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A Waterflower Divided Stands Together:

It was late, very late. The moon was full and reflected perfectly in the lake where a beautiful short red headed ponytail sporting girl was swimming. She wore a simple, plain but functional blue bikini.

Misty Waterflower wasn’t one for frills. She didn’t need accessories or anything fancy on her person at all times.

Unlike the certain someone's she was currently trying to find alone time from.

“Jeez, if Daisy would stop telling me to get a makeover I’d probably come home more often.” Misty dunks her head halfway under the water, blowing bubbles with an irritated look.

Misty then shakes her head, jumps up and slams her fists to make a big splash.

“GAH, and then there’s Violet! I know she means well but I don’t need to wear my hair down or get new shoes. Lily needs to chill too. Just cause she’s just a little older than me she thinks she doesn’t have to do any chores!” Misty shouts and swims fast from one end of the pond to the other rather quickly.

“Ya know what? I’ll just head out. I’ll go out on my own and see how long it’ll be before they even care. It’s not like I need anybody.” Misty grumbles and steps out of the pond, ringing out her ponytail as she does so.

Misty’s body wasn’t anything striking to say the least. While she was very cute, everyone always saw her sister’s first and foremost. She knew they were prettier, sexier and just better looking to everyone. It didn’t matter though. Misty knew she was pretty good looking in her own right. Plus she has a much better personality at least in her own perfectly modest opinion.

“Yeah, looking alright if I do say so myself.” Misty poses and winks at her reflection in the pond.

“Right back at ya.” She replies as if talking to herself.

“Haha, if only it were that easy to get them to say that.” Misty sighs and lays back on the grass.

Her toes soaking in the water, the wind blowing just enough to wave the water around her feet.

“Ahhh, that feels awesome.” Misty stretches out and grabs her nearby red back back and takes a one button inflatable pillow out and props it behind her head.

Drifting off to sleep, Misty smiles as the water against her feet soothe her.

As the water ripples from the gentle breeze, a glowing blue ooze shifts through the water. It rises slightly from the water as if it was looking around. The ooze flattens back on the water and finds it’s way to Misty’s feet.

Slowly, the blue ooze engulfs Misty’s feet and creeps up both her whole legs, then stops just shy of her chest. It starts to wiggle and hops up like it did in the water and as if jumping, flattens on Misty’s petit breasts. The ooze then creeps it’s way slowly up until Misty’s head is fully taken in. Her whole body was now enveloped in the glowing goo.

Hours pass into the night, clouds had come and gone but once they cleared the moon’s light shone directly on Misty’s face. She stirs awake, rubbing her eyes and groggily rising awake.

Misty yawns, stretching her arms, her bikini strap tightening as she did so. Wait? Tightening?

“Huh?” Misty blinks as she looks down at her chest. Her breasts? They were bigger. Not by much but enough to fill out her top.

“What…. the…. ????” Misty cups her breasts for a moment then notices something. Her voice sounded weird. As If there was an echo.

Behind her was an exact copy of Misty. She had the goo quickly dripping off her before Misty turned her head to notice the copy.

“BAH!!!! WHO!? WHAT THE?!!” Both Misty’s jump back.

Misty tries breathing to calm down. The copy mirrors her perfectly.

“Stop… that… never mind….” Misty sighs and the copy does the exact same thing.

“Guess I know who you are. Or rather who your pretending to be. Not half bad.” Misty compliments her double, hands on her hips and giving her a quick once over with a smirk on her face.

“Same to you.” The copy said looking Misty over.

Misty almost jumps back.

“So you can talk on your own.” Misty takes a step forward, not losing her attitude.

“Guess so, but looks like you can too.” The copy Misty mirrors Misty’s steps perfectly till their bodies, mainly their new bigger breasts were mere centimeters apart.

“What are you doing? Really? Do you want me? My life?” Misty asks the clone.

“Why do you think I’m the fake here? For all I know you’re the fake.” The copy perks her chest up, lightly brushing her bathing suit top against Misty’s.

