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Pru’s Room

Xander walked into the room as requested to find that Pru was standing by her bed waiting for him. Her eyes were sparkling with anticipation and no small amount of lust unless he missed his guess. It was a look he rather liked on the beautiful dark haired Prudence Halliwell. She had been the one that had gotten him into his current life in actual fact and he had a special place in his heart for her because of that.

Of course the fact that she was a stone cold fox also had a fair bit to do with that but then none of the Halliwell sisters were unattractive, particularly to him. Pru just had something extra he rather liked about her, the fact that she was a solid gold porn star at heart also helped. The very strong mental image of his alter him’s nailing her in two holes was very much still with him as one of the more erotic things he had seen. The fact that she had then pretty much asked to be painted just added a certain something to it.

Still, she had asked to see him, to show him something apparently. Given that she was dressed to impress, a blisteringly short skirt showing her long slender legs off amazingly and given she was ‘black’ she was wearing a pair of black fishnet stockings, the tops of which were visible as a peeking strip of tight darker nylon every so often when she moved. Her blouse was tight, silk and appeared to be open one too many buttons to be considered decent and her makeup was artfully applied to make her beautiful eyes stand out like beacons in the night.

“You wanted to see me,” He said finally after taking her well and truly in.

Pru had noticed him looking, but then she had dressed specifically to make sure he did, so she didn’t mind at all. It was good that she got him going as far as she was concerned; he was her master after all, in the bedroom at the very least. The fact that it was also prevalent in their out of the bedroom lives as well didn’t matter to any of the sisters, she knew. Xander didn’t make a big thing of it and they knew they were pretty much their own women, but they were submissive to his needs somewhat as a side effect of the spell used. The wonderful spell that had ‘spelled’ a change in their lives that had them looking up from almost the moment he had awoken in the hospital room. “I have something for you, come in - close the door,” she said her eyes sparking and a small smile flittering around her generous rouged lips.

Xander did as he was asked, stepping fully into the room and kicking the door closed behind him. He was looking at her very curiously now, but with a twinkle that said he knew that something good was going to happen any second now.

Pru smiled at him for a beat or two, then her head dipped as she concentrated, suddenly there was a flash beside her and an exact copy of her was standing there looking like a million bucks. Then both of them looked up and smiled into his eyes.

Xander looked from one to the other and back again a smile forming on his face, “This has possibilities,” he noted wryly.

“It took a while to work both at the same time, at first it was just shifting me from one to the other but now I can be separate...” she paused smiling impishly, “When you were fucking the two new girls yesterday I found out that I can partake in a highly advanced form of masturbation.”

Xander looked at her quizzically, not quite getting it.

“I went 69 with myself, and boy I know what I like.” Pru said a big smile on her face, “I thought you’d like to see,” she paused again this time her eyes turned wicked, “And then I thought you could join in.”

Xander smiled back at her, eyes gleaming. “A threesome with the same woman - I like it.”

Pru turned and grabbed her duplicate by the waist, pulling her in for a searing kiss straight from the loins. The sight of Pru frenching herself was really turning Xander on as well, the two Pru’s were really getting into it, their hands running over each other and pressing themselves together tightly. The original Pru grabbed Prudence’s leg and hiked it up, wrapping the long slender limb around her and caressing Prudence’s thigh in the process, running her hand high and pushing up the already short skirt until it was to the hip. Both of them were now moaning into each other’s mouths and hands were roving freely.

Xander adjusted himself in the tightness of his trousers, watching the very erotic sight of two Pru’s kissing like they needed it to survive another moment. Each was really throwing themselves into it with total abandon and it was just about the hottest sight he’d seen thus far that day. He had a feeling things would only proceed in this fashion, so he was reserving hottest sight until he’d seen the aforementioned 69.

Pru broke off the kiss and Prudence half turned and looked him in the eye smiling, “He’s really turned on,” she commented to the original.

Pru looked over at Xander and grinned, “That was the idea.”

Xander smirked but didn’t deny that he was enjoying the show in the least. In fact he loved it. “Please continue,” he said still smirking.

