Athena, A Dark Souls Story
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Author:  ThePurpleDemon [ Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Athena, A Dark Souls Story

Yes, Indeed” My title doesn’t lie...

So I’m back here with another story, and I hope it’ll be a good one as I’m now basing this story in the land of Dark Souls III. I think I’m going to have this be a bit of a longer one due to the premise I have in mind, but that’s ok, gives you guys more to read, you guys like build up, and I get to be creative in a world I enjoy... to hate...

(honestly I got the idea literally an hour ago after restarting DS3, Hooray for simple inspiration)

This is going to be following the player character, so what is already in the games belongs to FromSoft, other stuff’s fair game! Though unless you are looking at every single item description, u don’t get most of the story in a Souls game anyway, so I guess this can help with that if anyone is interested in it yet has raged too much to be able to complete the games. don’t worry man, I was there too once...

And so begins, our story with Athena!

Chapter 0: The Unkindled One

“Hi, you’re probably wondering who I am, or where you are. Well, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Athena, I’m 23 and woke up from a pretty long sleep recently, kinda reviving me from my failure of linking the fire before and...”

“Oh, sorry, I like to ramble a bit. Anyways, as you can see I’m about 5’9” with about mid length Black hair, though with Beige skin that’s not too common for some. I was born with beautiful blue eyes that I just love to stare into sometimes, they remind me of the ocean and-“

“Hey are you listening?! *Sigh* yes, I’m a girl and I have boobs, ok? Don’t have to gawk at them, they’re only a D cup anyways...”

“Oh, you weren’t looking at my breasts? My swords? Oh... yeah they’re just some normal light swords, I enjoy dual wielding, as I can be less predictable that way.” *wink*

“Right, now that you know who I am, now as to where we are... to be honest I’m not quite sure, I kinda just woke up here with you. Don’t worry though, I will keep you in the know of anything that’s too confusing! Wait... you can’t actually talk? OH! I know what will help!”

Athene reaches into her pocket and pulls out an long orange stone.

“This is what’s called an Orange Soapstone! Simply write out the message you want me to read and i’ll see it! That way we can actually communicate with each other! Isn’t that just so cool?!”

“Anyways, I’m off now for my adventures! Hopefully meet again soon!”

I will say now, we shall be following Athena through the story as a phantom, though not a summon, phantoms are people you can sometimes see. So it will be normal that she knows we’ve seen her do things in the story.

Also what she said is true, Your comments will act as a Soapstone message if you would like and Athena will answer your questions to the best of her ability, so ask anything you’d like, be it back story, clarity on an event, a general curiosity, etc.

Now for the Fun to begin!

Author:  ThePurpleDemon [ Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Athena, A Dark Souls Story

Chapter 1: The Untended Graves

Athena had just been talking with an interesting Summon after her awakening from the old Stone coffin she had been laying in. it had just sort of appeared, though it didn’t have any gear, so instead she kinda just talked to it. Normally this wouldn’t work, but it seemed to understand her when she spoke to it. She she didn’t stay on the thought as she had her quest to fufil, to link the first flame!

”Hmm, now where exactly should I go?” She thought to herself.

There were a few undead that she stumbled across, but they were nothing, she simply sliced them with both of her twin blades and they were dead on the ground. She still had an uneasy thought.

“Strange, normally undead don’t just stay dead from what I remember others telling me, yet this place looks nothing like where my last moments of life were...”

She smacks her face with her hand

“Of course it isn’t similar you goof, this is a graveyard for goodness sakes, why would it look anything like There?” *giggles*

As Athena pressed on, she noticed a choice of 2 paths, one straigh ahead going to what seemed outside from all the tombs of this enclosed area she was in, the other to her right, filled with water and seemingly headed to another area of the enclosed space.

“Eh, if I go that way I’ll probably find more of these chumps, and hey, souls are souls I guess! Right we go!”

