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Whelp! I said I still had more stuff, and I mean it. Took me a while to decide when to put this up, but I went with the beginning of the month. Hopefully, I'll be able to stick with it.

So some of you might be able to guess what this story is. I will say, I didn't expect to come back to these two, but when the idea came, I couldn't resist.

I will say one thing though...the Author no longer complete. :lol:

Lets begin!

The Twelve Tasks of the Twin Goddess
(The Sun, the Moon and the Goddess Sequel)

Chapter 1: The Irony of the Name

They say that walking is very good exercise; they are not wrong, but it is also very, very slow. Two figures walked side by side, bodies (unintentionally) swaying to some unknown rhythm only they could hear, stepping in perfect synchronicity.

They were both young women: one wore a black long sleeved dress with the skirt stopping just above the knees, black heeled shoes and a stereotypical Witch hat with a golden sun emblem on it. The other was garbed in an identically style dress, with identically heeled shoes on her feet, but both—the dress and the shoes—were white instead of black. She also had a veil on her head instead of the pointed hat, which sported a golden moon emblem instead of the sun emblem. She was clearly a Nun.

Their faces were not visible, being obscured by a large book.

“Are we going the right way?” Just like their movements, their voices were in synch; not only did they sound identical, but they spoke the words at the exact same moment, and in the exact same way, emphasizing the same words, and having the same inflections. Upon hearing the others words, both lifted their heads, making their faces visible.

Green eyes, round cute (but also sexy faces, and pink hair popping out from under their respective head garments. They both sported a pair of glasses across the bridges of their noses as well.

“Eh? I thought you knew?” They spoke in synch again. Another thing about the two of them quickly became clear:

They had the same face.

“Don’t tell me that…” The Witch, Sophia Oscar, Rosalin Allwright began.
“Are you saying that…” The Nun, Sofia Oskar Rozalin Allwright stared.

“…we’re completely lost!” Both finished. Since the other was asking as well, that only confirmed things, making both women sigh and droop their heads.

“How did we end up like this?” They asked aloud. They already knew the answer though; their current task was given to them by the one person neither of them could ever say no to.

Their past self.



It had started in the library. The two Soras had been thoroughly exploring their new home after gaining full ownership of the Goddess Tower. The Library was the very last place they’d checked out.

“…Book 797, Dealing with Devils…”
“…Book 798, Persuading Pixies…”
“…Book 799, How to groom a Zombie…”

‘We had some strange hobbies.’ Both Soras thought as they catalogued the books.

“Book 800…eh?” They’d climbed to the top of the book shelf from both sides, but were surprised to find that 800 was nowhere to be found. “Where is it?” The two girls looked around, but only saw the books they’d already catalogued.

“It must have been misplaced.” Sofia said.
“I guess we should split up and look for it.” Sophia suggested.

Climbing back down from their ladders, they walked alongside the bookshelf until they reached the edge. They were nearly done with the book cataloguing. 800 was the last book for this section, and then they could move on to the next one, and as such, they were in a hurry to find it and finish things.

“I’ll check…”They reached the end of the shelf and quickly turned to head to a new part of the Library.

“…this wayUUUUUURRK!!!”

Unfortunately, they ended up smashing into each other, as they rounded the corner, due to both of them trying to go in the direction that the other currently occupied. Heads cracked together, large chests bashed into each other and were flattened, and bellies collided with a loud slap even through their clothing. Not only that, their legs entangled and they ended up stumbling into another shelf off to the side.


This caused the contents of the bookshelf to tilt and fall on top of both of them, burying the two girls in a pile of books.

“Uhhhn….” Sophia and Sofia groaned, trying to recover from their latest bout of clumsiness. Slowly, they pulled themselves apart, and climbed out of the pile of books.

“Ow…sorry…” Apologies were quickly exchanged…and then they both noticed something: a book they had taken hold of while lifting themselves up. “Hey! It’s 800!” It was strange; both were positive they’d already checked this particular shelf, and yet, it was where they’d found the missing 800. In the end, it didn’t matter, since they had the book they had been looking for.

Holding book number 800 in their combined grasp, both Soras felt a strange urge.

“I feel like…”
“I think that…”

“…we should open the book!” Both finished. They stared at each other, but only for a moment. If their combined instincts were driving them towards this, then it was best to follow them. With that in mind, they opened the book.

The language was not familiar, but they both knew what it was supposed to say despite that..

“The language of the gods.” Both girls commented. They couldn’t yet read it, but that could easily be fixed. They faced each other and touched the bridge of the other’s nose with one finger, causing a pair of glasses to appear on the other’s face. “There.” Now they turned back to the book, and the words were clear as day.

“Hello girls. It is I…you, or rather your original self. If you are reading this book, then the time has come. My current power as of this writing is going into my rebirth, but I’ve seen many things, and I know that some time in the future, my powers, or perhaps I should say your powers will be needed.” Sophia and Sofia started to get more then a little nervous. They had a bad feeling about where this message was going. “That’s why I’m leaving you these twelve tasks to complete. They are vital to the world, and to your continued growth as Goddesses.” As they finished reading the message, the book glowed. Both girls gasped as it seemed to disappear, turning into a light that flowed into their bodies.

“Um…” Both of them blinked. In their minds they could see the information from the book, now infused into the both of them.

That’s not why they were confused however; that was due to the large golden Wrestling belt they now held in their arms.

“I…guess we have a mission to perform.” Both said, still a little nervous (and baffled as to what the belt had to do with it).

End Flashback

And thus, they had begun their journey. They’d instinctively known where to go (at least mostly), but only at first. Now however, they were getting nervous about whether they were going the right way, and as such, had used their power to re-manifest the book into a physical form, hoping that taking a more direct look at any maps it might posses would prove a better guide. Unfortunately, all that had result from that act was them being in their current situation.

“What will we do now?” They whined, now obviously panicking. How could they complete this mission if they weren’t even sure where to go? More to the point, if they were lost so badly, how would they return home?

Calm down…’ They both heard the voice ‘Just calm yourself and feel the right path.

Neither was sure where it was coming from, but the advice soothed them and helped alleviate their panicking.

“Miss Sophia! Did you hear…” Sofia started to speak, at the exact same moment Sophia was saying, “Miss Sofia! Can you hear…” Naturally they both stopped.

“…that voice?” That was all the answer either of them really needed. Taking a deep breath, the book once again disappeared within their bodies. They focused, and soon they felt the urge to walk in one particular direction.

“I guess we just needed to calm ourselves a little.” Sophia said.
“I suppose so,” Sofia replied, “but whose voice was that?”
“I don’t know, but it sounded a lot like…you…me…us.” Sophia answered.
“I guess our original self is still watching over us in a sense then.”

Thinking on this, Both Soras were comforted by that idea. As much as they loved each other, they knew how…scatterbrained they could both be. Their original self on the other hand, was pretty dependable, even when she technically no longer existed.

They walked for another hour before finally getting close to their destination.

“Finally! I thought we’d be walking for eternity!” One Sora said. “I know! My feet are killing me!” The other replied.

“It doesn’t matter! We’re finally here at…” Sophia paused. “What was the name of this place again?”
“Soon we’ll be in the…” Sofia stopped mid sentence, realizing she couldn’t re-call the name of their destination.

“Miss Sofia/Sophia? Do you remember the name of this place?” The question, unsurprisingly, came in synch. “Eh? You don’t know either?” Their heads drooped once again, but then both of them realized something.

“Wait? Can’t we just re-call the information out of the book?” It did, after all, tell them what they needed to know and guide them. In fact, if they’d recalled that detail earlier, there’d have been no reason for them to panic over potentially being lost. Realizing both of these facts made them sigh, as they realized they’d gotten worried for nothing. “Yes. yes we can.” They both said plainly, realizing they’d acted without really thinking once again. Focusing their minds, they were able to remember the name of their destination.

The Landless Valley.

Sophia and Sofia blinked. Exchanging confused glances, they found themselves asking the same question—the only way they seemed to know how—in perfect unison:

“What kind of name is that?”

As they said this, they stepped up to the edge of said valley…


…and saw nothing.


There was nothing. Just a seemingly endless void in the middle of the earth. A bottomless pit.


…It was very high…”


…and Sora didn’t do well with heights.

