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And here comes the next tale. I doubt anyone was expecting this for a a Final Fantasy story (I figure most would anticipate VII), but there is a reason I went with this game that I'll make clear at the end. Until then, lets rock!


Final Fantasy V: Battle for the Crystals

Chapter 1: After Years and Interludes

“…I’m…….f-falling asleep….” There was no strength in her body. the battle had taken too much out of her.

“…Hang on tight…! Don’t fall asleep! You won’t be able to get out!”

She heard the voice, but it was so distant, and everything was fading now. Her body wouldn’t move.

“That last fight….totally drained me…” If her friends were still calling to her, she could no longer hear them, as the void engulfed her.


Lenna Charlotte Tycoon had just saved the world. It had been a difficult struggle that had taken many lives, including one of her allies who’d fought with her from the start….and her father. And now the battle against had seemingly taken one more life before the end….that of Lenna herself. She could only see darkness; there was nothing before her but the endless void. Things seemed hopeless, as the void seemed destined to become her eternal resting place.

“At least everyone else is safe…” She would never see her home or friends again, but she had no regrets. She’d saved her home and world from a far worse fate. If her life alone was the price, it seemed more than fair.

As her body fell (or rose; she wasn’t really sure) through the empty void, she thought she saw something. It seemed to be be a dot, and one that was growing bigger too.

“What…what is that?” She’d long since lost track of time, so she was unsure of how long she’d been in the void, but she did know that with Exdeath gone and all his minions defeated, she was the only one here. Or at least that was what she’d thought.

“N-no…I can’t….fight another battle…” Whatever it was, it had to be an enemy. There was nothing else left.

However, as her body helplessly floated towards the object, she began to make out its form: there was pink….blue….orange….

“W-what is…am I dreaming?” As the other object—which was a humanoid figure as she’d feared—became visible, Lenna could only gasp in shock: it was a human. A girl in fact. Pink hair, a belted, loose fitting orange dress, and white shoes. Also, she had blue eyes. Lenna could only stare in disbelief as she realized the person floating towards her was…..herself.

The two women gazed at each other, unsure of what to think as the distance between them closed. It couldn’t be real. She couldn’t be real. That’s what they continued to tell themselves as they drew closer and closer to one another. Eventually they were close enough that they could even make out the beads of sweat on the others brow. She looked pale and weak, with the life nearly drained out of her, which was how Lenna herself felt.

Time seemed to slow as they drew closer to each-other; before either Lenna knew it, their faces were inches apart, and still slowly but surely closing. Neither could stop themselves. Soon, they realized their noses and lips were slightly brushing against each other.

“Wha…” and then, before they could finish speaking, the force drawing them together finished, and their lips fully collided.

“OOOOUUULPH!” Both Lennas went wide eyed as they felt their lips engulf each-other. Now pressed together in a kiss, they could only gaze at the other in disbelief, but the strange powers drawing them together weren’t done yet.

“OOOOUUUUULLPH!” Mere moments after their lips sealed themselves together, their chests found one another as well. Two pairs of impressive orbs met, nipples stabbing into nipples and disappearing between their breasts. Not only that, their pussies slapped together as well, firmly rubbing despite both still wearing underwear.

“……UUUMMM…..UMMMMMPPPPPH!” They gave muffled whimpers as their most sensitive parts found and attacked each-other, but it still wasn't over.

What… is happening!?' Lenna and Lenna realized they could see past the other, even though they were blocking each-others view of anything else. In fact, they were passing through one another, as though both were ghosts. Despite this, they could still feel it all: lips against lips, tongues finding each other as well even though neither girl had opened her mouth; breasts agains breasts, as neither was lacking in that department (and unlike her sister, saw little need to hide it) while nipples drilled each-other head on; and pussies rubbing against pussies as well, with their intangible state letting their clits meet without any obtrusions to block them.

“UMMMMMPH! MMMMMMMMPH!” Their shrieks remained muffled by the others mouth. They could do nothing to stop their, nor did they understand why it was happening.

“….it’s not your time Lenna…” They heard the voice, seemingly from all around them. “There are things you must do…” Was that….Galuf?! No, not just Galuf……


And then, everything was a blur.


She appeared to Bartz, Krille and Faris in a column of light. Just like that, Lenna was returned to them.

“You’re alive!” She heard voices; familiar voices too, but she was far too weak to reply. All she could do was moan softly, her body still too drained from the void. Well, not just the void…

What happened….who was that girl…with my face?

Months had passed since Lenna had escaped the void with the help of her father and the Warriors of Dawn. Once she was sure her little sister was fully recovered, Faris returned to her life as a pirate.

For her own part, Lenna tried to move forward and forget those battles against Ex-Death but…

Her body could not forget; the feeling of those lips on her own; those breasts, and the sensation of another woman’s…..most sensitive spot grinding itself against her own. Try as she might, Lenna could not banish that experience from her mind. Even after so much time, she wondered just what had happened back then.

It was late, and the castle was quiet. Lenna found herself alone on the balcony, the only person still awake, when she heard the voice.


Lenna immediately snapped to alertness.

“Father? Father! Is that you?”

“Come to the forest of Moore. Come to the Guardian tree…” That place. She’d been returned from the void there. Filled with sudden determination, Lenna left the castle and made her way to the forest.

“Lenna, my daughter…” As she rushed across the fields, she could hear her father’s voice speak to her. “You have endured so much. I wanted nothing more then for you to know peace. But a new threat rises. One that you and you alone can fight.”

Lenna let those words sink in. Another threat to the world? They were still recovering from everything Exdeath had done. The world couldn’t endure another disaster so soon. “What is it father?”

“This threat began as the last one did,” King Tycoon said, “with Enuo.”

“The one who tried to control the void but was consumed by it instead?” Lenna asked.

“Yes, but in that moment, before it took him, with that vast power, he was able to create a mirror world.”

“A Mirror world?” Lenna said. “What do you mean Father?”

“A world that is a reflection of our own; what we have, it has, and what we have experienced, it has experienced. This includes Exdeath.”

“Exdeath attacked that world as well!?” Lenna was shocked at what she was hearing.

“To be more precise, the Exdeath of that world attacked it.” Her Father explained. “Everything in that world is a mirror of our own, so they also experienced battles with Exdeath. And those battles ended in the same way as in our own world.”

“But how is this world a threat to us Father? Lenna asked.

“The void is unique, but the two worlds are tied to it, and when Exdeath manipulated it, both worlds were weakened. Even with the crystals back at full power, this is a threat that could lead to our end.” As her father spoke, Lenna arrived at her destination: the Guardian Tree of Moore.

“What must I do Father? How can this threat be stopped?”

“First, you must accept this power.” her Father said, and as Lenna stood in front of the tree, a column of light came down and on top of her. Lenna felt power flowing through her body….familiar power.

“This is….” She could feel it. the power of the Crystals surging through her whole being, but this was nothing like what she’d known before. “The Crystals are lending me their power, but this….this feels incredible!”

“Yes my daughter” the ethereal voice of King Tycoon spoke again. “Before, the power of the crystals was divided between our world and Gallup’s world, and they were all shattered beforehand as well. but this time they are whole. You’ll find a world of difference between this power and what you wielded before.”

Lenna did not doubt his words; all the knowledge and skills she’d gained from mastering the different job classes returned to her, but that wasn’t the only thing that happened.

I can feel it! I can do things I wouldn’t have been able to do before! It’s amazing! And….’ She focused for a few seconds. ‘New jobs….jobs I never mastered before are available to me!’ As the Light Warriors were constantly on the run, Lenna did not have time to master every job, so she’d focused on what she could, but now that had changed as well. ‘It is because the Four Crystals are whole now?’ Whatever the reason, she was stronger then ever, and she would likely need all that power for what was coming next.

“You have great power now Lenna. Right now you are stronger then ever.” Her Father’s voice drew her attention again. “You will gain even greater power over the course of your quest, and you will need all of it for your task.”

“Father, you have not actually told me what this task is.” Lenna said. He’d talked at length about how important it was, but he’d yet to explained what it was.

“In the void, just as there was once a Phantom Village, there is a Phantom Continent.”

“A….phantom continent?” Lenna recalled how places that had been in the void seemed to leave behind phantoms…shadows of themselves when they were pulled out.

“Yes. Pieces of our world that left imprints on the void….shades of themselves. These shades can be places, people, and even objects. And objects are what you are looking for. You must find the Crystal Shades Lenna.”

Lenna allowed her father’s words to sink in: she was hunting Crystals again.

“When you do,” her Father continued, “you’ll gain even greater power, and with the shades no longer in the void, the lost connection between our world and the mirror world can be severed. We’ll be free!”

“I understand….” But Lenna felt uneasy as well. Two things were bothering her about the entire situation. “Should we not call the others Father? This seems like something that would require all of us. Also…what will happen to this mirror world when the mission is complete?”

The King was silent for a moment. That was enough to make Lenna start worrying.

