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 Post subject: Winter
PostPosted: Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:22 pm 
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Cap 1.- Departments

Jefferson, Pennsylvania, EUA.
  December year 2021

Within a small place south of the county were the Melissa Bunyan apartments, She had inherited them from her father who died when she was little, she and her mother were responsible for the care and administration of the place.

In the spring days the place looks beautiful, the landscape of the forests above the plains and mountains give a comforting feeling but at this time the icy and cloudy weather had taken over the atmosphere.

The apartments were made of wood surrounded by walls that limited the access of people to their interior, the entrance was a large wooden door with English engravings on it. Inside the place you could see nine apartments, four on the left and four on the right, one apartment was next to the front door watching the other eight, in the center there was a large field of flowers and trees that surrounded the place, only that the field of flowers was withered by the time of year, and in the final part of the place a small kitchen with a dining room.

Melissa Bunyan lived in apartment number one, right next to the large wooden entrance that gave access to the place. Melissa Bunyan had lived all her life from renting apartments without worrying about anything else. The place always gave enough money to live comfortably, also she does not demand too many things to live. The tenants of the place knew that the owner of the apartments was a woman of about 45 years old and that she was a slightly eccentric woman. Melissa Bunyan was quite relaxed and with peaceful tendencies. She was a hippie woman. She was a thin woman with long, wavy brown hair. During her youth the woman had lived in a modern hippie commune, where people try to connect with nature, trying to use the least possible technology to live. Eventually she decided to live in the apartments that her mother managed, meet people and be a friendly neighbor. It seemed that Melissa was always in a good mood, a smile was always drawn on her face. Several tenants who had lived there, thought she was crazy.

In that season tenants were few. Wendy Karperski, a woman so thin that her legs and arms looked like broomsticks. Wendy studied in a private university near the area "The French institute." but the classes were over and she did not want to go back to her parents' house. She preferred to stay in the apartments for a few more days to watch the cold winter and what could be a nearby snowfall. Wendy Karpersky was a woman with dark short hair, large glasses occupied her face, made the eyes of her face exaggeratedly large, like an owl. Had two front teeth longer than the others, during her first days of school the students called her "bunny" because of her teeth, She liked that name, despite that, she was a pretty and nice woman. She occupied apartment number two.

Departments three and four were empty, You could see through the windows, the rooms completely empty. Some nights when the place is very dark can be quite scary, but usually the lights of the yard were always on.

In apartment five, there lived a lesbian couple, Susan Mcvey and Christine Steiner. The two women had known each other years ago, quickly fell in love with one another and over time the trust and love grew in them. The two women wanted to have a child and Susan wanted to be a mother, so the woman underwent artificial insemination, in order to give birth to the baby. Susan at that time had a huge belly, the baby could be born at any time. Christine was equally happy about the baby's birth. The two women had made a pretty important decision about their relationship and about having a child as a couple.

In apartment number six lived Rose Wilkes. The woman was a beauty, her body was perfect, her wavy blond hair fell down the middle of her face covering one eye which made her look sexier. Her body was that of a goddess, her breasts and buttocks were round and well formed, her face was beautiful with large green eyes. Anyone who knew her for the first time could quickly fall in love with the beauty of that woman, even herself. The woman was a model at events, the people paid her money to show up at parties and show her beautiful body wearing certain clothes, she also modeled for particular brands. The woman exploited her beauty. She knew perfectly well that several bigwigs had noticed her, military men, rockstars, athletes, politicians, even women had confessed her love, but Rose did not feel satisfied with anyone.

Department seven was empty.

In the apartment number eight lived Mariana Montecruz a woman born in Arizona with latin descent. She was a ebony woman with big eyebrows above her eyes, she had dark short hair and straight. The other women of the place did not know very well what she did. The woman had arrived a few days ago to rent in the place. When the first day arrived, Wendy watched her introduce some strange metal boxes into her apartment. For a few moments that woke Wendy's curiosity to know what the woman was doing.

Department number nine was empty.

That season there were not many tenants, even so the place was great, the trees, the small flower garden in the center of the place where there were few flowers due to winter, but in spring it would be full again of all kinds of flowers. Melissa loved gardening, the department number one was bigger than the others because Melissa had a greenhouse inside, which protected from the winter, the greenhouse was quite beautiful with all kinds of flowers inside it.

You could breathe the Christmas in the place. Melissa had decorated with Christmas decorations and lights everywhere. The icy wind announced a snowfall within a short time.

