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 Post subject: ThunderMoms-OneShot
PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 12:49 am 
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Barb Thunderman was frustrated and shook her 5’2”, 34D-24-35 frame as she reached near the end of her limits. She had kept secret from her superhero family the slow loss of her electrical superpowers, and unless she found a cure, would never thrill the world with presence of Electress, Mistress of the Volt.


She had no choice but to turn to the dark side for a cure and that meant speaking to Dr. Colosso, evil genius. She found him, still if the form of a rabbit (penance for his evil deeds), in her son’s cellar lab. Colosso looked up from his drawing board, on which he was planning his next evil scheme speaking, “And what can I do for you Barb?” She slyly looked around to make sure no other family member was around and quickly explained her power loss situation, she could barely generate a spark. Colosso had Barb lie on an exam table and used the scanners in the lab to fully expose the problem. As the results of the scans appeared on his computer monitor, he took a few minutes contemplating the problem, then as the solution came to him, smiled at Barb. “The problem is one of exposure, your body has acclimated to the electrical power running thru it. You’re suppressing the generation of the electrical current.” “And the cure? asked Barb.” “Simple, replied Colosso, we rephrase your body to the state it was in when you first gained your powers. And I have all the equipment here in the lab to make it happen.”

Barb and Colosso stood off center of the lab. It had been impressive to watch the fully automated lab respond to Colosso’s plans and orders. Mechanical arms shot from the walls and with precision quickly assembled a transfer ring in the center of the lab. The device began to hum with strange energies as Colosso adjusted its settings and the air shimmered just above the ring. Barb spoke up, “Am I supposed to stand in the ring,” “No, said Colosso, you first need to drink this formula, as a mechanical arm produced a glass filled with a blue liquid.” “And this will restore my powers?” Barb asked as she drank the glass.

“No, not in any way, spoke Colosso, it’ll calm things down, and allow me to complete my plans. It’s a fast acting tranquilizer.” Colosso pushed forward a large lever causing the transfer ring to glow brightly, sparking with static discharges. As the first wave of the tranquilizer hit Barb, she dropped to her knees, and just before losing consciousness, saw a wormhole open in the center of the transfer ring. But that wasn’t the strangest thing. What surprised her was the sight of another Barb phasing in from the wormhole. Then both women passed out, one from the drugs and the other from the shock of the transfer.

Rosa B was an accomplished actress playing the matriarch role in a TV show about a superhero family. When she entered her trailer on the film set and was promptly plucked from her dimension by Colosso’s transfer ring. She found herself standing in what appeared to be a lab, and could see a large rabbit sitting closely to a computer terminal and a strangely familiar woman dressed in Rosa’s costume from the show. Then the shock of the transfer hit and she passed out.

Barb awoke from the drug induced nap, and found herself taped to a chair in the center of the lab, a not unfamiliar situation for a superhero with her experience, except she was completely naked and facing another her in exactly the same securely taped position.


The other her wasn’t awake yet and looking to her right, she could see Colosso at his terminal. Speaking with a slightly drowsy voice due to the lingering effects of the tranquilizer, Barb said, “What are you doing and why did you drug me?” Colosso replied, “My plan to return your powers requires actions I did not think you would agree with. To start, I needed to pull from a nearby dimension an unpowered version of you, then I’ll have to pass various levels of electricity and other forms of unique energy thru you and into your twin. The process should work quite well, her non-powered form will stabilize your phase and return your powers.” Horrified, Barb said, “What makes you think I’d agree to any of that?” Pushing a button, Colosso replied, “You really have no choice, I have you quite restrained and with the button I just pushed, the automated system has begun.” Barb heard a hum starting and noticed cables running up one leg that seemed to be attached to the base of the chair, just beneath her well- formed and still firm ass. As the hum intensified, she could feel energy build and then surge into her through her tone tanned buns. It felt as if she were chilled and burning at the same time. The energy cascaded up her frame, surging into her breasts, then exited at her nipples as a form of lightening. The twin bolts of reddish lightening cut through the air, lancing into Rosa and striking her full on her nipples. The energy exchange jolted Rosa awake and she opened her eyes to see a woman who looked identical to her secured to a chair, quickly seeing she was also securely taped to a chair. The bolts intermittent at first, intensified and then formed a constant arc between the two women as the machine hum rose to a high-pitch whine. Rosa was clearly getting the worst of it, as the energy hit her and then coalesced around her body. Barb could feel the energy in her body surging and then finally when she could take it no more, she unleashed a tremendous red electric bolt that exited her breasts, striking Rosa with such force, it tore her from the chair, sending her flying across the room and rolling to the far wall. Barb stood, her tape restraints melted away and shot Colosso a stare that would wither a lesser hare, then fired off a low level electric bolt that knocked him out.