“Only one who has wielded the power of the Crystals can find the shades… but that person must also have been exposed to the Void long term, for only such a being survive the entirety of the quest.” The King explained. “Your time trapped in the void and your status as a Warrior of Light makes you the only one who can take this difficult quest.” As she listened to her father, Lenna started to understand why things were as they were a bit more. She never expected her near death experience to work in their favour.

“As for your second question…” Again, the King paused. Lenna knew her father well enough to realize this meant she would not like what came next.

“When you claim the shades…it will disappear.”

“….what…what do you mean?” She had to have heard him wrong. The other world would disappear?

“Forgive me my daughter. what I ask of you is…is trying, but there is no other way. Both worlds can’t be saved, and there is no time to find a way. You must collect the shades or both worlds will fade!” Lenna felt sick. Her options were to save her world by destroying another, or let both die. What could she do? Letting the full weight of her quest sink in, her legs suddenly felt weak and she fell to her knees.

“There must be a way Father! I…how can I doom another world?” He had to be wrong! he had to!

“I’m sorry Lenna. There is not. In order to save this world, you must gain the power of the Crystal shades. It will doom another world, but that world is a mere illusion; a reflection of our own. It will live if we live.” Despite his words, Lenna felt no comfort. That being said, she knew her father was being honest with her.

“….A-alright. I understand Father. I will do it.” Although she couldn’t see him, but she could feel his response: pride, sadness, and other things a father would have for his precious daughter.

“Then you must leave right away! There is little time!” The column of light grew brighter and Lenna felt herself floating. It was no longer granting her power, instead having become a path through the inter dimensional rift into the void.

“The Phantom continent will not just be full of things from our world my daughter! The Void is said to connect to other worlds beyond ours, so you may see things that never existed in our lands.”

“I will be careful father! Thank you!” It was a lot to take in; to save her home, she had to doom another one. Leona still hoped to find a way to achieve her goal while also saving this other world, but for now, she’d need to begin searching for the crystals.

“………..” She thought she heard her Father speaking to her again, but her body disappeared into the Interdimensional Rift before she could be sure. One again, she embarked on a great and dangerous journey.

Lenna blinked. She was back in the Void. She could feel it, but…

“A blue sky.” She must already be on this phantom continent her Father had spoken of. A shade of her world and other worlds. She sighed. A difficult mission was before her. Near absently, she happened to look straight ahead…


And saw her; a girl, not too far away, floating in the sky in a column of light of her own, and drifting down towards land. A girl Lenna had seen before as both her mind and—especially—her body recalled an….intimate encounter.

“….I-IT’S…..IT’S ME!!!!”


So a series where the girls dress up in random costumes is perfect for me. That's why I did this. I think I also wanted an excuse to get as many different fights with as many different styles as I could. I feel as though I succeeded too. There's still more to go--nine chapters written, eight left as of this first one--so I hope you all enjoy it. This one will last me a good while, and I still have more coming. It's amazing how much stuff I have written up already. So until then, expect the next part at the usual time.

When twins tangle!

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Alright. Here comes the next chapter. Nothing much to say for this one except that I hope you all enjoy it.
Chapter 2: Final Fantasy V2

Lenna Charlotte Tycoon could only stare slack jawed (which was very unladylike) and wide-eyed at the sight before her. There she was, inside the Inter dimensional Rift, hovering over the Phantom continent and slowly descending towards the land in a column of light….and only a few feet away from her…was herself.

An identical girl, in an identical column of light, giving her an identical slack jawed look of disbelief as she stared right back.

What is…could she…?’ If there was a mirror world with its own Exdeath, then having a Lenna of its own made sense. Their minds immediately flashed back to the previous encounter between them; one that Lenna had (until this moment) thought was a dream.

What had happened back then? They had been drawn towards each other, and …saying there had been an unorthodox reaction would have been an understatement. ‘Was….was that some sort of attack? Did she try and eliminate me because she knew I’d be sent here to save my world?’ It wasn’t the case at all, but neither girl had any way to know that. ‘No…she…she couldn’t…’ They had no way to know that either, but neither girl could bring herself to believe it; Lenna’s kind heart found the idea impossible. But the stakes were so high, that even someone with a heart as kind and trusting as Lenna couldn’t fully shake that doubt. How would she determine the truth.

Suddenly, she felt it. “Huh?” The column of light she was suspended in felt strange; Lenna realized she was no longer moving down, or at least, no longer moving only down.

“Wha….WHOOAAA!” Both Lennas yelped in shock as they started to be pulled towards each other. “WHAT’S HAPPENING?” Looking ahead, they saw the other drawing closer and panicked. ‘Oh no! Not again!’ Their bodies tingled in remembrance of the previous impression they left on each other; an experience neither was (consciously) interested in repeating.

That being said, they could do nothing to halt the forces attracting them towards the other. “No! Stay back!” Futilely, they raised their hands, as though hoping to hold the other back, only to feel the palms of the other woman’s hands press themselves against her own.

KYAAAAAAA!” They shrieked in fear at experiencing the previous phenomenon, but…

“…eh….?” There was something warm pressing against her body. Lenna opened her eyes to meet a matching pair of blue. Palms were pressed together and fingers entwined, breasts flattened breasts and legs were entangled with legs. Their lips were close enough to lightly brush against each other, but not in a full on kiss as before. Regardless, the two princesses found themselves in very tight quarters, as the light columnns they’d been suspended in now merged together while they continued to float towards the ground.

“….” Both Lennas blushed at their intimate situation, and yet they couldn’t bring themselves to move. Not only that, the column of light they were in was rather narrow, with only just enough room for both of them, and they feared pulling away would bring outside the light and into the unforgiving grip of gravity. So there they floated, very uncomfortable.

Lenna squirmed as her bare legs rubbed against Lenna’s bare legs (and each leg just had to be between the other’s legs, rubbing against crotches as well, just to make things more awkward), and her breasts melded with Lenna’s breasts. All the while their faces were as pink as their hair.

“Oh!” When they spoke, they were tickled on the face by the others breath. This was getting a bit too…close for either of their comforts. ‘Enough of this!’ Lenna knew she needed to find out what this woman wanted. It was time to be direct.

“My name is Lenna Charlotte Tycoon, daughter of Alexander Highwind Tycoon and Princess of the Kingdom of Tycoon.” They gasped as they realized that they had not only said the exact same thing, but had the same voice as well, right down to the last detail. Both needed a few seconds to recover from their mutual shock. but then they continued. “I have come here to save my world…” They slowed again, both girls getting a very bad feeling in the pits of their stomachs. “….I-I must claim the crystal shades…..” And there it was.

Her mission….it’s the same as mine!’ As they had feared, they were here for the same reason which meant…’She…she’s here to save her kingdom, just like me! Does that mean…?’ Did she suffer the same hardships: the death of her father? Or Galuf? Did she even suffer the separation from her sister?

Lenna and Lenna saw much in the eyes of the woman hovering over the ground with her: fear, reluctance, pity. How could she do it? How could she destroy someone else’ home to save her own?

No! I can’t waver! I am the only one who can save my home! I must… I must….!’ they saw something else now as they gazed at the other: strength; not only that, but determination as well. Their hands, which had been lightly gripping each other the whole time suddenly gripped harder. Both women were surprised; the grip was stronger then either would have expected. In that moment, Lenna saw and felt her own strength.

“I will complete my mission! Do not stand in my way!” One said, her voice both gentle and iron like. “That can’t happen! I must claim the shades! Please surrender now while you can!” The other was both kind and unyielding.

“I won’t destroy your world! I only wish to save my own!” they both pleaded. “You must believe me!” And they did. The pure sincerity in the other girls voice; the honesty in her eyes, and her body language was something neither Lenna could ignore. They believed each other instantly. But…

“I…do, but…” There was far too much at stake. Her father had told her the other world was an illusion, but with this girl in front of her, Lenna questioned that. She thought back to everything she had been told, and everything she was experiencing in this moment, and right then and their, she instinctively grasped the nature of the mirror world.

She’s my reflection, and I am hers. We’re both the illusion to the other, but also both real as well.’ But there could only be one real and one reflection. there was no way off their path. The two Lennas felt their felt touch solid ground. They had finally set foot on the Phantom Continent. Their entwined fingers slowly loosened as they pulled away from each other.

“Please….forgive me.” They did not need to say more. There was no desire to fight between them, but their very existence was at stake. One real, one reflection. Their only option was conflict.

They fully pulled away from each other in a mutual silent agreement; that they would part peacefully since neither had one anything beyond ask her nicely to give up. But before their hands released each other fully, they stopped.

“I…I wish you good luck.” Despite what that meant, and despite knowing they would be enemies the next time they met, both meant it. That was Lenna: kind to a fault.

Finally separated, the two Lennas went in opposite directions, knowing they would meet again as foes. Their battle would decide what was real, and what was a reflection.

Now by herself again, Lenna looked around at the place that she’d be exploring for who knows how long: The Phantom continent. It felt different from the hodge lodge of places she’d seen during her last trip into the rift; it felt far more alive.