Hola :lol:

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Nice setup there :D curious about what is your content :ugeek:

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Part 2.- Antennas.

From the first day she arrived at apartment number eight, Mariana had placed strange antennas on the sides of her house and one more on the roof. The other tenants of the place were strange but trying not to pay attention, except for Wendy Karperski. The woman was studying mechatronics and robotics at a nearby university and had been curious about the strange devices around the woman's house. "She must be some kind of scientist." Wendy thought. She knew that the boxes that the new woman had put into her house, were to keep quite sophisticated robotic mechanisms.

Wendy Karpersky "bunny" was a curious woman, when something entered her mind it was very difficult for her to get out. She had been too interested in that woman, in those strange antennas outside her house and in those metal boxes. She wanted to know what she was working on or what her project was.

"Hi." Wendy said to Mariana one morning when she saw her leave her house. Wendy spent the morning spying from her house, until the woman left her house.

"Hello." Mariana replied with a friendly smile. Mariana was a ebony woman of about thirty years of age. She had huge breasts and a big round butt, her hair was straight and short. Mariana still had those huge dark eyebrows and that pretty nose in the shape of a little ball.

"My name is Wendy Karpersky, I'm a mechanics and robotics student at the French institute." Wendy said trying to sound nice. Wendy had a funny look on her face, her big incisor teeth and those huge eyes that looked through her glasses. She was a very pretty and funny looking woman.

"Good." Mariana said with a friendly smile again. "I'm in a hurry." She added and hurried to the exit of the apartments.

Wendy was sad, she wanted to meet the scientist behind all those devices. She wanted to inspect all that technology. At first glance, the antennas seemed quite sophisticated. "Surely they're looking for something specific in sky." Wendy thought.

That morning was not as cold as the previous days, the sun was quite nice. Melisa Bunyan left her apartment.

"Hello Wendy." the woman shouted with a big smile.

"Hello Mrs. Bunyan." Wendy replied.

"Call me Melissa, please." Melissa said with a huge smile.

"Ok ... can I ask you about that woman?" Wendy asked with an expression of doubt on her face.

Melissa always had a happy expression on her face, she thought. "Hahaha looks so cute with that expression on her face."

"I do not know much about her, I just know her name is Mariana Montacross or something like that, hahaha." Melissa said.

"I think she's an important scientist, all that technology that she carries with her is quite sophisticated. I've never seen that kind of instrument." Said Wendy.

"The truth is that I don't like what she did to the department, you lose the natural harmony and the Christmas spirit with those strange antennas. But surely they are for something very important hahaha. "Melissa said.

Those antennas gave a rather strange appearance to department number eight, they measured about four feets and turned in a monotonous way pointing towards the sky. The two women watched the apartment.

"Maybe ..." Melissa began to speak and Wendy turned to see her. "... That woman is into something that goes way beyond science," Melissa said in a rather serious tone, It was the first time Wendy had observed Melissa so seriously. "Or maybe she's a mad scientist hahaha."

"By the way, will not you go to your parents' house this holiday in Harrisburg?" Melissa asked.

"No ... I will spend the holidays here, class starts again in January, I also like this cold and lonely climate. My parents' house must be full of people at this time." Wendy answered.

"Oh, it's a bit sad. Maybe we can prepare the Christmas meal together. I don't eat meat, but I can help you with a rich cucumber salad with cream hahaha." Melissa said.

"Yes." Wendy said with a smile drawn on her face.

At that time of department number five came out the beautiful lesbian couple, Susan Mcvey and Christine Steiner. The two women were very beautiful. Christine had very short hair, was black, had features when walking and talking a little masculine, her gaze was heavy. Susan had reddish, curly hair down to her shoulders, Susan's gaze was angelic, very different from the gaze of her partner. Susan's stomach was huge, the boy or girl that was to be born of that woman might do so in the coming days.

"Hello Susan, hello Christine." Melissa greeted with that smile that characterized her. The girls returned the greeting.

"Hey Melissa, who's that new woman from department eight and what are all those things?" Christine asked trying to thicken her voice to make her a little more masculine.

"I don't know, Wendy asked the same thing, that woman is becoming very famous among the tenants hahahaha." Melissa said.

Christine had her arm around Susan. The two women felt quite in love and showed their love with pretty romantic kisses at every moment, they did not care about the opinions of other people. Christine loved Susan and Susan loved Christine. So much that they were a few weeks away from being a complete family.

