled back, then swung with her bat seemingly to knock the ball into orbit…



….but that’s not what happened.

First off, both women had swung at the same moment; secondly, the bat wieldng Lenna had thrown her bat as the exact same moment that her ball pitching counterpart had thrown her ball.

The two objects sailed through the air, right past each other and right in-between the opposing Lenna’s legs (the bat flipped through the air until it found its mark, while the ball seemed to move low to the ground before curving back upwards into its target).

Both Lennas eyes went wide and fell to the ground, cupping vital spots. “Uuuurgh…”

“The score is Lenna zero, and Lenna zero! Both players have committed a foul for attacking the other player!” This was their thirteenth mutual foul, but neither girl cared. They weren’t even close to being done with each other.


Now—still wearing the Dancer’s dresses—Lenna and Lenna were arm-wrestling. Both Princesses strained with all the muscles in their arms to overpower the other.

“Uuuurgh…” Lenna’s arm felt like jelly. They’d been keeping this up for 20 minutes, and neither had budged an inch, using the chemist ability to mix Sampson’s Might, and casting regen to maintain their endurance.

“….grrrrrr…..dammit!” Even after all this, they still couldn’t win. “More….power….” With their free arms, both pulled out another mixture: Dragon’s Power. This would increase their strength even further. They quickly downed the drinks, and the effects were immediate. “Nnngggh…surrender….W-witch!”

Even with all that strength, they still couldn’t move the other an inch. The table they were battling on however…




….did more then just budge. It completely collapsed from the amount of power they were putting out, and the two women crashed into the floor….



…then through it….and the next three floors before leaving a crater on the final one.



Lenna peeked around the corner, but saw no sign of her twin. She could feel her though; between their abilities to sense the crystals within each other, and all their battles, her whole body tingled whenever the other was nearby, and right now it was doing just that. Lenna was close.

“Where are you?” As she carefully slinked around the corner, a flat circular object appeared in her hand via magic. “I know you’re close! Quit hiding and…” she thought she head a click (like a high heel touching the ground (still in the dancers dresses) and immediately spun around. “….show yourself!”

She saw nothing. Just when the Princess began to believe she’d made a mistake….



….she felt something touch her ass.

“Dammit!” Nearly jumping out of her skin, both Lennas turned around and came face to face. Enraged, at being caught off guard, they both attacked with their weapons.

“Take this!”


They struck each other in the face with cream pies.

Confection Combat. The latest battle the two Warriors of Light had chosen to engage in. It was basically a food fight, with things like pies and cakes as their weapons.

Wiping the cream off their faces, both Lennas wordlessly summon two small coconut cakes.


Seconds later, the two Coconut and cream covered women were grappling with each other, ripping at clothes and pulling at hair while getting even dirtier.

“Hate you….just die!”

Not words anyone would have expected from the excessively kind hearted Lenna, but both of her had been feeling a lot less kind after everything they’d put each other through. They spent the next few minutes materializing pies, cakes cupcakes, etc, and slapping the other in the face and body with them, getting covered in more cream, icing, custard, strawberry filling and chocolate respectively, while losing more and more clothing.

“JUST DIE!” Killing someone with pies was impossible, but they were willing to give it the old college try. In the course of their struggle, they didn’t notice they were straying dangerously close to the edge of a pit of chocolate.

Just as she smashed Banana Cream Pies into the face of her despised foe, Lenna stepped too far and right off the ledge.

“Wha…..AAAAAAAAAAAH!” They fell head first the chocolate and sank under the surface. This barely lasted a moment before they resurfaced, covered in chocolate from head to toe, while stripping what little clothing they had left off the body of the other.

“DIE DIE DIE!!!!!”

The Chocolate Wrestling Match raged on.


“Begin!” The recorded voice said. Lenna and Lenna stood inside a circle of rice straw bales. It was better known as a Dohyo, where Sumo Wrestling bouts are held.

And Sumo was the latest chosen form of Combat for the two Princesses, who immediately rushed each other the moment they got the word to start the match.


“BLLLNGH!” For what must have been the hundredth time, the two cocktail dressed combatants crashed together; chest agains chest, nipple drilling nipple, crotch grinding into crotch even through their panties, and forehead smashing into forehead, inflicting a mix of pain and pleasure on each other. Since neither wore the proper attire, they reached under the other’s skirt and pulled panties right up into pussies and ass cracks.

“EYYYYAAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Thus, they shared another painfully pleasurable experience at the hands of her hated twin, but this only made Lenna madder. Pulling on underwear as hard they could, both tried to upset the others balance and push her back, but neither budged an inch as they ground tits together, smashing them flat. “Guh….! Damn you!”

Realizing they were accomplishing nothing with their wedgie fight, they switched things up and started slapping each other again.



This had little effect either; they couldn’t move each other, nor could they knock each other over, but they wouldn’t let this stop them. The next few minutes were spent either slapping the taste out of the other’s mouth, or wedging the hell out of the other, with both girls yelps, shrieks and grunts filling the air as they unceasingly smashed bodies together.


