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PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:27 pm 
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oh man, finally got around to doing some reading and it all ends at a sexy cliffhanger!

A lovely story Nasty! really hope that it will come to a happy end (for all involved) ;D

"The best things come as pairs..."

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 6:06 am 
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Thank u For your Really Lovely Story!

I made it by imagining Melissa.




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PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:05 am 
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We're about to jump into the final chapters, and the sauciness is finally here!

ysl1410 those photo manipulations are great. Still very interesting to see how each person reading this story views Melissa differently.

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:07 am 
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Sandra and Sandra leaned forward across the table. They slowly brought their lips together, feeling an identical pair push up against their own. They closed their eyes as the kiss lingered, both breathing inwards.

They didn’t want want to part, but the kiss was too awkward to hold as they leaned across the table. They remembered that they were in a public place too. Sandra and Sandra pulled away from each other and quickly looked around, but the restaurant wasn’t very busy and nobody had seemed to notice them.

‘Oh Sandra…’ Sandra said. ‘I want you so badly…’

Sandra smiled back at her, biting her lower lip seductively.

‘I want you too, I’ve wanted you for ages. But is this… wrong?’

‘I don’t know… but I don’t think I can hold back anymore…’

‘Me neither, I want you in my arms… now!’

They squeezed each other’s hands, now knowing that she wanted herself just as much as much as she did.

‘C’mon, I can’t wait anymore, I am so hot for you!’

‘Me too! Let’s go back home!’

Sandra caught the waitress’s attention. She came over and they hurriedly asked for the bill. She left to go and get it, whilst Sandra and Sandra looked deeply at each other with smouldering eyes. They ran their feet up and down each other’s legs under the table as the waitress returned. Sandra quickly pulled out a few notes and put them on the dish. They both got up, thanked the waitress for a lovely evening and quickly made their way to the door. Once outside they hurriedly made their way to the car. Sandra fumbled for the keys, and they both jumped inside.

‘Oh god is this really going to happen?’ Sandra asked.

‘I really think it is…’ Sandra replied.

She started the car up and they left the parking lot. Their bodies were shaking with the anticipation of what was to come. The Sandra who wasn’t driving looked across at herself and her large boobs. She didn’t have to catch fleeting glances now, she could stare for as long as she wanted. She reached out and put her hands on Sandra’s thigh, running her hand along her smooth skin.

Sandra breathed out heavily. ‘Sandra… I can’t wait to get back and make love to you…’

Sandra’s heart fluttered at these words. What she had been fantasising about for the last few days was about to come true, but they still had a half an hour drive before they arrived home!

‘I don’t think I can contain myself’ she said. ‘I need you… right now!’

‘I need you too…’ Sandra replied. ‘I don’t think I can wait to get home… I know somewhere where we can go!’

She pulled off the main road and headed up a side lane that went further into the hills. Sandra knew exactly where she was heading, and felt her excitement growing. They arrived at a small lookout point that she had been to a couple of times when she had been hiking this way. It was completely deserted this time of night, and they pulled up into one of the small parking spaces.

Sandra turned off the engine, leaving them both in silence. She turned to Sandra as the anticipation became to much for each other to bare.

‘Oh Sandra…’ they both whispered, and leaned towards each other.

They brought their lips together, opening their mouths as they let into their mirrored desires and kissed passionately. They tilted their heads from side to side as they french kissed hungrily, feeling each other’s tongues slide into their mouths. They each brought a hand up and held the sides of each other’s heads tenderly as they traded saliva, moaning into each other.

They made out for long minutes, licking and sucking and rubbing their tongues together. They each stuck their tongues out and took long, slow licks as their lipstick smeared across their faces. Sandra and Sandra opened their mouths wide, sticking their tongues as deeply as they could, exploring every inch of each other’s mouths as they wrapped and slid together.

‘Mmmmmmm.’ Sandra and Sandra moaned, unable to believe what they were doing.

They parted, both running the back of their hands across their lips.

‘You ready? You want to do it here?’ Sandra asked.

‘Yes, I can’t wait, let’s fuck each other like crazy.’ Sandra replied, a wicked smile crossing her face.