Misty winces but stands firm with her smirk still worn proud.

“That’s dumb, of course it’d be for all you know. We’re the only ones here and it’s not a very strong argument.” Misty counters her twin’s advances by pushing her chest into hers.

The copy winces exactly like Misty did.

“You know what? How about we calm down, chill by the water and have a nice civilized chat?” Misty pushes Misty back with her chest.

Misty, the copy moans.

“Sounds good to me. You do look like you have a bit in common with me.” Copy Misty of course pushes her twin back again.

Misty moans again.

The two red heads travel back to the edge of the water, side by side, arms pressing tightly against each other not giving way.

“So I’m Misty….” Both cheerfully state then glare at the other.

“Ok, lets try this then, are you after my Pokemon?” Both ask in sync again.

“Got my own thank you.” They reveal the backpacks behind them. Two in fact both matching with Pokeballs strapped the arm.

“Prove it.”

The two Misty’s release identical Pokemon from the orbs and spend the next hour questioning each other. Eventually they get tired and relax back to ground, their bare identical feet being tickled by the rippling water.

“So are you a clone or what?” Misty asks.

“No, you?” The copy Misty asks back.

“Nope, but you’re still really suspicious.”

“Same to you sister.”

“You wanna race?”

“Do I? You are so on.”

Both Mistys dart up and dive into the lake doing quick passes back and forth then doing some laps. Neither Misty was able to get a lead even for a moment over the other.

Eventually, the two ran out of steam and took their breaths treading water. They look at their own reflected face in the moon light.

“Ok, you have my attention. Anyone who swims that good is ok by me.”

“Same, you weren’t so bad yourself hot stuff.”

“Alright, you can stick around but don’t try any funny stuff with me.” Misty raises her brow sarcastically.

“Like this?” The copy Misty gives Misty a quick kiss on the cheek. Misty blushes for a moment.

“Just try that again.” Misty smirks.

“Gladly.” The copy smiles back.

Just as the copy Misty moves forward, Misty pushes her arms back to propell her into Misty’s face which lets them lock lips breifly.

The two stop there for a while, taking in the kiss as it feels warm and natural. It was like being in her own mouth twice.

Both Mistys reel back slightly and then move back in to kiss again.

“What are we doing…”

“Kissing…. I thought that was obvious. I like it. I want more.” The copy holds Misty tight.

Misty moans, her eyes rolling back the harder her copy advances.

Misty moans as her tongue is assulted by her twin’s. Eventually she passes out from trying to process it all.

The copy smiles as Misty’s eyes close.

The sun rises overhead. The water reflects it perfectly just as it did the moonlight.

Misty, laying on the ground tucked in her sleeping bag jolts awake.

“WHA?! WHERE!?..... Oh god…. what a dream haha…” Misty awkwardly laughs until she hears a noise next to her.

“Geez, I’m trying to sleep here. Go back to bed till we’re not sleepy.” The copy Misty turns over on her side in the same sleeping bag.

Misty gulps and looks at her twin, then down at herself. They were in the same sleeping bag. Together. She had spent the night sleeping with another girl. Even if it was herself she was still nervous. This doubles in scope once she realizes fully that both her and her copy are naked.

The screams she let out scared every bird Pokemon out of the woods for a good mile or twenty.

The copy jolts awake.

“WHA?! WHERE!?...... Oh…. Morning.” The copy cheerfully waves, the sleeping bag falling off her naked breasts.

Misty blushes deep.


“Relax, I didn’t do anything to you. Me? Whatever. Just lay back and relax here with me.” She folds her arms behind her head.

“I… will...not…” Misty breaths.

Misty slowly loses the energy to fight her exhaustion as she still hadn’t gotten a full nights sleep yet.

“Maybe…. for just a bit..”

“And that’s why I’m not screaming.” The copy Misty pats Misty’s head as she falls.

“What’s going on? Really?” Misty asks rubbing her head.

