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PostPosted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:06 pm 
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Please continue. Good job!

There can always be one more.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 8:54 pm 
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Chapter 5: Split

Kelly was checking around her house for her bag, but to no avail.

“C’mon, where is that stupid thing?!”

She had checked all around her living room, the hallways, behind her couch, and was now checking her room. As she was checking under her bed, she heard the front door open. Kelly quickly moved out from under the bed, but hit her head on the bed.

“OW, FUCK...” she yelled in pain.

She then quickly covered her mouth, as she realized no one should have just walked into her house. She slowly snuck out of her room to assess the situation and try to find this intruder.


Kelly was running down the street, paying no attention to anyone that might notice her, while also pushing some people out of her way. She was in a full blown panick about the juice in her bag.

”Just a bit further, then I can put all this worry behind me!” she thought to herself.

She turned the street corner as fast as the flash and ran right up to her office building’s glass door. She was met with a locked door that she couldn’t open.


She checked the door and saw a note posted on the inside showing through the glass.

‘Unfortunately we have had a power surge and it doesn’t seem like it will be back up today, work is cancelled for the night.’

Normally Kelly would praise a day off, but she needed to get in there to grab her bag.

”Great... now what am I gonna do...” She thought as she started to glow purple...


Kelly was taking her nice stroll home, enjoying the nice weather, and being able to take it easy before work she had to do that night.

Sigh...”Sometimes I wish I could have more relaxing days like this... not so much work to do, being able to go outside just to enjoy myself. It’s great!”

Kelly looked up to the sky, admiring the clouds, trying to grab them with her hands.

Suddenly, Kelly was pushed to the side and knocked to the ground onto her bottom.


Kelly looked around for her assailant, but with no luck, other than a small trail of people getting moved to the side, unclear of who it was.

“Hmph... guess someone was in a big rush. Still, they didn’t need to push me so hard...”

Kelly stood up and started to rub her bottom where she fell. It still stung really badly.

“Guess I’m really taking it easy when I get home...”


As the bus got to Kelly’s stop before her house, she stormed off and started headed home.

“Stupid fuckin class getting cancelled, stupid fuckin bus being off time...”

She continued to grumble all the way home. As she got to her front door, she took a deep breath.

“Alright, everything is fine, nothing more to worry about, just... relax...”

Kelly opened the door and entered her house. As she closed it and started taking off her shoes, she heard a loud bang come from upstairs, and even like someone had yelled ‘Ow Fuck’ or something. Kelly was seriously annoyed.

“Of all the days to have someone sneak into my house...”

Kelly went into the kitchen and grabbed a frying pan to use to threaten her intruder. She didn’t plan to use it, but something like a frying pan was better than nothing. Kelly made sure to be careful, as she slowly went up her staircase. As she got to the top, she saw her intruder, with a very terrified face.


Kelly stopped as she looked closer at her intruder and noticed she was wearing the clothes she had been wearing yesterday, but more, this intruder wasn’t any ordinary intruder, because she had the exact same face Kelly did.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 11:32 pm 
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Sweet! Going for multiple Kellys! It’s hard to pull off a numerous cloned story but you’re doing really well

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:44 pm 
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Chapter 6: Meeting

Kelly nearly dropped the pan out of her hand at the sight she was looking at.

”Either I’m going crazy, or that’s someone with really good make up on...”

Kelly smirked and looked around the room.

“ALRIGHT” She yelled, “Where are the cameras?! Cut the shit, i’ve been having a pretty shit day today.”

Kelly on the floor slowly backed away, terrified by what was in front of her.

”Either I’m going crazy, or some crazy person is obsessed and got really good make up, and is now trying to invade my house...”

She started acting more terrified to lower her imposter’s guard, maybe they’d get an opening for her to take them down, though she was still a bit dizzy from hitting her head.

Kelly looked over and saw her imposter slowly crawling backwards in fear, maybe this was some sort of sick joke, but she did feel slightly bad. Not letting her guard down she acted partially peaceful, slowly put her pan to the side, and raised her hands.

“Hey now, it’s alright, I’m not gonna hurt you. You just startled me is all...”

Kelly slowly walked towards Kelly

”Just a little more and I can take her.”
”Just a little more and I can take her.”