“This feels like a real world instead of a mockery of one.” she said aloud to herself, noticing some rabbits feeding on plants, something that was absent during her last visit to this place. She even felt wind on her face. “But that’s something to think about later. How will I find these shades?” That was an important question she wished she’d asked her Father when he sent her here. Lenna found herself walking to nowhere in particular, and did this for a few more minutes before she realized something.

“I know where it is. I…I can feel it.” And indeed, in her head she could see where the first Crystal shade was. A cave in the mountains, but the journey would take many days.

“Strange. Is it due to being imbued with the power of the true crystals of the merged world?” Lenna asked herself out loud. whatever the reason, she had her first destination. It was time to begin her quest.


Lenna didn’t know how much time had passed between her arrival and her trip to the mountains, but it felt like days for her. Fortunately, she’d never bothered to empty her inventory from her travels, so she was still stocked with food, healing supplies, etc. Still, it was a tiring journey. At the foot of the mountain, bad weather had forced her to make camp for the night and she was glad she did. Now rested and in good condition, the clear weather meant she could reach the crystal with zero difficulty.

She quickly reached a cave where she could sense the crystal shade residing. It was abnormally bright, and she found herself wondering where said light was coming from. As she rounded a corner however, she received her answer:

“The Crystal!”

There it was, hovering in the middle of the cavern. Lenna could fell the power emanating from it, but it was different power from what she sensed from the Crystals of her world or Galuf’s. It was something she’d have to figure out later; now was the time to claim her prize. As she stepped into the main cavern that the shade resided in, she noticed something.

Lenna gasped. So did Lenna.

“It’s you!” Neither could believe it. Both thought they had gotten here first, but it seemed her twin had found her way here as well. How did you…?” No. It didn’t matter. “I’m here to claim the Crystal Shade! Leave this place at once or I will be forced to harm you!” Both said. “I…can’t leave! If you attack, I will defend myself!” They frowned. Neither could back away from this.

Feeling the full power of the job Crystals of her own world in her body, Lenna unsheathed her sword and her doppelgänger did the same.

“Then you leave me no choice!” Now knowing they couldn’t avoid this conflict, the two princesses prepared themselves for a boss battle.
And that's chapter 2. Next time, the two princesses will clash. Until then.

When twins tangle!

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I still remember V has the most occupations, especially the mimic.

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Two sides of twin heroines fight for their own worlds, this great idea can be used to all stories!
By the way, will Faris fight Faris? Maybe when two Leenas fight to a draw ,two Faris will come up to protect their own sisters.

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Well, now... I'm late to this story, but still, whenever I can I always make time to catch up to your stories, 20H. Unlike most other stories you do, I know jack-diddily about Final Fantasy (other than the stuff that's widely known to outsiders about the other, more 'popular'/recent titles... *cough*FFVII, FFXIII & FFXV...*cough*) but based off a couple of Google pictures and your descriptions, Lenna seems like a complete (yet tragic) sweetheart (my favorite type of character)... which makes this story about her having to battle it out with her mirror image all the more... um... 'entertaining' to have to force her through such extremes. I look forward to Chapter #3 and seeing where this goes.

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Alright. It's that time once again (I damn near forgot too, as I'll be heading to work in a few minutes). To answer one question, no I don't plan on choosing Faris. I chose Lenna because, as DeNice put it, her personality made the eventual conflict more interesting to me. I also liked some of her Job Class costumes (and this story makes use of quite a few). Maybe I might consider trying something with Faris one day, but there's no guarantee. For now, here we go!


Chapter 3: The Two Princesses of Light

In the dim cave, two figures circled each other, swords drawn.

The Lennas never expected to encounter each other again so quickly, but nonetheless here they were. ‘We went in opposite directions! How did she get here without following me?

Whatever the case, both had made their intentions clear: claim the crystal, save her world, and….defeat any obstacles in her way, which meant defeating the woman in front of her.

I must not be careless.’ Lenna (both of her) thought. When they had been close to one another, they’d felt great power. Even the way she was holding her sword showed she was no amateur. ‘Too much is at stake! I can’t allow myself to be overconfident!

At this point, they’d stepped close enough to one another to the point where they’d within range if they moved so much as another inch. Neither wanted to make the first move, instead hoping to catch the other in a mistake. they watched, waiting for an opening that would seemingly never come.

“Achoo!” Then, they both sneezed, throwing their defence out of whack. Seconds later, they realized the other had dropped her guard. ‘SHE’S OPEN!’ They quickly closed the gap, and swung swords in overhead blows.

CLAAANG!!! The Knights Swords clashed, and so did their bodies; blades met overhead, locking together, while chests and bellies slapped against one another with a slap and a squish, causing both to gasp. They stood there, neither wanting to pull back and leave themselves vulnerable as they tired to overpower the other in their blade lock. But ground was neither gained nor lost.

“Incredible!” They were equal in strength…completely; neither girl had expected that they’d be so totally even with each other. Neither one had the edge in their current position at all, nor could they see themselves gaining it anytime soon. Then, they finally realized that they were letting nipples drill each other once again, causing another gasp. Locking eyes (since they were already locking everything else), both girls realized they were experiencing the same thing.

“I-I…will pull back if you do the same.” Faces beet red, both Lennas made the offer, “Agreed! On the count of three! One….two…THREE!” As one they pulled away, unlocking swords and bodies. That had been an…interesting start to their battle. They took only a few moments to recover from their first engagement before charging in again, the sound of their swords meeting over and over again echoed through the cave as they now fought in earnest. Th result wasn’t much different as their skills with the sword were as even as their strength.

Calling on all the skills in the art of fencing that she had garnered during her adventures, Lenna dueled Lenna in a battle of swordsmanship that would have seemed quite impressive to any would be observers. One Lenna tried to gain an edge by tripping her twin, sending her to the floor, but the fallen Lenna recovered at an incredible speed, rolling on the ground and back to her feet; then when Lenna (the one who had done the tripping) charged in, Lenna (the tripped) decided two could play that game and tripped her right back.

Not surprisingly, Lenna quickly got back to her feet using the same trick. She wasn’t attacked on her way up though; her twin simply stood and watched her, knowing full well what would happen.

“You are very skilled.” Lenna said.
“Thank you. You are quite good as well.” Lenna replied.

Speed, strength, skill and instincts were all the same. It was clear that if she wanted to win this battle, she needed something more.

I have to stop holding back. I won’t win this if I remain bare.’ A mere Freelancer wouldn’t be enough anymore.

“Prepare yourself!” Both girls said as their bodies began to glow. Soon, she was completely engulfed in light as her dress disappeared, replaced by heavy blue armour.

The Knight class; greater defence and heavier attacks might shift things in her favour, or so they both thought, but they blinked in disbelief when they realized they had had the same idea.

“Hmmm.” It would a tough battle; far tougher than they had originally thought. “Enguard!” The two girls charged to meet one another, Swords clashing together when they were within reach. The ground actually cracked under them at the point of impact as both immediately felt the difference.

She’s stronger!’ They realized. And indeed, whereas before neither could budge the other an inch, now both thought they’d be overwhelmed after only a few seconds of pressing against each other, needing all their strength to maintain their blade lock without being overpowered.

“Guh…!” Breaking their lock, they swung swords at the other’s head, only to be met by shields, but the blows sent them stumbling, knocking the fields from their grasp. “You….” Lenna wasn’t helpless. With her shield gone, she could now grip her sword with both hands for even more powerful swings. “Lets see how you deal with this!” Using the two handed ability to boost the power of their strikes, they clashed again.


“Whoa!” Their swords suddenly went flying in opposite directions as the force of their collision wrenched them from the girls hands. Both stood there in disbelief, looking first at their empty hands, then at each other, and then finally at where their swords had gone. “Um….” Then both ran off to grab their blades. Even as they did so, both saw that the battle was going…poorly. So far, they had only managed to stalemate each other, and while that meant the battle could go either way, both Lennas still felt like they were losing. That being said, this last incident (despite leaving her feeling rather foolish) gave her hope.

Perhaps if I disarm her, I can force her to surrender.’ It was a long shot, but forcing her to concede this battle in a way that prevented her form changing to a new job class seemed like the best options.

Reclaiming their swords, Lenna and Lenna turned to meet each other; this battle could go on for a while, but they would do this for as long as it took.

“Haah!” Rushing to meet each other once again, thrusting with swords when they were within range. What happened next was something neither girl could have predicted….


The Knights swords met at the tip, but instead of brushing each other aside….they kept going. The two swords actually pierced each other right down the middle, splitting one another until they reached the hilt while making the most horrible grinding noise imaginable.

“….” The Princesses just stared; there they were, holding their now joined swords, mouths hanging agape. Slowly, they brought their gazes up to look each other in the eye again, each seeing her own baffled face in her living mirror.

….not what I had mind….’ Both thought. Regaining their senses, they tried to untangle their swords.

“Uummphf!” Pulling with all their might did nothing. Without needing to say a word, each lifted one foot, and pressed it against the raised foot of the other to gain extra leverage, but still their swords would not release each other. Finally both stopped pulling and sighed.

“I think either one of us is either going to have to give up, or we should just change jobs.” One said.

“Well giving up isn’t an option for me!” The other said.