Now they stood, toe to toe and tit to tit, hands clasped together in a test of strength, and each with a thigh between the other’s legs, still struggling to overpower the other, but also dry humping one another—each girl had her thigh grinding into the other’s crotch—as well.


Needless to say, no headway was made.


The Princesses stood on a circular platform, floating in the middle of a pool.

“Alright ladies! It’s time for….”

Both Lennas turned around and rocketed forward, ass first.


Their behinds collided with incredible force, compressed for a few moments before expanding back out as they bounced off each other…



…and right into the water. It was still afterwards, but only for a few seconds before both broke the surface, desperately gasping for air. They eventually climbed back up onto the Land (the term for the platform) dresses soaked, and moods worse then ever.

“Take this!” Thrusting themselves forward again, they bashed breasts together, both wincing at the collision. Soon, they were swinging their chests at one another like Mourning Stars, slapping, smashing, and squishing them together. Impossibly enough, one Lenna hit her twin in the face with her left breasts, but her twin in turn nailed her in the face with her right breast; a boob version of a cross counter that sent them both right off the platform and into the water for a second time.

They were back up again in what seemed like seconds however, smashing asses together, then alternating between attacking with T or A, every clash resulting in wet bodies, sore tits, aching butts, and a bit of arousal.

“Damn it! DAMN IT!! DAMN IT!!!


Lenna and Lenna again stood face to face, nose to nose, and chest to chest, breathing hard. they’d just finished another round of their latest contest, which had—rather predicatably—ended in a draw, and they were anxious to start a new round.

“Grrrr….!” Why couldn’t she win? Why? What else would she have to do?

“Time for the next round….” The announcer’s voice rang out. “….of Pocky Chicken!” A box of the eponymous candy floated next to then, and a single stick of pocky floated out of the box, levitating between them. Without even a moment of hesitation, they entwined fingers and bit down on opposite ends of the snack, then began aggressively eating it.

Damn her! Damn her! DAMN DAMN DAMN!’ Both just kept moving closer, neither backing down so much as an inch, and as their faces crept closer to one another, both realized the other wouldn’t stop.




…and closer….


….until the pocky disappeared between their colliding lips. Hands still clasped, they let their tongues meet inside their mouths to finish the last of the candy as they pushed their chests and nipples into each other even more. Once it was totally finished, they pulled away, eyes burning with fury as they felt the other’s hot breath on her face.

“I WILL DEFEAT YOU! Another stick of Pocky floated between them as they got ready for another round.


“TOAD!” The words came out in synch from the two Princesses, and both yelped as they felt the magic wash over them, transforming them into tiny pink haired frogs.

“Ribbit! Ribbit!” If they had been able to speak noramlly, they’d been able to speak normally, they would have likely been exchanging swears, but that was impossible when you were turned into a frog. Fortunately for them, it didn’t last long: a pair of sorcerers appeared behind them and cast the spell again, curing them.

“This round is a draw! Begin the next round!” Gil’s automated voice sounded out. The current duel was Status Ailment Standoff: where in the ladies attempted to inflict said Status Ailments on one another. They already run through poison, blind, sleep and paralysis.

“ZOMBIE!” They quickly inflicted a new condition on each other; skin turned green and eyes became white as they were transformed into the undead. “Urg….! Argh!”

With another tied match under their belts, the Lennas quickly cured themselves with Holy Water.

“OLD!” Suddenly, Lenna felt her body weaken. Their hair turned white and their chests sagged as they aged a good 60 years.

“…..oooooohhhh….” Lenna felt weak and exhausted. “You….you witch!” Suddenly, pain shot through her back.

“Oh! Ow! My back!” Well, this had gone on long enough. “EsunAAAAAAH! My hip!” Despite the verbal slip up, the Esuma spells worked their chairs and soon both women were back to normal.

“Silence!” they immediately inflicted the next spell on each other.

“…….!” Lenna found she no longer had a voice. “…….!” She started silently screaming at her twin, who naturally returned the favour. It wasn’t a very loud argument, but it was long and heated one. Eventually, both calmed down enough to simply cure themselves with a remedy.

“THAT’S IT!” Lenna and Lenna were sick of this struggle. It was time to truly bring an end to this. “HHHHHYYYYAAAAAAHHHH!” The two charged each other, intending the next move to be the winning one. When they were within reach, they both launched their attacks.

“MINI!” As they felt the effects of the other girl’s spell wash over them, both realized something was wrong.


Two loud screams echoed from the Gold Saucer arena where the Princesses were fighting. Soon, sounds of creaking be heard, as though something was pressing against the walls, about to break through….


And then, it did. It being a foot in red high heels.

Seconds later, another foot broke through, along with an entire bare leg/ then two more feet broke through, two other walls on opposite sides of the arena. Those two pairs of legs wriggled, writhed and shook. Meanwhile, the arena roof looked as though it was about to be ripped off its hinges as well, just barely holding back the two figured trapped inside. Speaking of which….