Sandra smiled back. There was going to be no holding back with one another. Why would they have to? All her dirtiest desires were reflected right back at her. She fumbled around for the seat lever, lowering her seat back so that she was lying almost horizontal. Sandra clambered awkwardly over her, her large ass bumping into the steering wheel.

They both laughed as Sandra climbed over Sandra. She positioned her body so she was straddling her doppelgänger. Luckily, her head didn’t reach the ceiling. She didn’t want to be banging it when the activities they were about to start became too vigorous.

Sandra got herself comfortable and looked down at Sandra. Her body was splayed out below her, her boobs were sticking upwards and her nipples were visibly hard beneath the fabric of the black dress. The Sandra sitting up brought her hands down to the bottom of her dress, and slowly pulled it up, over her body. She exposed her black panties and push-up bra to her twin, who looked at her with greedy eyes.

‘Do you like what you see?’ Sandra asked teasingly, running her hands along the length of her body.

‘Uhuh…’ Sandra said breathlessly. She reached down below her own body and began tugging at her dress. Sandra lifted her hips up so that Sandra could pull her dress up along her body. She awkwardly had to wriggle around a little and raise her body up off the chair so she could pull it up and over her head. She flung it to the side and looked up at Sandra again, both of them equal in their minimal attire.

They felt the weight of each other’s hips pushed up together, with only their thin panties separating their naked bodies completely. The Sandra sitting up reached up to her hair, so she could unclip it and let it fall down.

‘No, wait… Sandra said. ‘Keep it up…’

Sandra smiled. ‘OK…’

She lowered her arms to her back, and unclasped her bra. She quickly pulled it off, flinging it to the side as her large, bulbous breasts bounced freely. Her nipples pointed out like bullets as she reached down and ran her hands along them, rolling them around to the delight of her double. The Sandra below lifted herself up briefly, also reaching behind herself and unclasping her bra. She threw it aside so that her identical breasts were completely exposed to her twin, her nipples also hard and pointy. She put a finger on each nipple and rolled them around in circles. She then took a long lick of her finger and rubbed it around each nipple, making them glisten.

‘Oh god… you know just what a woman wants…’ Sandra moaned out.

Sandra ran her tongue across her teeth and smiled devilishly. ‘You want to play with these babies?’ She asked, pushing her boobs up and down.

‘Uhuh…’ Sandra whimpered. She reached down and gently removed Sandra’s hands, and then sunk her palms into the bouncy, supple flesh. Her own boobs hung down, gently swaying backwards and forwards. Sandra tilted her head black and moaned as she felt Sandra’s hands roam around her breasts. She reached up and sunk her hands into Sandra’s soft mammaries as they swung about above her. Sandra and Sandra groaned and whimpered as they squeezed and kneaded each other’s tits, delighting in the feeling of the bouncy weight beneath their fingers.

‘Oh fuck… you know just how to do it right… ‘ Sandra gasped.

‘So do you…’ Sandra gasped back. ‘Rub my boobs…’

Sandra felt the weight of Sandra’s hips on-top of hers. She began to gyrate her hips slowly against Sandra’s, pushing up to apply pressure against their pelvic regions. Sandra felt this, and reached down to her panties. She wanted to feel Sandra completely naked against her, but was unsure how to remove her panties in the limited space they had. After a few moments of deliberation, she thought fuck it, and yanked hard on them, causing them to tear and snap off. She was now completely naked, apart from her high heeled shoes. The Sandra below also gave into her animalistic urges. She reached down, and with a loud grunt, yanked her panties off too. They were now completely naked, in nothing but their high heels.

‘Fuck me…’ Sandra whispered, as she looked up at her double.

‘No…’ Sandra whispered back. ‘I’m going to fuck me…’

She began to gyrate her hips back and forth against Sandra as Sandra began to gyrate hers too. They slightly repositioned themselves so that they finally felt their clits rub up against each other. Shock waves of pleasure ran through their bodies as their identical clits rubbed deliciously together. They felt the wetness between their bodies grow, helping to lubricate their hips as they slid around. They rocked back and forth, both reaching for each other’s breasts again as they humped together. They roughly kneaded and fondled their identical boobs, letting the bullet shaped nipples poke through each other’s fingers.