Pru smirked right back at him, running her leg up and down Prudence’s thigh, making the duplicate sigh with pleasure. “I really like that,” Prudence said, “Just so you know - not that I have to worry as you’re a leg man,” she added with a chuckle.

Xander rolled his eyes, walking around so he was closer to the two Pru’s and reaching out to cup Prudence’s ass in his hands. Prudence moaned a little while Pru caressed her thigh, slipping her hand inwards and upwards. “We left a little something out of our dressing regime today,” Pru said as Prudence gasped when Pru’s long slender fingers traced a pattern on her already flushed pussy. The slick sound of Pru’s movements filled Xander’s ears for a long moment until Prudence’s moans seemed to overcome him. He squeezed her pert behind a little harder, and then went to work pulling her skirt up over the beautiful swell of her ass and to her waist. Then he looked around her between the two Pru’s and watched Pru’s fingers dance over her duplicates puffy pussy.

“That is so hot,” Xander commented running his hands up and around to cup Prudence’s breasts and palpating them gently, just the way he knew Pru liked it.

“I felt that,” Pru said looking surprised, “Though that would explain how hard I came when I was 69’ing myself, at the time it didn’t register.”

“I felt you all that first day. It was all I could do to hold off.” Xander told her, still massaging Prudence’s breasts through her silky blouse.

Pru stilled her fingers and quickly made short work of her duplicates blouse, Xander moving his hands at the last moment so she could remove Prudence’s top and show her knickers weren’t the only thing missing from her dressing regime. Xander’s hands were immediately back on Prudence’s soft breasts, enjoying the duality of feeling as he caressed her soft orbs and then toyed with her stiffening nipples. Both Pru’s let out a moan at that point as the sensations flooded them. Prudence swished her backside against Xander’s hardness smiling sultrily. “He’s rock hard,” she told her original self.

“The main event hasn’t even started yet,” Pru said with a teasing grin. She backed away from Prudence and then backed up to the bed and sat on it, before laying back on it pulling up her short skirt tin the process and leaving an expanse of leg on display topped with her shaven Mons.

Prudence started to move forward, held in place though by Xander’s hands on her pert breasts. She looked back at him and smiled, “You’ll miss the show.”

Xander nodded and let go, Prudence then walked around the other side of the bed and crawled onto it, making sure her skirt was all the way up in the process. Then she straddled her original self and glided down her body. The most delicious sight yet appeared as she settled her thighs to both sides of Pru’s head and then lowered her own head between Pru’s creamy thighs.

“Oh fuck me,” Xander breathed as he watched Prudence’s hot pink tongue dart out and taste herself on her original self. Both Pru’s moaned loudly as Pru lifted her head slightly and began to slowly lap at Prudence’s moist sex.

“Oh my god that IS hot,” Xander breathed, moving around to the bottom of the bed where he could make them both out. He watched, entranced, as Pru began to pleasure herself with her astral projection and at the same time her astral projection pleasured her. As she had said it was the most advanced form of masturbation that Xander had ever heard of. It was more than enticing to watch, it was un-missable in his opinion. He just wished he’d moved this to his room so he could record for posterity. Then again he was fairly sure he could get her to do it again, and he was going to have to install devices so he could catch sex wherever it happened.

Prudence and Pru were both moaning fit to burst as they lapped at each other’s moist sexes. Xander for his part was transfixed on the very erotic sight. It wasn’t just lesbian sex, it was Pru lesbian sex, with a side of Pru and damn it was hot. She was really getting into it as time passed and was becoming more and more urgent in their movements. Prudence, who was on top, had her face buried in Pru’s pussy and was noisily sucking on her clitoris while Pru, on the bottom, was tonguing Prudence’s molten core with abandon. Then Pru upped stakes by moving her head and tonguing Prudence’s dirty hole, moistening it. A smile grew on Xander’s face as Prudence mirrored the move, though he was curious about something, “Cleaning spell?”