“MMMMMPPPHHH!” Their sudden change in girth left the two Lennas sitting in each others laps, right leg over left, breasts mashed together flat as pancakes, and nipples drilling into each other perfectly (something they’d experienced far too many times). Not only that, they were again locked in a kiss. The two girls were equal parts baffled, furious, and turned on as they rubbed tits, crotches and swallowed lips.

As for what had happened: using the mini spell on each other at the same moment when they were in close range, and the same person had caused a unique backlash. They instantly shrank, then instantly re-grew to their proper size, since only mini can cure mini, but due to being doppelgängers, the spells fed off each other, so they kept growing, creating two behemoth Princesses. Not that either Lenna was in the mood to dwell on it. Prying lips apart, they exchanged slaps.


This knocked them both back and out of the remains of the arena, which finally collapsed, no longer capable of containing the two women. Soon, the two giants stood, towering over the remains of the Gold Saucer, still wearing the same blue dresses.

“I….don’t care! I don’t care about anything else!” They had been at odds with each other from the very get go; mutual respect and understanding had eroded under near constant conflict from which there was no compromise, and now, they had no desire to even try anymore.

“I don’t care about duty or saving the world! I just want to destroy you!” the declaration had been made. The Lennas had been totally consumed by their rivalry and mutual hatred for each other; they once again charged at the other, slamming now gigantic bodies together as they began wrestling fiercely, the entire phantom continent acting as their ring.

“Raaaar! I’ll get you!” Lenna tackled Lenna to the ground, then mounted her and rained innumerable slaps and punches onto her. Lenna slapped right back despite the disadvantageous position and eventually managed to roll them over while still striking Lenna, who didn’t let the fact that she was now on the bottom stop her from hitting Lenna right back.

They ended up rolling across the country side, slapping, kicking, punching and biting each other viciously. Breaking apart—by tit punching the other—they took some time to recover and catch their breath, then rushed to meet each other once again, crashing together for the umpteenth time, wrapping arms around each other and squeezing in a bear hug.

“Guuugh!” Once again, they were reminded of how strong the other was as they crushed their bodies together. Cheek to cheek, they squeezed with all their might. “Uhhn!” Both girls groaned in pain and moaned with….well, not pain, as they crushed bodies together.

“Beat…y-you…! They once again brought knees into the other’s pussy. “Oooogh!” Their legs became like jelly, and their arms lost strength. They collapsed to the ground, atop each other.


Both girls rolled away, then pulled themselves to their feet. Their clothes hung from their bodies in torn rags; they were covered in dirt, welts, bruises and scratches; their hair was tangled and disheveled (and both had a few clumps of it in their hands); they were exhausted, but unwilling to give. They dashed at each other, both landing a punch to her twin’s face. “urrrgh!” As they stumbled back, they started to shrink back down, the magic that had enlarged them finally wearing off.

“B-beat…” Even as tired as they were, they were still determined to win. With their remaining magic power, they did two things: first they summoned something and second, they cast a spell.

“….you!” Behind the two Lennas stood a large and familiar dragon: Bahamut, King of the Dragons himself. He opened his mouth to unleash his signature Mega-Flare. At the same moment, they pulled out Wonder-Wands to cast a free spell. “DIE!”

The Mega-Flare was fired, and the wands were used to cast Flare at the exact same moment. Soon there was only light; light that completely engulfed both Princesses, just like their hatred of the other had engulfed them.


“Good morning Princess!” Lenna was greeted by the Chancellor and her servants as she walked down the halls of Castle Tycoon. She nodded to them briefly.

“I’ll be leaving for a short while Chancellor. I must not be disturbed during this time.” the Chancellor nodded, and watched her walk off.

After being caught in the explosion of both each others flares and Bahaman’s Mega-Flare, Lenna awoke, shocked to find herself back in the forest where she had started. She was even more surprised to discover that her many weeks in the rift didn’t even add up to a single minute. It was as though she never left. That wasn’t the only thing.

She’s still out there…’ Despite being separated by worlds, Lenna could still feel her twin. They’d found a loophole: Both of them and their worlds were the same, and since both had collected the crystals, they fulfilled the requirements to save their worlds, ironically fulfilling the promise they’d both made in their very first meeting.

Lenna had long since stopped caring about that though. She arrived at the rift opening and entered, returning to the Phantom continent. Upon her arrival, she immediately saw herself.

“…..” Closing the small distance between them, they pressed their bodies together once again. “We’re not done yet.” They then pulled each other into a deep kiss, and kneed each other in the crotch. Their eyes widened with both pleasure and pain as their yelps were muffled by their sealed lips.

I will beat you! No matter what!’ For the two Princesses of Tycoon, the battle was still raging.

And that's that. If you're wondering what I have next, you'll see sometime next month. I still got a lot of stuff in reserve. Until then, enjoy the cloning!

When twins tangle!

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