The decision of the baby was born of Susan, she dreamed of being a mother, but now that she was with Christine it would be impossible. One spring day, Susan steeled herself to tell Christine that she wanted to be a mother, but that she didn't want to sleep with someone other than her. Christine suspected Susan's wishes so she accepted that she was a mother and that the two together would take care of that baby. During the following weeks the women investigated about artificial insemination. Finally the following year Susan would be pregnant with that baby.

"You will stay for the Christmas party that Wendy and I will prepare." Melissa said with her smile. "Party ?? ... what party?" Wendy thought as she watched Melissa with her bunny smile.

"Why not. Surely it will be fun. "Christine said with a smile.

"Let's hope, the baby will not born at the party and we have to miss it." said Susan.

"Hahaha that baby can be born at any time, even today." said Melissa.

From department Six Rose Wilkes came out, the woman wore a pretty short silver dress, her long blond hair falling over her right eye. All the people thought the same when they saw her, she was a beautiful woman, her beauty was hypnotic. Modeling was pretty good for her. Wendy was almost the same age as Rose and the two women were so different. Wendy knew that she would never have the beauty of a goddess like Rose.

Rose passed right away from the women and just greet them. "Good morning." Rose said, then went to the large wooden door in the entrance where a Roll Royce was waiting for her. The woman climbed into the back of the vehicle and left.

"That woman must meet important people." said Susan.

"Four years ago Rose came to the apartments and it has always been the same, we should invite her to the Christmas party hahaha." Melissa said.

"Surely she has more important things to do that day," Susan said as she pressed Christine's arm around her waist and kissed her on the lips.

The antennas in department eight only turned pointing toward the sky.

Hola :lol:

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Please put the next chapter ;)

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Part 3.- The woman in department eight.

That night Wendy waited at the window for Mariana to appear, but she did not. Then Wendy started thinking about the other tenants. In how Susan and Christine seemed to be very happy being lesbians. Wendy was always shy to talk to men. Maybe she could be a lesbian just like Susan and Christine.

She was in the bedroom of her apartment, a beautiful bedroom entirely made of wood. There were two doors in it, one to the living room and the other to the bathroom. The apartments were quite simple, although the calm and tranquility made them worthwhile, that aroma of pine wood. The apartments had a full-length mirror in the closet door, all the departments had closet and all the closet that large mirror.

Wendy, sitting on her bed, looked at that large mirror, the woman on the other side looked funny. Wendy tried to smile in front of the mirror in a seductive way. The woman in the mirror smiled back, only she did not look seductive but funny, with those huge rabbit teeth and those huge owl eyes. Then Wendy started thinking about Rose Wilkes. "Surely Rose would spend much of the day admiring her beauty in front of the mirror. Maybe if I was as pretty as Rose, I would do the same." Wendy thought.

The image of Rose in her mind became more real, suddenly she imagines her naked in front of the huge mirror in the bedroom, fogging the glass with her breath. Her hand passing gently on the glass of the mirror. With her nipples completely erect. "Surely Rose gets excited just by looking in the mirror, she's so beautiful." thought Wendy.

Without noticing Wendy's hand played under her pants gently caressing her vagina. The woman made small gasps that sounded a little like the squawk of a goose. Wendy's bony fingers entered her vagina softly. The woman was completely wet while she continued thinking about Rose Wilkes and her narcissism.

"Rose ... you're so cute, you're so beautiful." Wendy thought as those little goose squawks grew louder.

Suddenly in the dark of midnight, the sound of the great wooden door of the entrance was heard. And the image of Rose Wilkes changed to Marina Montecruz. Wendy quickly got up from her bed and began to look out the window of her room. It was Mariana. She had a strange device in her hands that had a phosphorescent green light. Suddenly Mariana stretched her hands to the sky and the strange phosphorescent light began to rise. "What the hell is that thing?" Wendy thought as she watched her hidden from her window.

The green light began to rise in the sky until it disappeared. Wendy was completely confused. "Who was that woman? What was she doing in that place?" Many similar questions began to creep into her head.

The morning of the next day was the most normal. Melissa was outside her apartment doing yoga and meditation exercises to encourage the soul. The gestures and the positions that Melissa did, could seem funny for somebody that was seeing it. She aspired pretty hard through her nose and exhaled drawing a big "O" through her mouth.