And so Athena went through the watery path to her right, though it was deeper than she expected it to be. Thankfully the path curved a bit further down and the water ended, but not before her boots were filled with water. She sat down on a nearby rock and quickly emptied out her boots.

“Guess you can’t explore for some good loot without getting your feet wet!”

Athena stands up and looks around the new area.

“Ah man, it’s just a cave area with no roof on-“

She cuts herself short as she sees a massive pile of Bright Blue Crystals.

“Is that a massive pile of Crystal Titanite?!” She exclaims loudly “This stuff will sell for so much! Not to mention if I find a blacksmith how much my blades can be upgraded!”

Athena quickly ran towards the mound of titanite, and it slowly started to shift. She stopped just beside the mound when she noticed the shift.

“Huh? I guess there would be a crystal lizard or 2 on a pile this...”

She cut off as she noticed a massive black tail covered in blue crystals slowly slid around beside her.


She finished her sentence as the large pile started to wake up revealing itself to be a massive Crystal Lizard. It was on it’s hind legs and was 2 times her size. The Lizard looked down and growled.

*Gulp* “Hi friend... I, uh, was just admiring your crystals! They’re very shiny!”

Athena smiled at the Lizard very nervously and outstretched her hand slowly. The Lizard saw this as an attack and immediately went for a bite. Athena rolled backwards just in time.

*sigh* “Never let your guard down I guess...”

Athena quickly drew her twin blades and went in, finally, a tough battle had begun.

The Lizard going in for a strong strike was quite quick, but Athena had trained for many years for combat, so she was prepared for most any attacks. The Lizard went for one strike with it’s claw and as Athena dodged she failed to notice the second claw come it and smack her to the ground. The Lizard quickly went in for another bite but Athena riled to the side just in time. The Lizard tumbled and rolled, leaving a trail of crystals to burst behind it. As Athena stood up, the Lizard was coming back with a roll and she jumped to the side again, now prepared for where it stopped and got a couple slashes in. The Lizard quickly spun around and slammed to the ground, causing a small shockwave of crystals to form and staggering Athena a bit. As the Lizard was winding up, Athena noticed a small gap in the Crystals near it’s face. As they both charged each other, Athens stabbed the lizard in the gap, causing them both to pause for a couple seconds. The Lizard fell and it’s body shimmered and faded away, giving Athena many souls and leaving her with a Titanite scale.

“Well, it’s not Crystal Titanite, but st least it’s valuable.”

Athena quickly pocketed the scale and walked back to the watery path headed back.

“I don’t remember Crystal Lizards ever getting to that size.” she thought ”maybe they do in rare chances that they live a really long life?”

Athena scratched her head and decided to shrug it off.

“Oh well, guess he was a lucky one, too bad his luck ran out!”

As she went back to the fork, this time she took the bright path and went out of the enclosed area. She found herself at the side of a cliff, there were many clouds down below as there were a few above, so she knew she must not have been too high, but still fairly high. As she turned to her left and followed the path up, she was lead to a large flat ledge with a bonfire on it.

“Ah, a nice bonfire. Now I can get some rest and heal up a bit.”

As she was about to sit she noticed a large, chapel like structure in the distance, with further observation, it seemed connected to the cliff she was attached to.

”I’ll be over there soon enough, maybe there someone can tell me where I am exactly?” she thought.

She sat down at the Bonfire and a bright energy poured around her, filling her vision, then it was gone.

“And now to check on my...”

She reached into her pocket and shuffled around in it a bit, she couldn’t seem to find what she was looking for, then a thought hit her.

“Did I grab my Estus Flask when I woke up...?”

She looked back down the path to where she had just been with sadness in her eyes.

“Great, now I have to kill those undead again... *sigh* might as well go now than never...”

Slowly she got up and walked back down to the crypt area, uncaringly slashing through the undead that were there a second time. She then grabbed her Estus Flask which had enough for about 3 Chugs in it, and Chugged it once to heal herself. She then went back to her bonfire and rested at it again. After the blinding energy was gone, she looked and her Estus was filled up again.