Pru nodded, having the side effect of rubbing the sides of her face on Prudence’s inner thigh with a soft nylon like noise. Satisfied as to what she had done Xander settled back to watch as Pru reached up lazily and inserted a single digit into Prudence’s ass. The dark haired duplicate let out the loudest moan yet and tongued Pru’s ass making Pru moan in return.

“That is so hot,” Xander commented.

Prudence then did her part and inserted a finger into Pru’s hole, making the bottom Pru moan loudly. Fingers now busy, the two beautiful Pru’s went back to licking each other’s pussy with flair and skill as they fingered each other’s assholes.

“You’re an anal whore,” Xander noted wryly. He was Itching to replace one of the Pru’s fingers with something more substantial. At that point he would gladly jump in wherever he could but Pru had it covered, mouths were busy with pussy and fingers with ass, there was literally nowhere for Xander to insert himself at that moment in time, so he was relegated to watching the highly erotic sight instead.

Pru and Prudence’s moans had grown in volume as they worked to the point that Xander put up a silencing spell for her and started to strip while she was otherwise engaged. There was just no way in hell he was staying out of things for much longer. It was erotic to watch, but would be much better to join in on.

Pru looked sideways and watched him undress himself a wicked gleam in her eye. This was going to be a hell of a time as far as she was concerned, it could only get better if he duplicated himself and joined in with multiples of himself. There was never too much Xander as far as she was concerned. Prudence was concentrated on her task and didn’t know much of anything but pleasure until she felt a hand gather up her long hair and give it a firm tug. She opened her brilliantly blue eyes and looked up to find Xander standing in front of her with his hardness mere inches from her face. “Hold that thought,” she said and moved back away from him. Pru having planned for this stopped what she was doing and together they scrambled off the bed and sashayed towards Xander with identical smiles on their faces.

Xander looked at the two curiously until Pru reached him, reached out and grasped his cock in a firm grip while Prudence went to her knees. Pru directed Xander’s manhood at her astral clone who engulfed it in a single swift movement of her head. As Prudence did a sword swallowing impression with Xander’s dick Pru tore off her blouse and sent it flying over her shoulder were it fluttered to the ground in a whisper of silk. Next, her skirt was a thing of the past and kicked to the side and then she flattened her curves against Xander’s side as her duplicate deep throated the moaning man. Pru then slithered down his side, pressing herself against his hard plates of muscle until she was squatted down at Prudence’s side. Prudence either sensed or saw her and immediately backed off and used her hand to direct Xander’s cock towards her original self.

Pru darted her head forward and duplicated her duplicates moves, deep throating him without warning, to the point her eyes watered and breath became an issue. Then she pulled off and moved Xander towards Prudence. Prudence engulfed him and slurped her way noisily down his length until she pressed her nose in his pubic hair then let her jaw go slack and waggled her head from side to side. Her tongue was working marvels on the underside of her cock. Pru ducked under Prudence and sucked Xander’s balls into her mouth and caressed them with her tongue, sucking the entire time.

This continued for a moment and then suddenly like it was choreographed they managed to switch placed almost before Xander knew what was going on. Prudence was sucking his sack while Pru was throating him with a single minded purpose.

Xander was in paroxysms of pleasure his entire system misfiring with it as the two Pru’s worked him like they were the very best porn star. There was no let up at all as they occasionally switched places, neither showing any sign of letting up soon. They were sharing the load in such a way that they were able to keep up the pressure on Xander to the point that he was quickly and dangerously getting to the stage that he needed to cum. He reached down and grabbed whichever Pru it was that was currently deep throating him and pulled her off by her hair, making her let up and then with the other hand he pulled the other Pru off him. He wasn’t sure which was which at that point, and then he remembered that Pru was virtually naked while Prudence still had a skirt on. That meant that he had Pru in his left and Prudence in his right hand.

“Fuck me,” he breathed hard, chest rising and falling quickly, “That was fucking intense.”

“I have so many plans,” Pru said her eyes alight with devilment.

“So many,” Prudence echoed struggling to get at him, only his grip in her hair kept her off his dick. He wasn’t entirely sure why he was stopping her.

“I have an idea,” he said with a smile, suddenly and without warning.