Rosa Wilkes stepped right away from her and did not greet her. Christine and Susan passed by her too, they greeted her and Melissa greeted them. Mariana stepped right away from her and did not greet her either. The woman looked quite focused with her yoga exercises. A few seconds after Mariana left the apartments, Wendy left her apartment.

"Melissa, I think something strange happens with that woman." Wendy said in a somewhat exalted tone. Melissa had her eyes closed and with a wave of her hand she made Wendy understand to wait. Then she gave three big exhalations while doing odd positions. Then take her normal appearance with a big smile on her mouth.

"What are you talking about?" She asked Wendy.

"That woman, Mariana ... yesterday she had a green light that she sent to the sky." Wendy Karpersky said in a somewhat hurried and impressed voice.

"That sounds funny hahaha." Melissa said smiling.

"But ... it did not seem like a normal light." Wendy said in a slower voice.

"Maybe she was trying to communicate with aliens haha." Melissa said.

Suddenly Wendy felt that Melissa did not take her seriously and decided to change the subject to a more common conversation. They talked about some unimportant things and the "party" they would do for Christmas. Apparently there would only be four people at that party. Wendy, Melissa, Christine and Susan, and if the delivery came before, Susan's baby.

At sunset, seeing that there were no obstacles. Wendy decided to approach department number eight to inspect these strange antennas more closely. As she thought those antennas seemed to have a rather sophisticated technology, she had never seen some of the parts in her robotics studies. Wendy moved closer to one of the antennas and was about to touch it when a voice behind her said.

"You should not touch what is not yours, girl."

The voice scared her to death, she froze for a few seconds, then she turned her head to see the woman who had scolded her. Those huge eyebrows furrowed in an angry way really scared her. It was Mariana who scolded her. Mariana could look rough when she got angry and frowned.

"I'm sorry ... I just wanted ..." Wendy did not know what to say, her words were clumsy as they came out of those big incisor teeth. You could notice that the woman was really scared.

"Listen girl, I want you outside of my things. You have five seconds." Mariana said in a haughty tone.

Wendy nodded and started walking towards her apartment. Suddenly Wendy began to have a strange feeling because of that woman, she was a scientist, she was a spy or maybe she was an alien. Wendy stopped suddenly and turned to Mariana. "NO!" She yelled at the woman.

Mariana stood watching this rather slim and funny-looking woman. Wendy began to approach Mariana slowly with an expression of anger (cute anger). Mariana only raised her left eyebrow as she watched the woman.

"Yesterday ... I saw what you did. That light did not seem normal." Said Wendy.

Mariana listened to her with her left eyebrow raised and with an arrogant expression.

"You're a pretty brave girl because of what I see, or maybe silly. You do not know what I'm doing and even then you come to threaten me." Mariana said with her eyebrows furrowed in anger.

Once again Wendy began to feel afraid of that woman, swallowed while watching her eyes.

"I'm looking for a friend." Mariana said. "Her name is Anna Morrison, she disappeared 8 years ago."

Wendy had a doubtful expression on her face.

"Now I have to find her before things start to get out of control ... really enough." Mariana said with a smile on her face. "What I want to say is that I take care that you can get to see your children, if you decide to have."

"I don't understand." said Wendy.

"You don't need to understand it." Mariana replied.

Hola :lol:

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I like how the settings and details are being well described before we get in the meat n potatoes of the story...

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part 4.- Choose a name.

Christine Steiner was driving a Focus. The woman was in a gray suit and tie. One of her big dark hands handled the steering wheel while the other put a song on the stereo of the car. They came from an ultrasound. It was a girl, the daughter they expected was a girl. The two women could not with happiness, not yet decided what would be the name they would give the baby. The two women talked about their plans in the future while songs of "MUSE" were heard on the car stereo.

"I will have a beautiful daughter. AAAAaahhhhh I'm so happy, we could call her Jacqueline or Rachel." Susan said excitedly.

"Later we will see the name of the baby, we also need to move from the departments. We need our own house." Christine said a little calmer but also excited to know the sex of the baby. "Maybe you should relax a little."

"Maybe you should relax a bit," Susan said whispering in Christine's ear as she made a mischievous girl's face. Susan's hand began to undo Christine's pants. Quickly she put her hand under Christine's panties and began to rub her vagina.

"Ahh wait. You don't see that I'm driving." Christine said.

"I love you," Susan would say. "We are going to have a girl, you are the person I love the most, you and my daughter will be the most important thing for me." Susan's hand was rubbing Christine's purple vagina with some delicacy but enough to begin moistening her panties.