“Looks like this is gonna be a long adventure...” Athena said with an annoyed sort of tone to her voice.

Author:  ThePurpleDemon [ Mon Jan 15, 2018 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Athena, A Dark Souls Story

Chapter 2: The Shrine

Athena, sitting at the bonfire, looked around for any phantoms to talk with, to no avail. She let out a big sigh and stood up.

“Seems quiet today... wish I had someone to talk to.”

She did a few stretches for her arms and back.

“Ah well, I bet I’ll see someone else soon! Now off to adventure!”

She started a very enthusiastic march towards more stone coffins stacked in piles. Slaying undead that she came across with ease as they seemed to be weak stragglers desperate for souls. She then came across a small ledge, the next one down having a raised up coffin and a titanite shard on top. Athena examined the coffin carefully.

“No way to climb it, guess I’m gonna have to jump for it!”

She took a few steps backward, then charged straight for the ledge. She jumped and landed with a roll on the coffin, grabbing her prize.

“Score! Now I just need to find a blacksmith to reinforce my weapon.”

Athena jumped down then looked over the ledge to the bottom, seeing an undead just standing there. She jumped down slicing the undead and killing it with one blow.

“Maybe you should watch your surroundings more!”

Athena laughed, as a moment later she was hit by a flaming arrow and knocked to the ground. As she got up she looked and saw an undead near a broken wall in front of her reloading a crossbow with another flaming arrow.

“Right... Karma’s a bitch...”

Athena jumped up and quickly rolled away from the next arrow as she killed the undead. Now she was infront of a large stone double door. It was heavy, but she got it to move and pushed the doors open wide. On the other side, she saw a circular space one side lined with a rocky wall, the other a cliff with brick floor slowly breaking off and falling. In the middle of the circle platform was a circle of candles around a very large man with a strange sword stabbed through his chest.

“Woah!” Athena thought “That sword could be worth a lot of souls!”

She quickly rushed over to the man and pulled the sword, with a bit of struggle, out of his chest. Athena took a closer inspection of the sword in her hands.

“Wait a sec... this is a coiled sword! The ones in all the bonfires! Why’d this man have one in his chest?”

“” Athena heard a deep voice, she looked up and noticed the body of the man start to move. His armour’d body clanking as he stood over Athena by twice her height. He grabbed a large pole arm that was on his back, yielding a massive “executioner type” blade on one end.

Athena was scared by this stranger, yet for some reason, she knew his name.

Udex Gundyr: Another Ashen one

Athena rolled to the side as the axe head slammed into the ground, cracking the brick. She went in for a few slashes with her blades, it didn’t seem to do too much to him, but it still seemed to do something. His armour shook with each of his swings, he was oddly fast for his size, but Athena was faster.

“All I have to do is chip away at his armour, and i’ll eventually get a clear shot at him.” Athena thought.

As Athena went in for another double slash, Gundyr’s armour went into a frenzy. His shoulder burst open and a loud high pitched scream could be heard. Athena covered her hears as she ran a safe distance away and saw Gundyr had changed. Most of his body was now covered by some sentient black ooze with a massive arm jutting forward, red eyes at it’s “head” area.

Athena smirked “guess i found the weak spot.”

She charged, dodging away from the slime’s attacks as they slammed the ground. As she sliced the black goop, she could hear the ooze screech in pain. It was slower than Gundyr seemed to be before, though it was seemingly a bit lop sided, making it easy to run circles around as she slashed and dodged the arm.

Finally, with one last slash to the head, the Goop monster seemed to poof into a black smoke, leaving Gundyr to fall to his knees, his armour turning to dust and blowing away with a quick breeze.

“Well that wasn’t too hard!” Athena exclaimed.

She pulled out the cooled sword again and gave it a long stare.

“Wherever you belong, it’s probably around here somewhere.”