Kelly waited for Kelly to walk up just enough, before suddenly dropping the scared act and jumped for the frying pan behind her imposter.

Kelly expected some sort of move and quickly pushed her to the ground, locking her hands and sitting on her feet to lock up her movement.

“Alright bitch, now tell me who put you up to this!”

Kelly struggled under her attacker, what was she talking about, she must be crazy! She only had one option, and prayed for luck to be on her side.


Kelly was confused, why would someone invading HER home be yelling for help, she’d just be caught and thrown in jail. Just then something clicked, why did this lady sound exactly like her, something wasn’t adding up...


Kelly was in front of her office building, glowing purple and trying to think of what to do.

”C’mon, why is it so hard to think?!”

Just then, As Kelly was croutched down, she started to have the worst headache she’d ever had.

“What... Is...”

As she was staying crouched, Kelly stood up and looked around.

“Maybe there’s some water around here.”

At the same time, another Kelly stood up and turned to the door.

“I gotta get in there quick so I can get my bag... where’s the damn key when you need it?!”

Kelly also stood up at the same time and started walking another direction.

Sigh...”I guess if no one is in there then I can’t get in trouble, i’ll just head home...”

After they each finished their thought, they heard voices similar to their own behind them. They all turned around and each saw two other Kellys behind her turning behind them, and a Jelly glowing purple in a feedlots position on the ground in the middle of them, nearly in tears.




They each spoke in turn. The Kelly in the middle suddenly stopped glowing purple, and all of their headaches suddenly went away. Kelly sat up and rubbed her eyes clear of tears, only to be greeted by three other hers all around her in a sort of triangle. She tried to process this, and promptly fainted from shock at the sight.

The three other Kellys quickly went into action.

“We discuss this later, right now we need to get her somewhere we can help her better. Let’s go back to my place, agreed?”

The other two Kellys nodded in agreement.

“I’ll get her legs, you get her arms.” Said the second Kelly.

“That leaves me on watch duty I guess. I’ll make sure people don’t see... ‘us’ like this.” Said the third one.

“Alright, let’s go.” The first one said to pump up the others.

The 4 Kellys took the side streets and headed back home to avoid being seen by other people in town.

”The Hell is happening today?!
”The Hell is happening today?!
”The Hell is happening today?!

The 3 conscious Kellys all had the same confused thought at the bizarre events that were unfolding before them.


Kelly was just walking down her street, still rubbing her head after being knocked down.

“Man... I really just need some time to sleep after today. Maybe I should have taken the bus home...”

Kelly was walking up to her front door when she heard a large THUD come from inside.

“Seriously?! Did a cat get inside or something? Maaan, guess sleep’s gonna have to wait.”

Kelly entered her home and took off her shoes. Suddenly she heard “HELP, SOMEONE HELP! SHE’S GONNA KILL ME!” coming from upstairs. Someone might have been chased into her house...

”Oh shit...”

Kelly immediately jumped to action and dashed through her house and up her stairs, only to be met by a frying pan over to her left, and what looked like someone looking exactly like her being sat on and held down by ANOTHER look alike right at the top of her stairs. Kelly just stared blankly at the sight, her jaw dropping slightly.

“Uh... The hell did I just walk in on?”

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 9:42 am 
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thiss is incredible so far. good job!

PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:29 pm 
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Wow this is really good, can't wait for next!!

PostPosted: Sat Sep 22, 2018 9:06 pm 
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Chapter 7: Laying Low

Kelly was on top of her doppelgänger, her head pounding from adrenaline, trying to keep them in place so she could try and figure out who this was, until she heard an all too familiar face across from her speak. She didn’t quite make out the words, but in horror she quickly looked up and saw a second doppelgänger standing at the head of the stairs.

“AAAAAAAAH, WHAT THE FUCK?!” Kelly screamed as she jumped off the other Kelly and slid backwards against a wall.


Kelly made a sort of scoff as if she wasn’t amused.

“Funny, I was about to ask you two the same question...”

Kelly slowly looked up, as she was now free from Kelly’s grasp and saw a Jelly in front and behind her. She looked to the side and quickly made a dash for the Frying pan. The other Kelly on the floor noticed this and chased after her to the pan. Kelly grabbed it, but as soon as she stood up and turned around, Kelly had followed right there and grabbed the pan, starting a fight between the two.

