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Whelp! I said I still had more stuff, and I mean it. Took me a while to decide when to put this up, but I went with the beginning of the month. Hopefully, I'll be able to stick with it.

So some of you might be able to guess what this story is. I will say, I didn't expect to come back to these two, but when the idea came, I couldn't resist.

I will say one thing though...the Author no longer complete. :lol:

Lets begin!

The Twelve Tasks of the Twin Goddess
(The Sun, the Moon and the Goddess Sequel)

Chapter 1: The Irony of the Name

They say that walking is very good exercise; they are not wrong, but it is also very, very slow. Two figures walked side by side, bodies (unintentionally) swaying to some unknown rhythm only they could hear, stepping in perfect synchronicity.

They were both young women: one wore a black long sleeved dress with the skirt stopping just above the knees, black heeled shoes and a stereotypical Witch hat with a golden sun emblem on it. The other was garbed in an identically style dress, with identically heeled shoes on her feet, but both—the dress and the shoes—were white instead of black. She also had a veil on her head instead of the pointed hat, which sported a golden moon emblem instead of the sun emblem. She was clearly a Nun.

Their faces were not visible, being obscured by a large book.

“Are we going the right way?” Just like their movements, their voices were in synch; not only did they sound identical, but they spoke the words at the exact same moment, and in the exact same way, emphasizing the same words, and having the same inflections. Upon hearing the others words, both lifted their heads, making their faces visible.

Green eyes, round cute (but also sexy faces, and pink hair popping out from under their respective head garments. They both sported a pair of glasses across the bridges of their noses as well.

“Eh? I thought you knew?” They spoke in synch again. Another thing about the two of them quickly became clear:

They had the same face.

“Don’t tell me that…” The Witch, Sophia Oscar, Rosalin Allwright began.
“Are you saying that…” The Nun, Sofia Oskar Rozalin Allwright stared.

“…we’re completely lost!” Both finished. Since the other was asking as well, that only confirmed things, making both women sigh and droop their heads.

“How did we end up like this?” They asked aloud. They already knew the answer though; their current task was given to them by the one person neither of them could ever say no to.

Their past self.



It had started in the library. The two Soras had been thoroughly exploring their new home after gaining full ownership of the Goddess Tower. The Library was the very last place they’d checked out.

“…Book 797, Dealing with Devils…”
“…Book 798, Persuading Pixies…”
“…Book 799, How to groom a Zombie…”

‘We had some strange hobbies.’ Both Soras thought as they catalogued the books.

“Book 800…eh?” They’d climbed to the top of the book shelf from both sides, but were surprised to find that 800 was nowhere to be found. “Where is it?” The two girls looked around, but only saw the books they’d already catalogued.

“It must have been misplaced.” Sofia said.
“I guess we should split up and look for it.” Sophia suggested.

Climbing back down from their ladders, they walked alongside the bookshelf until they reached the edge. They were nearly done with the book cataloguing. 800 was the last book for this section, and then they could move on to the next one, and as such, they were in a hurry to find it and finish things.

“I’ll check…”They reached the end of the shelf and quickly turned to head to a new part of the Library.

“…this wayUUUUUURRK!!!”

Unfortunately, they ended up smashing into each other, as they rounded the corner, due to both of them trying to go in the direction that the other currently occupied. Heads cracked together, large chests bashed into each other and were flattened, and bellies collided with a loud slap even through their clothing. Not only that, their legs entangled and they ended up stumbling into another shelf off to the side.


This caused the contents of the bookshelf to tilt and fall on top of both of them, burying the two girls in a pile of books.

“Uhhhn….” Sophia and Sofia groaned, trying to recover from their latest bout of clumsiness. Slowly, they pulled themselves apart, and climbed out of the pile of books.

“Ow…sorry…” Apologies were quickly exchanged…and then they both noticed something: a book they had taken hold of while lifting themselves up. “Hey! It’s 800!” It was strange; both were positive they’d already checked this particular shelf, and yet, it was where they’d found the missing 800. In the end, it didn’t matter, since they had the book they had been looking for.

Holding book number 800 in their combined grasp, both Soras felt a strange urge.

“I feel like…”
“I think that…”

“…we should open the book!” Both finished. They stared at each other, but only for a moment. If their combined instincts were driving them towards this, then it was best to follow them. With that in mind, they opened the book.

The language was not familiar, but they both knew what it was supposed to say despite that..

“The language of the gods.” Both girls commented. They couldn’t yet read it, but that could easily be fixed. They faced each other and touched the bridge of the other’s nose with one finger, causing a pair of glasses to appear on the other’s face. “There.” Now they turned back to the book, and the words were clear as day.