From the far side of the room Rosa regained consciousness and slowly recovered her senses. She rose with tentative steps and turned to face Barb. Stepping toward her twin Rosa asked, “Who are you, why do you look like me and what just happened?” Barb was unsure of where to begin as Rosa approached and then stood before her. Both women were well toned, extremely desirable in their present naked state and despite the ordeal, recovering quickly. They scanned the other for any sign of imperfection or difference, but found none. Their gazes lingering on the well formed breasts and ass of the other. “My god, I've got a great body,” each woman thought. The proximity and sexual arousal between them was increasing as could be noticed by their increased respiration, body heat and protruding nipples. Barb spoke to address the situation, “I'm Barb Thunderman, I was held by Colosso as he tried to reignite my powers. I didn't know he planned on bringing you here from another dimension or that you'd be injured.” “This makes no sense to me,” replied Rosa, “where I'm from you're just a role I play in a comedy sitcom,” then realizing the situation she was in Rosa overreacted yelling, “You've got to help me get home, I don't belong here.” At the same time she reached over and grabbed Barb on her forearms. Catching Barb by surprise, she spontaneously and defensively fired off a quick scarlet electric blast from her right hand that caught Rosa in her chest. But, surprisingly, it caused no damage. Rosa's anger rose at the perceived attack and with unknown skill, released her left hand from Barb's forearm, flexed her fingers and fired off a blue tinged electric blast that struck Rosa directly in her neatly trimmed bush. Both women were stunned, Barb at the blue charge and Rosa at causing it.

[attachment=2]Rosa II.png[/attachment]

And Colosso, who had just regained consciousness and a perch on the control panel, sat down to watch the show.

As the astonishment wore off, attempting to prevent an escalation, Barb quickly stepped into Rosa, wrapping her arms around her waist and pulled her in. Initially caught off-guard, Rosa matched Barb's hold but rather than stopping at her waist, she slid past and grabbed a handful of Barb's generous full ass cheeks with each hand. Slightly startled, but not to be out-done Barb slid her hands over and grabbed a tight grip on Rosa's toned tan ass cheeks. The result of the dual hold, with both woman's hands on the other's cheeks, was the full contact & compression of their breasts and nipples as they made contact. Their firm breasts pushed and prodded, with nipples stabbing and catching against its twin. The pain and pleasure from the dual naked bear hug was delirious, causing both woman's nipples to become engorged as they probed and parried for control. “I'm trying to help you, said Barb.” “Help me, or Help yourself to me,” replied Rosa. With thinking becoming difficult due to the increasing heat and passion, Barb took in a lungful of air, filling her chest while flexing his breasts out to her maximum extension in an attempt to overpower Rosa. And it initially worked, her breasts pushing back and pouring over the top of Rosa's while her nipples flicked Rosa's in passing, causing Rosa to moan with delight. However Rosa filled her lungs and while pulling in Barb's ass, forced her breasts up from under Barb's, drilling her tits into Barb's and leaving nipple scrape marks as they traveled up to parity. Now it was Barb's turn to moan with pleasure. Both women stared daggers at the other.

[attachment=1]Rosa III.jpg[/attachment]

“I'm sorry its come to this, but I need to end this,” spoke Barb, as she fired off a red electrical charge thru her hands and into Rosa's firmly held ass cheeks. Rosa was initially worried, but while she could feel the charge, it was like a wild massage coursing thru her ass, there was no pain associated. “Well two can play this game,” thought Rosa. With knowledge and skill new to her, she forced a blue electrical charge out of her hands, onto the mocha ass cheeks of Barb. Barb almost jumped at the impact, but while Rosa's hands and charge were providing an incredible massage to her ass, there was no pain. Both women grabbed, pulled and kneaded the others ass while slowly increasing the electrical output. The increase in the massaging effect was amazing, with the throbbing vibrations flowing thru each woman's ass and impacting their cunt. Their lower lips were steaming hot and dripping fluids and with a final clutch by both, they pulled each into a clit kiss. The electric charges from each were mixing in the middle causing their cunts to function as vibrators against it's twin. The feeling was incredible as they were both electro vibrating the other to climax. Still, neither would let go or stop zapping the other. Barb, being from a PG dimension, was slight less an exhibitionist than Rosa and tried to pull her ass back, but her cunt lips were fully sealed with Rosa's. She had to try something to distract Rosa and thinking about how she felt after being kissed by her husband, threw caution to the wind. Leaning in, she kissed Rosa fully on the lips. Lips she knew so well and tried to use that knowledge to her advantage. She caught Rosa by surprise, forcing her head back while she slid her lips over her twins. Rosa pulled back to regroup as Barb advanced, then taking a breath, passionately began a counter-lip assault. Barb was pushing offensively forward and was caught off-guard by Rosa's advance. Both women battled for kiss supremacy as their lips met in full contact. Each threw everything they could at the other, kissing her twin with every trick she knew, pulling grabbing and kneading the ass in hand. Their lower sealed cunt lips fought for control as their asses gyrated wildly and then with one final simultaneous electric blast, the vibrating massages caused both women to climax explosively. But this was no mere climax. The explosive force of both women coming, added to the electrical discharge, caused an even larger blast that erupted between their merged cunt lips, blowing the women apart.

[attachment=0]Rosa IV.jpg[/attachment]

Barb landed on her generous full ass and in a semi-conscious state saw Rosa flying away. Rosa landed in the transfer ring in the center of the lab. Both women unable to move as they suffered additional climatic surges thru their cunts. Then the device began to hum with a familiar but strange energy. Barb was barely able to move her head as she saw Colosso engage the device, and turning back to see Rosa fade away. Barb smiled slightly, she had her powers back, had a hell of a sexual encounter and then she passed out.

Rosa awoke in her make-up trailer with full memories of what had occurred. She slowly rose and looking down at her hands created a small blue spark between her thumb and forefinger. No one would ever believe her tale, but the studio was about to save a lot of money on CGI effects.

Rosa IV.jpg

Rosa III.jpg

Rosa II.png



 Post subject: Re: ThunderMoms-OneShot
PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 9:00 am 
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ha ha! nice one.


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