“Your guess is as good as mine. You passed out in the water and I had to swim you…”

“I WHAT?!” Misty almost faints again after shooting up.

“Calm the heck down Misty, wow that sounds weird. You just fainted and I…”

“I. Do not. Faint. In. The water.” Misty firmly states.

“After a kiss like that I do haha.”

“Don’t you dare say that with my voice! Take it back this instant!”

“Meh nya neh this instant.” The copy Misty mocks Misty.

Misty turns red.

The copy takes Misty in her arms before she can even think of retaliating.

“Figured we’d skip to kiss and make up.” Misty kisses Misty.

Misty twitches at first but then relaxes. She faints again.

A few moments later:

The two Mistys awake.

“Um….” The two exchange looks.

“Look… I… huh? No you go first. Wait? Why would… why are you acting nervous? I’m the one who should be embaressed here. Would you stop copying me!? Stop it!” Misty and Misty mirror each other's pouty expressions.

“Are you… you are aren’t you! I knew it! You’re trying to steal my identity! Well it won’t happen sister! EEP!!” Both try getting up but their nudity prompts them to instantly go back in the sleeping bag.

“Ok… ok. Calm down. What do you remember last? The kiss. Who kissed who? You kissed me. No I didn’t! You did! Ugh.”

This was getting them nowhere. Misty had to do something to break the cycle.

A kiss. It was the only way. Maybe that’s what triggered this whole thing. Misty kisses herself and pulls back to see a smirking copy.

“Does this mean we’re going steady?” The copy Misty bats her eyes and puckers her lips.

“Ew fuck off!”

“Hey! Don’t curse with my voice!”

“It’s my fucking voice! Will you stop pretending to be me and just tell me who you… MMmm….”

“Well I’m obviously Misty Waterflower but you already FUCKING KNEW THAT!”

“Hey! Don’t curse with my voice!”

“I already said that!”

“Will you stop yelling! I still have a killer headache!!”

“Me too!!!”

“Ugh…” Both throw the sleeping bag over themselves.

Under the blankets, the smell of herself was unmistakable. She didn’t smell bad of course but it wasn’t like there was someone else there with her. It just smelled like Misty.

“You smell pretty.” The copy moves forward with her eyes closed and sniffs Misty’s face.

“This is so weird.” Misty rolls her eyes and pushes Misty’s face away.

Misty’s face suddenly flares up as she realizes that their moving had bumped their very naked boobs.

“Shhh, I won’t tell.” The copy Misty winks.

“GAH!!! THAT IS IT!! I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!!” Misty screams and struggles to get out of the sleeping bag only to be thwarted by her double who hugs her tightly laughing.

“UGH!!!” Misty grunts and writhes as she is still hugged tightly by her doppelganger.

Eventually Misty gives up. The copy Misty rubs her cheek on hers smiling.

“Can you please tell me who you are now?” Misty whines as her mouth squishes.

“I woke up at the same time as you so your guess is as good as mine. But ya know, you don’t have to be such a grumpy grump about it Mist haha.” The copy Misty giggles.

“Wait? Are you serious? You aren’t even gonna tell me where you came from? How you got here or why the hell you have my face and voice?”

“Um, first of all, my face, my voice. Second, you could be the clone here sister.”

“Oh fuck you!”

“See? I’d never say stuff like that. It’s so darn rude.”

“Wait a sec? Do you swear? AND DON’T SAY IT’S NOT NICE OR I SWEAR!!!” Misty clenches her fists while still in the tight hug.

“Well I don’t but you shouldn’t. Cause you know better.” The copy Misty winks and giggles.

“Ok ok” Misty breaths.

“What exactly do you wanna do right now?”

“Snuggle, maybe go shopping for matching outfits after giving you a nice neck massage. You look so tense.” Copy Misty realeases her grip to treach for Misty’s shoulders and rubs them

“Now ask me.”

“As me what haha!”

“Fine! I wanna just fucking get away from you and pretend like this whole thing never ever happened!”

“Well that’s not very nice. It’s downright mean. You meanie.”

