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Nina faced off with her other self, Nina. How this copy appeared in her shower, she had no idea, but the thought of another her, so perfectly formed and in such close proximity to her, immediately sent her into a defensive mode and she could sense her other self was thinking similar thoughts. The tight enclosure of the shower brought each woman's chest together and with just one slight sway of their breasts, nipple contact was made. Nina subconsciously arched her back at the contact, thrusting her chest forward, only to be met by an equal pair of firm full breasts. Nina and her twin could stand this no more, neither would have another her in their world. She visually devoured the woman in front of her looking for any imperfection or alteration, but Nina mirrored her physical form and firmness.

[attachment=4]First Contact.jpg[/attachment]

Nina lost control and struck first, she palmed the other woman's nipples, slowly moving in a circular motion, causing Nina to softly moan as her legs almost gave way against the brutal titular assault.


Nina smiled with the thought of defeating her twin, but her thoughts were premature, for Nina steeled her resolve and brought up her hands, cupping Nina's breasts, lifting them so slightly, while she placed her thumbs on top of Nina's nipples. Nina brought a soft but persistent thumb pressure to Nina's nipples pressing down, then rotating her thumbs causing Nina's nipples to surge with blood and stiffing to previously unobtainable lengths. It was Nina's turn to moan and her legs began to give way. She had no choice but to turn her hands also cupping Nina's breasts and mirroring her thumbs position and motion. Both women assaulted the other's nipples with an increasing passion and brought moans of delight from the other. Their pace increased until both women could stand it no longer and they cried out with pleasure as they erupted in climatic orgasms.

Their hands fell with temporary exhaustion and they leaned into one another for support. But their engorged breasts and nipples collided with force as they mushroomed against its copy. Nina could take the stalemate no more and thrust her breasts up over her twins while taking in a deep breath to expand her chest. Her engorged nipples gorged Nina's upper breasts as they transversed up, leaving a white trail on the tender breast tissue. However, her victory was short lived as Nina sucked in a breath and thrust her chest up, gouging Nina's lower breasts until their nipples met and they were again at parity.

[attachment=2]Scrapping Tits.jpg[/attachment]

Their nipples merged with an electric sexual surge causing both women to open their sexy sensual lips with an impending moan and Nina took the opportunity to lean forward and begin a lip assault on her double. Nina's aggressive lip assault allowed her to gain an advantage, forcing Nina back against the wall of the shower. Nina's ass made contact with the cold tile wall and twisting she used the leverage to rotate her body while pushing Nina against the left shower wall. It was Nina's chance to score some points as she grabbed her under the arms, lifting and pushed Nina against the wall, she thrust forward with her pelvic, causing Nina's ass to slam into the hard tile. Nina retaliated by wrapping her legs around Nina, locking her legs at the ankles and squeezing Nina's rib cage. Nina couldn't breath with the pressure on her rib cage and with the knowledge of her pending failure choose to take action. She dropped to the floor, releasing Nina, who while still applying a leg lock, fell to the shower floor as well. The jarring impact forced Nina to swing her legs free of the lock as both ended up in a tangled mass of legs and asses on the cold tile floor.

The two rolled and pressed for control, both ending up with backs to the wall and scissoring the other in a tribbing position. With no hesitation they thrust forward with their pelvis making solid cunt contact. Their lower cunt lips kissed with increasing pressure as both women stretched their arms forward out for support while finding little from the wet tiles. Nina and Nina rotated their hips and generous asses while jockeying for control. “I'll fuck your cunt off,” both women yelled as they began a duplicate fucking attack on the other's cunt.


Finding no grip in front, the women reached up over their heads and pushed off the wall behind them. The resulting action forced their cunts together with extreme contact, their cunt lips crushing and merging as one. Their sex horns penetrating fully into the other's cunt, eliciting deep moans from the two. Nina could not take too much more of this and knew Nina must also be suffering a similar sexual impact. Nina continued rotating her hips, with such force she flipped both her and Nina over onto their stomachs. Still attached at their merged cunts, both women now thrust back with their hips, smashing their full mocha tanned glorious ass cheeks together. Nina reasoned if she couldn't fuck her twin outright, perhaps she would succeed with ass-fucking her out of the way. However, each woman was now drawing on their deep energy reserves as they arched their backs, thrusting ass cheeks against the other, the pounding increasing in intensity, till neither woman could stand it no longer and they simultaneous came. Even in this they could find no release as the merging of their cunts was so tightly bound, their orgasmic juices collided, causing an intense buildup of pressure. Pressure only released by the continued dual orgasmic twitches and spasms which finally breached the cunt-lock as both women's sexual juices erupted in a horizontal volcanic surge, covering the lower half of the other.


Still they did not stop. Nina could not stand the thought of another her, but more importantly, another her with an equally full firm ass. She was uncontrollable jealous of her form and Nina's duplication of it was too much. Lowering their hands from the wall they grabbed the other by the legs and pulled their twin in tighter, all the while gyrating their lubricated hips and ass into a furious pace. To watch the impact of their cunt lips one would think each was trying to saw the other in half. With each thrust they pushed the other to an ever increasing level of sexual tension. Until with faltering gasps of air, their lungs heaving from the exertion, they slammed together, piercing the other's control. Again they erupted, with even greater force then before, as each woman repeated squeezed their kegel muscles, they mercifully passed out.

First Contact.jpg

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