"I love you too, woman, but we could wait until we get to the apartment." Christine said, she was getting aroused. The departments were close.The car stayed outside the apartments, parked at the entrance to the large wooden door. Next to Mariana's car, a Pick Up and a little Wendy's Chevrolet. Rose always went by taxi or companion in luxurious cars and Melissa on her reliable bicycle, always protecting the environment.

"I've been in talks with the company's management. They could transfer me to Italy, to Naples, at any time." Christine said driving the car while Susan kissed her neck and rubbed two of her fingers on Christine's clitoris. "Susan, I'm driving. Are you listening to me?"

"si amore. We will educate the baby in Italy, we can get used to this new environment." Susan said as she laid her head on Christine's shoulder, reaching the apartments. Christine felt pretty aroused. The two women got out of the car quickly and went to their apartment. Christine's nipples were quite erect because of Susan.

The two women entered the apartment, closed the door and shared a fairly passionate kiss. Susan began to undress Christine. Christine's dark body was athletic, with biceps marked in her stomach. Her breasts were medium. The muscles in her legs and arms were well formed. She felt like the man in the relationship. She liked to dominate the situation at a leisurely pace. Although Susan was more frantic, she tried to be more careful when it came to sex so as not to hurt the baby in her big belly.

Christine took Susan carefully to the bedroom and began to undress her, being very careful with the little human inside her uterus. Susan's skin was very white, her breasts were huge because of pregnancy, and her nipples had gotten darker and bigger too. Susan's stomach was huge and very hard, her navel had popped out. Susan felt quite strange, but she felt in love with Christine and her new daughter.

Christine undressed Susan completely. Susan was sitting on the bed while Christine was kneeling in front of her. Christine started kissing Susan's vagina. The vagina had beautiful curls around it, they felt spongy. Christine played with her tongue on Susan's clitoris, Susan's huge belly hitting Christine's forehead. Both tried to be very careful. Christine massaged Susan's legs on one of the legs was the tattoo of a star at the end of a rainbow.

Susan's vagina was starting to get wet. Christine was very good at giving oral sex, her big hands were rubbing Susan's stomach and her tongue came and went from that wet vagina.

"I'm going to cum, ahh." Susan said and an orgasm went to finish in Christine's mouth. Christine sucked the liquid from Susan's vagina.

"I love you," Christine said as she hugged Susan's stomach and gave her a kiss on the navel.

"I love you too," Susan said as she stroked Christine's short hair. The two women embraced, kissed and had sex like almost every night, each time with more care.

The next morning, Christine and Susan were on their way to work. The two women worked in offices in the center, although Susan was incapacitated because she was pregnant, she kept going to work and helping as much as she could, somehow she did not want to separate from Christine. She was afraid that one day she would disappear and never return. It was a thought that scared her since they agreed to take care of the baby together. Susan was trying to get away from that feeling.

"We will have a girl!" Susan said to Melissa quite excited. Melissa was putting colored lights on some pines in the apartment yard. That morning it was quite cold. The wind blew strong in moments. Melissa was wearing a red jacket with sheep's wool inside. She hummed Christmas carols. Despite being a hippie woman she loved all the celebrations and liked to celebrate them, especially Christmas. She turned to see the lesbian couple with her usual happy face.

"Ahhh excitement, you can call her "snowflake" hahaha." Melissa said with a smile.

"We have not thought of the name yet." Christine said.

"When you know it, I want to be the first to know." said Melissa, connecting the pines lights. Green, yellow, red, orange, blue. The colors went on and off while "Jingle Bells" sounded faintly. Melissa smiled like a little girl who loved Christmas..

That night a slight fog fell. Among the Christmas lights there were a few fireflies in the air.

Hola :lol:

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Well, this would be a long build…😅

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part 5.- Glamor and beauty.

Rose Wilkes was at the table of a restaurant-bar next to a lot of men and women who talked about business, financial projects and politics. That night Rose was quite bored and tired of the same talk and the same interests of all people, money.

"Does anyone have a cigarette?" Rose asked. Quickly the men around her took out a cigarette, they all offered a cigarette to that diva. Rose looked at them all, took a cigarette at random and got up from the table. That night Rose wore a beautiful black dress and her blond hair pulled up, in a very elegant, a princess-like hairstyle. At the meeting, she had been courted by a film producer, a Swiss businessman and an NFL player.