The two Pru’s looked at him curiously so he continued, “Pru lay face down on the bed at the edge, Prudence lie on top of her, and make sure you’re level.”

Their eyes lit up with almost unholy glee and they quickly scrabbled to do as he had requested. Once they were in position Xander walked behind them and angled himself above them. Prudence was laying atop of Pru and both of their naked shaven pussies were within reach. Holding himself with one hand while the other kept him steady Xander slowly dipped his cock into Prudence’s willing sex, just a single smooth thrust into the depths of her tight pussy which got her to moan. Then he pulled out of her, shifted aim and did the same to Pru making her moan instead. He repeated himself over and over, speeding up as he did so until he was stroking into each woman on alternating thrusts, his face a mask of concentration and arm muscles bulging where he was holding himself up. Then a wicked grin came over his face and on the next stroke he pushed his crown slowly into Prudence’s ass instead. Knowing the cleaning spell they had used, he was actually safe to then pull slowly out of her tight hole and dip into her pussy on the next thrust. He alternated then between Pru and Prudence’s ass’s and pussy’s fucking them both in both their holes for a solid ten minutes. During which they got hotter and hotter and both of them were moaning fit to draw a crowd. It was dirty, it was wonderful and it was erotic, and it was with their favourite man. They were in heaven and Xander wasn’t far off it himself as he essentially fucked one woman in four holes.

“FUCK,” Prudence and Pru yelled at the same time, seemingly having a mini-orgasm together. Prudence’s breasts were flattened against Pru’s shapely back while Xander fucked them both. It wasn’t quite doing it for them though, and it was only a mini-orgasm, but it was still amazing.

The problem was the pause as Xander switched targets, so Xander stilled his motions for a moment, “I really want you both at the same time.”

“So split,” Prudence and Pru said in eerily in sync echo.

“Feels like cheating but okay,” Xander said then went still and quiet for a moment.

“I want to be DP’d again,” Pru said breaking his concentration for a moment then he grunted a reply and there were three flashes.

“Three,” Prudence asked confused.

Xander stepped back and pulled Prudence with him moving her next to her original far enough apart that he had some clearance. Then Xander’s one to three took up positions, two at the other side of the bed and one next to original Xander. Prudence smiled and spread her legs invitingly, while Pru pushed herself up onto her hands and knees.

Xander took a hold of Pru’s trim waist and held on tight enough to leave finger marks while Xan2 ‘Lex’ kneeled on the bed and angled his manhood towards Pru’s mouth. Pru was not backwards in coming forwards and immediately engulfed the duplicates cock deeply in a single move. Xander three, ‘Alex’ pushed Prudence up the bed a little and Xander four ‘Alexander’ angled his cock above her face. Then Prudence opened her mouth wide and invitingly allowing Alexander to slide easily into the encompassing heat of her mouth. He pushed until he breached her throat and then Alex plunged into the moist hotness of her pussy.

Xander pulled back on Pru’s waist and sank into the delicious heat of her cunt, ploughing deeply into her in a single smooth stroke that made her moan around Lex’s cock. Lex in turn let out a grunt and pulled back a little to allow Pru some room to actually breathe. Then Alex started to rhythmically pound Prudence into jelly as her breasts bounced enticingly for Alexander’s viewing pleasure as he looked down on her, her mouth stretched around his girth, her throat holding him a in a tight grip. He also backed it down a little as Alex began to pound even harder, in fear of suffocating her. In the meantime her tongue was swirling around as she sucked for all her worth.

Pru moaned around Lex’s cock as Xander’s dick was buried hilt deep in her wanton sex. Xander was taking it easier on her than Alex was on Prudence but her breasts were still swaying with the movements and her nipples were rock hard tipping them. She could feel every penetration, she could feel herself sucking Alexander’s dick while her own mouth also pleasured Lex. Her pussy felt amazingly full being penetrated at the same time by both Xander and his counterpart Alex. She wasn’t sure why he could duplicate himself so many times, but she was very glad of it at that moment in time. She had never felt so wanton in her life and the pleasure was bringing her dangerously close to blacking out with the intensity of it. It was all washing through her system like a hurricane, leaving nothing standing in its path. Xander angled his next thrust and seemingly managed to hit another part of her that had yet to be pleasured and she growled around Lex’s cock, causing Lex to moan at her in a pleased way. Her pussy was soaked with her juices and both Xander and Prudence's corresponding Alex were easily gliding their lengths into her.

