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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:38 pm 
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Hi guys

I will try to make another horror story

Warning: Horror Story.

this will have a slow and long long built.


Part 1.- Kudryavtseva

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Year 2023

"Action!" Kirochka Kudryavtseva shouted with a Russian accent from her director's seat. A sexy 33 year old woman born in the city of Yekaterinburg, Russia. She was wearing black leather pants and a black bodice that showed the top of her huge "C" size breasts. Her hair was dark and straight, reaching to her shoulders. Kirochka's face resembled Angelina Jolie's in Maleficent, she even put on make-up in a very similar way to Walt Disney's character, with thick red lips and purple eyelids, only that Kirochka had even more evil features and a smile that was really scary. Upon hearing the scream of Kirochka everyone took positions inside the medieval-style room and the camera began recording.

A tall, muscular man dressed in a black reverend outfit pulled out his 12-inch big penis and began inserting it inside the vagina of one of the two vampire women who were on the film set. A blonde woman was penetrated by the man while the other watched them making wild gestures with their long fangs and clawing at their partner's ass with their huge claws. The room had a style of the year 1300, the light of forty candles was the only thing that illuminated the place. The three actors were on a large four-poster bed with red curtains, white silk sheets and surrounded by beautiful wooden furniture with Gothic-medieval engravings. The blonde woman let out loud, wild screams as the man with the big cock impaled her without mercy and recited some sacred passages while reading his bible. They were filming "Vampiric sex at midnight" the latest film from Kirochka. A porn movie about vampire women, vampire hunters and stuff. For some reason the only way to defeat the vampire women was to fuck them while somebody recited some prayers out loud (¿¿¿-_-u???). Kirochka had a large number of followers in the porn industry. Her films were downloaded quickly from the Internet, some as The Sexual Adventures of Mrs. Frankenstein and The Orgy of the Living Dead were among her best projects. Actors from the porn industry were interested in the roles for her films. After all, some Hollywood actors started making porn movies. The woman was very professional in her projects and that was recognized. Kirochka films had a good budget on special effects to be porn movies.

"Cut!" Kirochka shouted with her Russian accent. The lights of the place lit up and the candles went out. "That's it for today, next week we will film the final part of the city." Despite being a woman from Russia and living in Netherlands, she communicated in English with people to be able to make herself understood anywhere, she had a very marked Russian accent. There was a small meeting between the actors and the other people who were in that place, then everyone started to leave the film set that was actually the house of Kirochka that was conditioned with a Gothic aesthetic of the XI-XV century. Only Kirochka and another woman remained in the room.

"This movie will be great," said Michelle Herbert. The right hand of Kirochka, the one in charge of recording the scenes with the camera, supervising the sound, special effects, editing and all kinds of details of Kirochka's films. Michelle was a woman from West Sussex, England. She was a thin woman with long brown hair, wearing it in the shape of a ponytail. She always wore a black cap by the movie Pulp Fiction. She had black eyes and a beautiful and pretty face, something similar to Jennifer Aniston. She always dressed in a disinterested way, tennis converse, jeans and a worn denim jacket.

"The horror porn film industry has grown a lot in recent years. Those of the producer have asked me for one more film ending this one." Kirochka said sitting down on the big bed of medieval court.

"Your movies are downloading very fast from the internet, they will not let you go while you keep getting money." Said Michelle.

“Bwa ha ha ha ha ha.” Kirochka's laughter was really scary, she looked like a real evil woman every time she laughed. It was a slow, serious sound. "Screw them all!! I make films for the love of art and sex ... horror and fear, not for the damn money."

"Ha ha ha, you're really passionate about your work." Michelle said as she kept the camera. "So ... will you make that other movie?"

"Sure, as long as the producer pays what is necessary, it's fine with me." Kirochka said smiling. "Any ideas about the new movie?"

"How about a movie about ... mmmmmmmm ... werewolves."

"Those from Creep Night productions are filming something with werewolves." Kirochka said while lighting a cigarette.

"How about a movie in hell where the demons have sex while torturing the poor souls in pain." Michelle said.