Shrieking their lungs out, they backed away from the edge, arms quickly wrapping around the body of the other and clinging to it for dear life.

“No way! I won’t do it! Forget it AAAAAAH!” Hugging each other tightly, the Soras made a proverbial line in the sand: no heights.

“You know, it’s kinda ironic.”

That voice again. Their voice.

“That a Goddess of the Sun and Moon nicknamed Sora…” Suddenly, a light burst out of their bodies. The Witch and the Nun watched it form into a human shape, but one much smaller than even a child. That body then sprouted wings from it’s back. Soon the glow rescinded and the Soras laid eyes on…themselves, only as a tiny fairy.

“…is so scared of heights.” The fairy Sora finished. “Hi. My name is…well, lets just call me Faiora, for Fairy Sora. I mean, that’s kinda what I am anyway.” The two big Soras just stared at her. “I am an embodiment of your magic, made by that book and your past self to guide you on this task.”

“NO HEIGHTS!” Sofia and Sophia yelled. The fairy only sighed.

“C’mon girls. I know it’s scary for you, but you can do this! You must do this!”

“No! Please don’t make us!” Sophia pleaded.
“It’s…It’s so high! We can’t do it!” Sofia begged.
“Don’t force us to go through this!” They both asked.

Faiora sighed again. She’d expected something like this. “Well, I can’t force you to do anything really. I’m just a guide.” Hearing this, the two Sora’s breathed a sigh of relief. “But…” Faiora continued.

Both Sophia and Sofia suddenly felt…odd. They turned their heads towards each other, almost unconsciously.

“…that’s because as long as you have that book, you’ll make each other do it.” Faiora finished.

Both girls could feel it; a force much stronger then either of them that compelled their bodies to move against their will, drawing them even closer together then they already were. It was like they had become magnetized, and that wasn’t the least of it. They could feel a power in both each other’s bodies…

A Geas!’ Geas’ were magical contracts, nigh unbreakable. Once made, the one under it had no choice but to obey. Something was forcing them to Geas each other, no doubt into finishing the task. ‘No! Who knows what the consequences will be for trying to break it! I must resist! If we Geas each other, there’ll be no way out!

Unfortunately, as they’d already been holding each other in their arms before they even started, they had no way to fight. Not that it would have mattered, since their equal strength would have led to them overpowering each other anyway. Their bodies refused to obey their own thoughts, and they found that what little resistance they could muster up was not enough to stop them from slowly inching towards the other.

“N-no! NO! NOOOOOOOOUUUUUUPPPPPLLLLHHHHH!!!!!” With their lips acting as both pen and paper, the contract was signed. “Mmmmm…” To the shock of no one, they allowed themselves to get carried away: tongues found each other, wrestling with in the confines of their mouths, while each girl popped on leg. There’s never been a day since they met each other where Sora could resist a kiss from Sora.

“Sorry girls! I did try to warn you! Faiora said. “Your original self put in a hypnotic suggestion in the book to make you Geas each other if you tried to resist doing the mission. I believe her words were “the only person who could keep me from wavering is myself.”

Both Soras could hear Faiora speaking as they managed to bring their latest mutual snog to an end.

“What….what will happen if we break it?” They both asked. The Fairy only shrugged.

“I’m not actually sure. It’s your Geas after all.” Neither Sora liked the sound of that, especially since they didn’t know what consequence they’d added either. “I do know this much however: if you want to free yourselves from it, then you will need to start with a very personal task: protect your most precious treasure.” She smiled as she said this. “Guess what, or rather who that is?”

Faiora had said all she needed to say. The answer was pretty obvious. It’s just that neither of them ever imagined needing to protect each other from…well, from each other. With the Geas in play however, there was little choice. “What must we do?” Their voices were nervous; they already knew the answer, and they hated it.

“Well, first, you need to cross the Landless Valley.” Faiora answered. You can’t begin to solve your problems if you don’t. The Landless Valley isn’t really bottomless, it just looks that way. If you believe you can cross it, your feet will touch the ground, even if you can’t see it. All you have to do is believe there’s something to walk on.”

Sophia and Sofia gulped. Believing in something to walk on was easy when your weren’t terrified of falling to your death, which they were. Being so high up didn’t help their confidence either. Each girl reached out, and clasped a hand with the other; that warmth comforted them. They looked into the other’s eyes for support. They were shaking, and their brows were covered in sweat. They could only nod. If there was one person in the world she’d try and conquer her fear for, Sora knew it was the person right across from her.


It was 1 (perilous) hour later that two loud screams of terror finally began to peter off. After much terror, the two women had succeeded in crossing the Landless Valley. They’d just ran as fast as they could, trying not to stop even for a moment, and between that, the constant screaming, and just the pure stress of crossing such a place, they were exhausted.

“I knew you could do it!” Faiora said. “You’re both far braver then you realize!”

“…” For their part, the two Soras just fainted on top of each other.

“Ok. Fair enough.” Faiora said, unable to help giggling a little. Fortunately, she knew they would recover. There was still a lot to do. “You can do this, because the two of you together are a spectacular Goddess! You’ll see.” She sat down and waited for them to wake up.

“This one will take a while though.”

And that's chapter 1! See you in August.

When twins tangle!

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I like the setup for adventure, the interaction between the characters is very well done too~ looking forward to the following chapters!

"The best things come as pairs..."

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August is here, and it's time for another chapter.

Man, I still got more ideas in the pipe, except for the one idea I've been wanting to do (that I've been telling you about for months, maybe years now). It's still a bit away from being written, and in the mean-time, I'm constantly coming up with other concepts that may or may not come to fruition.

But that's neither here nor there right now. Time for chapter 2.

Chapter 2: How to fix a mess, or getting into trouble to get out of trouble.

It was sometime later that the two woman, Sophia and Sofia entered a single town beyond the Landless Valley. Their eyes were wide as saucers, still in shock at their recent trial.

“A-are you ok Miss Sofia?” A shuddering Sophia asked.
“Are you well Miss Sophia?” Sofia queried.

Somehow, the fact that the other was more worried about her than herself was comforting; they knew each other well enough to know that if she wasn’t ok (as ok as they could be after something like that) she’d be more honest about it. Still, it was only the beginning of their mission, and they’d already been saddled with such a harrowing task. If this was a sample of what they were in for, then it was hard not to be concerned about how things would go.

Now well inside the town, both Soras took notice of something.

“Everyone is looking at us.” Ever since they’d entered the town, they’d been noticed, and now, as more and more eyes fell on them, they wondered what it meant.

THEY’RE HERE!” It came from one of the town’s people. Soon, it seemed like all of the inhabitants had pour out onto the street, surrounding the girls, who backed up until they were pressed against each other back to back. As they were still extremely on edge from their earlier endeavour, this naturally had them shaking in their heels.

“Finally, we can be saved!”
“Thank you! Oh thank you!”
“I knew the Goddess did not abandon us!”

When the two Soras heard this, they blinked. It seemed they wouldn’t be eaten or executed, but now they were worried they’d be asked to do something much worse.

“Move aside. Move Aside!” The crowd began to part, allowing an older man to make his way towards the girls. He was short and balding, but also think, and had a goatee with plenty of grey on it. “I am the Mayor of this village. I apologize for the…excited greeting you’ve received, but your presence here is a very good sign for this village. We’ve waited a long time for you to arrive.” The Soras could only stare at him.

“What…are we supposed to be doing here exactly?” Sofia asked.
“We were guided here, but we’re not exactly sure how we are meant to help.” Sophia added.

“Oh. I see. Well, follow me and I’ll explain it all as best I can.” The Mayor turned around and walked back the way he came. Sophia and Sofia bowed to the audience and followed behind him.

“This town is cursed,” the Mayor spoke as they walked along, “with more problems then you can count.” He sighed “And some of those problems are even literal curses!” The three of them entered a temple in the middle of town, with the mayor still speaking as they walked.

“I’m sure you’ve already experienced how difficult it is to enter the town.” Both girls shuddered again. “Well, that’s just a start. We’re plagued by misfortune; surrounded by monsters, deserts, icy tundras (don’t even ask me how that works, cause that’s just how it is) and a lot of other crap! And then there’s that damed Trickster!” This last part got both Soras attention.