They grunted and panted as they sped up their actions. The Sandra lying down pushed her feet against the dashboard as Sandra rode her vigorously. Squelching sounds could be heard coming from between their hips as their juices and sweat began to build up between them. Both Sandras had an amazing view of themselves. The Sandra below looked up at herself bouncing up and down on top of her, her boobs swinging back and forth and side to side. The Sandra above grunted and huffed as she looked down at herself splayed out below her, completely exposed as her large breasts also swayed and jiggled.

‘Urgh god! Say… say my name!’ She cried out.

‘Oh Sandra! Urgh… fuck me!’ Sandra cried back.

Sandra let go of Sandra’s bouncing boobs and brought them around to her ass. She clasped her large ass cheeks as they clenched back and forth, lightly digging her nails. She arched her back in pleasure, running her hands back and forth across Sandra’s bouncing buttocks. Her face twisted in ecstasy as she felt Sandra’s warm hips rub back and forth against hers, their tingling clits rolling over each other, sending shockwaves of bliss reverberating though her body.

‘Uuurgggh’ Sandra grunted out. ‘Say you’re fucking yourself!’

‘I’m fucking myself, oh fuck!... you’re me. Urghhh… I’m having sex with another me… ughh.’

‘You’re me, I’m fucking me…. Urrgh, oh fuck, I’m fucking me too!’

‘Oh fuck! I’m so hot!’ Sandra cried out.

She let go over Sandra’s boobs and leaned down, spreading her body over her twin’s. They both grunted as their sweaty bodies pressed tightly together. Sandra brought her feet off the dashboard and opened her legs wide so that Sandra could hump her hard and fast. She kept a tight grip on her ass as she felt Sandra reach under her body, pushing her hands underneath and clasping her butt too. Sandra buried her face in Sandras’s neck as their breasts ballooned together. Her womanly scent filled her nostrils as she kissed and licked her neck, driving Sandra wild. They didn’t let up on their vigorous humping as their perfectly identical bodies rubbed and slid together.

Their skin was caked in sweat, and the windows were steaming up. Nobody could have looked inside and seen what was happening. The only indication that anything was going on was that the whole car was shaking back and forth as the women inside had sex. There was a slight squeaking as it rocked, but luckily nobody was in the area to see or hear.

Sandra gritted her teeth, moaning loudly from each thrust from Sandra. Her hands clenched and kneaded her sweaty, bucking ass cheeks as Sandra sped her actions up. They both felt their toes curl as their boobs rolled over and under one another’s. Their mouths were completely smeared with red lipstick as they panted and cried out, never letting up on their momentum.

‘Spank me!’ Sandra cried out. ‘Fuck, spank me hard!’

Sandra brought her hand around and slapped her ass hard. She squealed out in pleasure as the flesh rippled. She spanked Sandra again and again as Sandra shrieked out.

‘Fuck! You bad… bad girl!. Uurrghh!’

The air in the car was thick with the smell of perfume, sweat and sex. Each Sandra felt their ebbing pleasure in their pelvic areas grow as their slapping bodies thrust back and forth.

‘Oh Sandra! Fuck! Fuck… a baby into me!’ Sandra shrieked.

‘Fuck!’ Sandra squealed. ‘I’m gonna… urrrghh… impregnate you.’

They gripped each other hard, giving quicker and shorter thrusts as they felt their orgasms rising up in their bodies. They looked at each other, bringing their mouths together and kissing passionately, entwining their tongues.

They pulled back to gulp in air as they felt their eyes roll back in their heads. Sandra and Sandra pushed their clits close together as their bodies convulsed.

‘I’m gonna… gonna…’ they both panted, unable to get the words out.

They dug their hands into their ass cheeks as their orgasms ripped though their bodies, blurring their eyesight.

‘UUUUUUUUURRRRRRRGGHHHHHHHHH!’ They cried out simultaneously as unimaginable pleasure pumped from between their bucking hips.

Sandra wrapped her legs around Sandra’s waist, locking her ankles and gripping her thighs tightly. The two women screamed out as their juices pumped out of them. They grunted and cried out like animals as wave upon wave of please seeped out, squirting over each other’s bodies. Their bottom lips curled over their teeth as they spasmed over and over again. When each wave came, another was soon to follow. They swam in ecstasy as multiple orgasms tore through them over the course of a few minutes.