"Can be. We could recreate the hell using a big green screen." Kirochka said.

"Mmmmm... How about something with clones."

"Clones?" Kirochka asked.

"Yes, it can be a big orgy of clones and in the end everyone has to kill each other." Michelle said.

"Mmmm ... It sounds interesting." Kirochka said with her malevolent smile. "But how would we represent the clones?"

"Simple, we can use twins or lookalikes. Some split-screen effects and we would not have to spend a lot on scenography design." Michelle said.

"I like that idea. I want Sophia Lover for the lead role." Kirochka said.

"Yes, I will contact her agent immediately. "Michelle said with a cute smile.

Sophia Lover was a 20-year-old American woman, blonde, with huge breasts and a big ass. She had bitch face. It had become a sensation in porn movies in recent years. Despite having a beautiful and voluminous body, what made her really famous in the porn industry was her ability to shoot strong orgasms 5 yards away. When the woman reached orgasm she looked like a water hose. Everyone went crazy for that woman and her incredible orgasmic capacity.

Kirochka approached Michelle. "But first, how about we play a little." Kirochka said into Michelle's ear as she pressed one of Michelle's breasts tightly.

Michelle gave a sigh and a small moan of pain. "Agghh Yes, Kiry (sweetie name)." Michelle said.

Kirochka slapped Michelle's face hard. Michelle's cap flew out of her head. "How should you respond?" Kirochka said smiling malevolently.

"Yes, my queen." Michelle said as she rubbed her cheek because of the slap.

Kirochka was a woman who enjoyed violent sex. She liked to dominate her partner, whether man or woman or something in between. She was a woman who loved fetish games and felt superior. The woman liked to hit and humiliate her sexual partners in different ways and with different games. She was a dominatrix. In her home there were all kinds of sex toys; vibrators, handcuffs, whips, dildos, strip-ons, ropes to tie her prey, small clamps to cause pain. She felt a great arousal torturing her sexual partners. Her taste for this kind of fetishes led her to the world of pornography. That and her right hand or as she called her when she began to get turned on slave bitch.

Michelle was a relaxed and calm person. She met Kirochka twelve years ago in London. Since then they have worked together. For some reason Michelle turned on to turn on Kirochka. When the two were together in intimacy, Michelle was transformed into slave bitch. Michelle did practically anything to turn on Kirochka, she even allowed herself to be tortured. Michelle knew that Kirochka had a fascination for the perverse. But never to the point of really hurting her, just a little bit sometimes when Kirochka flown off the handle. Michelle got excited by being humiliated by Kirochka and Kirochka liked to humiliate. Quickly there was a connection between them, not to mention their work in the movies.

Kirochka's house was big. It was a three-story black house, which functioned as a film set for some shots of her films. The house had been conditioned to have a Gothic appearance. There were paintings of landscapes and people from the 14th century in Europe. In the living room there was an incredible picture of five yards x six yards, which represented the three books of Dante Alighieri's divine comedy; Hell with its demons at the bottom. Souls in pain wandering through purgatory in half. And on top, paradise with the angels flying around. One of the rooms on the third floor of the house was a small museum where they were from gargoyles that belonged to ancient castles in Europe to utensils that belonged to the czars of the old monarchies of Russia. On the second floor was the game room. A room where Kirochka practiced dominatrix with her different partners, had a whole collection of strange machines to cause pain and pleasure.

"Kiss my feet." Kirochka said to Michelle.

"Yes, my queen." Michelle answered as she knelt before Kirochka. Kirochka took off her big high heels and lifted one of her legs wrapped in a black silk stocking in front of Michelle's face. Michelle started kissing Kirochka's foot. Her tongue passed over the fingers wrapped in silk stocking. Michelle's saliva moistened the entire stocking. Suddenly Kirochka kicks Michelle's face hard. The blow sends Michelle to fall on her back on the floor.

"I changed my mind, I want to be alone." Kirochka said with her serious and evil face.

"But my queen." Michelle said rubbing her nose and with a small tear coming out of her left eye from the pain of the blow.

"That you leave!" Kirochka shouted. Apparently she was suffering one of her drastic mood swings, quite common in her.