The Mayor didn’t hear them, continuing to walk ahead as he told his story. “So we’ve been in this situation for many years, longer then I’ve been alive in fact. Until one day, long before I was born, she arrived.” He stopped in front of a mural depicting a familiar woman: long pink hair and green eyes made her identity easy to suss out.

The two Soras only nodded. They knew the Mayor wasn’t done with his story yet.

“The Goddess of both the Sun and the Moon came to help us, and she did all she could, but…” he became quiet. “…even she couldn’t love every problem. It was too much.”

“Oh my!” Sophia gasped. Even their original self couldn’t solve things.
“Oh dear!” Sofia exclaimed. so that’s how bad things had gotten for the village.

Both women turned to look at each other, sharing the same concerned look.

“Our original self couldn’t fix things…” Sofia whispered.
“…and now we’ve been sent here…” Sophia continued the sentence, also speaking in hushed tones.

They both gulped. The Mayor missed this as well, continuing the story.

“She was eventually forced to leave, though she alleviated our suffering as best she could. She vowed to us however, that either she, those serving under her, or her descendants would return to completely free us from our burdens.” He smiled now.

“And she spoke the truth too. I don’t know which of the three you two are…”

All of the above actually.’ Sofia and Sophia thought to themselves

“…but I know she sent you to complete the covenant.” He finished. “Can you do it? Can you finally free our us from our burden?”

This had been what they were dreading. They were being asked to complete a task that their original self could not. Of course they couldn’t do it. Though they had her full memories, it was still hard to access them. At most they only seemed to come when they were needed, or they had certain instincts that guided them. This was not one of those times however.

“You must help us!” The Mayor turned around and faced the Mural again, his back to the two women. “You are the only ones who can!” Both Soras felt for him; he clearly wanted nothing more than to end the suffering of his people, but there was a simple truth they all had to acknowledge.

There’s no way I can do this!’ Sofia thought ‘I’m not strong enough, even with Miss Sophia’s help! I must tell him’ As she thought this, her hand slipped behind Sophia’s back.

It’s impossible for me to do this!’ Sophia thought. ‘I’d fail even with the help of Miss Sofia! I’m nowhere near powerful enough! Forgive me Mr. Mayor!’ Like her twin, Sophia’s hand moved behind Sofia’s back.

Just when both women were going to decline the request, their hands simultaneously reached under the other’s skirt, grabbed panties, and pulled…HARD.

“!!!!!” They didn’t scream out however; they’d found that even though their mouths were open, no sound came out. They could only stare at the other in wide eyed disbelief and confusion.

W-why? What is she…? Then, both Soras realized they were grabbing the other by the underwear, something they hadn’t even been aware of. ‘Wait! What am I doing?’ Even as they became aware of this, both of them found themselves pulling harder on the other’s panties, still unable to make a sound.

“So what will your answer be?” The Mayor asked, his back still turned to them. Both Sofia and Sophia tried to answer, but every time they tried to say anything, they felt the other yank ever harder on her panties, preventing either of them from speaking. They no longer had any control over their bodies.

The Geas! It must be forcing us to do this!’ Right when they realized this, they found themselves yanking even harder on the other’s unmentionables. ‘Ow!!! Oh no! It hurts! Please stop!’ They still couldn’t speak, what with the mutual Geas also preventing them from saying anything…no. That wasn’t true. There was one thing they could say: the only way they could free themselves from the other’s iron grip was to accept the request.

“Of course…we can!” Finally the words came, slightly strained, but still spoken. Both Soras released the grips on the other’s panties, relieving them of the pain. The Mayor turned around at this exact moment, tears in his eyes, and a smile on his face.

“Thank you! Thank you…” He paused, trying to get a hold of himself. “I’m sorry. I’ve asked so much of you, even though I don’t even know your names..”

“I’m Sophia Oscar Rosalin Ailwright…”
“My name is Sofia Oskar Rozalin Allwright…”

“…But you may call me Sora.” Both said.

“Hah! Well thank both of you Soras!” He was laughing now. “You two have saved our town!”

“But who’s going to save us?” Both mumbled.

The Mayor allowed them to live in the temple due to being the servants of the Goddess, and had provided a meal for the two of them after their journey. Sofia and Sophia were hungry, but couldn’t really think much about eating at this time.

“What now?” Both asked. “Why are you asking me? If you don’t know, how would I?” This only made them more worried. Neither of them had a clue what to do, or even IF they could do anything at all.

“You both need to relax.” Faiora tried to comfort them. “You can do this, or at least you will be able to do this once you know what to do. All you have to do is trust me, and most importantly, trust yourselves!” Neither girl was convinced.

“But what am I even supposed to do?” They said in synch. “There’s just no way…” Before they could finish, the Geas took control of their bodies again. Sophia and Sofia turned to each other, grabbed the other by the nose and ear, and twisted said noses and ears as hard as possible.

“OW! OW! OW!” Faiora shook her head.

“Listen. Every time you think like that, the Geas kicks in. That’s why it’s there: to keep you two from wavering due to lack of confidence in yourselves, by going after the thing you both believe in the most: each other. So stop thinking like that, unless you want to kick each other’s asses all the time that is?”

“Okay! Okay! I’ll stop!” They both yelped. Fortunately, that was enough to free them.

“As for what you need to do,” the little fairy continued, “well, you started already. Protect your most precious treasure remember? You’ll save each other from each other by saving this village.” She snapped her tiny fingers and a list appeared. “You must perform 12 tasks: if you complete them all, you can solve all the problems here, so sit down and eat while I explain things.”

Seeing no other recourse, the Witch and the Nun did as they were told, sitting down to a meal of Spaghetti that had been left for them. They ate slowly however.

“Right, there are twelve tasks you need to perform in order to save this town. You’ve already started one of them, but here they are for you just so you know for sure:

Protect you most important treasure;
Become the champion of the table;
Defend the title belt against the unknown warrior;
Wrestle the goddess of the sky;
Outsmart the Trickster;
Cure the Vampire plague;
Cure the Werewolf curse;
Bring warmth to the eternal ice;
Quench the unending flame;
Gain control of the Genie of the lamp;
Take command of the Siren Mermaid;
Seduce the Battle Princess.

Sophia and Sofia listened as they ate, but what they heard was mostly confusing. Some of the task sounded insane, impossible, or both. Vampire, Werewolves? They’d be killed for sure, Goddess reincarnations or not.

Of course, those were the ones that still made sense; what did “Become Champion of the Table” even mean?

“Right, we’ll start with an easy one.” Faiora cut into their thoughts, leaving the two Soras wondering what was easy about any of these tasks they’d been saddled with. “First things first, seduce the Battle Princess!” Faiora immediately received stares of disbelief from the two occupants.

“W-WHAAAAAT?!” They were in disbelief. “Se….s-seduce?” Neither of them could ever do such a thing. They didn’t even know who the “Battle Princess” even was.

“Relax. Keep eating. I’ll handle everything.” The Fairy said. Naturally, the two were still incredulous. “Trust me! Just keep eating.” She said to them again.

Knowing they had little choice in the matter, they did just that. ‘I’m no Seductress!’ Both thought. ‘I’m usually the one getting seduced! Whoever this Battle Princess is, she’ll wrap me around her finger easily’ As they thought that, two things happened:

They missed that they were now chewing on the same Spaghetti noodle;
Faiora raised that Golden Belt they’d found when they first discovered the book that got them into this mess.

“I probably should have mentioned,” Faiora said, as she watched their lips get closer, totally aware of what would happen, “the Battle Princess owns this belt.” The two Soras raised eyebrows at this as gears in their minds began to turn, even while their lips grew closer to each other. “It belonged to your past self.” Right when she said this, and right when both Soras realized just what the meant, their lips connected.

The effect was as it always had been: instantaneous. First eyes widened, then inhibitions faded as the euphoric effect that kicked in every time they kissed each other took over. They practically melted into each other’s arms, wrapping them around bodies, as their tongues quickly tied themselves into knots inside their mouths. Seconds later, they fell under the table, immediately getting very kinky with one another in very kinky ways.

Faiora listened to the sounds of their aroused moaning. They were off to a good start.

“Have fun you two. Two tasks down, ten to go.

Heh. And that's part 2. Our twinned heroes set out to prove that there's no problem that can't be (somehow) solved by snogging each other. 8-)

I for one, welcome their attempt. :D

When twins tangle!

