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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 2:33 pm 
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Yes, boy. Mis historias estan en español.


Part 12.- Smells like Rose spirit.

The two women looked like little girls playing with their new twin sister. Sitting on the bed in front of the large mirror in the closet door, they made all kinds of funny gestures with their faces. They still wore the luxurious blue dresses of the previous day's party. The two women raised their mouths as if they were going to kiss each other and take several selfies. Girls were fascinated by taking selfies in funny or sexy positions.

In a selfie Rose is smiling at the camera while the other Rose has her tongue very close to her double's ear. In another selfie Rose winks at the camera while pinching her clone's ass. In another, the two women are leaned side by side while they look bored. In another their faces are next to each other and smiling.

"This pic is the best." said one Rose.

"We look very well." said the other Rose, smiling.

"I'll upload them to instagram." Rose said.

"Ha ha ha, everyone will think it's photoshop." Said the other woman. Afterwards there were a few seconds of silence. The situation was strange, but Rose felt so good about that other woman that she did not care.

"There is no internet." Rose said.

"Our followers will have to wait." Said the other woman.

"It must be the storm." Rose said. Outside the apartment the snowstorm blew quite hard. In a few hours the floor and the trees were completely full of snow. The small spheres of light could no longer be seen in the courtyard due to the storm, but they were still there.

"That storm is beginning to give me some fear." said the other Rose.

"Ha ha ha, it's strange that I'm more afraid of a snowstorm than talking to a replica of myself." said the other Rose.

Rose brought her lips closer to those of the other Rose and kissed them delicately. "Let's try to think of something else." Rose said as the tongues of their mouths passed over the other woman's lips. The two women did not stop observing each other. Their big green eyes were flirtatious. Rose's way of kissing was slow and delicate, savoring every part of those other lips and that other tongue.

"You kiss very well." Said a Rose with the flirtatious smile drawn on her mouth.

"You too." The other Rose answered with the same smile. The women watched their reflections in the large mirror as they continued to kiss. The women parted their mouths for a few seconds, only to smile and say at the same time. "Ha ha, you're so narcissistic." And they continued with their kiss. Little by little the women began to undress in the middle of the kiss. The women pulled their arms out of that blue dress and also their huge round breasts with pink nipples. The two women continued to see themselves in the mirror in front of them. The women took their own breasts and began rubbing their nipples against each other. Once in a while women stopped kissing to take a breath and continue. They began to get aroused and small moans came from their mouths. That other woman had something that Rose has made her crazy with passion. The women stopped the kiss for a moment to observe her breasts. The erect nipples rubbed together and sank into the flesh of the other Rose's breasts.

“MMMMMMmmmmm….. mmmmm.”
“MMMMMMmmmmm….. mmmmm.”

The thumbs of the Roses began to play with the erect nipples of their double. Pressing and softening them gently.

"MMMmmmm mmmm I like you." The two women said with a sexy voice while caressing the erect nipples of their clone.

The women got up from the bed and stood in front of the large mirror. They began to remove the bottom of the dress. The two women were wearing white panties. The front of her panties were wet.

"You're wet." said a Rose with a smile.

"Look who says it." The other Rose answered with the same smile.

The two girls began to compare their bodies in front of the mirror. The round and big breasts, the thin belly, the beautiful legs and their firm and big asses. The two Roses turned their waist and joined their asses with each other to be able to observe them together in the mirror. The buttocks of one crushed the other. The girls did not stop making sexy gestures in the mirror.

"I would fuck those two in front of me." Said a Rose as she approached the mirror. She watched her face closely in the mirror and began to kiss it. Her lips left a trail of saliva on the fogged glass. Her breasts were crushed against the cold glass. Her pelvis hit the mirror gently. Rose had her eyes closed as she continued with her show.

"Rose, you're a narcissist." The other Rose said smiling, running her hand through the blonde hair that was on her face.

Rose kept kissing the mirror when suddenly she feels like two hands begin to lower their white cotton panties. Two hands began to squeeze Rose's buttocks. While her clone's face was pressed against her ass.