“N-no... let go!”


Kelly couldn’t believe what she was witnessing, what sort of cheap trick was this even? Was she being filmed or something? No matter, she needed answers, and at this rate these two “Kelly’s” would knock eachother out, leaving Kelly with nothing.

Kelly walked forward, letting off a purple glow as she went in between the Kelly’s to break up the fight.

Kelly pushed the two apart, making them both drop the pan, and pushed one to a wall.

“Enough out of you two! I don’t know what’s going on here but...”
“Enough out of you two! I have no idea what’s happening but...”

Kelly stopped herself, as she had heard a slight echo in her voice, while also hearing said echo saying something else. As Kelly holding Kelly up turned around, Kelly holding Kelly up did the same. There were now Four Kelly’s in the hallway.

“Holy shit?!”
“Holy shit?!”

“Uh... wh-what’s happening here?”

The Last Kelly fainted.

Kelly caught Kelly in her arms on her way down.

“I-is she ok?”

Kelly looked up to the other two conscious Kelly’s.

“Yeah... just shock it seems.”

Kelly walked a little forward and let go of the scared Kelly.

Alright, I’m going to get some water, you take her to the couch, you grab us some seats so we can actually figure out what the hell is going on. Agreed?”

The other two Kelly’s nod, with Kelly heading to the kitchen. Kelly attempted to lift Kelly, but proved it quite difficult.

Kelly shyly walked forward and grabbed Kelly’s legs.

“I-I can help you take her to the couch if you need.”

Kelly sighed.

“Thanks... might prove a little more... difficult, on my own.”

With that, Kelly and Kelly brought Kelly down to the living room and gently lay her on the couch. One quickly went and grabbed a blanket from their bed, while the other went and grabbed 3 chairs from the dining room so the four could sit together.

As the gathered, there was a long and awkward silence and stare between the three conscious Kelly’s, none of them knowing how to start talking about any of this.

The three Kelly’s and the unconscious Kelly had made it out of the main downtown area when Kelly started to struggle in their arms and wake up.

“Hey, she’s waking up!” Kelly said in a louder whisper for their eyes to hear her.

Kelly and Kelly laid Kelly down on the ground as she slowly came too, with Kelly still looking around keeping a watchful eye on their surroundings.

“What... what happened to me... and why does my head hurt?”

Kelly started rubbing her head and felt a large bump.

“You seemed in a lot of pain, might have hit your head in your twitching.” Said one Kelly.

“We’re trying to get home without being seen so that we can try and figure out why there’s four of us now.” Said the other.

Kelly opened her eyes and looked up at her two other selves.

“So... it wasn’t a dream?!”

“Afraid not. Are you ok to walk in your own?”

Kelly stood up, but was still quite shaken and her head still throbbing, nearly falling over.

Kelly caught her around her shoulders before she could fall. “Alright, i’m taking that as a no then...”

Kelly turned back to Kelly. “You keep her moving, i’ll Help lookout.”

Kelly nodded, and they continued on their path, being only a good 10 minutes until getting home.
John was walking along the edge of the city, he always enjoyed taking walks along perimeters, mainly due to no one else doing it, so he had time to himself. As he had reached the northern forest area, he heard a loud animal howl coming from the woods. The roar had shocked him, but he quickly regained composure.

“I don’t get paid enough for this...” he grumbled as he walked into the forest.

John worked at the same security and safety team as Kelly, but unlike Kelly, John was much older and worked on call when needed.

And so, John entered the forest to find the cause of the noises.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 12:56 pm 
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continues to be great! eending is very intriguing

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 8:43 pm 
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Chapter 8: 4’s a crowd...

As the 4 Kelly’s were in the living room, the 4th woke up with a fast start, almost like from a bad dream. She was also panting very fast.

“Oh god... a dream... why did I have such a random dream about strange clones of me fighting and attacking me? It makes no...”

She cut herself off as she looked around and saw 3 other Kelly’s sitting in chairs around her.


Kelly to the right handed her a glass of water. “Glad to see you back in the land of the living, stranger.” She said, with a slightly sarcastic tone at the end.

“So... it wasn’t a dream then?” Kelly asked as she sipped her water.