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And here's part 3. As always, even as I write this, not only do I have more stories in the pipe, but I am also brainstorming other stories as well. I keep saying I plan to stop after one specific one, but that one is taking so long to get too (and I keep coming up with so many new ideas) that I wonder if I really can. But enough of that. Time for the next chapter.

Chapter 3: Two Goddesses are better than one

Morning came, with the sun peeking out over the horizon to shine over the temple and its two inhabitants. The two Soras, Sophia and Sofia opened their eyes, and were blessed with the sight of the other’s nude visage.

“Morning.” Sofia said blushing, while quickly turning around to hide her nose bleeding.
“Um…yes. Good Morning.” Sophia ended up doing the same.

Sitting up, they saw their clothing, or rather what was left of it: tattered and strewn across the floor, they realized they been very anxious to get at each other last night. Needless to say, the Battle Princess(es) felt very seduced.

I wonder if this is how we’ll solve every problem here?’ They thought to themselves. However they chose to deal with the tasks, it would have to wait until they got up and got dressed first. They crawled out of bed and quickly bathed—bodies occasionally rubbing and bumping each other as they did so, something they couldn’t help but enjoy—then dressed themselves. It was fortunate for them that they’d been wise enough to carry spare clothes. Next, they did each others hair: Sofia helped Sophia put her hair up in a bun, over with the latter placed her Witches’ hat, while Sophia then assisted Sofia in putting her hair in a downwards bun, which the latter covered with her veil. Lastly, they put on the glasses they’d been wearing ever since they found the book. Neither girl had bothered wearing glasses until recently, but not only did they find them useful, both girls rather liked the air of sophistication it gave them.

They stared at each other for a few moments. “Hmmm…” Something was off. “Oh!” They removed their own glasses and then placed them on the other’s face. “That’s better.”

Sofia felt confident; she felt like she could really do this. Sophia was brimming with faith in herself. It felt like things were within her ability.

The two of us…we might be able to pull this off!

“Let’s go!” Both girls exclaimed, ready for whatever the day held for them. Sophia turned one way…and Sofia tuned the other way…



…and they smashed right into each other, forehead to forehead, nose to nose, lip to lip, breasts to breasts, nipple to nipple, stomachs slapping together as well and legs tangling. They fell to the ground in an unconscious heap.

“…” Beyond that, it was still a good start.

“Good morning girls.” Faiora greeted them, but then noticed both Soras were holding their heads. “Are you two ok?”

“We have headaches.” Sofia and Sophia said bluntly. The little fairy immediately knew this was their way of saying ‘we crashed into each other again’ and opted to let it slide.

“Well anyway, you’re off to a good start. The two tasks you’ve started are still ongoing though.” Hearing what the little fairy version of them had to say, both girls were surprised; considering how…kinky things had gotten the night before, they’d assumed they’d already seduced each other quite thoroughly. They saw no point in arguing the matter however.

“Today,” the fairy continued, “we’ll do four tasks at once! That’ll put you at the halfway point, with 4 down and two ongoing!”

“F-four at once?” Now both Sofia and Sophia were immediately concerned. After screwing up something as simple as getting up in the moring, their confidence in their ability to succeed had massively dropped. They were no longer sure about doing even one more task, and now they were being asked to do four in one day? ‘No! That’s way too much! I must say something!

The moment they thought this however, Sora’s hand shot out and grabbed Sora by the collar of her dress.

“Wha…?” Barely comprehending what was happening, Sophia and Sofia pulled each other into a kiss, lips engulfing lips as they silenced any potential objections before they could even begin.

“Right. So we’ll start with these four tasks.” Faiora ignored the two french kissing girls as she continued. “Bring warmth to the eternal ice; quench the unending flame; cure the Vampire plague; and cure the Werewolf curse.”

Wha….WHAT!?’ Not surprisingly, the two women became even more concerned (not that they were able to express it, still liplocked and tongue tangled as they were). They had no clue what the Eternal Ice or Unending Flame even were, let along how to stop either, and as for Werewolves and Vampires…’No! No! No!’ Unfortunately (well, kind of), it was impossible for either of them to express their concerns as the Geas forced them to seal their lips tightly together, while practically tying their tongues into a knot, keeping them totally quiet. When they (reluctantly; it was a kiss from Miss Sora, and resisting that had never been something Sora was good at) tried to break apart, knees suddenly raised up and slammed themselves between legs hard.

“OOOOMPH!” Moans of pain mixed in with the moans of pleasure from the kissing, blending the two together. Needless to say, any objections they had were gone for the time being.

“C’mon girls!” Faiora was not unaware of their actions, nor their feelings on the matter. “The only way you’ll get out of this and save each other from the Geas is to believe in yourselves!” These two, even with their full memories of their past (which still came and went rather conveniently, or inconveniently when it felt like it) didn’t understand what they were really capable of, but it they had just a little faith, they could be unstoppable.

As her words sunk in, the Soras found the will to break the kiss. ‘Believe in myself…

“Well, I do believe in Miss Sofia…” Sophia said.
“Well, I do believe in Miss Sophia…” Sofia said.

Yes!’ The Fairy pumped a fist in triumph.

“…but I’m not as sure about myself, even if I am her.” They both finished. The moment those words came from their mouths, the once again—unwillingly—grabbed each other, this time by the hair, and pulled as hard as possible. Both shrieked in pain, but they weren’t done; their other hands went down low, under skirts, and into panties to tightly grip still sore pussies.


Not surprisingly, they shrieked even louder than before.

Next, they pulled their heads together and head butted each other. A face palming Faiora grumbled as their now unconscious bodies slumped together in a pile on the floor.


“This is an awful idea!” Sofia said as she made her way through a dark forest. She was heading towards the aptly named “Death Tundra”, which was the eternal ice mentioned earlier. Supposedly, any who went there ended up with a sickness called the Glacial Chills, wherein their body was constantly freezing, unable to take in any warmth. You could dive into a volcano and still freeze to death.

“How exactly am I supposed to stop that…especially by myself?” She asked aloud. Faiora ha told them to split up, saying that such an action was the first step in their mission. A strange choice since she was the one constantly saying the two Soras were at their strongest when together. Not having Miss Sophia by her side left Sofia more than a little nervous.

“I hope she’s alright.” Sofia whispered. She took a look around and realized she was unsure where she was, so she checked her map. “Alright, I should be 10 miles away from the entrance to Death Tundra. I just have to keep heading north through Wolf woods and…” She stopped.

“W-wolf…woods?” As in…Werewolves? The other thing she was supposed to be dealing with?

Mere seconds after realizing this, she heard a howl.

She ran.

“What a terrible idea!” Sophia said. She was also moving through a forest to reach her destination: Terminal Desert, home of the unending flame. Those who entered the cursed place were struck down with the Volcano fever, causing their body heat to rise to an intolerable degree, becoming impossible to cool down.

“What can I do on my own? No-one else has been able to stop this thing!” She was baffled by Faiora’s decision to split them up, but the latter had said it was all according to plan. Still, being without Miss Sofia had greatly increased her anxiety.

“I hope she’s okay.” Sophia said quietly. In the meantime, she was consulting her map.

“I’m 10 miles away. I just need to continue south through…through…” Realizing the name name of her current location, she gulped.

“V-vampire Forest…” Vampires were on the list.

Right at that moment, she thought she saw a glint of fangs.

She ran.

Sora ran as fast as her legs would carry her, trying to stay ahead of whatever it was that was on her tail (and she knew something was there), but no matter how fast she ran, it was still right behind her. ‘I just have to run a little longer!’ She thought.

Just as she started to clear the woods and thought she’d be safe however…

“NO!” She was on a cliff, and it was a long fall. The change in temperature told her she was close to her destination, but unless she jumped, there was no way to get away (and heights were still not exactly her thing). That’s when she sensed something behind her and turned around.

“No! S-stay back! Stay away!” This just made the creature approach her with more malice. Suddenly, it lunged forward in a flash, and Sora felt a sharp pain course through her body…and then she was falling.


Faiora could see everything; she was watching through two separate mirrors she’d created. “Not yet…” She very much wanted to help the two, but one more thing needed to happen. She watched as Sofia fell right into a snow bank in Death Tundra, while Sophia crashed into a sand dune of Terminal Desert. They pulled themselves out seconds later, and while both of them were not injured, it was clear they hadn’t come out unscathed.