It was all becoming confusingly sensual and sexy and above anything in her experience. She knew she was addicted to Xander by that point but he had managed to make it even better for her and now she was utterly head over heels for him in the truest form of lust imaginable. Her mind was literally misfiring and she was finding it increasingly difficult to hold off on her orgasm, but she knew she must, because the duplicate had to pop first or all would be lost. She also didn’t want to disappoint Xander who was managing three other bodies of sexual pleasure and keeping up the intensity for her. In another life perhaps she’d have been a porn star, but in that one she was Xander’s personal sex slave and she loved her new life. Gone were her worries; he was so powerful compared to the demons they fought, so sexy and increasingly clever as well. He was her every fantasy all wrapped up in one guy and a single man DP on two bodies.

She just had to hold out a while longer, she had to feel him cum in her, all the holes he was plundering at that moment in time. Either that or, it was naughty of her but, he could literally coat her with four of him. Either way she had to hold out for him to do that, and that was no small feat. Her brow creased in concentration, trying to keep her duplicate cognizant and moving as she herself reacted to her lover at either end. Her mouth was sucking to the best of its ability while her pussy clamped down on Xander’s hardness. She focused a little and heard Alex grunt as Prudence squeezed him with her vaginal muscles. Then she angled her head to take Lex deep, and deep throated him for a long time until she could barely stay conscious before letting him back up a little, removing himself entirely so she could pant a few quick breaths. Then Prudence actually gagged as she moved enough to take Alexander hilt deep into her throat and mouth. Prudence then swallowed a couple of times and relaxed back against Alex’s thrusts, her breasts swaying with the force of them.

Pleasure swam across Xander’s consciousness as Pru surprised him over and over; she was like a single woman pleasure filled orgy. Every single input from his clones was overloading him at that moment in time, but he didn’t care, he had to do this for Pru, she deserved it for being the sexy and amazing woman she was. He knew it was going to be hard to follow this, and he’d had a three some with two other women the night before. Pru was just that amazing as she managed to keep enough awareness about her to make sure every single one of him was in raptures of pleasure. Both Clara and Mandy were beautiful wonderful women, but Pru just made his brain fizz in ways that no other woman had, but then if she hadn’t then he wouldn’t have originally gone over to her, more than likely. If he hadn’t then the world could have been in trouble apparently and he certainly wouldn’t be having as much fun.

Prudence moaned around Alexander’s manhood as Alex thrust her into oblivion and Pru tried desperately to hold onto some sense of self. She was literally losing her mind in pleasure, raptures of it washing through her and she knew her clone was feeling some of that. The trouble was that Pru was getting it all ways while Prudence was not. Still just the two inputs were doing it for Prudence and god alone knows how Xander must be feeling as he was doubly inside of her pussy and mouth all at the same time. It was wonderful to the point that it should be illegal, and probably was in some states. She had never known it could be that good, and it probably couldn’t be with another man. This was all the more reason to hold onto the one that she could do this with. She had to wonder what her sisters would think of her if they could see her mere moments from figuratively cumming her brains out. She was always so in control for them, so in charge and here she was being fucked stupid by a single man. She’d always had a wild streak but Xander really brought it out in her. With him she wanted to be wanton, pornographic in fact and it was so good. Her eyelids fluttered as pleasure washed out what little sense she was holding onto, just enough left to keep up the astral projection. She was so glad the rules didn’t apply anymore because this certainly qualified as personal gain.

Xander grunted with both exertion and pleasure as he steadily thrust into Pru’s hot sex, she was like a furnace at that moment in time, on both her selves. Somehow, though, she was still managing to give Lex and Alexander great amounts of pleasure as her pretty mouths worked them with skill and flair. Pru was on her hands and knees her breasts swinging below her as he fucked her doggy style. Prudence was slowly sliding up the mattress as Alex pounded her without mercy; sweat beading on his brow as he concentrated on his task. In the moments when their mouths weren’t full, both the Pru’s were verbally egging him on; Pru in particular was being very vocal and quite wonderful nasty with her dirty talk.