The shocks finally began to subside as they quivered and shook together, aftershocks of pleasure rippling through them. They panted out, trying to catch their breath. Sandra unwrapped her legs from Sandra’s waist and let them fall to the sides as Sandra slumped on top of her. They pulled their hands always from each other’s asses and loosely draped them around their shoulders as they tried to slow their breathing down.

They lay together in silence for a few minutes, as their heartbeats slowed down. Their sweat and their juices caked the lower parts of their bodies, sealing them together at the hips. Sandra felt trickles of liquid running down the side of her thighs. She couldn’t tell if it was hers or her doppelgänger’s. Sandra was resting her head on her shoulder, her eyes droopy with the comforting glow of that after sex feeling.

She slowly raised her head and looked into the face of her identical lover.

‘Wow… that was… utterly incredible.’

She smiled at Sandra as she ran her fingers lightly along her side.

Sandra smiled back. Her face was red and sweaty, with lipstick smeared all across the bottom half of it. She looked a utter sexy mess.

‘You… well I… was amazing. I wasn’t expecting it be be quite so wonderful.’ She replied.

Sandra leant forward and kissed herself tenderly.

‘Well… I think I now know what I’m going to be doing each night for the rest of my life…’

Sandra giggled. ‘Yeah… you’re gonna be doing yourself…’

They spent a few minutes speaking tender words to each other as they wrapped their arms around their bodies. They exchanged kisses as they felt their skin begin to cool down. Sandra reached up and opened the window, letting a cooler breeze tickle their naked flesh.

‘I love you Sandra.’ Sandra whispered.

‘I love you too Sandra.’ Sandra whispered back.

They lay caressing each other for a little while longer, until they finally decided to make a move. In their passion for themselves they hadn’t really thought about the consequences of discovery. Anybody could have driven up and found them together. They couldn’t be that careless again.

Sandra lifted herself off her double and tried to awkwardly clamber back into the passenger seat. Sandra sat up and pulled the chair lever, bringing the chair back into an upright position again. They laughed together as they searched around for their bras and dresses, although their panties were completely ripped and unusable. Sandra’s chair was covered in their lovemaking juices, but there was no time to worry about that. She was glazed in sweat and her whole lower half of her body was caked in her partners excretions. They would have to clean themselves up when they got back.

They fumbled around for a few minutes as they tried to clean themselves up as much as they could. Sandra wiped the condensation from the window pane so she could see out. They managed to get dressed, and then they began the drive home.

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wwow. just wow.

as long as wee're talking melissas here I always envisionedd her as looking like hunter king or olivia holt.

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Well, that was, uh, AWESOME!

Loved the selfcestual dirty talk the most!


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Thanks guys! And yeah those girls are similar to what I envisioned Melissa would look like.

And here's the final chapter!

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Thanks guys! And yeah those girls are similar to what I envisioned Melissa would look like.

And here's the final chapter!

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Melissa and Melissa looked deeply into each other’s eyes as their heads tilted further towards one another. They were both completely lost in the moment as their eyelids drooped and their lips came together. They kissed deeply as Melissa pushed herself further against her double. Melissa brought her arms up and draped them over Melissa’s shoulders as they slowly began to make out. They turned their heads from side to side as they pushed their tongues inside each other’s mouths. Melissa brought her hand around to the back of Melissa’s head, drawing it in closer so she could kiss her more deeply. She sucked Melissa’s tongue into her mouth, then felt her tongue get sucked back as she revelled in the taste of herself.

They kissed for a few minutes, then pulled away from each other. Identical worried looks crossing both of their faces.

‘Fuck…’ Melissa panted.

‘I know…’ Melissa panted back. ‘Is this OK?’

‘I don’t know… do you want to stop…?’

Melissa thought for a second. ‘We should, this can’t be right…’

‘OK…’ Melissa responded, looking a little disappointed.

‘No! I mean… we should… but, I don’t want to…’

‘No… me neither…’

They kept staring at each other, their bodies still pushed tightly together under the water. Melissa felt Melissa’s nipples harden against her own, as their soft bodies rubbed together. She knew she should pull back, but the arousal she felt was so overpowering.