“I think I figured it out.”

“What? That we’re split between ourselves and you're good Misty and I’m the big bad meanie weenie Misty?”

Misty just sighs, resolved to her defeat.

“Sure, why not.” She rolls her eyes.

“YAY! Now don’t go brushing your teeth before bed Missy haha.” Copy Misty pokes Misty’s nose.

“Now you're just fucking with me aren’t you?” Misty smirks.

“Mayyyyybe. Or no, not yet anyway.” Copy Misty’s face lights up.

“What is it that you really want from me though?” Misty asks.

Copy Misty’s face turns to a gentle expression. Her eyes half close, her face flushes red and her mouth puckers. Misty is powerless to stop her. She blushes and thinks of moving away but is drawn to her copies’ lips.

“This….” Copy Misty whispers before kissing Misty.

“Ok, I’m good. Whatcha wanna do now?” The copy Misty pulls away as quick as she could with a goofy look on her face leaving Misty dumbfounded and frustrated.

“Are you really even supposed to be me? You're not very good at it.” Misty laughs.

“YAY! I made you laugh!” Copy Misty grabs Mistys hands, pulls up herself with her and dances around with her.

“Ok ok!” Misty laughs more.

“We’ll call it even. If you just stop acting like this ok? I guess it won’t be so bad as long as we don’t go home any time soon. Who knows what my…. our sisters would say.”

“Does that mean?”

“Yeah, I guess we’re stuck traveling together for a good long while.”

“Awesome! I’ll go burn our clothes!”


“What? We won’t need em haha.”

“Just…. just be me I guess. More like me. I wouldn’t mind having another me around. Ok?”

Copy Misty’s face lights up again.

“Deal.” Copy Misty kisses Misty and the two fall back into the sleeping bag.

Meanwhile, a small green bug crawls up beside them. It was a caterpie.

Misty and Misty notice it all too late as it crawls to their faces.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The two Mistys let out an identical shriek so loud that all the bird Pokemon in the forest fled from the trees.

Both Mistys stumble and get stuck a few times in the sleeping bag’s fabric before dashing away from the camp site.

A few moments after running the Mistys shriek again. One in horror and the other in fun.

They’d forgotten their clothes and they were already quite a ways from the campsite. Not far enough that they couldn’t see it but far enough that they couldn’t get back quick enough to get changed to Misty’s liking.

“Could this get any worse!” Misty whines.

In the distance, Misty could hear something. It sounded like… oh no.

“I think it came from over here.”

“I bet it’s a rare one.”

Misty’s heart stops.

Copy Misty’s heart races. Then she looks at Misty and changes her reaction to match hers.

“Come on!” Misty whispers and takes Mistys hand to dart off to the lake.

“AHA! Huh?” Two female trainers come out from the bushes and see nothing despite having heard something.

“Damn, I thought we had it.”

“Oh well, let’s go check out the fields next.”

Under the water, two Mistys share a very very deep open mouth kiss as if they were sharing the air between them. Misty had to admit it felt nice and despite the situation she was actually comforted by her touch, her lips, her face.

The two red heads slowly peek their heads up and notice the trainers had left the area. Both of them release their mouths and take a deep breath before going back in for another kiss.

Both Mistys swim out, wring out their pony tails and kiss again.

“So where to Misty?”

“Why don’t we just start walking and see where we end up.”

“Sound like a great idea.”

“But first…” Misty leans in.


“Please let me put some clothes on.”


Seriously folks, you didn't think I'd leave my main girls out of the fun did you? Please :lol: . There's more to come for this story but nothings written yet. Instead, if you enjoy it I thought since Misty and Misty are my favorites I'd like to try something different. Instead of picking where the story goes next myself, when you get to the end and you're the next post, you can tell me where they go and what you'd like to see them doing. I'll see where this goes and I hope you enjoyed the story. Thank you for reading and most of all thank you for reading all my stories about my favorite red heads. I really appreciate it ^^

Misty x Misty FTW!!! :D :D.

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