"Haha what are you doing?" The Rose in front of the mirror asked. The other Rose tenderly kissed Rose's ass. The woman with her hands pressed the two muscles of flesh of her clone's ass and separated them, showing a small pink asterisk between them. Rose brought her nose to the asterisk of her clone and began to inhale the scent. "Rose, you're a sow." Rose said with a smile as she kept watching her hypnotic big green eyes in front of the mirror.

"You know well that I was always curious to know my ass." said the other Rose kneeling in front of her clone's ass. Rose buried her face between the two buttocks of her clone and shook her head between them.

"But that's my ass, not yours." Rose said in front of the mirror smiling. The woman gave little laughs. The head of her double tickled her anus.

"Shut up bitch." The other Rose said as she delicately kissed the asterisk of her clone anus. The two Roses did not stop seeing the big mirror in the closet, their faces showed sexy gestures. The girls enjoyed the mirror. The Rose in front of the mirror hit the glass with her vagina and left small traces of moisture on it. Rose had shaved the edges of the vagina, the pubic hair only showed in a thin line around the vagina. They were small curly and golden hair. The face of the other Rose sank into the ass of her clone. The tip of the rose tongue entered the small asterisk between the buttocks.

"Aaahh aaaahhh, how does my ass taste?" Rose asked while her vagina was pressed against the mirror.

"Tastes delicious." The other Rose said as she inhaled strongly the scent of her ass. "It's very clean."

"I want to try too." Said the other Rose in front of the mirror.

The other Rose stood up and began to remove her white cotton pantys. She had the same thin line of golden, curly hairs around the vagina. Then she sat on the bed. The two women looked each other in the eyes and started to laugh like little girls.

The Rose on the bed stood on her back in doggy position and raised her ass showing it to her clone. The other Rose approached slowly, with both her hands she took Rose's buttocks and pressed her face against that beautiful ass. She buried her face in it and kissed every part of her inside. Her tongue massaged her partner's anus. Saliva dripped down between the woman's buttocks. That's how they were for a while as they cast glances at the large mirror to see how they looked in those positions.

"Let me try it too." Rose settled herself so that the two Rose's had their clone's ass in front of her. They were lying with their backs up and they settled their heads on the buttocks of their double.

"This pillow is so comfortable." A Rose said as she pretended to fall asleep.

"I could fall asleep here forever." The other woman said imitating the actions of her clone. The cheeks of the women crushed against the buttocks of the other girl.


Suddenly the two women released a small fart in the face of their clone.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”
“Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.”

They both started laughing like little girls. "Sow!! Hahahaha You are impossible hahahah." They both said at the same time.

Then the two women with their two hands separated the buttocks of the other woman to observe their own anus. The saliva ran from her asses to her vaginas. They massage every part of the anus, the interior, the exterior. Their tongues made a movement like pushing inwards. Their heads began to gather speed. You could hear the grinding of the bed and how their faces sank into those round, big assholes.

Quickly the two women left their partner's ass and quickly searched their mouths. Once again they were trapped in the magnetic kiss. Their tongues tasted like ass. The saliva ran through their mouths. With the fingers of one hand they began to rub the vagina of their clone and with the other they pressed one of the buttocks. “AAAahhhhh aahhhhhhhhm mmmmmmmmm.” They began to hear moans from the two girls.

"Mmmmmmmm delicious." They both said without taking their mouths off. The rhythm with which they masturbated one another increased in intensity. Quickly the two women without taking their mouths off. They joined their vaginas and began to rub each other. They were in the position of scissors with their mouths sucking desperately. The two women could not stop looking in the mirror. Their vaginas were pounding hard making a sticky sound.

"Look at them aaahh ahhhhh aahhhh aahh." Said a Rose without taking her eyes off the mirror.

"They are beautiful aaaahhhh aahhh ahh." The other Rose said observing every detail in the mirror.

"AAAAAAahhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!" Shouted the two.