They couldn’t help themselves. Melissa and Melissa brought their lips together and started to make out again, even more hungrily than before. They pulled each other close as Melissa wrapped her arms around Melissa’s waist. Melissa responded by running her hands through Melissa’s wet hair, as they felt their tongue piercings clink together. The water sloshed around as they continued their narcissistic kissing, only breaking briefly for air and then diving in again. Melissa sucked on the bottom of Melissa’s lip as she slowly ran her tongue down her chin and began kissing and nibbling on her neck. Melissa arched her head back as Melissa sucked and kissed her.

‘Oh Melissa…’ Melissa crooned. ‘Don’t stop…’

Melissa obliged by sucking her neck deeply, with no regard for the hickys that would be easy to see the next day.

‘I haven’t done anything like this before…’ Melissa said.

Melissa stopped kissing her neck and looked at her.

‘No… me neither, let’s take it slow… OK?’


Melissa had only made out with a couple of people in her life, and had never taken anything further than that. She always thought that she would save herself for somebody special, who she could trust. The only times she had done anything sexual was in the dead of night, when she felt herself get aroused and had slipped a few fingers inside of herself. As far as she knew she hadn’t even experienced an orgasm yet.

Melissa and Melissa leaned forward and kissed again, and at the same time reached around each other’s backs to their bikini straps. They fumbled around for a few moments, unsure how to unclasp them, as they had never done it from this angle. After a few confusing seconds they came undone. Melissa and Melissa pulled the straps from around their shoulders and let their large breasts bounce free. They let go of their bikinis, and they bobbed in the water next to them.

‘Oh fuck…’ They both whispered together as they looked down at their large boobs, half under and half above the water line.

‘Just a heads up… this will be my first time doing anything like this…’ Melissa whispered.

‘Mine too…’ Melissa responded. ‘But I think I know what to do, I saw a movie a little while back…’

‘Yeah… I know the one, that one with the two women in the bedroom together…’

Melissa bit her bottom lip. ‘Do you want to try it…?’

Melissa bit her lip too. ‘Yeah, I do….’

The film they had watched had contained one particular saucy scene, where two busty women had had an encounter in a hotel room. They had spent long minutes rubbing their large breasts together as part of the foreplay. It had been an image that had always stuck with Melissa.

They both put their hands on each other’s waists and slowly brought their breasts together. They let out identical gasps as their boobs ballooned up against the other pair, their nipples brushing up against their exact counterparts. Melissa and Melissa breathed out as they began to slowly rub their breasts up and down. Their nipples streaked across each other, sending bolts of pleasure tingling along their chests. They could finally now tell why women loved to do this. Melissa had never felt so much pleasure emanate from her tits before.

They pushed their bulbous boobs together, rubbing them around in circles. With each push the water between them squirted up, as the rubbery flesh slipped and slid around and around. They looked up and down from their boobs to their faces, conflicted as to what the hotter sight was. Melissa could either watch her flopping breasts rolling around together, or stare into her own beautiful face and see her own mannerisms mimicked perfectly.

Melissa and Melissa rubbed their boobs for long, luxurious minutes. Melissa gripped the pool ledge and pushed herself back, then pulled herself forward. Their tits slapped together as each girl grunted.

‘Fuck this is really good…’ Melissa moaned out.

‘I know… I could do this forever…’ Melissa moaned back.

The Melissa with her back against the wall removed her hands from her doppelgänger’s waist and pushed them underneath her breasts, marvelling in their weight and softness. She cupped and kneaded them as Melissa tilted her head back and groaned.

‘Can you…?’ She asked her double.

Melissa knew what she wanted. She slid lower into the water so she was facing Melissas breasts. She brought her face up close, opened her mouth and began to suck on her nipple. Melissa had never even touched another girl’s breasts before, but she found it easy to let into her desires. She ran her tongue in circles around the areola, taking in the sweet taste of herself as she closed her eyes in bliss. Melissa held the back of her head, pushing her twin’s face deeper into her cleavage as Melissa sucked and slurped hungrily. She began to take long licks from the bottom to the top, and then moved across to the other breast and did the same. She looked up at herself whilst her twin looked down, their eye contact intensifying the erotic thrill of what they were doing.

Melissa felt the heat rise up between her legs as she involuntarily gyrated her hips. She wanted herself fully. The foreplay was building the anticipation to insane heights.