Athena looked around and saw another large double door that was shut. She pushed it open and saw she was at the base of a hill with some strange chapel-like building at the top. She walked up the hill, passing by some more undead stragglers, and reached the open arch of the chapel entrance. As she walked in, she looked around, this place felt familiar somehow...

“Oh!” She yelled, “I’ve heard about this place! This is the Firelink shrine!”

She walked in further and found stairs on either side of her to go down and up, across from her were 5 large thrones. Above were some more walkways, down in the middle the floor was covered in what looked to be ashes, and a stone circle in the center.

“There’s your home little fella!” Athena said pulling out the coiled sword. She ran down to the circle and stuck the sword into the pile of ashes, the bonfire lit, feeling very warm for Athena.

As Athena took in the warm heat, she rested at the bonfire.

Author:  ThePurpleDemon [ Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Athena, A Dark Souls Story

(This Message is nothing, phone bugged out, move along...)

Author:  ThePurpleDemon [ Mon Apr 30, 2018 8:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Athena, A Dark Souls Story

Heya, been a “little while”... you know how it is, life takes hold and tries to make you busy...
I do want to finish this story as best I can, then maybe even get into more stories.
Anyways, for now, let’s check back in with Athena!

Chapter 3: High Wall Lothric

Athena woke up in an unfamiliar room, this wasn’t the same as the shrine she had just been in? It was old, dusty, and lots of wooden planks. The walls were made of an old stone, and only a small window letting light in, not big enough for her to fit through.

“Where am I?” She said as she slowly got up with a killer headache.

“Ow... and what’s with the headache?”

She looked around, and saw on a small stone table under the window was a large stone bowl and what looked like the remnants of a bonfire.

“Well, I guess I can’t use that one...” she said patronizingly to herself.

She turned around and saw a large wooden door.

“I guess the only way is put that way! Maybe i’ll Be able to find out who put me in here!” She said triumphantly.

Athena quickly jumped to the wooden door and tried to push it open. After a few minutes, she had successfully opened the large heavy wooden door to the outside, though it took a lot, if not all of her Stamina.

“Alright, who’s the... pant... one that... pant... put me in there?” She tried to say, out of breath.

No one seemed to be around, though as she looked forward, she saw she was on top of a wall, on the outside of a castle. It was a seemingly bright and wonderful sight, although she didn’t know if the castle was made of friend or foe. Athena didn’t care though, as all she was looking for were souls and treasures!

“I bet that place is packed full of loot!” She thought to herself, looking at the massive castle in the center.

While in awe at the castle, she failed to notice stairs to her right leading down to the next ledge, and instead fell to the ledge over the drop off in front of her. She landed on her butt with a big crash, landing on a table and a few chairs.

“Ow... could this day be any more of mixed emotions?” She said in a winey voice.

As she was rubbing her head and standing up, she saw a bonfire directly in front of her.

“Score!” She said with a small fist pump.

She walked over to the bonfire and sat at it... but she couldn’t rest at it.

Athena looked at the fire. “Why can’t I feel the heat off of it?” She questioned.

Suddenly from her right, she was shot with an arrow from an undead that was hiding behind a stone wall. The shot sent her flying to the left, down some curved stairs, and into a group of Undead.

She looked up and said “um... hi?” Nervously, but the undead didn’t seem to care and pulled out their blades. Athena tried to get up, but the undead kept grabbing her and pushing her down, kicking her, and slashing her with their blades. They were relentless, ruthless, it was a massacre of one poor woman against a group of undead.

Finally, Athena let out a blood curtling scream, as she fell to the ground, the pain overtaking her senses. She began to fade to ashes, as her eyes slowly closed and she saw a red message appear before her. The message said:

“You Died”

The End?

Hey guys, hope you enjoyed Athena’s story! I know it was a long time coming, but we did it! I hope it lived up to your expectations! See you guys in the next one. Until then, enjoy yourselves!

Oh... you’re still here?
Alright alright, gimmie a quick bit... 8-)

Author:  ThePurpleDemon [ Mon Apr 30, 2018 9:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Athena, A Dark Souls Story

Chapter 3.5: High wall... wait...