The women's hands tightly pressed the other woman's head against her and with a scream an orgasm came out through the vaginas. The women stared at each other while panting heavily. The curly hair of the women's vaginas were completely wet. Their vaginas were still together as they breathed hard in her face.

"I love you." They both said at the same time. Their arms surrounded the other woman's body and they lay on the bed in that position.


The next part is the end of my story.

Hola :lol:

 Post subject: Re: Winter
PostPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2018 1:42 pm 
1st Lieutenant
1st Lieutenant
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Part 13.- Old friend.

The two Wendys and the two Marianas were inside department eight. They were all watching strange images in the monitor on the table.

"What is all that?" Wendy asked with a nasal voice. It seemed she had caught a cold.

"It serves to look for Anna. The woman who causes people to multiply. It's a bit difficult to explain the symbols. They are in an ancient language." Said one of the Marianas.

"How do you understand it? Everything in this department doesn't look like technology of this planet." The other Wendy said in the same nasal voice as her clone. She had also caught a cold. Possibly the same.

The two Marianas lowered their heads. "It's a long story ... Eight years ago, a group of catastrophes occurred. My friend transformed into something else and every time she appears in one place. That dimension is destroyed along with everything that inhabits it." Mariana said in a sad and brittle voice.

"Wait a minute." Unterrupted a Wendy. "So you're from another dimension or something?"

"It's a complicated issue that I don't understand. There are many equal dimensions and many different dimensions. You two belong to different but equal dimensions ... I don't know how to explain it." Said a Mariana.

"Anna destroyed our original dimension ... The only thing I remember is that when everything was destroyed a great spaceship appeared out of nowhere and then I was in a strange room." Said the other Mariana.

"They did something to me in the head. For some reason I could understand them. I could understand their rare devices and could understand their symbols. From that moment I look for Anna. I have to stop her.... If nobody stops her. Everything will be completely destroyed. There will be nothing, no planets, no dimensions, there will be nothing." The other Mariana said in a serious and sad voice.

"It's an incredible story. I find it hard to believe something like that." Said a Wendy.

"It doesn't matter if you believe it or not. Because it's about to happen again. "Said a Mariana. Suddenly the snowstorm began to stop.

"The time has come." Said the other Mariana. Suddenly there was a huge explosion in the sky and a phosphorescent green light began to be seen through the windows. The light was so strong that it dazzled the whole place. The small spheres of light began to go crazy everywhere.

"It's her." Said a Mariana.

"She's above us." The other Mariana said.


"Goddess of nature. I will be your most faithful apprentice." Melissa said as she knelt in front of her clone. Melissa started kissing Melissa (sister nature)'s feet.

"Yes ... Ha ha ha." Said the other Melissa. She was still not quite sure what her clone was saying. She did not feel like a goddess. She felt like Melissa. But what another logical explanation could exist. Her clone was right, she had been trying to invoke the spirits of nature. If that other Melissa said that she was a goddess of nature. Maybe it's true. "You don't have to kiss my feet hahaha." said Melissa (sister nature) in a more nervous voice.

"Have i offended you? Oh please excuse sister nature." The other Melissa said as she knelt in front of the other Melissa. "Tell me, what do you want me to do?"

"Mmmmmmm ... I don't know ha ha ha ... We should reforest the earth again, stop climate change ... MMMMmmmmmm end with hunger and war." Melissa (sister nature) said with a smile.

"Yes!! Now that you are with us we can end the wickedness of the world ha ha ha." The other Melissa said smiling.

"Yes!!! Ha ha ha."

“Ha ha ha.”

“Ha ha ha.”

"Ha ha ha."

At that moment a loud roar was heard in the sky.

"The gods are watching us and applauding." Melissa (sister nature) said. Suddenly a phosphorescent green light began to fill the entire greenhouse.


"What the hell is going on outside?" The two Christines asked. The phosphorescent green light was reflected inside their apartment. The two Susans were breastfeeding their daughters.

"Wait. Don't leave." Said the two Susan, with a pretty worn-out face from the childbirth of a few minutes ago.