“C-cold…so c-cold!” Sofia shivered, her entire body now blue; she was completely covered in frost from her Glacial Chill.

“It’s too hot! Help!” Meanwhile, Sophia came out of the sand dune, and her skin was red; there even seemed to be flames erupting from her body in some places, as she succumbed to Volcano fever.

They did it!’ Faiora thought. ‘Don’t worry girls! You’re about to do what no one else has ever done!’ She watched as two portals appeared in front of them, and both girls yelped as they were pulled in. Then the portals opened up right in the temple, dumping the two Soras directly in front of each other.

No! Stay back Sora! Don’t touch me!’ Seeing her other self stumbling towards her, both girls panicked. ‘This is bad! I’ll infect her!’ There was nothing they could do to stop themselves however; they could only look on in dread as they careened towards one another. Closer, and closer, until…

“MGFL!” They slammed together, not surprisingly swallowing each others lips in a kiss. That was it.

Forgive me Sora!’ That was it. Now the other was infected. This was the end.

Except it wasn’t.

It’s…it’s warm…?’ Sofia thought.
I’m…I’m cooling down?’ Sophia realized.

As they let themselves be taken by the kiss, a cloud of steam erupted from their bodies. Sofia and Sophia’s skin tones returned to normal, and they both felt much better.

“Mmmm,,,,mmmmnh!” Since they couldn’t stop anyway (there’d never been a time where they could, at least not immediately), they let the kiss go on, and the longer it went, the stronger they both felt.

“Cancel out heat with cold, and cold with heat!” Faiora gleefully exclaimed. “Congratulations girls! You just brought warmth to the eternal ice and quenched the unending flame!”

Sophia and Sofia wrapped their arms around each other, both popping one leg. If they heard their fairy self, they gave no sign of it.

“Heh. I guess you’d both rather just take your reward. Fair enough.”

As soon as they pulled themselves apart (and that was very difficult for them to do), their Fairy guide began to explain everything.

“Glacial Chill and Volcano Fever are transferred through physical contact. the thing is, it’s rare for anyone infected with either to survive very long. That’s why no one ever tried something like this before.”

“Fighting a virus with a virus.” Both Soras let that sink in. It was pretty clever.

“Exactly! When you two started swallowing each other’s faces, you transferred your respective sicknesses to the other, and that resulted in both of them being put in check. As of now, you’re both completely cured, and we can use your blood to create an antidote.” Faiora explained.

“But how did we even get back?” It was the one thing that had been bothering both Soras. Neither of them cast a spell, so what caused the portals to open.

“The Geas. It made you both open the portals, even if you don’t realize it!” Sophia and Sofia were surprised. “And I bet you thought all it was good for was making you tongue wrestle all the time.” And now the two girls blushed. Whatever the case, the most important thing was that they were both alright, and they’d accomplished one more task.

“It seems we did it Miss Sophia.”
“It seems we succeeded Miss Sofia.”

They both gave wide smiles and clasped hands, glad to be healthy, and most importantly, that the other was healthy.

“Eh?” Looking at the other, both caught something. “Did you always have fangs?” Indeed, both girls now seemed to have lengthened teeth, and they were very sharp looking. they were very bothered by this, especially since the other claimed she had them as well.

“What?” Both women put a finger inside their own mouths. Yes, that was a fang. They quickly flashed back to what had happened earlier.

“I…was bitten…” It hit them right in that moment.

“…By a Werewolf/Vampire!” The words came in synch, but weren’t the same. Still both realized their situation quickly.

“No! Sora! You must get away from me! I’m dangerous!” However…

“What? What is this?” Their hands remained clasped, against either of their wills

“Um, sorry girls, but you can’t run from this either.” Faiora couldn’t help but feel a little guilty.

“Oh no! No no no!” They could not release each other’s hands, and when they looked up again… “Gah! You’re changing!” The moon was out, and Sofia was growing fur, becoming more canine like. Likewise, Sophia became paler, gained a distorted, monstrous looking face, and gained yellow, slitted eyes.

“Raar!” Snarling at each other, they finished their transformations into a Werewolf and a Vampire respectively.

“Time for the next two tasks girls!” Faiora whispered. “You’ll get through this too! Trust me!” As she finished, a barrier (once again created by the two Soras Geas which activated their magic on its own) rose up around them, trapping both monster girls.

Mere moments after being sealed in together, the monster Soras hurled themselves at the other, colliding in an orgy of fangs, claws and violence.

Even though it was now morning, the moon was still out in the sky. In the temple, with the sun shining down on them, and said moon still visitble, lay Sofia and Sophia.

“Ugh…” They were covered in scratches and bruises, and the floor was littered in clumps of pink hair and strips of their clothing. What little clothing they they still had on their bodies barely covered them at all, as they lay on the floor in a tangled heap.

“What…happened?” They, they noticed the other. “You’re….YOU’RE ALIVE!” The two girls hugged each other in relief (though it hurt to do sore with their bodies as sore as they were). Then they noticed the situation.

“Miss Sofia!” Sophia said. “You’re not being changed by the moon!”
“Miss Sophia!” Sofia said. “The sun isn’t burning you!”

“We….we’re cured? But how?” Neither of them understood what had changed.

“Because Vampires and Werewolves are mortal enemies,” as usual, Faiora was there to explain things for them, “to the point where their respective curses destroy each other.” The two Soras let that sink in: in their feral states, they’d infected each other, and in doing so, cured each other, just like with the chill and fever.

“The Vampire plague cancelled out the Werewolf curse…” Realizing this, they found themselves laughing. They had completed 4 tasks at once, just like the fairy had said, and with two other tasks still ongoing, they were now down to six. Two days had passed, and they were already halfway through. At this point, they began to believe they really could do this.

“Well, well, well.” The Soras and the fairy blinked. Someone else was here. They all noticed a slim man in a suit (Edwardian style) and bowler hat.

Both Soras felt nervous. There was something…not right about this man. “Who are you?” The man only smiled.

“I am the Trickster ladies.” He gave a bow, and there was something rather…mocking in it. “And I must say, you’ve caught my interest.”

And thus, that damned Trickster appears.

See you in October.

Also, since I can't quite do it on my own, I'll ask: if anyone has any details on Litchi Faye Ling from Blaz Blue (I know the general stuff of her story: trying to cure Arakune, aka Lotte Carmine of his boundary curse; using the same Boundary power that he tapped into via her living Panda Hair clip and is in danger of having the same happen to her; joins the bad guys unwillingly in Continuum shift due Terumi offering a cure for herself and Arakune; forced to attack Bang in Chrono Phantasma, and that's it. I'm not totally clear what goes on in Central Fiction beyond the fact that Lotte eventually tells her he doesn't want the cure, and she finally gives up on him and lives in peace.

I got a potential idea for a story, but can't bring myself to fully take a look at the Blaz Blue story...cuase it's rather nutty. So anyone who's played the games and knows any vital details (namely more stuff about the different Alt Universes and Chrono Phantasmas) could give me some run downs, it'd be helpful. Just PM me about it.

When twins tangle!

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Whelp! I'm back again for the next part. Nothing much to say here so lets get to it!

Chapter 4: Tricks and Trials

The Soras weren’t really sure what to say: they had heard that name, and they knew dealing with him was on the list, but they had no clue who the Trickster really was.

“I never though I’d see you again, oh Goddess;” hearing this, both girls eyes went wide; “but I suppose life is full of surprises. Quite clever of you to divide your power and memories into two bodies during your reincarnation.”

Sophia and Sofia pulled themselves to their feet, never taking their eyes off the man for even a moment. “What do you want?” both asked. If he could tell on sight who they were, then he had shown that he was a dangerous man.

“Straight to the point eh? I like that!” He pulled up a chair and sat down. What I want ladies, is you. Or to be more exact, your original self, though I must admit, I see benefits in having two of you.” Both women shuddered.

“Fair enough. Anyway, I am the one responsible for the numerous afflictions plaguing this region.” Now he once again had the girls attention.

“Why? What have the people here done to you?” Sophia asked, and the Trickster merely rolled his eyes at her.

“What part of Tricksters do you not grasp?” He replied.

“So, you do it because you think it’s funny?” Sofia balked.

