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PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 8:48 am 
Master Sergeant
Master Sergeant

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Well, it's filming day on the "Dick Van Dyke Show" set in early 1963. Things are going swimmingly... Rob got caught making googley eyes at the new female secretary at the office, and Laura is giving him the cold shoulder. It's certainly going to be another smart, enjoyable episode, you bet.

The crew takes a break, and Ms. Moore heads to her dressing room. She sits, fires up a cigarette, pounds down a cup of coffee, and closes her eyes for a few minutes. She lets out a sigh, already tired from the day's shooting. Finally mustering up the strength to head back out, she walks slowly to the set, when she is met by a very odd vision. There's another one of her talking to the director! She stops, confused by what she is seeing. Suddenly, the other Ms. Moore glances over to see her duplicate slack jawed at the sight.

"Who ARE you?" one Ms. Moore says to the other.

"Who are YOU?!?" the other Ms. Moore replies.

The other actors and the director are dumbfounded about what they are seeing. I mean, one young Ms. Moore is enough to make any man explode... can you imagine what having two of her on the set will do? The two identical women slowly move towards each other, each saying... muttering... "this can't be happening"... "this can't be real!"... "what is going on?"

"Hold it! Hold it!" the direction yells out, "I don't how this could be real... but, Mary, there's two of you... and we can use that in our show!"

"Oh, really?" both Marys say at the same time, "Have you stopped to think about MY feelings?"

"We can't have there be two of you, Mary, that just wouldn't work," the director replied, "No one would believe it, of course.!

"Of course!" both Marys answered.

At this point, Mr. Van Dyke, seeing spots before his eyes, wandered to his dressing room, feeling an immediate need to masturbate.
Two of the cameramen fired up cigarettes and asked to be excused, their eyes glued on the beautiful, identical women, both dressed in loose sweaters and tight leotards.

"One of you go in a change... we'll say that Laura has a twin... an identical twin! We'll wing in from there," the director said.

The two identical women stared at each other... first, both of them made a move towards the dressing room, then they stopped, until one of them ran off to the dressing room alone.

"She can't be me!" the remaining Mary cried, "This is impossible! This is a dream!"



PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:09 pm 
Major General
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Fascinating start. Hoping for a erotic catfight of some kind. This was one of my fantasies with my teachers back when I was in 5th-7th grade. Where one teacher would accidentally bump into another her, then dispute, but in my scenario, probably only a fight or competition could settle the problem because both teachers won't back down and accuses the other of being the fake when its probably a body split scenario meaning that both teachers are actually 1/2 of the original and both are just as real and original as the other is.

I always fantasize how the teachers would go about on who's in charge. Rock, Paper, Scissors, I love the syncing sounds and lol always to a standstill, arm-wrestling, strip-fight, nude wrestling, test of strength, maybe a contest of knowledge and whoever gets the answer correct wins, a unfair advantage number guessing game where a student ask both teachers to say a number that the student is thinking, a teaching style competition and voting where both teachers get to teach one full day and the students will vote on which of the teachers gets to be in charge, or maybe a mercy type challenge where both teachers interlock fingers and start to cause the other pain, whoever cries mercy is the loser. In my fantasy, whichever scenario it may be, the loser is gonna be in for a great amount of pain, usually going to be tied up to a chair and will be dealt-ed with by the winner at the end of the class. And usually fun for the winner and not fun for the loser, maybe sexual torture.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:11 am 
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She was definitely a hottie.


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