“Nor me.” The first replied. They chucked the swords away and changed jobs, just as the first Lenna had proposed, bodies engulfed in a bright glow once again.

Seconds later, they were in new attire: grey chest armour with a red skirt and boots, as well as a Katana strapped to their backs. Around their heads was a headband with a crescent moon shaped symbol. Now clad in the Samurai class, they two Lennas drew their Katanas and took fighting stances. Well aware of the fact that they’d likely be just as equal as before, they approached each other with caution. Step by careful step, they closed the distance until they were within range.

“Hiiiyaah!” Not waiting for the other to leave herself open (better to create one herself) Lenna and Lenna closed the gap and brought their swords together, a loud clang resounding through the cave. With their somewhat higher movement, they dashed from one end of the cave to the other, swords moving like the wind, with both Lennas awed at the other’s skill.

Lenna winced when she felt a light pain on her leg; she’s been slashed there, and there was now a small cut. However she’d managed to give Lenna a small scrape on the arm in return. Both women frowned, noting the small trickle of blood from their wounds, then quickly returned to battle, inflicting new wounds on the others leg and arm that matched their own. For what seemed like hours, there was only the sound of metal on metal, feet scuffing across the ground and grunts of exertion as the two Samurai Princesses dulled.

“MINEUCHI!” The first words either had spoken in a while were mutual declarations of attack as they found openings and swung their swords at the others head. Eyes widened as the weapons careened towards targets, each woman expecting to lose her head in mere moments.


Fortunately for both of them, that wasn’t how Mineuchi worked; it was a strike with the flat of the blade, meaning no cutting unfortunately, it still meant being whacked in the face by a sword.

“Ugggh!” Both girls were sent stumbling back by the strike, holding their faces. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” That had really hurt.

Now separated, they took some time to recover. Catching a glimpse of her twin, both gasped.

She was covered in small cuts, and her skirt was torn; her hair was disheveled and there was now a small bruise on one cheek from the sword slap(while the other had a cut). Lenna was a mess.

And this is only the first battle.’ Both thought grimly. This could not continue. She could not afford to have lengthy battles like this at every crystal location. She had to make this first duel with her twin the last duel. They rushed each other again, bringing swords together with such force that sparks actually flew. This however, provided the first real opening in the battle.

“Aaaah!” One Lenna shrieked when a spark went near her eye, forcing her to turn away. The other Lenna’s eyes glinted in triumph: an opening! Capitalizing on her twin’s vulnerable sate, she angled her Katana in such a way that the lock between her sword and her twin was awkward for the latter. Then, with a small push and a flick of the wrist, she was able to use that leverage to send her double’s sword flying from her hands.

Lenna yelped again as she watched her sword bounce off the ground a few feet away, and realized she was now in a very poor situation. Meanwhile, Lenna grinned in triumph at managing to break their stalemate. Knowing she could not waste time, she brought her blade down, meaning to subdue her foe (though it pained her to do so, but her options weren’t particularly great, and they’d both known that such result was a possible consequence of their choice to fight each other).

Forgive me! I must defeat you to save my world! You fought as best as you could!

“Farewell Lenna!” Those were the only words she spoke aloud, and yet as the attacking Lenna looked into the eyes of her swordless twin, she saw something: a reply.

You may well be the strongest foe I’ve ever fought! Battling you has felt more difficult then when I fought against Exdeath even…. but that doesn’t mean I’ll fall!

The attacking Lenna saw these words when she beheld the expression of her twin; even moments away from defeat, she hadn’t given up. However, with a sword mere inches away from her face, she only said one thing aloud:


Lenna (with sword) was caught off guard as Lenna (no sword) suddenly brought up her hands and caught the descending Katana in between the palms of her hands. The blade grasp technique, for those occasions when you were unarmed and your enemy wasn’t.

They briefly struggled, but the attacking Lenna was utterly flummoxed by the situation, and that was all the opening her twin needed to gain an edge. She wrenched the Katana out of her mirror selfs hands and grabbed it by the hilt, reversing their positions then swung it at her double’s head in one smooth motion.

“You’re finished!”
“Not yet!”

These were the words they spoke, one after another, but now the swordless Lenna had something else to say:

“Shirahadori!” It was history repeating. Lenna caught Lenna’s sword between her palms, while Lenna was left shocked. However, instead of taking the sword for herself, Lenna sent it flying off to the right. She then took off to the left, for the other sword that had been lost. Lenna only needed a few seconds to realized what had happened, and then went for the right most sword that had just been thrown away. Seconds later, both were armed again, ready for another round, but also ware of how they were only managing to drag the battle out.

I can’t win like this! I must do something!’ If the battle went on any longer, they’d both only grow more desperate. ‘I must end this….I must end her!’ They had been dreading this: the woman in front of her was no villain: she was a princess, trying to save her world. But for one world to live, the other had to die, and neither was going to let that world be her world.

They could tell by the stern look on the others face that they both intended to end things here. They could also see that they both regretted it as well. The burden of their mission, and that of a princess and hero demanded they see things through.

“Do what you must Lenna. I will do the same!” Even if one fell here, both swore they’d still search for a way to save the others world, but for now, it was time to end this.

“Haaaah!” Lenna rushed forward and so did Lenna, both of them taking familiar poses as they did; and they both recognized the way the other was holding her sword.

So she’s trying for the Iainuki as well? I must get her first!’ Iainuki, or the Iai strike, was a single slash with a Katana that could fell any foe. There was a chance of failure, but Lenna felt she had to take the risk. Closer and closer, the two came to each other, as their final clash became imminent. Both women knew they could no longer turn back. Then, just as they reached each other and started their attack, both saw something.

What….what is that!?’ There was something on Lenna’s sword; a strange glow…no, not just a glow. As both followed through on the slashing motion, they realized what they were seeing….was fire.

She’s using Spellblade,,,with a Katana? But that’s impossible!’ Spellblade, which let the Mystic Knight class enchant their swords with black magic was incompatible with the Katana. Not only that, you couldn’t use it with the Iainuki either, and yet that was what both Lennas were clearly doing.

But by the time the The two women realized these truths, it was far too late to pull back: their swords collided—and it was in that moment that each woman realized her own sword was a flame as well—and both were engulfed in the powerful flames of a Firaga spell. They both saw another glow for a brief moment…



“Aaaaah!” And then the room exploded in flame, and both Lennas were sent flying back, reverting to their normal states as they did so. They crashed to the ground, unconscious, and barely moving. The second glow both thought they’d seen was there however, around their bodies, and protecting them even then.


Sometime later, two low but soft and feminine moans echoed through the cavern. Lenna and Lenna returned to the waking world, bodies battered and heads spinning.

“Uuuuhhhhnnnn….!” Trying to regain their bearings, they re-called what had happened. “Did….I win…?” Looking across the room, both saw the other sitting up. They also saw the other’s body still glowing. “Magic Shell! I knew it!” It was a Mystic Knight ability that kicked in when they users health was low, and both Lennas definitely had been in such a state. The only question was how the other had been able to use it when she’d already been using so many abilities, but that was something that would need to wait.

“I’m not defeated yet!” Both declared. Just when it seemed the fight was back on, they both caught something out of the corner of their eyes…

“Huh? NO!” HOW? WHEN?!”

Neither could believe it. It had to be a dream, but the longer they stared, the more sure they were of reality.

The Crystal Shade… was gone!

And that's part three. I'll see you guys again at the end of December. Read and enjoy!

When twins tangle!

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Ah... that was a fun read of a battle chapter. I swear, while I think my own style is to treat the two mirror girls as two slightly different entities with the same 'singularity' (like actual video game mirror matches), you really know how to push the literal 'mirror match' style of conflict the best. The Lennas are so evenly matched here, it's gonna be interesting seeing how else they can 'match' themselves... Looking forward to later this month.

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Merry Christmas everyone! It's a little late, but here's the next chapter, and just in time for New Years as well.

Christmas has been good for me. Finally got a Nintendo Switch, and with it, the game that will finally let me write the one story I've been wanting to write for some time now. It'll still be a while before I get to it, but I've got quite a backlog to ensure I have all the time to do so. Until then, lets get to the next part of this story.

Chapter 4: The Phantom World of Final Fantasy

The two Princesses could only stare at the now empty spot the crystal had occupied. It was only the two of them here, so what happened?

When did she….how did she…?’ They had arrived at the same moment, and started fighting one another right away, so obviously neither could have done anything before hand. ‘It must have been while I was unconscious! She woke up and took it!’ With that, they angrily turned their attention back to the other.

“Return the crystal at once!” Both yelled, but were only confused by the others demand. “I don’t have it! You're the one who took it!” Again, she was making no sense. “Of course you have it! No I don’t! Yes you do! If I had it, I’d have left already….” Suddenly it hit them.

Wait! Didn’t we wake up at the same time? And if she had awoken first, she wouldn’t have stayed here to argue with me either.’ Now very worried, the two women walked right up to each other, closing the distance to look herself in the eye. They stared at one another and saw only what they’d seen every time they’d looked at the other: honesty. Lenna was too honest for her own good, but in this case, it was an advantage since it meant neither could imagine the other lying in this situation.