"As you say, Kiry." Michelle said and headed to the exit of the room. Michelle was already used to these sudden mood swings.

"Michelle." Kirochka said before Michelle left.

"Yes Kiry?" Michelle asked.

"What do you think The massacre of the clones for the title of the film?" Asked Kirochka.

"I love it." Michelle said with a smile and left the room.

Hola :lol:

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Good start. I am excited to see how this goes!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:05 pm 
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I love everything of this story, i love the context i love the characters and i love how they interact.

I just hope that soon each character meet her other self / clone etc.


PostPosted: Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:46 pm 
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Thnx guys.

I have finished this story, I just need to translate it.
but I have some problems with the translation and some parts don't convince me.


Part 2.- An unexpected visit.

Kirochka's house was in the south area of Amsterdam. The city is one of the most beautiful in the world. Any tourist who visits it for the first time fall in love with its classic-style buildings and its first-class museums. Although it is also known for its drug abuse, rampant sex and endless parties. Paradise for crazy teenagers looking for fun.

Kirochka was walking on one of the bridges over the canals of the city watching the sunset. The orange tones on the water reminded her of a painting by van Gogh. While walking, she observed a small white cat watching her over one of the bridge rails. The cat called her curiosity and approached to it.Lady BonBon It read on the collar it wore around its neck. The plushy white cat gave a meow and ran over the bridge. Kirochka watched it until it was out of her sight, and kept walking.

Kirochka arrived at her house. The woman began to look for the keys of her house inside her handbag. The afternoon light began to finish and the darkness began to cover the streets that were illuminated by the lamps of the city. Kirochka entered the house closing the door behind her. Suddenly in the middle of the darkness a cat meow was heard in one of the armchairs in the room. Kirochka was frightened, she had no animals. She quickly turned on the light and watched as the same cat a few moments ago was inside her house.

"Какого черта…" Kirochka mumbled.

"Hello Kirochka." said a voice from an armchair in the living room. The armchair had its back to the entrance so Kirochka could not see who it was.

"Who you are?? How did you get in?" Kirochka said scared with her Russian accent.

A blonde woman with short hair, big cheekbones, small round glasses and about forty-five years old got up from the armchair. "You're not going to greet your teacher."

Kirochka was frozen and a smile appeared on her face. All of Kirochka's smiles looked malevolent because of her face. "Professor Sonya Lincoln, I haven't seen you for years." Professor Sonya was Kirochka's first love at the university. At that time they both lived in London. Kirochka was a Physics student at the University of London and Sonya was her teacher. Far from being the porn director with an evil appearance of today. At that time Kirochka was a shy woman, she was always a goth girl, with acne problems on her face. Dr. Sonya was the person Kirochka most admired and loved at the end of her adolescence. Sonya had noticed how the girl coming from Russia was very good with diferential calculus and advanced problems of thermodynamics. At that time Kirochka had difficulties to socialize with the other students, besides she did not master English perfectly. So Dr. Sonya came over to help her. Kirochka quickly fell in love with that strong and intelligent woman who reminded her of Russian women. Sonya and Kirochka spent hours solving difficult mathematical equations and organizing new physical theorems. Until one day the doctor did not appear at the university, she had disappeared without saying anything. The sadness of Kircohka led her to the world of parties, drugs and sex. Little by little the shy girl transformed into a fetishist dominatrix.

"Porn movies ha ha ha ha ha ha." Dr. Sonya said. "You left a promising career at the university. To record people disguised as zombies fucking."

"I like my work, for me it's art." Kirochka said with a smile.

"What a stupid way to waste the life on earth." Sonya said, fitting a small round glasses. "For some reason I've been thinking about you lately. You were always my favorite student, and today I came to Amsterdam to show you my affection ..." Kirochka was intrigued by Sonya's words. "... I come to give you the gift of immortality." Sonya said smiling.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Kirochka, intrigued.

"Unlike you and all humans on this insignificant planet, I have not been wasting my time with nonsense." Sonya said holding a strange black metal box. "I've been working on pretty complicated devices. I admit that without the help of space beings. I would not have gotten that far but ..."