“Hello girls. It is I…you, or rather your original self. If you are reading this book, then the time has come. My current power as of this writing is going into my rebirth, but I’ve seen many things, and I know that some time in the future, my powers, or perhaps I should say your powers will be needed.” Sophia and Sofia started to get more then a little nervous. They had a bad feeling about where this message was going. “That’s why I’m leaving you these twelve tasks to complete. They are vital to the world, and to your continued growth as Goddesses.” As they finished reading the message, the book glowed. Both girls gasped as it seemed to disappear, turning into a light that flowed into their bodies.

“Um…” Both of them blinked. In their minds they could see the information from the book, now infused into the both of them.

That’s not why they were confused however; that was due to the large golden Wrestling belt they now held in their arms.

“I…guess we have a mission to perform.” Both said, still a little nervous (and baffled as to what the belt had to do with it).

End Flashback

And thus, they had begun their journey. They’d instinctively known where to go (at least mostly), but only at first. Now however, they were getting nervous about whether they were going the right way, and as such, had used their power to re-manifest the book into a physical form, hoping that taking a more direct look at any maps it might posses would prove a better guide. Unfortunately, all that had result from that act was them being in their current situation.

“What will we do now?” They whined, now obviously panicking. How could they complete this mission if they weren’t even sure where to go? More to the point, if they were lost so badly, how would they return home?

Calm down…’ They both heard the voice ‘Just calm yourself and feel the right path.

Neither was sure where it was coming from, but the advice soothed them and helped alleviate their panicking.

“Miss Sophia! Did you hear…” Sofia started to speak, at the exact same moment Sophia was saying, “Miss Sofia! Can you hear…” Naturally they both stopped.

“…that voice?” That was all the answer either of them really needed. Taking a deep breath, the book once again disappeared within their bodies. They focused, and soon they felt the urge to walk in one particular direction.

“I guess we just needed to calm ourselves a little.” Sophia said.
“I suppose so,” Sofia replied, “but whose voice was that?”
“I don’t know, but it sounded a lot like…you…me…us.” Sophia answered.
“I guess our original self is still watching over us in a sense then.”

Thinking on this, Both Soras were comforted by that idea. As much as they loved each other, they knew how…scatterbrained they could both be. Their original self on the other hand, was pretty dependable, even when she technically no longer existed.

They walked for another hour before finally getting close to their destination.

“Finally! I thought we’d be walking for eternity!” One Sora said. “I know! My feet are killing me!” The other replied.

“It doesn’t matter! We’re finally here at…” Sophia paused. “What was the name of this place again?”
“Soon we’ll be in the…” Sofia stopped mid sentence, realizing she couldn’t re-call the name of their destination.

“Miss Sofia/Sophia? Do you remember the name of this place?” The question, unsurprisingly, came in synch. “Eh? You don’t know either?” Their heads drooped once again, but then both of them realized something.

“Wait? Can’t we just re-call the information out of the book?” It did, after all, tell them what they needed to know and guide them. In fact, if they’d recalled that detail earlier, there’d have been no reason for them to panic over potentially being lost. Realizing both of these facts made them sigh, as they realized they’d gotten worried for nothing. “Yes. yes we can.” They both said plainly, realizing they’d acted without really thinking once again. Focusing their minds, they were able to remember the name of their destination.

The Landless Valley.

Sophia and Sofia blinked. Exchanging confused glances, they found themselves asking the same question—the only way they seemed to know how—in perfect unison:

“What kind of name is that?”

As they said this, they stepped up to the edge of said valley…


…and saw nothing.


There was nothing. Just a seemingly endless void in the middle of the earth. A bottomless pit.


…It was very high…”


…and Sora didn’t do well with heights.

Shrieking their lungs out, they backed away from the edge, arms quickly wrapping around the body of the other and clinging to it for dear life.

“No way! I won’t do it! Forget it AAAAAAH!” Hugging each other tightly, the Soras made a proverbial line in the sand: no heights.

“You know, it’s kinda ironic.”

That voice again. Their voice.

“That a Goddess of the Sun and Moon nicknamed Sora…” Suddenly, a light burst out of their bodies. The Witch and the Nun watched it form into a human shape, but one much smaller than even a child. That body then sprouted wings from it’s back. Soon the glow rescinded and the Soras laid eyes on…themselves, only as a tiny fairy.

“…is so scared of heights.” The fairy Sora finished. “Hi. My name is…well, lets just call me Faiora, for Fairy Sora. I mean, that’s kinda what I am anyway.” The two big Soras just stared at her. “I am an embodiment of your magic, made by that book and your past self to guide you on this task.”