“Hells yeah!” He grinned. “But that’s besides the point. Your original self tried to stop me, but only tripped me up a bit. Things used to be much more interesting around these parts, let me tell you.” Both girls understood what interesting meant to him. “ I want to finish what we started. If you accept my challenge and win, I’ll leave this place forever!”

“What challenge?” The Soras asked.

“Simply put, the remaining foes you have to deal with are some of my direct minions. Beat them, and I’ll leave this place. If you lose however, I’ll add both of you to my collection of servants. I missed that chance before, but I won’t let that happen again.” The girls let his words sink in.

“Excuse us!” They grabbed Faiora and left the room.

“Well, what should we do?” They asked the Fairy now that they had privacy.

“The Trickster has one bit of honour to him: he never goes back on his word. It’s part of a personal challenge he makes to himself.”Faiora explained. “So the deal is legit.”

“Then he’ll really leave if we defeat his minions?” Sophia asked.

“Yes,” Faiora confirmed, “but he’ll do everything he can to prevent that.”

“That means he must already have a plan, otherwise he wouldn’t even be here.” Sofia said.

“But we have to deal with him anyway right? Sophia added. “ If we can beat him despite his plan…”

“Then we’ll have accomplished another task.” Sofia finished. Both women realized it was a huge risk, but at this point, they knew they couldn’t back down. Faiora couldn’t help but smile: the two of them had gone from being reluctant to do any tasks, to devoting themselves completely to the mission. They’d grown so much.

The three of them returned to the main room where the Trickster waited for them.

“We accept your challenge!” Sora said.

“Excellent!” The Trickster laughed. “I always enjoyed matching wits with your former self ladies, so I hope you don’t disappoint!” Then he was gone; there was a puff of smoke, and when it cleared, he was no longer standing there in front of them.

Sophia and Sofia were sweating buckets. They’d committed themselves to this course of action, so only time would tell if they’d bitten off more then they could chew.

Gain control of the Genie of the Lamp, and take command of the Siren Mermaid. Those were the latest tasks they’d chosen, and like all things, they would be easier said than done.

“Well, first off, the lamp is in the possession of the mermaid,” Faiora spoke, once again explaining their situation, “so while it means less work tracking both down, it also means she has access to wishes.“ She paused for a moment. “The second problem is that the mermaid can enchant and take over minds with her song. That’s why she’s the Siren Mermaid.”

“Then we need a plan.” Sofia said aloud.
“And it must be a good one.” Sophia added.

“Well yeah. Even if you do get the lamp, if your wills aren’t strong enough, when you touch it, the genie will be able to control you to make wishes for her instead.” Faiora revealed another problematic detail.

“A genie that…controls the master?” The Soras took a moment to get that into their heads. Suddenly, it hit them.

“Oh dear.” They both blushed. “I think I have a plan…” They turned to each other, and one look into her twins eyes told Sora that Sora was thinking the same thing.

“But you might not like it Miss Sophia.”
“But you may not be pleased by it Miss Sofia.”

The two women gave each other quizzical looks, both of them wondering what the other’s plan could be. Faiora however, had a good idea what they were thinking.

Heh. I guess they figured it out
The cave where the mermaid was hidden was behind a waterfall to the west. Arm in arm, Sofia and Sophia made their way towards it. They were clearly very nervous.

I can’t believe that’s her plan….and it’s exactly the same as mine!’ Neither girl could decide which was more telling: that both of them came up with such a plan, or that the other had done the same. Whatever the case, the Geas would have forced them to agree to it, so they did it themselves. As they drew closer to the waterfall cave, they could hear it…a song.

“Do you…hear….t-that…Miss….s-soraaaaa…” The effect was instantaneous; their eyes became glassy, their minds clouded, and they lurched like mindless zombies into the cave. There, sitting in the water, was their quarry.

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Her boss had told her that two new victims would walk themselves right into her clutches. “You’re both right on time. Now, why don’t you entertain me for a bit.” She purposely left the order vague, wanting to see what they would do, so when both Soras lifted the other’s skirt and put a hand now the other’s panties, she whistled. “Wow. You two work fast.”

Meanwhile, Sophia and Sofia continued to mercilessly finger each other, biting their lips to control themselves. They knew what they were doing, but had no more power to stop themselves then if the Geas were in effect. Cheek to cheek, they stumbled about as fingers went deep into pussies.

“Hurry…please h-hurry….Faiora!”

“Girls!” The voice of their fairy guide, coming from deeper in the cave, echoed out as Faiora flew out past the mermaid. She was carrying something…


…and that something was the Genie’s lamp. She tossed it to the Soras, who both caught it with a free hand and rubbed it with just as much vigor as they rubbed each other. In a puff of smoke, the genie appeared, flowing out of the lamp until her body took a solid form. The controlling magic of the lamp was already taking over them.

“Tell me your wish.” That was not what she meant, but it didn’t really matter.

“We…AAAAAAH! ….wish to take control of the Siren Mermaid!” They quickly made their wish, but both had a very good idea of how the genie would interpret said wish. Either way, the first part of their plan went into action.

“Wish granted!” The genie said, snapping her fingers. The two Soras felt a powerful magic wash over them.

Ack! She really did it!’ Looking down, they found their legs were no longer legs…but fish tails. When they opened their mouths to speak, a song, similar to the one the mermaid had been singing came out, and it controlled them in the exact same way too. They’d become siren mermaids, and were now taking control.

S-Sora……!” Upon closer examination, their tails seemed to be a combination of fish tail and octopus tentacle, bearing suckers all over. These suckers immediately grasped and clung to each other, causing both girls to squeal loudly; their tails coiled around each other, as Sofia and Sophia realized their lower halves were now covered in numerous quasi pussies.

“Aaah! AAAAH!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” They continued to ride each other with far greater intensity then before. Sofia and Sophia knew they had to finish their plan, before they kissed each other and cut off any chance of either of them being able to speak. “We….wewishthemermaidwashuman!” The next wish was a tangle of words spoken as quickly as possible, but fortunately for them, the genie caught what they were saying.

“If you want!” She zapped the mermaid…the original one that is. And when there had once been three mermaids, there were now only two…exactly as both Soras had hoped.

“I’m…I’m free?” She whispered, as she looked at her legs—which she had not seen in a long time—in disbelief. There was not time for her to dwell on her new situation however, because the Soras still weren’t done.

“We wish the Genie was free!” The two mermaid Soras said, just barely getting off their last wish before the power of the other’s song fully controlled them and they pulled each other into a very deep kiss. At the same moment, the girl who was a genie became a human as well, her legs appearing where there’d previously been nothing but smoke coming from the lamp.

“No…no way! I’m human again!” Like the mermaid before her, she couldn’t believe it, but just as she was coming to terms with her restored mortality, she remembered something. “Oh no!” She turned back to the two grinding, kissing mermaid Soras, and saw the lamp hovering towards them. It moved near their tails, smoke emanating from it and surrounding their new mermaid tails. Soon, parts of their tails began to change, becoming more smoke like, but still shaped like Mermaid tails (in fact, even the tentacle suckers remained, despite being just as smoke like). Soon, their transformation was complete.

“Are they mermaids?” The ex-mermaid asked, baffled at the sight in front of her.
“Or are they genies?” the former genie question, just as confused.

“They’re both.” Faiora answered. The plan had gone off without a hitch. By turning themselves into mermaids, they used their songs to control each others minds, they controlled the siren mermaid (especially after making the original human) and as such, when they became genies, they also gained control of the lamp on two fronts: controlling the genie of the lamp (which was both of them) and becoming the genie of the lamp.

Faiora watched as they were pulled inside their new home, still kissing. Seconds after they fully disappeared inside the lamp, which became shaking and vibrating quite vigorously. it was clear just what was going on inside.
“Well, two more down. Enjoy the victory girls.”

It was two days later that a pair of exhausted genie mermaid goddess mortals pried themselves apart and out of the lamp; one of the first things they did was wish to be each other’s masters for all eternity, with no one else able to make any wishes on the lamp as a result. This ensured that they could never be controlled by anyone—but each other that is—which meant the threat of the lamp was permanently ended.

Gulping air from all the effort, nude bodies covered in sweat, they exchanged glances.

“So, it’s not just me right? It’s not just me hoping we solve all our problems by making out?” Sofia asked.

“It’s not just you, and I think it’s a great solution.” Sophia replied.