“But if you don’t have it…” Both said aloud. Suddenly, their eyes widened as it dawned on them what must have happened. “NO! It must have shattered!” They had destroyed the crystal during the last part of their battle! It was the only remaining explanation. Now both women dropped to their knees and began scouring the cavern for shards. Even broken, they could still collect the pieces and accomplish their goal.

“Where are they?” The two Lennas crawled around the cavern on their hands and knees, searching for any crystal shards. however, after minutes of searching, they found….

“T-there’s nothing!” Not even a small chunk of crystal to be found. But how? What else could have happened?

Both were so caught up in looking that they forgot about the other…


“Owwww!” Right up until the moment they smashed their heads together while searching. The Lennas grabbed their heads and held them, rubbing the spots where they’d collided. The Crystal Shade was not here, and it was not broken. The only other person who could have it didn’t take it, nor did she ever have the chance to do so.

This was a waste of time. Both women could see that searching the cave was futile, and neither of them were in any condition for further conflict, which was even more pointless when the thing they’d been fighting over was gone. Pulling themselves to their feet—and stumbling slightly as a reminder of how exhausting their fight had been—both girls opted to leave. There was just one more thing to do.

“I will ask you one more time…will you desist in obstructing me?” The question came in synch. Neither gave an answer, but there was no need. It was clear what her answer was. Lenna shook her head. “I thought so.”

Both women turned and left, knowing that there would be future battles between them. There was nothing that could be done about the issue though, except for recuperation and preparation.


Once out our the cave, Lenna dipped into her items and magic, healing herself of her injuries. A few White mage spells and some ethers to keep up her magic and she felt better, although still sore and a little tired. Now that she was free to think, there were a few things on her mind.

She was strong!' The other Lenna had been a fierce opponent, stalemating Lenna with equal skill, power and determination. ‘I can’t fight a battle like that again! I don’t think I could survive!’ Every attack had been countered with an identical attack. What’s more, she seemed to know all the skills Lenna herself knew. ‘She used Mineuchi, Shirahadori and Iainuki….wait? How was she able to use Magic Shell? That should have been too many abilities!’ And as she thought more about what had taken place, she realized that she’d only touched the tip of the iceberg.

“She used Spell-blade with a Katana! That’s not possible either…while doing Iainuki! How?” None of it made sense. She’d used so many abilities during the battle when she should have been limited to a small few. But as she continued to think on the matter, she realized she’d done the same things. “Could it be that she received power from the crystals of her world as well? Is that how she did those things?” Lenna mused aloud. “Since I was able to do the same things, that must be it!” Her new powers would serve her well, but…

“I’ve failed the first part of my mission.” A Crystal Shade was gone, and with no explanation as to why. “Not only did I lose to my twin, I lost what I was fighting her for in the first place!” the fact that her double didn’t win either, and that she had also failed to claim the jewel did little to comfort her.

“There’s nothing I can do! With no clues about where it went, I’ve no choice but to move on!” She’d have to be better next time. That was her only choice, especially since her twin was undoubtedly thinking the same thing. With that (and so much more) in mind, Lenna continued to walk.


Sometime later, Lenna came across a town. Most likely a place absorbed by the void into the inter dimensional rift that still has an imprint of it. Still, there was something more….lifelike about it.

The people talked to each-other, waved to her, and seemed alive, just like her world. “This world…what will happen to it when I’m done?” She was already ending the world her twin came from. Would she also destroy this world as well? There was no way to know. All she could do is continue her mission. Lenna made her way to the Inn, where she purchased a room for the night.

“Room 131 ma’am.” The Inn keeper said. “Have a good rest.”

“Thank you! I will!” That was her intention at least, and she needed some rest. Making her way into her room, Lenna was lost in thought. So much that she didn’t notice it herself….

…or to be more exact, didn’t notice herself. The two twins, coming from opposite directions, walked past each-other on the way to their rooms. It was only when they were inside and in front of their beds that they felt they’d missed something, but exhaustion made them put it aside, and they plopped themselves onto their beds to get some rest.


Morning came and Lenna felt better. Not only that, she got the same feeling she’d had before; A crystal shade had appeared.

“I must be better this time!” She said to herself. “And I must be ready for her as well!” As she spoke, she opened the door and stepped into the hall, closing the door behind her and turning around. I’ll definitely….YEEEEEEK!!!!!” As they turned around, they came face to face, startling each other.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” Neither Lenna could believe it; they had been in the same hotel the whole time, and now they would need to prevent the other from getting to the crystal. The situation had become incredibly tense…


Lenna and Lenna blushed. They had not eaten a proper meal in some time, and their stomachs growled loud enough for the other to hear.

“Um…perhaps you’d allow me to have breakfast before we battle?
“Before we fight, would you be willing to let me have breakfast?”

The question came in synch, surprising both.

“Yes. Of course!” And naturally, both agreed, not only due to their hunger, but because the other had asked nicely.

This might be my chance!’ Both girls thought. A way to remove her twin, and without any more violence. Plus it was a good idea to keep her in sight. With that in mind, the two Lennas made their way downstairs for breakfast.


The cook has assumed the two were together, and as such sat them at the same table.

“Will you be splitting the bill?” He asked

“Split?” It wasn’t just the choice of words that had the Lennas taken aback. Neither had expected that, but upon looking each other in the eye, each thought the other would expect her to agree.

It is what I would do.’ Both girls thought. Not wanting to be rude (even to an enemy), they agreed to split the bill.

Soon, they were eating breakfast together peacefully, though there were no words exchanged between them. Not only did neither of them have anything to really say to the other, but there were other things on their mind.

Will this plan work?’ Both knew this was the best opportunity to remove the obstacle the other presented, but it had to be done both quickly and subtly. Another long fight had to be avoided no matter what.

“Please excuse me for a moment!” Both got up, hoping the other would assume she was just going to powder her nose. It was time to set things up. Lenna snuck over to the innkeeper and paid half of a fee for another room(saying she’d pay the other half later). After doing this, she circled around and used the Chemist ability to mix together some Dark Matter and an antidote, creating a poison mixture that they poured into Lenna’s food.

Lenna then left for part two of her plan, missing Lenna as she arrived for part b of her plan. Lenna saw she was alone and put some poison in Lenna’s food. While this was happening, Lenna paid the innkeeper for another room (unknowingly paying the other half). Coming back from paying the innkeeper, Lenna saw Lenna, who'd finished poisoning her twins food. Both turned white and hid, thinking they avoided being seen. But upon looking around the corner again…

“YEEEEP! Why are you here?” This was bad! She’d been caught! And she was so close. ‘What do I do? She’ll know if I’m lying’ They were way too honest for their own good. They’d never been able to deceive each other yet—true they’d never tried, but they always seemed to be able to tell when the other was being honest so far—so being able to do so now was unlikely. However….

“Um…I got lost. Still looking for the lavatory!” Both said, as right at that moment, they realized they really did need to go. And they really weren’t sure where the bathroom was, so they were a little lost. Looking to the left, they saw that the bathroom was right there and quickly made use of it, finding multiple stalls—a feature from other worlds they assumed—and took care of business. While in the stalls, they both initiated the last part of their respective plans; combining a Maidens Kiss and an Eyedrops to make the Lamias Kiss.

Now, how will I do it?’ Both thought. Then it hit her. They couldn’t add anything else to the food for fear the other would notice, but since she was in the bathroom already…

The Lennas came out of the stalls and looked themselves over in the mirror. Then, right under the others nose, applied the Lamias kiss potion like make up (specifically, lipstick). While both found it odd that the other would bother with such things, they wrote it off as wanting to look nice like a princess normally would. An act not so far from Lenna’s normal character, which is why neither suspected anything.

“Well, back to breakfast!” Leona and Lenna said together. They left the bathroom, both of their plans now in effect.

It was a disaster waiting to happen.


Back at the breakfast table, Lenna and Lenna quietly ate their food, neither aware of what the other had done. Both patiently waited for the other to eat the poisoned food, then they would use the Lamias Kiss to confuse her poisoned twin so that the latter couldn’t cure herself. After that, both women planned to place her weakened enemy in the new room she’d purchased (while paying the other half of the bill on the way out) and leave to gather the other crystals. It was perfect…


…right up until the moment it actually started that is. To the shock of both Lennas, they felt the poison in their bodies, severely weakening both of them.

No….I-it can’t be….!’ Now realizing her twin had the same idea, Lenna (both of her) sought to cure herself immediately. Fortunately, an antidote would fix that, but with their strength already drained, both decided to use their mix ability from the Chemist job once again, hoping to make a neutralizer; that would require a potion or high potion however.

“Must cure….s-self…” The two girls both reached for the bags where they kept their items, but both of them had placed said bags slightly out of reach, and in their current states, their legs momentarily lost strength, as they grabbed antidotes from their bags, causing them to stumble forward.