“NO HEIGHTS!” Sofia and Sophia yelled. The fairy only sighed.

“C’mon girls. I know it’s scary for you, but you can do this! You must do this!”

“No! Please don’t make us!” Sophia pleaded.
“It’s…It’s so high! We can’t do it!” Sofia begged.
“Don’t force us to go through this!” They both asked.

Faiora sighed again. She’d expected something like this. “Well, I can’t force you to do anything really. I’m just a guide.” Hearing this, the two Sora’s breathed a sigh of relief. “But…” Faiora continued.

Both Sophia and Sofia suddenly felt…odd. They turned their heads towards each other, almost unconsciously.

“…that’s because as long as you have that book, you’ll make each other do it.” Faiora finished.

Both girls could feel it; a force much stronger then either of them that compelled their bodies to move against their will, drawing them even closer together then they already were. It was like they had become magnetized, and that wasn’t the least of it. They could feel a power in both each other’s bodies…

A Geas!’ Geas’ were magical contracts, nigh unbreakable. Once made, the one under it had no choice but to obey. Something was forcing them to Geas each other, no doubt into finishing the task. ‘No! Who knows what the consequences will be for trying to break it! I must resist! If we Geas each other, there’ll be no way out!

Unfortunately, as they’d already been holding each other in their arms before they even started, they had no way to fight. Not that it would have mattered, since their equal strength would have led to them overpowering each other anyway. Their bodies refused to obey their own thoughts, and they found that what little resistance they could muster up was not enough to stop them from slowly inching towards the other.

“N-no! NO! NOOOOOOOOUUUUUUPPPPPLLLLHHHHH!!!!!” With their lips acting as both pen and paper, the contract was signed. “Mmmmm…” To the shock of no one, they allowed themselves to get carried away: tongues found each other, wrestling with in the confines of their mouths, while each girl popped on leg. There’s never been a day since they met each other where Sora could resist a kiss from Sora.

“Sorry girls! I did try to warn you! Faiora said. “Your original self put in a hypnotic suggestion in the book to make you Geas each other if you tried to resist doing the mission. I believe her words were “the only person who could keep me from wavering is myself.”

Both Soras could hear Faiora speaking as they managed to bring their latest mutual snog to an end.

“What….what will happen if we break it?” They both asked. The Fairy only shrugged.

“I’m not actually sure. It’s your Geas after all.” Neither Sora liked the sound of that, especially since they didn’t know what consequence they’d added either. “I do know this much however: if you want to free yourselves from it, then you will need to start with a very personal task: protect your most precious treasure.” She smiled as she said this. “Guess what, or rather who that is?”

Faiora had said all she needed to say. The answer was pretty obvious. It’s just that neither of them ever imagined needing to protect each other from…well, from each other. With the Geas in play however, there was little choice. “What must we do?” Their voices were nervous; they already knew the answer, and they hated it.

“Well, first, you need to cross the Landless Valley.” Faiora answered. You can’t begin to solve your problems if you don’t. The Landless Valley isn’t really bottomless, it just looks that way. If you believe you can cross it, your feet will touch the ground, even if you can’t see it. All you have to do is believe there’s something to walk on.”

Sophia and Sofia gulped. Believing in something to walk on was easy when your weren’t terrified of falling to your death, which they were. Being so high up didn’t help their confidence either. Each girl reached out, and clasped a hand with the other; that warmth comforted them. They looked into the other’s eyes for support. They were shaking, and their brows were covered in sweat. They could only nod. If there was one person in the world she’d try and conquer her fear for, Sora knew it was the person right across from her.


It was 1 (perilous) hour later that two loud screams of terror finally began to peter off. After much terror, the two women had succeeded in crossing the Landless Valley. They’d just ran as fast as they could, trying not to stop even for a moment, and between that, the constant screaming, and just the pure stress of crossing such a place, they were exhausted.

“I knew you could do it!” Faiora said. “You’re both far braver then you realize!”

“…” For their part, the two Soras just fainted on top of each other.

“Ok. Fair enough.” Faiora said, unable to help giggling a little. Fortunately, she knew they would recover. There was still a lot to do. “You can do this, because the two of you together are a spectacular Goddess! You’ll see.” She sat down and waited for them to wake up.

“This one will take a while though.”

And that's chapter 1! See you in August.

When twins tangle!

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I like the setup for adventure, the interaction between the characters is very well done too~ looking forward to the following chapters!

"The best things come as pairs..."

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