“Hey girls!” The two looked up and saw Faiora. “Glad to see you’re out. It’s nearly time for the match!” They stared at her.

“The match?”

“Yup. Don’t forget, you still have a few more tasks left!” She said. “Next is defending the title belt against the unknown warrior!” Both Soras sighed. Of course, this was something that they couldn’t solve by making out. Go figure.

However, they both knew it was necessary. They also knew that if they defeated this “unknown warrior, they’d not only knock that task off their list, but also deal with the trickster as well.

No. There was one more thing. They’d finally figured out another task, and it they played their cards right, there would only be one thing left to do…

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” The trickster sat in front of an old Wrestling ring, and there was a large audience on all sides. The following is an Iron (Wo)man, Triple Threat Handicap Tag match!” The match was certainly loaded with stipulations: the winner could be decided through pinfall, submission, disqualification, knockout, etc. Whoever had the most victories at the end of one hour was the winner.

“First, introducing our co-champions, Sophia Oscar Rosalin Ailwright, and Sofia Oskar Rozalin Alewright…THE GODDESS TWINS!” They strolled down to the ring, one arm around the other’s waist, wearing the belt that they had to defend. They sported their old wrestling leotards from their training (Sophia wore a black Leotard with white stripes, while Sofia wore a white leotard with black stripes). They waved to the audience, entering the ring together.

“And the challenger…” All eyes fell on the entrances. It was finally time to see this Unknown Warrior.’’


Now, they could hear him coming, and he shook the ground with each step, The Soras gulped, entwining fingers behind backs, slightly worried.

THOOM! THOOM! THOOM! The steps grew louder, shaking the ring. Now Sophia and Sofia clung to each other in terror. Whatever Juggernaut they were up against would soon reveal himself.

“THE UNKNOWN WARRIOR!” The warrior finally came into sight…


He was…tiny. He had to be about 4 ft at most. He was also bald, and…rather featureless. His appearance was so…non-descript that the two Soras constantly found themselves forgetting what he looked like even when looking right at him. Whatever it was that had caused his steps to shake the ring was gone (or rather, drowned out by the audience and their laughter). And yet, despite his chosen warrior looking unimpressive, the Trickster never stopped smiling. That on its own was enough to make both Soras keep clinging to each other.

“We’ll be fine…right?” There was little confidence in their tone. “Ack! Why are you asking me?” Now they were even more worried.


The bell rang, signalling the start of the match. The two women reluctantly released each bother, each girl still very nervous.

I just need to remember the plan!’ Both women thought. They each stood at either side of the warrior, who stood some distance from the both of them. The Soras stood at the ready, both watching for a potential opening. The warrior stood stock still, making no attempt to move; he seemed to not even be paying attention. The Soras trading glances, then both nodded. As one, both took a step forward.

And then, their opponent disappeared.

Neither girl had time to react as they were both suddenly knocked back, flying off their feet and into the rope. they bounced off said ropes and back towards the centre of the ring, barreling towards each other.



“Uuuuughk!” Sofia and Sophia collided hard, tit to tit, crotch to crotch, and head to head. Their legs shot out from under them, and they crashed to the ground in a heap.

The Trickster smiled as his warrior walked up to the unconscious girls and placed a foot on both of their prone bodies.

“1! 2! 3!” And just like that, the first pinball was scored. Suddenly, everyone knew what they were in for.

The Soras merely groaned in pain.

Needless to say, the match followed an unerring theme from that point: either the two Soras would try to attack, only to be turned against each other in some way, or the unknown warrior would flat out use them as weapons to pummel each other.

First, he forced them to put each other in a Figure 4 Leglock, and kept them like that. Both tapped out multiple times, but could not free themselves. They also pinned each other while in this position a few times whenever they feel back on their shoulders.

Next, Sophia and Sofia were forced to put each other in dragon sleepers; once again they submitted multiple times before disentangling themselves. When they tried to attack him with dropkicks, he steeped back and they smashed pussies together, then were pinned; attempts at clotheslines led to double knockouts, and they were slammed into corners (and each other) constantly. It was an utter slaughter.

“Current score: Unknown Warrior 23, Sophia 0, Sofia, 0!” The Trickster grinned once again he the referee spoke. The match was almost halfway done, and his minion had a huge advantage. He watched as the Warrior grabbed the two girls by the legs, lifted them over his head, and smashed them together once again, then let them crumple to the ground. “At the half hour point, a new stipulation will be added: The steel cage!” Everyone (including the two Soras, who had just been pinned for the 24th time), looked up and saw it.

As the warrior stepped away, Sophia and Sofia stood up, battered beyond belief. They both knew it was now or never, and they knew exactly what they had to do. As one, they charged the warrior from different sides. He wasn’t caught off guard in the slightest, flipping back just as they reached him, and letting them crash together once again. However, as this happened the cage finished lowering over the ring, and by the time the warrior touched the ground on the outside, he was now locked out of the match. And that wasn’t all…

“1! 2! 3!” The ref counted out the two Soras, who’s latest collision had again knocked them out. The score was now 24 for the Warrior, 1 for Sophia and 1 for Sofia. The first point either had earned in the match had been at the each others hands. Eventually, both girls twitched, and pulled themselves to their feet. They looked at the warrior, trapped outside the ring, and then looked at each other.

Sophia nodded, and so did Sofia. This would definitely work. It wouldn’t be easy, but it would work. And with that, much to the surprise of the audience, and the Trickster (but not Faiora), they turned on each other, locking bodies together in a grapple.

“What…what are they…?” The Trickster couldn’t understand what they were doing. Why would they start fighting each other…

“Wait…” The match was a Triple threat match (among other things). It’s true, they were defending the belt together, but they were also opponents as well. That meant they could technically pin and submit each other. Before, the warrior had always initiated their other submissions, even if he forced them to do it to each other. That’s why the points had gone to him, but now, they were fighting each other on their own.

He looked at the warrior who was still trapped outside the ring. If those two pinned each other enough times while his minion could not re-enter…

“…oh shit.”

Faiora floated over to him, grinning from ear to ear.

“Just so you know, they also have to Wrestle the Goddess of the Sky. You do remember just what their unified form was a goddess of right?”

…He did. Their original self was a Goddess of the sun and moon. There was nothing higher in the sky then those two celestial bodies. That meant they were performing at least three tasks in one sitting. Letting that sink in, he realized what was about to happen, and just how little control he had over it.

“…and again I say, oh shit.”

Heh. That ending kinda cracks me up a little now that I read it again. Anyway, it's been quiet on the review front since the third part, and being the attention whore I am, I'd love some feedback.

Also still looking for any advice on that thing I asked for in chapter 3.

Beyond that, see you next month.

When twins tangle!

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Alright. Here we are at the final chapter. Enjoy.


Chapter 5: One last task







Sophia and Sofia continued to wreck each other quite soundly: first came a double KO that ended with a 10 count; next was another simultaneous figure four, along with a repeat of the double dragon sleeper; after that, they put render each other unconscious with double bear-hugs that crushed the life of both of them.

“No. No damn way.” The Trickster could only watch in disbelief as the count went up.

“20! 21! 22! 23!” The ref counted each and every point the girls scored on each other.

“The current score is Warrior, 24! Sofia, 24! Sophia, 24!” The ref declared.

“No. They just need one more…” If they took each other out one more time, they’d win. There was only minutes left. “Can’t you get back in the ring!?” He said to the warrior. His witless minion only shrugged in response. If there was something he could do, he’d have done it already.

Meanwhile, Sophia and Sofia crawled to their feet, leaning against each other. They were battered, both by the other, and by the warrior, but they were nearly done.

“Ready…M-miss Sofia?” Sophia asked.
“Ready…M-miss Sophia? Sofia questioned.

Both girls smiled. There was nothing left but finish things.

“Yaaaaaah!” They charged at each other, jumping off their feet and launching into flying dropkicks. They expected to hit the other in the face.

“Urk!” Instead, they ended up smashing together, crotch to crotch, then fell to the ground in a heap. The ref merely shook his head, while counting to 10.

“Warrior, 24! Sophia, 25, Sofia, 25!”

“S-seriously?” The Trickster asked no one in particular as the bell rang, signifying the end of the match. The Soras had done it. Not only had they defended their title belt, but they’d won using the very rules that the Trickster had established. They’d also successful wrestled the Goddess of the Sky, which happened to be the both of them. Hat trick.