Athena woke up in an unfamiliar room, she looked around and saw she was in an old stone room with lots of dust, wooden planks, and an old window letting in some...

“Hey, wait a second, This is where I just woke up a few minutes ago!” Athena said, slowly standing up. “Did those guys seriously throw me back in here?! What do they think I am, trash?!” Athena started to get infuriated.

She closed her eyes and kicked the ground in fury...
Her foot stopped, as she had actually kicked something fairly large with her foot...
Athena slowly looked down and saw she had kicked an unconscious body.

”AAAAAAAAHHH” she screamed and fell to the ground on her butt and slowly moved back to a wall. She hadn’t expected anyone to be in here with her. Though upon further inspection, the person was wearing very similar armour to her, and seemed to have longer hair like hers. The person made a higher pitches grunt, it was a female. Athena watched as the lady before her slowly got up, holding her head with one hand and where she was kicked with the other. She looked around and then locked eyes with Athena.

Athena and the lady before her were completely paralyzed, as Athena thought she was crazy, because she was looking directly at herself. The second lady in the middle of the room, was in fact Athena.

(Apologies for ending the chapter here, i’ll make sure to pick it up in the next chapter and we see some Athena interactions. ;) )

Author:  ThePurpleDemon [ Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Athena, A Dark Souls Story

Heya, sorry about a bit of a delay right as the fun was starting, kinda lost the thought to write stuff, but hey, now I’m here, and I got a bit of a good feeling for writing again, so I might as well continue. Welp, here goes!


Chapter 4: A Couple of Flames

Athena and Athena both just stared at each other for a good few minutes, trying to comprehend what was standing before them. Finally, they snapped to their senses, and with a determined glare, they both drew their twin blades and stood ready to fight.

“Who are you, and why do you look like me?” Both Athena’s asked in unison.

“Hey, I asked you first! Stop it! No you stop it! Stop saying exactly what I’m going to say it when I say it!” They continued

“Enough!” One finally broke the unison and rolled at the other.

Athena dodged away from Athena’s roll, and quickly ran for the door, she knew she couldn’t do a fight inside that small room well.

Athena saw Athena start to open the door and thought to herself ”Perfect, she took the bait, now she’ll go outside to where I can fight her better!” and began to run up to her, but slow enough as to wait or her to get outside.

As Athena opened the door, she ran out, while Athena was close behind. But to her surprise, Athena turned around to prepare a counter attack. “I’ve got you now!” she thought to herself.

Neither Athena had realized, however, that they didn’t have much room right outside the door. One didn’t expect her opponent to be so close, while the other didn’t expect her to stop so suddenly, and Athena crashed into Athena head on!

Both Athenas fall off the small ledge behind them and roll over towards the bonfire, their swords getting knocked away on the fall. Athena and Athena struggle to be on top, trying to pull hair and faces just to stay on top. Finally one of them stayed on top and pulled back to punch Athenain the face.

Suddenly, she is knocked away to the side and down a stair case near them, Athena got up and ran over to the stair case to see what had happened. As she was looking, the skeletal archer behind her had finished reloading his crossbow and shot Athena in the back, knocking her to tumble down the stairs right into her double. After a minute, both started to regain conciseness and look up, only to see themselves surrounded by undead.

“Huh... déjà vu.” Athena says in unison, and one is pulled away from the other. Both are beaten to a pulp, attempting but failing to escape their fate. Their last moments awake, their vision turned grey and hazy, but look directly at their double, as they reached to try and help her. Then they see the red words “You Died” and pass out, only to fade away as ashes once more.

And there you go! Another instalment, hopefully the next one doesn’t take forever for me to do... apologies again about that.

Author:  Henry.W97 [ Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:27 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Athena, A Dark Souls Story

Nice story and set up bro, it really bring me to the world of dark soul (although I didn't play DS3)…

Well now I was figuring, is there will be 4 Athena in next chapter?

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