The two women had a pale face and purple circles around their eyes. The two Christines looked at each other for a moment.

"I'll go out and see what happens. You stay to take care of them." Said a Christine.

"Ok." The other Christine answered.

Christine began to dress quickly. The cold outside seemed quite monstrous even though the wind had calmed down.


"Something happens outside." Rose Wilkes said holding her clone and their bodies covered by thick blankets.

"Do you think we should go out? ... But..." The other Rose asked.

"... I'm scared to death." The other Rose said.

"I think it's the end of the world." Said the other Rose. The bodies of the women hugged each other more tightly and their faces settled side by side.


"Okay. Let's rock baby. " A Mariana said in front of the monitor. Quickly Mariana began to press the strange figures on the console in front of the monitor. The screen showed a large green sphere in the center of the departments. The antennas outside of department eight were pointing and recording to the large green sphere. On the monitor all kinds of symbols and information appeared while Mariana was pressing the images on the console at full speed.

"The antennas are pointing to the target." Said the other Mariana. "Shoot!!!"

Mariana pressed a rare symbol of the console and from the antennas three white rays shot out towards the large green sphere of phosphorescent light. But quickly the sphere of light began to move at great speed throughout the courtyard.

"Shoot!! Shoot !!! "Mariana shouted at her clone. But the antennas could not hit the target. The speed at which the sphere moved was impressive.

"It's not working." Said a Wendy, a little scared and excited.

"I imagined that this could happen ... Girls, warm up well, let's go out." Mariana said to the two Wendys. Then she turned to see her clone that was in the console. "You know what to do."

"Don't worry." Mariana winked at Mariana. The two women took a chewing gum from their jackets and began to chew it. Mariana opened the apartment door and came out with the Wendys. The view outside was incredible, everything glowed in a phosphorescent green. In the sky you could see the big green sphere in the middle of the courtyard. The women were impressed, apparently the storm had stopped only about 100 yards around the sphere. Beyond it could be seen as snow and strong winds continued to hit Jefferson Pennsylvania.

"This is amazing." The two Wendys said.

"This is what we will do. Each one goes to an antenna. The antennas can be fired manually. On one side they have a black circle, point to the flying girl and touch the circle to shoot, when I give you the order." Said Mariana.

Little by little the green sphere in the sky began to let see a person inside. It was Anna Morrison. Mariana's childhood friend. They had shared a large number of adventures together. Mariana and Anna watched each other for a few minutes. Anna was completely naked. Her body was small. Her hair was short. She had freckles on her face. The areolas of her nipples are something big for her breasts. Anna's eyes shone in a phosphorescent green.

"Well, finally we meet again." Mariana said as she headed to the stairs right next to her house.

"Mariana." Said the woman floating in the sky. Her voice was heard as if a thousand Annas spoke at the same time.

"Your body hasn't changed in eight years." Mariana said as she climbed the stairs to the roof of the house. Wendy and Wendy were each standing next to an antenna pointing at Anna. They had a worried face when they saw Mariana climb to the roof of the apartment.

"I'm not Anna Morrison. She gave up her body so that I could exist. "Anna said from the sky with an expressionless face. "I still have something of her memory. That's why I can remember you."

"Then you have forgotten everything. Ivy, of Katy ..." Mariana had a rather serious expression. "... Hollis." The phosphorescent green eyes and the mouth of Anna opened instinctively upon hearing that name.

"You forgot how you killed Hollis." Said Mariana. Anna's eyes became sad. Mariana approached the antenna. "Now !!!!" shouted the woman raising her hand and pointed the antenna to Anna.

"Now!" The two Wendys shouted at the same time pointing their antennae at Anna and raising one of their arms.

Mariana inside the department observed everything through the cameras of the antennas. "Yes !!!" Mariana said excitedly in front of the monitor. At that moment the three antennae fired white rays that caught Anna. Anna's face was still sad. Strange white rays moved around the woman.