“…huh. Go figure.” He shrugged. There was nothing else to say or do really: he’d gambled, and as is often the case even for beings like himself, he lost. Did he like that? No, but it happened, and one thing he never did was go back on a deal. “Alright. Guess I’m done here.” All good tricks eventually ended; that was an inevitable truth, but it was fun while it lasted, and he’d always get another chance. The world was large after all. “Come along minion! We’re leaving!” He motioned for the warrior to join him, and the tiny powerhouse shambled to his side. “Enjoy your freedom people.” With a snap of his fingers, he disappeared.

Naturally, the people erupted into cheers. How could they not be happy? They were finally free. There wasn’t a single person in the town who was not celebrating at this moment…


Well, Sophia and Sofia were not visibly celebrating, but they were aware that they’d won. They did not feel like winners, but they knew that’s what they were from an intellectual standpoint.

“Oh. Sorry girls!” Faiora flew up to the two groaning, groin locked women. “Lets get you both back home and healed up!” She glowed with magical power, and moments later so did the Soras, who floated off the mat. Faiora flew back to the temple with the listless bodies of Sophia and Sofia floating behind her.

“Here we are!” She said, dropping them on their bed. “Don’t worry girls! I know how to relieve this pain!” She clasped her hand together, and the still glowing bodies of the two women sat up…


Not surprisingly, meeting at the lips in a kiss. Needless to say, Faiora was right about the pain being relieved. The two girls quickly began rubbing their still joined crotches together, massaging lower parts with lower parts, while tongues began to tie themselves into knots inside their mouths.

“Have a nice night you two. You’ve more than earned it.”

The next day, the two halves of the Goddess sauntered into the room where their Fairy guardian waited for them, side by side. They were bandaged up quite a bit, but that did nothing to dampen their good moods.

“Good morning!” They chimed together.

“Good morning girls!” She replied. “Guess what? You’ve officially saved your most important treasure and seduced the Battle Princess!” While neither Sora said anything out loud, they both blushed in a manner that made it very clear that they were aware of this.

“But I guess you already knew that.” The Fairy giggled. “Anyway, you’re down to only one task left.” This made both girls think.

“That last task was…?” Both girls asked themselves aloud. “…become champion of the table!” They remembered at the same moment. Then they became confused. What did that even mean?

“Oh. That would be this.” Faiora pointed to a poster on the table. The Soras walked over to it and picked it up.

“Table Tennis Tournament?” They blinked. Becoming champion of the table meant something like that?

“Don’t complain.” The Fairy pointed out. “At least it’s easy.”

Realizing she had a point, both girls merely shrugged.
“And it’s the final round of the Table Tennis Tournament! Our finalists are the saviours of this village, and the Goddesses servants, Sofia Oskar Rozalin Alewright and Sophia Oscar Rosalin Ailwright!” The audience roared in approval. It was another chance to watch their saviours in action after all.

“Get ready Miss Sophia!”
“Prepare yourself Miss Sofia!”

The ball floated in the air as both waited to begin the Sudden Death round. As always, both wanted to give their all.

The official (the Mayor himself) blew on the whistle, starting the match. The ball flew straight towards Sophia’s side.

“Here we go!” Sophia batted the ball with her paddle, sending it straight towards Sofia’s side.

“Yaaah!” Sofia returned the strike, catching the ball with her paddle and sending it back to Sophia’s side. Sophia caught the ball and returned it to Sofia, who knocked it back to Sophia.

So far, they were stalemating each other, but victory would come with just one scored point.

And give it their all they did; as always, both Soras went at each other with all the strength they had, each hitting the ball from increasingly insane angles with increasingly incredible force. As a result, they were both constantly, desperately diving and leaping to hit the ball, only for it to be returned even faster than the last time. the audience was on the edge of their seats, wondering who would win this time.

“Haaah! Sofia struck the ball again, just barely managing to hit it as she was still recovering her balance from the last exchange.

“Yaaah!” Sophia was off balance herself, but still managed to catch and send the ball back to Sofia.

“I won’t lose!” Sofia yelled as she prepared to hit the ball back again, but…”Eh?” Her paddle…it was gone. The last strike had used too much force and turned it into kindling. Sophia smiled. This was it; she’d finally beat Miss Sofia at something.

I SAID I won’t lose!” And Sofia meant it too. She took off her shoe and used it to strike the ball right back. Sophia looked on in shock for a moment, but prepared to return the ball…

“Huh?” Her paddle was also destroyed during the last exchange, but she wouldn’t let that stop her.

“Well, I won’t lose either!” Just like Sofia before her, Sophia removed her shoe and used it as a replacement paddle, sending the ball back once again. However, this time it caught the edge of the net, sending it up into the air. Both Soras saw their chance and dived forward, intending to hit the ball and score the first, last and only point of the match.

Closer and closer they drew, neither sure if they’d be the one who got there first. Soon, their makeshift paddles were on either side of the ball, and seconds later, it was trapped between them.

Uh oh!’ They’d jumped too hard and too far; the ball was caught between their shoes paddles, but the rest of their bodies were still careening forward. As they barrelled towards each other, both realized that they would not only collide (again) but just how they would collide (again)…

One day…we must learn to kiss normally’ They thought to themselves. Then, they slammed together face to face, lips swallowing each other in a kiss. They fell on the table, their combined weight breaking it. The two lip-locked women were rendered unconscious, and the ball dropped out from between their shoes.

“Right. Who didn’t see that coming?” Faiora snarked.

Two figures walked side by side, bodies (unintentionally) swaying to some unknown rhythm only they could hear. They stepped in perfect synch.

They held a large trophy in their arms: the trophy for winning the table tennis tournament. After their collision (and breaking their kiss), the mayor opted to declare them both the winner, making them co-champions. With their final task complete, they had departed from town in the the landless valley.

“Well, good work girls!” Faiora said. “I told you that you could do it.” The Soras couldn’t help but blush again.

“Well, I definitely would have failed if not for Miss Sofia!”
“Well, I’d have never succeed if not for Miss Sophia!”

Realizing what the other said, they both blushed further.

“Well, I guess you’ll always believe in yourselves as long as you believe in each other.” The Fairy said. “We’re coming up to the Landless Valley again.” Upon hearing this, both Soras gulped. Their pace began to slow more and more. By the time they reached the edge of the valley again, they were clinging to each other like usual, and shaking in fear.

“You’re kidding right?” After everything that had happend, Faiora couldn’t believe they were still doing this.

“If we’re crossing that again, you have to protect me!” They both said to the other. “Eh? How am I supposed to do that? Besides, you should protect me! What? You’re my goddess! You should be helping your loyal servant! Well you’re my servant! You should do what your goddess asks!”

As their argument dragged on, Faiora sighed again. ‘Fine. This time, I will force you’ She glowed, and so did they; neither Sora noticed that they were being pulled closer together.

“Well you should listen to your mom! No! You should listen to your…!” They finally realized they were inches apart. “WhaOOOOOOUUUUUUUPPPPPPHHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Now locked in a kiss to silence each other (with both of them putting hands under skirts for good measure) the glow lifted them off the ground and over the valley.

“They are gonna feel awfully silly when they pry themselves apart and realize they could have done this the first time.” Faiora said, fading away as she did so. Her mission was done, so they didn’t need her anymore.

“Still, it was fun girls. Call on me again sometime.” She fully disappeared, as the snogging Soras continued to float over the valley and back towards home. Just another day for the Goddess of the Sun and Moon.

And that's that. Phew. And the crazy thing is, I still have more stories in the pipe. The next one is gonna be different fro multiple reasons:

* It's not anime based;

* It's not original like this one;

* It's not being posted in the order that it was written.

This next one actually has a story that came before it (though I'm not totally sure when, as I've written so many lately I've lost count), but I'm doing it now, and saving the next one I want to do for the new year. So I'll use this upcoming one for November, take a break for December, and come back with something for 2019!

...and I'm still working on writing that other story I've been talking about for years. I've also just finished another idea I had, still want to do the Blaz Blue story, and I got another one I want to well as hundreds of ideas that are mostly just bits and pieces of stuff.

Anyway, enjoy this last chapter for now.

When twins tangle!

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