Rose was in the courtyard restaurant-bar "Amour de la Pleine Lune" observing the stars, there were some clouds in the sky, but the stars could be seen next to the moon. The cold felt strongly, it could hurt, numb your nose and freeze your ears.

"Why are you so alone, miss? Don't you think the cold is too strong?" Asked a blond man with a tuxedo and a Swiss accent. He carried Rose's white jacket up to the lady's shoulders.

"I'm bored." Rose said.

The man approached the woman, saw that the woman's cigarette was off and offered him fire. Rose brought the cigarette to the fire and lit it.

"I also enjoy seeing the moon and the stars." said the Swiss man.

"I never see them, I needed to get out of that place." Rose said as she sucked on her cigarette.

"Hahaha you are too beautiful, it must be a curse and a blessing at the same time. You can get what you want and whoever you want, but someone will always be bothering you." said the Swiss man. With a smile like Leonardo DiCaprio in titanic.

"I already have many things, I don't need more." Rose answered with her cigarette in her hand and a look of indifference.

"Maybe in Switzerland you find what you are looking for, that something that makes you feel alive. Maybe it can be me." The Swiss man said in a romantic voice. Rose looked at him a few seconds and made a big yawn.

"Can you take me to my house?" Rose asked. The wind froze more and more, the people in Jefferson were still waiting for the snowfall.

"It's an honor." The Swiss man replied.

On the way to the apartments Rose and the subject were quite quiet, the man tried to talk to the woman, but she only answered with a "yes" or a "no", sometimes with a "I don't know" or "I don't care."

"Park the car, I live around here." Rose said.

The man parked his elegant Porsche in front of Melissa's apartments and turned to see Rose as if waiting for a kiss. Rose got off the car quickly. "Thanks." She told the guy and walked quickly to the entrance of the apartments before the man said anything to her. She opened the big wooden door and entered. she heard how the Porsche was moving away.

The light from the yard and the multicolored lights of the pines were on, a melody could be heard playing "Jingle Bells." It was about 2 a.m. Rose's apartment was six and it was right next to apartment eight. There was little fog, also small fireflies that flew around the place, making a small buzz. Rose was heading to her apartment, but she could not stop seeing apartment number eight. The lights in that apartment were on. Rose watched these strange antennas circling and pointing skyward. For a moment she thought she saw one of the antennas becoming completely transparent, as if it were glass. Rose shook her head thinking it had been her imagination.

Rose entered her home, quickly took off her pumps and looked for blue slippers, went into the bathroom to urinate and then went to the bedroom. She looked for some garment to sleep in the closet and then closed it. For a few minutes she looked at the large mirror in the closet, observed the woman reflected in it. She was a beautiful woman, blonde wavy hair, big blue eyes, wide red lips, the woman was a blonde version of Jessica Rabbit. Rose approached her face a few inches from the mirror to better appreciate her face. At that moment the reflection said "I love you." Rose threw her body backwards onto the bed. "What the hell was that? A hallucination?" The woman thought, maybe she had drunk too much and had not noticed.

Rose Wilkes, the diva, the muse, the meaning of beauty. A woman who was not within reach of anyone, the money did not surprise her, nor the fame. That night Rose dreamed of stars and fireflies.

Hola :lol:

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part 6.- What is the plan?

A few days later, there was a very cold morning. There was little fog and the sky was completely cloudy. The clouds in the sky were gray, the snow could fall at any time. There were too many fireflies in the environment despite being quite cold, something very abnormal. That day all the tenants were inside their houses. Except Mariana, the woman was sitting on top of her house, next to the antenna she had placed. The woman held a strange transparent metal device in her hands. Wendy watched her from the entrance of her house while sipping a cup of green tea.

At that moment the wind blew hard. Mariana was pushed to her left, was about to slide and fall down that sloping roof. Wendy quickly left her house running to help Mariana.

Wendy was intrigued by the whole matter of the woman in department eight, the girl was sure that the woman knew secrets, knew something that other people did not even know existed. If there was any mystery in the universe that no one was informed of. Wendy Karpersky would be part of it.

"Do you need help?" Wendy asked.

Mariana holding a strange transparent sphere observed the girl from the roof of her house. Wendy observed how all kinds of strange symbols appeared from that sphere. It seemed information in some strange language.