Christine came out from department six. "What the hell is that?" She said quietly.

From department one, Melissa and Melissa came out. One of them wore a red jacket of sheep's wool. The other one a black jacket.

"That woman in the sky..." said a Melissa.

"... She must be another goddess." The other Melissa finished.

Christine watched as the women approached little by little where she was. "There are also two of you?" Christine asked surprised.

"Also? What do you mean?" Asked Melissa with a red jacket.

"There are also two of me and Susan ... and two of our daughter." Christine said in that manly tone she always wanted to imitate.

"Daughter!!" The two Melissas said at the same time. "Aaaaaaaaahhh what emotion. What is her name?" The two Melissas said excitedly.

"We don't know yet." Christine said with a puzzled face.

"One moment ... you say there are two Susan and two of you ..." Melissa in a black jacket said. "Then the gods of nature also chose you."

"What are you talking about?" Christine asked.

"The gods of nature have awakened. She is the goddess of nature who lives in my greenhouse. "Melissa with a black jacket says pointing to the other Melissa.

"Hi, I'm the greenhouse goddess ha ha ha." Melissa in a red jacket said.

"Eh? "Christine said.


Anna was trapped she could not move from her place. Her face showed deep sadness.

Suddenly from the sky a large spaceship with the size of a large football stadium broke through the clouds. Despite having fog and a big snow storm. The large spacecraft could be distinguished in Jefferson's sky slightly. Several people around the place were shocked. They could not believe what they saw. Hundreds of people went to the storm and began recording the event with their cell phones. But for some reason there was no internet or cell phone signal at that time. Everyone was watching the colossal figure in the sky. The spacecraft glowed blue.

In the departments, women were equally impacted. The giant ship was yards from them. It was the most shocking sensation of their lives. The two Wendys and Mariana continued firing with antennae at Anna. Suddenly, from the spaceship, a sphere of blue light began to form and this one went towards where Anna was.

Mariana inside department eight watched everything while chewing her gum. "The time has come!" Mariana shouted and pressed some strange figures on the console.

Suddenly the rays that held Anna disappeared.

"What happened?!!" The two Wendys asked.

Mariana above the ceiling smiling and chewing a gum screams. "Now Anna. Teach those sons of bitches a lesson for everything they did to us!!!!"

Anna turns to see the blue light that was directed at her with her eyes lit in a green phosphorescent color and at that moment time freezes. Everyone around was completely paralyzed by a green light. The only one who could move was Anna.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!" Anna yells. A shout of a thousand voices that echoed in the sky. From one of Anna's hands comes a green ray that hits the spacecraft.


Anna made a movement of hands and the sphere of light that surrounded her began to grow covering all the departments. Suddenly, it disappeared like a green ray in the sky. Wendys, Marianas, Susans, Melissas, Christines, Roses and the babies had disappeared without a trace.

The green light had disappeared. The time returned to normal. In the sky a large spaceship the size of a stadium engulfed in flames fell over a part of the forest slowly. The hysterical people of the place began to record what happened with cell phones. There was great confusion throughout the place. But suddenly all electronic devices stopped working. Quickly, in less than five minutes began to arrive planes and helicopters of the government of the United States. Trucks and cars arrived everywhere. The government had used electromagnetic pulse waves to destroy all electronic devices in the area. The streets were filled with government agents and scientists as the storm continued strongly. Everything around was closed and blocked by the government.

"She was here, sir. We have confirmed it with the people of the place. "Said a man with dark glasses and black suit to another in the middle of the storm.

"They came for her. They thought that their technology would stop her, that they could cheat her. But she is much further away from a simple alien technology." Said a man with white hair and an aged face. "I want a report of everything absolutely everything that is scattered in the forest and what happened." Said the man with a very serious face.

"As you say, Mr. Lemington." The man said and left immediately.

"And above all. I want a DNA sample from that woman." Lemington said.

The wind blew strongly. The snow fell on all things. A part of the forest was in flames. Several scientists and government men moved among the rubble.


Hola :lol:

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