Melissa stopped sucking and rose up so they were face to face again. They kissed passionately and then pulled back.

‘Do you want to…?’ Melissa breathed out.

‘Yeah…’ Melissa responded, knowing exactly what Melissa wanted to do. ‘I want to go the whole way with you…’

They smiled at each other as they temporarily parted. They needed a little extra room to pull their g-strings off, so they could finally give in to each other.

They reached under the water and tried to remove their last pieces of clothing. Holding onto the ledge with one hand, they used the other arm to reach down and pull their g-strings down their legs as they tread water. After an awkward few moments they managed to pull their g-strings down and flick them off with their feet. Now completely naked, the two identical girls came together again. Melissa held onto the edge as Melissa draped her arms around her shoulders. They pulled their bodies together, as they finally pushed their vaginas up against one another, both whimpering in pleasure. Melissa wrapped her legs around Melissa’s waist as their slits sealed.

‘Oh fuck…’ they both whispered. This felt better than either of them could have imagined.

They began rubbing their hips together as their eyes widened. So this was sex? This is what making love with somebody else felt like.

They slowly slid their sexes up and down. Melissa slid her pussy the whole way up Melissa’s as Melissa pushed the whole way down hers. Their jaws dropped as they thrust over and over against each other under the water. They slid back and forth with ease as they looked into each other’s sex filled eyes. They humped more firmly, feeling their folds slide together, the water acting as a lubricant between their gyrating bodies. Their breasts continued to rub up and down, water sloshing and splashing around them.

Melissa and Melissa’s faces were only a few inches apart. Melissa stared deeply into her own lust filled face as their sex continued, grunts and groans filling the night air. Melissa gripped Melissa tightly with her legs, locking them together as their bodies ground against each other. The water acted as a lubricant, helping their smooth bodies to slide up and down easily. Melissa trembled as she felt Melissa’s clit brush up against her own, sending tingling pleasure racing through her hips.

‘Fuck…’ They both panted.

‘I never knew… urgh… its could feel so… ugh… good!’ Melissa grunted.

‘Oh god… this is… ugh… amazing… don’t stop… ugh.’ Melissa moaned back.

Their inexperience was not hindering them, as they sped up their actions even further. Both girls frantically bucked together as they felt a trembling intensity rush up through their bodies. They weren’t experienced in pacing themselves, and their climaxes were already rising up. They crushed and squished their pussies rapidly as they cried out each other’s and their own names.

‘Urgh… urgh… Oh MELISSA!’

Their butt cheeks clenched as they sealed their folds together, crying out at each other. Melissa and Melissa’s eyes rolled back, one of they eyelids half closed as they erupted into simultaneous orgasms.

‘UUUUUUUUURRRRRGHHHHHHH!’ They both groaned deeply as their juices pumped out.

They felt the liquid squirt out of themselves and against each other as they rode their pleasure, crying out like animals. The water between them became warm as their fluids gushed out from between their hips. Melissa and Melissa spasmed and bucked as their orgasms ebbed through them, their bodies trembling in bliss.

They gripped each other tight as the shocks came and went, becoming less intense. They slumped together in each other’s arms, panting and shaking. Their bodies ached, but they felt wonderful and warm as they held each other close. Their legs felt weak under the water as their toes uncurled from the intense work-out they had just had. They looked at each other as their eyes regained focus and their heartbeats slowed.

‘Oh my god… that was… that was…’ they said together, struggling to get their words out.

‘So that was sex?’ Melissa said.

Melissa gazed at her, taking in the beautiful sight of her soul reflected back.

‘Yeah… it was. And it was the first time I… you know… too.’ She replied.

‘Me too.’ Melissa responded. ‘I’d never had that happen to me before… even when I was alone…’

They leaned forward and kissed again, revelling in their after sex glow.

Melissa pushed her wet hair out of her eyes, and then wrapped her arms around Melissa’s waist.

‘I’m so glad my first time was with you…’ she whispered.

Melissa’s heart swelled. ‘I know, I couldn’t imagine anybody else I’d rather be with…’ she whispered back.

Melissa and Melissa continued to whisper tender words to one another as they held their naked bodies close. The blue, shimmering glow from the pool lights draped them in a dreamy aura. They felt like they had indeed entered a dream. One where they had finally found the girl of their dreams. Melissa had finally found herself.