MMMGFL!!!” Lenna and Lenna were now each holding an antidote, while also reaching for a potion, but had ended up meeting each other at the lips. This was both a surprise (since they had not ever expected to kiss again, not since their first encounter) and a very bad thing, due to the Lamias kisses they’d applied earlier as lipstick.. Suddenly, everything became distorted, and neither Lenna could think straight. ‘What’s…..h-happening….!?

Hands still in their bags, both tried to finish what they had been doing and cure themselves, but their heads were now utterly out of it. Still, each Lenna managed to pull an item out of their bags and—as they pried their lips apart with a pop—mix it and quickly use the new item.

“…no….poison…still…” Unfortunately they only succeeded in grabbing an Ether, which when combined with the antidote they already had gave them poison resistance. It would reduce the damage from the poison, but would not outright stop it. “Uuugh…” She had to try again; Lenna tried to find the right materials in her bags. They did manage to grab potions this time, but ended up getting high potions for the second ingredient, creating the Water of Life. Now they would regenerate lost health, but with the poison still draining them, it only slowed things down and kept them from full succumbing to the poison, while still not ridding either of them of it.

“…s-someone….help….!” Lenna and Lenna were delirious now. the combination of poison and confusion left them barely aware of what was happening, and desperately trying to reverse the current situation, but they were having zero luck. A cure; she needed a cure to clear her head! Unfortunately, in their condition, they again failed to grab the right materials. A Maidens kiss and a Turtle shell were taken and mixed together, creating a Succubus Kiss. Still disoriented, the Lennas tried to regain control of the situation, but in their weakened and confused state could not act rationally.

“C-cure….” Mistaking the Succubus Kiss for a way to relieve themselves of their detrimental conditions, they tried to the mixtures to their bodies, but the confusion made it difficult to remember how, and the poison ensured when they might have remembered that pain filled their bodies and made them forget. They did remember how they’d used one concoction though….

“M-must…cure…” but it was the earlier Lamias Kiss, which they applied to their lips. Thus they did the same with the Succubus Kisses. Still stumbling around, they bumped into each other. ‘An attack!’ Someone was trying to take advantage of her condition! She needed to defend herself! The Lennas quickly turned around to face the assailant….


…which resulted in a third assault on the lips of Lenna by the lips of Lenna. This allowed the health draining effects of the Succubus Kiss to kick in, adding to the strength they were already losing from the poison. ‘No….NO! S-STOP!’ Caught in the lips of her enemy, Lenna tried to escape, but still confused as she was, her body did not react as she wanted it to. Lenna’s arms wrapped themselves around Lenna’s body in a (for them) inescapable grip. They stumbled about the room in an unending kiss of death, only kept from losing consciousness by the water of life that restored the energy that was either sapped by the poison or their own strength draining kiss.

“Mmmm….mmmmPPPHHH!!” In their hopeless struggles, they tried to get away from the other, but their bodies refused to fully do as they wanted. They clumsily dragged the other to the room they (unknowingly) mutually rented, where their clumsy grappling while locked in their snogging knocked over tables and chairs until they fell onto the bed, bodies and tongues still quite entangled.

No….I’m…I c-can’t….!’ The two princess could find no escape, as the combined efforts of the poison and the Succubus Kisses were finally outdoing the regenerative properties of the life water. Soon, they would be utterly defeated by each other. ‘I….m-must….!’ In one last desperate move, they tried a final mix: A Phoenix Down and a Maidens Kiss, for the kiss of life. Unfortunately, neither could break the Succubus’s Kiss to use it…or so it seemed.

Mere moments away from death, the Kiss of Life was inextricably absorbed into their bodies just as they succumbed to the poison and health drain. They were out cold, but not dead, and free of the status ailments that had been plaguing them. In that state, the two Princesses fell asleep, their kiss still unbroken. And they would stay that way for some time.

It had been a rather long breakfast, a very long day, and it would be an ever longer night….but it would at least be peaceful.

And that's part 4. I'll see you next year.

When twins tangle!

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I technically read this chapter quite some time ago but I never got around to actually writing my reaction to it. All I can say is... "Wow... what a mess..." lol, but who knew that mutual poisoning could be so sexy...? Obviously, normal twins should not try this at home. Very enjoyable chapter. Can't wait for the next one.

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I technically read this chapter quite some time ago but I never got around to actually writing my reaction to it. All I can say is... "Wow... what a mess..." lol, but who knew that mutual poisoning could be so sexy...? Obviously, normal twins should not try this at home. Very enjoyable chapter. Can't wait for the next one.
Indeed. The ladies got themselves into quite a mess with this one, but there is still more to come. :D

And that's my cue for the next chapter. Once again on the 29 of the month. Though I suppose this February will the 28th. Whatever

Chapter 5: War of the Lionesses

The sun rose into the sky, its light bathing the earth and indicating the start of a new day. It shone down on a particular inn, a particular room in that inn, and a bed in that room in which two tightly entwined figures slept.

The Tycoon Princesses were still locked in a kiss, even in their sleep, and had been that way all night. However, as it often did, a good nights rest had restored strength and vitality—not to the usual extent, but enough—and all that was left was for them to awaken.

“mmmm…” And slowly, they did. Just then, they opened their eyes…

“!!!!!!” And saw each other, causing them the full recollection of the previous night to hit them.

“WAAAAH!” They quickly broke apart, tongues untangling and lips parting with a loud pop (again), while also shoving the other away out of instinct….

Thud! “Ack!”

…and right off the bed, onto the floor. They lay there for a few seconds, recovering from shock, but then pulled themselves to their feet, and eyed each other from opposite sides, blushing. Another stalemate, and a rather embarrassing one at that. Neither Lenna had time to dwell on it however, as they both felt a familiar sensation.

“The Crystal! I can still feel it!” Both yelled aloud…only to then clasp their hands over their mouths in horror upon realizing what they’d said.

No! I gave myself away!” And while she now knew the other could also sense the location of the crystals, that didn’t really help the situation. All they knew was that they’d both be heading that.

It was a race…


….and one both knew they could not afford to lose; with the warp spell, they teleported out of the inn, hoping to get a head start.

Lenna and Lenna (not surprisingly) ended up in the same place, which they learned the hard way when dainty behinds bumped into each other, making both of them nearly jump out of their skins.

“Nooooo!” Realizing their plans to get a head start over the other were dashed, they threw up their hands in frustration and then just took off running. It was definitely going to be a race.

And a race it was; the two Light Warriors scrambled the entire way to the location of the second crystal shade: a large tower in the middle of nowhere. Pushing their bodies as hard as they could, the Lennas threw open the tower doors and entered, trying their hardest to trip the other up, or otherwise slow her down.

“Get out of my way!” The situation made both of them more….short tempered then usual. She had to reach the shade first, but even if she did, she had no clue what to do afterwards since there was no way her twin would allow her to keep it. There was time for that later however. For now, she needed to focus on the woman who was fighting her tooth and nail to reach the goal first.

Lenna shoved her hand in Lenna’s face and tried to step on her foot…


Success. They kept moving despite the pain in their feet, but realized just any desperation move would not improve things. Once again, they reached into their Job class based bag of tricks for new options. She needed speed and attack power: the answer was the Monk class.

In seconds, Lenna transformed out of her yellow dress into a red Qiupao, with her hair tied in the odango style. Lenna smiled. Her strength was greater now, even without weapons, and due to mastering all the other job classes, her agility was still very high alongside her defence, meaning she could dish out punishment, and take it, all while barely missing a step. She dashed at even higher speeds, flipping over a fallen piece of rubble as she did so…

“No….it can’t be…”

…and saw herself, in the exact same garb, and performing the exact same act. Their eyes were wide as saucers as they stared at the other while upside down—being that they were both still in mid flip—but only for a moment.

“I WON’T LET YOU BEAT ME!” And then, they launched palm strikes at the other, which were blocked; then both of them tried knife edged chops at the others neck, but they deflected those attacks. At the same moment, they attempted knee strikes that resulted in their knees hitting each other.

Arms and legs were a blur of motion as they two Lennas began their literal running battle anew, exchanging hundreds of attacks all while still in mid flip. When they finally finished flipping, they hit the ground running. Both swung the other with their whole arms, trying to clothesline the other, forcing her twin to duck by bending low under her strike while sliding on her knees to avoid slowing down. Lenna hopped off the ground and went for an elbow strike while Lenna jumped in the air and tried a knee, but Lenna used her hand to catch the elbow while Lenna stopped the knee with a counter knee. When they touched the ground, they rolled forward to keep going.

Incredible! Her strikes are fast, but also heavy!’ Neither woman could afford to let her guard down. A single blow wouldn’t end her, but as long as they didn’t dare slow, a single blow was still one blow too many.

Lenna and Lenna scaled the tower, trading punches and kicks the whole way, but in their rush, they missed some signs….

….signs with crosses and skulls on them.


It was one long climb, and unrelenting battle later that finally saw the two fighting princesses reach the top of the tower where the crystal shade was held. They kept moving the entire time, only relenting in their attacks by using the Chakra ability to heal what few scrapes they’d inflicted on each other. Seeing the large doors in front of them, both Lennas realized it was now or never and kicked the large doors down, smashing them right off their hinges as they entered the room.

