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 Post subject: My first TOH
PostPosted: Thu Jan 11, 2018 10:26 pm 
First Sergeant
First Sergeant

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So today I download a SNES emulator and start playing the first games that I play when I was a child, the first that I tried is Street fighter 2, I chose Chun-li on Arcade mode and my first opponent is Chun-li and it occurred to me that playing Street Fighter was the first TOH that I watch, I remember that even when I was like 4, I loved when there was a mirror matches, even if there was with a male character.
And I'm not sure if there is a post about this but I still want to know, which was your first TOH?











 Post subject: Re: My first TOH
PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:51 am 
Command Sergeant Major
Command Sergeant Major

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Hard to remember what exactly was first.
It could be power ranger series.
Particularly Astronema character especially captured my interest.

Also it could be episode of super man live action with Lana. Which is probably what it was.

Otherwise there was also W.i.t.c.h. episode, Men in black , Diabolik, X-men evolution and X-men, which by coincidence both involved rogue, gargoyles episode with Desdemona.
They were way later than super man.

But much before all of that i saw alot of cloning, duplicating of male characters, large quantity.
I finding them triggering. Triggering feeling of antipathy, i suppose. Neverthless i interested to experience them.

And first one, in this case, i believe could be Bump in the night. That series had several of occurencies. And so does it had in intro. It could be Casper cartoon.
Beside these it also could be action man cartoon episode or Conan adventure with Ratamon.

Maybe it was episode Flash tv live action or Hercules with Kevin sorvo.


I made attempts to create wrestler duplicates in some ps 1 wrestling games.
But game looked abominable.

There was also something in game Sacred.

It was pathetic.

First, i believe, succesful experience was in Enter the matrix. I edited files and changed models of npc, enemys and whatnot in game. Trinity, Naomi. Worked not only in game, but in cutscenes.
And Path of Neo too, which had also more female characters.

In gta san andreas i use to make same npc fighting each other. There was trick. Much later i use sunny mission creator and made large battlefields of almost all female npc model in game and from mods.

I can remember what was my first internet experience with more confidence.
It was youtube video, either Wonder woman vs Wonder woman from old live action series or Mutant X episode dreamlover. Something one of these. It was in same day.

After them, i saw this

Which, by the way, same exact video that i saw back then and it wasn't deleted since.

 Post subject: Re: My first TOH
PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:03 am 
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I guess it was probably the Mirror Match feature in Street Fighter II Championship Edition that first made me aware of the concept, but what really set it off for me was Fatal Fury Special.

The ability to move characters into different planes meant I could position two Mai Shiranui's (Blue and Red of course) in different parts of the arena, then press a button to have them jump at each other and crash together. It was great. 8-)

When twins tangle!

 Post subject: Re: My first TOH
PostPosted: Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:07 am 

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I remember a shampoo commercial with Heather Locklear and there were like nine of her. The fact that there were that many and they were all talking at once just blew my mind.

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