Sandra and Sandra returned home. They pulled up outside their house, turning the engine off. Sandra turned and looked at her doppelgänger, smiling seductively. Underneath their dresses, their bodies were still glazed in dried sweat and sex juices, but they hardly noticed.

‘Thanks for a lovely evening.’ Sandra said.

‘Anytime’ Sandra replied. ‘Thanks for rocking my world…’

They leaned forward and kissed deeply. They then spent a couple of minutes using the mirror to clean themselves up a little more, in case Melissa and Melissa were still awake. They cleaned up their smeared lipstick and rearranged their dishevelled hair, so it wasn’t quite so obvious that they had been rutting each other senseless less than half an hour earlier.

‘I hope they’ve both had a nice evening together’ Sandra said as they left the car and walked up to the door.

‘They’re best friends now. I’m sure they have had a great time’ Sandra responded.

They let themselves into the house and walked down the hallway to the living room. Melissa and Melissa were sitting together on the couch. They were both wrapped up in towels.

‘Hey girls! How was your night?’ Sandra asked cheerily.

Melissa and Melissa glanced at each other.

‘Oh… you know Mom. We just Netflix and chilled…’ they both replied.

That’s great to hear. The other Sandra said, neither of them picking up on the sexual undertones emanating from their two daughters.

‘We had a lovely meal and chat’ Sandra continued. ‘We’ll have to all go to this restaurant next time. The food was delicious!’

‘It sure was!’ Sandra agreed. ‘Everything was delicious…’

They were both standing behind the kitchen counter. Neither Melissa nor Melissa could see when Sandra reached across and gave Sandra’s ass a quick squeeze.

‘We’ll come with you next time then’ Melissa said.

‘If you’re sure that it will be OK if we’re all out together…’ Melissa continued.

‘Oh it should be fine, as long as we’re careful’ Sandra said.

‘Have you two been for a swim?’ Sandra asked, looking at the two of them in their towels.

‘Yeah, it was so hot tonight!’ Melissa exclaimed. ‘But we went for a dip and now we feel great!’

‘That’s so good to hear, maybe we’ll go for swim a little later too…’ Sandra replied, looking across at her double.

‘Oh definitely…’ Sandra agreed.

There were a few awkward seconds as Sandra, Sandra, Melissa and Melissa all looked around at each other.

‘Sooooo, we’re just going to head to bed now…’ Melissa and Melissa said.

‘OK sweeties’ Sandra and Sandra responded. ‘We’re going to sleep now too. We’ll see you in the morning.’

Melissa and Melissa rose to their feet. They walked up to Sandra and Sandra, who gave them each a kiss on the forehead before they disappeared to their bedroom.

Sandra spent a couple of moments putting a few spare glasses into the dishwasher, as Sandra went into the bedroom. Sandra finished up, and was about to join her when Melissa suddenly came back into the kitchen.

‘What’s up Melissa?’ Sandra asked, smiling.

‘I just want to say…’ Melissa paused, slightly embarrassed.

‘It’s OK, what is it sweetie…?

‘I just want to say… thank you. Thanks for everything Mom. I know the trouble I’ve caused, and I just want to let you know that I’m OK now…’

Sandra put her arms around her daughter, hugging her closely. ‘It’s OK. I can see how much happier you are. It’s just taken you a little time to get to know yourself. We’ve been through a lot. I totally understand.’

‘Thanks Mom… you’re a lot happier too right?’

‘I sure am! Who would have thought it would have taken ourselves to fix our problems?’

‘I know…’ Melissa said. ‘I’m glad everything has worked out.’

Sandra kissed Melissa on the head again, and then watched her as she walked back to her bedroom. Sandra shook her head in wonder. Who would have thought?

She finished tidying up, and went to join her doppelgänger. Ready for more lovemaking…


Aaaand that's it for the time being. Hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I've rounded the story off, but I've kept the ending open so if I get the time to sit down and add more chapters again it will be easy to get back into it. Thanks for reading! I hope I've inspired more people to take a stab at writing some erotic clone fiction.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2018 6:56 am 
2nd Lieutenant
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You did a great job! This was one of the best stories on here in a long time, and I really hope you keep it going! I'm very interested in seeing where their lives go from here.

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