“There!” At the top of another flight of stairs was the crystal shade. Their goal was in sight.

I’ll have to grab it and try to escape!’ Lenna thought. There was little doubt in her mind that if she tried to fight a prolonged battle with her twin, they’d only stalemate one another again, so simply grabbing her prize and leaving quickly was the best possible option.

“Whoa!” Lenna went for a high kick, but found herself dodging an identical high kick at the same time. Both women’s mouths dropped as the others foot passed inches from her face and turned a statue right behind her into dust.

….definitely should avoid anymore fighting.’ That would be easier said then done. Even as they made their way up the stairs, hands and feet still clashed, and both women suspected they had again come up with the same plan. Growing frustrated, the girls threw feints (weak punches with little power) then kicked each other in the stomach.

“Ooooof!” This happened just one step short of the top, sending both flying right back down. “Damn!” Letting loose an uncharacteristic swear, the Princesses kicked off the ground as they reached the bottom and ran away from the tower where the crystal was. Then they actually ran up the wall and kicked off it.

I knew it!’ They saw the other doing the same thing. Realizing they’d need to wait until the last second, their bodies began to glow as they both used the Focus ability to store up power.

“Hiiiiiyaaaah!” At the last moment, they unleashed powerful kicks, hoping to catch the other off guard.


BLLLNGH!!!!” The kicks landed with no opposition as Lenna and Lenna nailed each other right in the face. They were out the moment they connected, and fell to the bottom of the stairs, tumbling over each other and ending up a tangled heap at the bottom. Both girls hands had lightly grazed the crystal as they did, but that was as close as they’d gotten to it. Now they once again fell into a slumber in each other’s arms.


“…..uuuggghhhh….” Lenna awoke sometime later, and her face hurt. It also felt like she was touching….”YEEEEEEK!!!” Both Lennas quickly realized they were groping each other (one hand one her ass, the other touching her breasts) and tried to untangle themselves, which was easier said then done as they were practically a human knot.

“Aaaah!” What are you….!? Don’t touch meEEEEEEEEEEK!!” Legs rubbed together, and hands continued to grab tits and asses.

“YAAAAAH!” Then hands rubbed pussies as well. Then, their faces ended up in each others chests, then they ended up briefly touching breasts with breasts.


Nipples drilled each other head on. Then they ended up in a 69.

“Mmmmphg!” After all that, they finally disentangled themselves, scrambling away from the other, eyes wide, faces flushed, and tempers flaring.

“JUST WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?” They shrieked as loudly as possible. The two Lennas slowly pulled themselves to their feet, eyes locked on the other as they waited for her next move, while also trying to figure out if they could use anything in the room to their advantage. It was while doing this that they noticed something that brought an end to their stare-down.

“What…?” Looking out of the corner of their eyes, both Lennas realized the crystal was no longer in its previous spot.

“IT’S GONE!” Once again the Crystal Shade had disappeared and once again, the only one would could have taken it was one of the two Lennas, and both of them knew it. “I knew it! You took it didn’t you?!” Of course she did. Who else could have it? They were the only two people in the room—or even the entire tower—so one of them had to have it.

“GIVE IT BACK!” The two Lennas rocketed towards each other, throwing powerful punches when the other was within reach. Their fists collided and the room shook—a powerful reminder of how strong they’d become. Soon, they were trading strikes again. Lenna threw a another punch that Lenna caught with her hand, while Lenna deflected Lenna’s palm strike with her arm. Lenna’s knee was just barely dodged while Lenna’s high kick was evaded by a hair’s breadth.

“Surrender now!” Both women yelled, as they fought their way back out of the room, neither able to land a good hit….

“Uuuuooooggghhh!” Until simultaneous knees landed in stomachs, knocking the wind out of them. Both stumbled, trying to regain their breath, and then re-engaged the moment they recovered with powerful slaps.

CRACK! They stumbled again, but only for that moment before they again re-engaged each other, exchanging furious blows that were blocked, deflected, and sometimes taken, before they grabbed each other by the throat with one hand. “Ggggk…” Both looked down at her twins hand gripping her throat before breaking off and swinging at each other again. They traded attacks for a few seconds until both saw an opening and capitalized, once again wrapping hands around throats, this time using their free hands to grab the wrist of the choking hand.

“Gggg….y-you know….the twisting tiger….!” They held each other in unbreakable vice grips, with both hands around the other’s throat and hand gripping the wrists, preventing either of them from escaping.

N-no….I….can’t….’ With just one hand, they were choking the life out of one another. Realizing they couldn’t stay like this, both desperately squeezed the wrist of the choking arm. “Aaauuuggghhh!” Pain shot through said wrists, and thankfully, their throat grips loosened, allowing them to pull away. The two women greedily gulped in all the air they could, while falling to their knees.

They could only stare at the other; her mirror image, neither able to overpower or reason with the other. However, as they exchanged glances, both saw her twins attention drift to something else.

She’s…looking at something behind me…’ And then, those expression changed from confused and quizzical to surprised, and that was all they needed to realize the truth:

An attack from behind!

‘HIIIIIYAHHH!” Not bothering to look, both women kicked behind themselves, and felt their attacks connect. Now looking at their fallen opponent, they saw that it was a shell bear.

“Where did this come from?” Both said aloud. Not even moments after asking, more monsters began to appear, and the girls saw they were now surrounded. The beasts wasted no time rushing them and the Lennas were forced to defend themselves. More bears (Sand Bears in this particular case) descended upon them, but the two women easily dispatched the creatures. So Rock Slugs tried to use Slimer—which inflicts Slow—on them, but both girls were able to defeat the monsters before that happened by punt kicking them (the two slugs smashed into each other as a result).

More and more monsters began to appear in greater numbers, and without realizing it, the two Lennas began cooperating in their attempts to fend them off. They just barely managed to duck some Killer Bees try to use Needle on them, but in the process got too close to a Lamia, who promptly wrapped itself around both of them, crushing their bodies together.

“Ugggh!” The snake woman gave a predatory grin as it squeezed the life out of them. Cheek to cheek, bodies again pressed together, Lenna and Lenna realized they'd really need to work together to escape.

I hope she had the spell equipped!’ They both thought. “R-return…” The area began to change, as the time magic spell kicked in. Time rewound itself, and Lenna and Lenna found themselves back in the room where the crystal had been, unharmed from both their fight and the monster attacks. In fact, they were exactly as they were when that fight had started, fist slammed into fist. This time, they pulled away.

“…I don’t have the crystal…” Both said. It made no sense, but they would have to figure it out later. Right now, they needed to escape this tower. They decided to stick with the Monk classes, while also equipping some spells and extra abilities (being able to use so many at once was extremely useful). After spending a few minutes preparing themselves as best as they could, the two Light Warriors stood at the threshold (since the doors were still gone from their earlier entrance).

“Ready?” One asked. “Ready!” Her twin replied. With that, they dashed out, side by side. As they exited the room, they finally noticed the sign:


“We could have used that warning sooner.” Both grumbled, although they had to accept that it was their own fault they missed it. There wasn’t much more time to dwell on it however, as the monsters once again converged on them.

The Shell and Sand Bears were easily defeated this time as they were before, as were the sliders. When the Killer Bees showed up, they grabbed them and aimed their needles at the Lamia, who got stung. They then smashed the insects together. Things were going well, but now new monsters were appearing, and more came at every moment.

When the adamant Golem tried to smash them, both girls combined Thunder spells to bring it down. As they finished with that threat, they saw a Bandersnatch sneaking up on her mirror ally.

“LOOK OUT!” Reacting on instinct, both Princesses threw high kicks that caved the attacking creatures faces in. However, in the process, they got too close with those raised legs, and received a surprise when their pusses bumped together.

“Eyaaaaah!” Both jumped back, faces flushed red. “Be careful!” They shrieked at the other. Who would do such a strange thing in the middle of a battle? As they bickered, two Harvesters tried to slash them with their sickles out of the corners of their eyes. The Lennas reacted instantly, throwing a fist at the creature.

They missed the Harvesters they were aiming at, but momentum ended up causing their fists to strike the one her twin had been trying to hit; even then it was only a mere graze, but that was still enough to stay the beasts. Unfortunately, that momentum caused their fists to careen right into the others breast, smashing it flat, and causing both to squeal out loud.

“KYAAAAAA!” They stepped back, holding their smashed breasts. “What are you doing?” It was an accident and both knew it, but still. They were besieged by even more monsters before any criticism could be laid.

They easily took out the Goblins (while rubbing legs together); An Iron Fist Martial Artist showed up, and they took him out with Roundhouse kicks (which continued on to strike the other in the ass); when the deceptively powerful Skull-Eater squirrels appeared, they saved one another by pulling the creatures off, but ended up grabbing (still sensitive) pussies in the process, an act that caused equal amounts of pain and pleasure.

“YEEEP! URK! AAAAAH!” The Lennas were proving to be as much of a danger to each other as they were to their enemies, or said enemies were to them. Worse yet, no matter how many monsters they beat, more arrived to take their place.