“That’s it fuck me, my god fuck my cunt hard,” Pru called out, “Deeper, deeper,” she drawled.

“Pound that sweet snatch,” Prudence carried on, “Take my pussy and OWN it!”

“Fuck,” Xander echoed around his duplicates to the original and back around again. There was a moment of silence filled with the meaty slap of flesh meeting flesh and the hungry sounds of Pru’s fellatio on Lex and Alexander. Pru sucked as hard as she could, her cheeks going concave and Lex let out a grunt, cumming directly into her hot mouth, spilling his seed onto her tongue. Not to be outdone Prudence deep throated Alexander on his next thrust swallowing repeatedly on him until he let out a growling grunt. She pulled back just in time so he spurting cum all over her face and chest. Streaming his seed all over her upper body as he repeatedly came and came until he was spent and Prudence was covered in thick creamy cum.

Pru swallowed her load and looked over at Prudence’s covered chest, her eyes gleaming wickedly. “That’s it cover me,” she exalted.

Alexander gave one last grunt and pumped some cum directly onto Prudence's face before falling back momentarily spent. This apparently egged on Alex who redoubled his efforts pounding Prudence as hard as he was able, muscles standing out in thick cords on his arms and flat planes on his chest as he held her thighs for purchase and just fucked her as hard as he was able.

Xander grunted with exertion and upped his game too, making Pru’s eyes roll around in their sockets and her breasts sway as he began to also pound her from behind. He reached out and slapped her ass cheek leaving a red hand print and making the brunette cry out and beg for more. “Do it again,” she begged.

Smirking slightly Xander did as he was asked, this time on the other cheek, leaving a matching print the other side.

“Whip her ass,” Prudence literally shouted.

Xander cocked an eyebrow and slapped her three times on the ass in quick succession. Pru trembled in pleasure literally shuddering with desire. “Someone likes a little slap and tickle,” Xander said his voice rough but amused.

“No talking, if you can talk,” Pru panted, “You can fuck harder.”

“Yes Ma’am,” Xander commented with a smirk and then began to systematically pound her into paste.

Alex looked over at his original self, smirked and then actually managed a small increase himself despite having been going for some time at a wickedly fast pace.

Prudence’s eyes shot wide open and suddenly she let out an ear splitting sound of ultimate satisfaction as her entire body turned to jello. Her already astounding eyes were shockingly beautiful as she came with all her soul, literally shuddering and shaking her way through an orgasm of gigantic proportions’. Pru nearly lost all control over herself when that sensation hit, holding out by a thin thread as Xander was doing his best to make her mind blank out totally. It got to the point where she literally couldn’t hold onto the projection anymore and Prudence disappeared from around Alex’s cock. Alex looked rather shocked, and then he and Alexander both faded away into nothingness. This left Lex and Xander, Lex in particular was doing nothing at that moment in time other than fondling Pru’s breasts his cock swinging pendulously mere inches from her pleasured expression. Then he leaned down and captured Pru’s lips in a breath taking kiss before he too faded away to nothing.

Xander didn’t lose his pace; in fact he managed to pick it up a little, showing that he too had been concentrating on his projections. Pru hardly noticed, she was on cloud nine and loved it, she loved every single second of her new life and in moments like this it was almost too much to bear. A building pressure started at her pussy and swam up her body until finally it exploded into her mind with a white light that took her breath away for a second. She became limp falling almost onto her face before she caught herself on her elbows and let out a hair rising guttural moan that caused Xander to literally lose all control over himself.

The two lovers came together, their joint orgasm a rushing wave crashing on the shore of their consciousness and they slumped onto the bed, utterly spent with a joint cry of ultimate pleasure.

* * *

The rest of the story doesn't have any more TOH in it but if you care to read the entire thing, you can go here: ... tentia.htm


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