“Not in the slightest, and now I’m getting annoyed by not knowing what the fuck’s happening.” Kelly to the left said, tapping her cross legged foot in the air on an invisible wall.

“Maybe... we should start by figuring out who we are?” Kelly in the middle suggested.

Left Kelly stood up. “I’d say that’s a good idea, but judging from this, I think it’s safe to say that we are all Kelly... somehow...”

They all stayed there for a minute, frozen at the realization. It seemed so Sci-fi, but somehow, Kelly had been cloned.

“Well... if we’re all Kelly... does that mean there’s an original then?”

Couch and left Kelly started thinking, when right Kelly cut in.

“Don’t think so, remember how you two showed up? Or well... one of you? They sort of split, each separating us from fighting.”

“Wait, but I chose to push the left one away first.”
“Wait, but I chose to push the right one away first.”

The two looked at each other, noticing their echo’d speech, yet slight difference in answer.

“Wait, if we started at the same spot, then did we just split?”

“I guess... this is getting more confusing...”

Kelly stomped her foot on the ground. “Seriously? What’s confusing about a Mitosis like effect? Means we’re all the original, woopty fuckin do...”

“It’s not the effect, it’s the science! How could something like this even happen?! There isn’t even technology like this yet!”

“I mean... what about that sheep experiment way back when?”

The other 3 Kelly’s kept discussing and arguing about their situation, while Kelly just sat there trying to understand everything.Then, she heard the front door open, and looked over to the front door. Her Jaw dropped when she saw them.

The other 3 Kelly’s noticed Kelly on the couch looking to the side, and as they all looked over, they each froze and dropped their jaws.

4 Kelly’s we’re walking down the now empty street. They each had their jacket to cover their faces in case they saw anyone, but since it was about 9pm, everyone was either at a part, studying or asleep.

Kelly readjusted Kelly’s arm over her shoulder as they walked behind the 2 other Kelky’s.

“How’re you feeling? Head still hurt at all?”

“Nrgh... I’m ok... just a bit of a head pounding...”

Kelly gently felt Kelly’s forehead. “Hey, we’ll be home soon for you to relax, then we’ll sort this all out in the morning.

Kelly smiled and nodded back to Kelly.

Kelly glanced behind her left shoulder at the other two Kelly’s, then turned to her partner.

“So... any ideas on how this crap happened?”

Kelly shrugged, “Honestly, this is almost like a plot to a Sci-fi movie, it’s just so...”

“...crazy?” Kelly finished her sentence.

“Yeah... like, how do you even explain something like this?! It’s incredible!”

“I dunno about incredible... but it is very interesting indeed.”

They walked for a couple minutes, then got to the front door. They knew they didn’t lock the door before leaving because they wouldn’t be gone too long.

As they all walked inside, they each stopped in their tracks right in the front hall, as they had casually stumbled upon 4 more Kelly’s in front of them in their living room.

”Well shit...” They all thought to themselves.

John continued into the forest, stepping over branches, not really following any path. He clearly wasn’t enjoying himself as he kept going through the woods.

”The Hell could have made that roar? It wasn’t close to any animal i’ve Heard before...” he thought to himself. ”In fact, it seemed close to... human, now that I think about it...”

John kept going, until he heard rustling in the bushes around him. John pulled out his flash light to get a better look since it has started to get dark. Turning fast to try and find what made the rustling and from where.

Suddenly, what seemed like drool fell on John’s cheek, but when he tried to wipe it away, there was nothing on his face. It stung a little, almost like a quick burning poke feel.

“The hell...?”

John quickly turned his flashlight up, and only saw a humanoid figure in the trees jump away through the branches.

Panicked by seeing some sort of humanoid creature the size of a human, John ran away from where he saw it. Little did he know, he accidentally ran further into the woods.

He ran and ran, until he saw a small stream of purple glowing liquid, running along a path seemingly towards the town, but moved very slowly. John almost got closer to the liquid, until he saw that around the small stream, plant life was dying, and he even saw a fly go over the stream, then go silent and fall into it.

“Shit... this is really bad... we gotta evacuate the town! NOW!”

John quickly saw which way the stream went to find down hill, and went downhill back into the town. He had to write a report at home and send it in fast, before the town was killed by some strange purple Acid.

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Multiple Twins Clones FTW ;)

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