These creatures are unending!’ As they fought, both were nearly gored by Frost Bulls, but managed to grab their horns, being pushed back. Lenna cast a fire spell, destroying it, but in the moment before that happened, they were pushed back to back, causing their butts to touch. ‘An Attack from behind!’ Since they were still killing the Frost Bulls at the moment, they couldn’t turn around, so both just raised a leg backwards, hoping to catch her assailant.

“Yeeerk! As the Bulls were destroyed by the flames, Lenna felt the heel of a foot crash between her legs. Looking down, she saw the red slippers and realized what happened.

“…..oooooh…..ooowww…” they stumbled away, hands between legs and tears in their eyes. Then, they got angry.

How….How dare she?!’ Unable to stop herself, Lenna turned around and punched Lenna in the nose.


“GAH!” Now they held (fortunately unbroken) noses with one hand, and crotches with the other.

“Stop….we need to keep cooperating…”
“No….we must work together…”

Both realized the other didn’t want to continue the conflict, but as they realized this, a new thought hit them.

“Wait! Why aren’t they…?” Then both saw Bio Soldiers coming up behind the other, axe raised high to cleave Lenna in half.

“NOOOOO!” Not wanting their erstwhile ally to be split in two, they rushed forward, using the combination of the guard ability (which reduces damage taken to 0), the Cover ability (which makes the user intercept any attacks on a vulnerable ally) and the Shirahodori to grab the axe between their palms and prevent it from killing her other self. However….

NGGCK!” In the process, they were forced to get very close: breasts met head on with nipples colliding and spearing one another; each girl ended up with her thigh between her twins legs, and not surprisingly…

“Mmmph!” Lips met lips in an open mouth kiss. Their faces were again bright red, but for reasons beyond the obvious: the way their bodies were molesting each other (especially the kiss) anger at their position, and unfortunately, exertion from holding back the axe. That last issue left them unable to pull back, lest they would no longer be able to keep the other from having a less pleasurable but no less intimate meeting with the Bio-Blade’s axe.

“Mmmph! Mmmph!” Lenna and Lenna noticed something. 2 things actually: first, that they were not being attacked despite their vulnerable position…

And second, that her twin’s breath tasted like strawberries and mint.

That second one wasn’t important though (except when did she find the time to freshen her breath like that) but the first one…

There has to be a reason’ They’d never find out that reason if they couldn’t extricate themselves from the current situation. Both Lennas could see the axe of the opposing Bio-Blade in the reflection of her twins eyes, and that’s when they realized there was something they could do.

Oh dear. This will be unpleasant.’ They managed to shift their legs so that their crotches no longer rested on the others thigh, but this brought the axes precariously closer to their heads. What they were going to do….would not feel nice, but it would save them and give them the opening they needed.

You must endure it Lenna! Forgive me!’ And with that mutual thought, the Lennas kicked each other in the pussy.

“Mmmmmgggh!” That hurt, but their cries of pain were muffled by their tightly sealed lips. The real purpose of the act was that while their knees struck pussies, their feet nailed the Bio-Blades right in their family jewels. A quadruple groin shot.

The attacking axe men loosened their grips on their weapons and let them fall to the ground. the moment they did, both Lennas pulled back their heads, finally unlocking lips and untangling tongues, while head-butting the Bio-Blades in the face.

The axe wielding assailants came down with a terminal case of “face smashed in by a pinked haired princess” (there’s never been a survivor yet) and were eliminated. As for the Lennas, they brought legs down from between thighs, replacing them with hands as they quickly began massaging smashed crotches, falling forward to their knees and again bringing bodies together (though they were able to avoid another kiss).

“Ooooooh…” They couldn’t stay like this. They’d be attacked. They both knew that, but now the adrenaline was wearing off, and both realized their bodies wouldn’t respond. Fighting the unending army of monsters was too much, not to mention the damage they’d unintentionally inflicted on each other. “We….must….get up…” Leaning against each other for support, they dragged themselves to their feet. They could hear the roars and cries of even more monsters. They had to fall back. They couldn’t fight like this.

“Te…..t-teleport…” In a flash, they disappeared.


Despite their condition, Lenna and Lenna realized they didn’t end up in a good place; rather then taking them out of the tower, the teleport put them back in the still empty crystal room. They were free to recover, but the situation had not improved. It took a few minutes of drinking potions and applying healing spells, but they eventually recovered, and both opted to focus on escaping as opposed to the many accidents that’d happened during the fight.

“The monsters never stopped! Even the two of us together would be overwhelmed!”

“What can we do though? We have to break through somehow!”

They looked around the room, wondering if their might be more clues that would help them like the earlier sign. That’s when they saw it: a body.

“Eeeep!” They were still startled by the presence of the corpse and jumped into each others arms. Seconds later, they realized what they were doing and pulled back, though they still kept each other at arms length.

“Is…. that a diary?” One asked. And indeed, there was a small booklet tucked under the arm of the corpse.

“It looks like it.” The other replied. They traded glances.

I’m not touching it!’ Both thought, and they could immediately tell the other felt the same way. That being said, the book might have clues they needed, which meant staying away wasn’t an option for either of them. Lenna felt Lenna grip her hands in her own, neither one sure when they’d done that, or even who’d done it first. It didn’t really matter though; steeling themselves, they walked up to the skeleton and snatched the book away, then ran to the other side of the room.

“Phew.” Now with the book in hand, they opened it to read it’s content:

“To any who enter this tower: the monsters here spawn infinitely. Only the most powerful warriors can fend them off, but even that is not enough. No matter your power, you will be overwhelmed” The girls both gulped as they kept reading. “When trying to reach the top, or attempting to leave, the monsters will not stop attacking.” Now both princesses raised an eyebrow. they were not attacked when they entered.

“But there is one thing they will not do: monsters will not interfere with an already in process battle. My allies and I made it here by fighting each other all the way up. Unfortunately, we could not maintain the pace going back down. Some of us fell to our own friends blades by mistake, and then we were beset by beasts instantly.”

Now Lenna and Lenna knew why they were spared on the way up. They kept reading.

“The battle must be serious and must last all the way through. In order to survive, cooperate by turning on each other. It’s your only hope!”

They stopped reading. “Cooperate by fighting?” It was madness….but a madness they could do.

“I have a plan!” Both said.


They were nearly ready to begin. After reading the diary of the fallen warrior, the two Lennas had formulated their plan:

First, they became White Mages so they could cast Protect on each other, increasing their resistance to physical damage. Next, they switched to the Time Mage job, casting both Haste (to increase speed) and Regen (letting them constantly heal damage). That just left attack power. For what they planned, they had to ensure they did as little damage as possible to one another as possible. Despite their equal power and skill, neither felt like risking a lucky critical hit.

“I…know one spell like that…” Both said. It was a new spell they’d learned, along with a new class: Necromancer. They changed again, now wearing black battle bikinis with a cape around the shoulders and a skull circlet. “Curse will allow us to reduce each others attack power but…

The spell wasn’t that precise. It could effect any random number of attributes, but the knowledge they’d gained from the full set of crystals in their worlds told them a way to make it do exactly what they wanted.

Both Lennas blushed. ‘Why this way?’ They asked themselves. Did the universe enjoy placing them in the situations?

“We have no choice.”
“There are no other options.”

And with that, they kissed. That minty strawberry taste filled their mouths again. It was somehow different this time then the times before: previously, they had done it while not in control of themselves, or accidentally while in combat. Now they were fully aware and willing, and it felt….good.

Oh my!’ Even as they thought this, both cast curse. A black aura flowed over them, creating the contradictory feeling of coldness as they weakened each others physical strength, and warmth from the kiss. They even both popped a leg.

“Mmmmh!” Unable to help themselves, they allowed the kiss to continue for a few minutes longer then necessary. But while still in the midst of it realized what they were doing and suddenly pulled apart. Gasping for air, faces flushed, they stared at each other.

“I….think we’re ready” Both said. Now for the last part of their plan: if they could battle each other all the way up, they could do the same all the way down. All they needed was a way to survive the others onslaught….

Their bodies glowed as they changed jobs once again. They now wore tiger animal pelts bikinis with the heads of the tigers acting as hoods, and the tails hanging from the bottom half of said bikini. The Berserker class.

I hope this works!’ It was the last thought either had before the innate berserk ability of the class clicked in. Their eyes glazed over and they growled.

Then they leapt upon each other, crashing together in a punching, kicking, biting, clawing, slapping, melee that left them both engulfed in a large cloud of dust. Said dust cloud—with arms and legs occasionally popping out, somethings with faces on the wrong end of fists and feet—began to move out into the hall, and just as the diary said, it went undisturbed.

They were in for a long trip.


Lenna felt pain. The Protect and Regen spells had expired, but as she craned her neck around, she realized she was outside. “W-we…did it….” Both girls croaked, then passed out, not coincidentally on top of each other. As they lay unconscious on the ground together, both had one thought: ‘Where is the Crystal Shade?

As they Lenna slept in Lenna’s arms, their bodies glowed, and the Crystal Shades appeared, hovering above them for a moment, then faded away.

And that's chapter 5. Next one at the end of February, so be ready.

When twins tangle!

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