"It's about to begin." Mariana said with a worried smile. "It can be today or tomorrow. This will be the place of the break, she will appear here ... This time I will have to catch her. " Mariana made a sad gesture. On the right side of the house there were stairs. Mariana began to descend carefully, holding the strange device with one arm. The icy wind blew strongly from time to time, pushing her hard. Wendy recognized the device Mariana carried in her hands. It was the same one from the other night.

"I don't understand what are you talking about?" Wendy said.

"I'll explain it better, I think it's no longer important to hide it. My friend has superpowers. She can fly, she can stop time, she can create parallel dimensions. She can fuck humanity in several ways in less than a second ... she can make things disappear completely." Mariana said with a look that was lost in the void. "She is dangerous and my mission is to stop her. And if I tell you the truth, I'm dying of fucking fear. I don't know what is going to happen." Mariana said in a very serious and worried voice.

"Superpowers? ... like the X-Men?" Wendy asked confused.

"I wish the damn X-Men were here." Mariana said. At that moment the icy wind blew again. The great gray clouds blocked the view towards the sky. The pines in the courtyard of the apartments moved along with the wind, making a faint sound of the leaves beating.

"Come, let's go into my apartment, after all I think I'll need your help." Mariana said with a serious face.

A small smile crossed the face of Wendy. She did not understand what was happening but sounded very important. The two women entered department number eight. Wendy quickly began to observe and analyze the strange devices within the department. There were all kinds of transparent devices that emitted symbols and lights. A large console with a huge monitor was on the table in the room. The console was full of strange symbols. Circles, rhombuses, pentagons, a kind half circle with two points up and down, an elongated triangle with ovals around, all kinds of shapes and figures. None of that seemed to come from a human language.

"Are you a scientist?" Wendy asked, excited and intrigued.

"Never finish the damn university. Listen girl, for this mission you just need a lot of courage ... and also be crazy. Pretty crazy. I don't know how most machines work, I just know that they help me find her." Mariana said as she took a chewing gum from her jacket and began to chew it. When she felt stressed or worried she started chewing gum to calm herself down. It helped her avoid thinking about smoking a cigarette.

"These devices are very strange, the material they are made of ..." Wendy said watching closely some of the strange objects that Mariana had in her house. "... I have so many doubts."

"Listen, this is what we will do. When my friend appears around here I will point her with the antennas that are outside from this monitor. If anything happens and the antennas cann't hit the target. We will have to direct them manually. When we catch her they will come down from sky and take her away. After, everything will be over, we will have saved the universe. It sounds simple right?. So what do you say four eyes, are you in?" Mariana said in a voice that sounded true, As if everything she was saying were true. Wendy did not know what to believe, but of something she was sure, that technology was not normal, she had never seen that kind of material. Also, this could be a more interesting Christmas than being at her parents' house listening to the stories of her drunk uncle Robert Karpersky, of how the bank stole him a fortune from his internet company.

"Ok I'll help you, you're Mariana, right?" Wendy asked.

"Yes, Mariana Montecruz, what is your name, four eyes?" Mariana asked.

"Wendy Karpersky, people call me "bunny"." Wendy smiled showing her two large incisor teeth. A small smile was drawn on Mariana's mouth.

"Ok. "bunny" get ready for anything. You've seen those fireflies that have appeared all over the yard. Take care of them." Mariana said with a smile trying to block her worry. "Go home, I'll need you later."

Wendy accepted with the head and left the department of Mariana towards hers. Wendy had no idea what she had just gotten herself into, but she felt excited.

That afternoon Melisa was naked in her greenhouse. There was a music player next to her playing strange instrumental melodies, while she danced with strength and rhythm. The 45-year-old woman wore a headscarf in the style of Jimmy Hendrix, her wavy brown hair falling to her back. The rest of her body was naked, her shoulders were on the side of her back completely full of freckles. Melissa had an attractive body. She was a thin woman, with breasts the size of large oranges and a flat stomach. She was very flexible in her movements. She danced a strange ancient dance so that the plants of her greenhouse could grow strong and continue to give fruits and flowers.

The woman said to be in harmony with nature and know how to know it. Even, she did not use the bathroom, she preferred to fertilize plants with her excrement. She was a vegetarian and ate only vegetables and seeds, said that her excrement was as natural as any animal. The tenants she has had, knew some of her exotic actions. That's why some called her crazy.

Several fireflies had invaded the greenhouse. Melissa continued to dance with force and did not pay attention to the small lights that began to appear and disappear in the place making a small buzz.


In the next chapter begins the duplication XD

Hola :lol:

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