"Space beings?" Kirochka asked.

"Have you seen the internet videos?" Sonya asked.

"Do you mean those strange phenomena in the sky around the world?" Kirochka asked. For some reason when Kirochka was with Sonya she did not behave like the wicked woman but as the shy girl of the university.

"They are aliens. I've been working with them." Sonya said with a smile." You would not believe the things they can do." Those words sounded intriguing enough. Sonya turned to see the great picture of the divine comedy in the living room of the house. "Angels, spirits and demons. I was never a woman who thought too much about all those stories full of fantasy that religion has. But lately I start thinking that religion and science may not be so hard-fought. Science has the power to make fantasy come true... Sometimes I thought, and if there really was a hell for all those people who have been dominated by perversion, what would happen if someone had created the hell for us... The death... It has always been the great problem of humanity, the great mystery and the great concern of all as individuals... Hahahahaha but who cares about death and hell when you can avoid them." Kirochka noticed how Sonya's look seemed to be lost in the great picture of the divine comedy. Sonya's face reflected complete madness.

"This is my gift to you Kirochka." Sonya said handing Kirochka the black device. It was a box similar to a play station with a display screen on top, it had a kind of camera lens in the front. "In this device is the secret of immortality. You can live forever, without worrying about the harmful death. With this gift I hope you return to the path of science and research, I need many more people like you to help me hahahahahaha and I hope you leave that pornography nonsense." Sonya slowly approached Kirochka and kissed her thick red lips, then headed for the exit. "See you Kirochka. Until the end of time."

"But…. How does this work?" Kirochka asked in her Russian accent.

"Have fun discovering it hahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaaa." Sonya left the house followed by the white cat who was in the armchair.

Kirochka was confused by the sudden visit of the woman she had loved in her time in college, she observed the strange device in her hands for a while. "Immortality." Kirochka thought.

Fifteen years ago Kirochka was one of the most prominent students at the University of London. A shy and serious girl like most of the geniuses. But that was fifteen years ago. Life changed Kirochka drastically. Unbridled sex had become her addiction for a while. The shy girl had disappeared to become a fetishist bitch. She liked to feel powerful. Science never again mattered to her. Now she was a director of porn movies.

"The secret of immortality." The words are repeated inside her head.

Hola :lol:

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This one will be awesome !!

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Part 3.- The old beer cellar.

Seven months later
 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sophia Lover was the dream of many men. A beautiful blonde woman with huge breasts and round ass with the ability to bathe anyone with her exaggerated orgasms. Sophia was drinking a beer with Michelle Hebert in a private bar in the city of Amsterdam. That day Die Antwoord was presented live and heard "I Fink U Freeky" at full volume, Yolan-di Vi$$er showed her ass to the audience while she sang.

"That's the script for the movie." Michelle Hebert said as she sipped her blue drink. Michelle wore her inseparable Pulp Fiction cap, a gray vest, a The Clash t-shirt, jeans and green converse tennis.

"Sounds interesting." Sophia said with her bitch face, as she sipped her beer. "And very exciting, mmmmmm... Several Sophia Lover sharing the same scene. If I tell you the truth one of my fantasies is to suck my own vagina until it is completely dry haha."

"That can only be possible with the magic of special effects." Michelle said as she took another drink.

"So, my character and all her clones fight to the death in a kind of bloody orgy... it's very daring, it's the first time I make a movie of this kind. I'm curious about the details." Sophia said.

"For the final fight we will use several doubles. A little paint simulating the blood and with the computer we will do the rest. In itself it will be a simple movie." Michelle said.

"Hahaha Ok. Then next week we start The massacre of the clones, but where is the director? I thought she would meet with us today." Sophia said as she pulled a thin cigarette out of a case and set it on fire. Sophia offered a cigarette to Michelle. She took one.

"Kirochka will meet us on the day of filming. She managed to get hold of an old beer cellar in a village near Arnhem. It has already been conditioned in the form of a large dungeons for filming." Michelle said while smoking the cigarette.

"I hope the conditions of the place are the most appropriate. I don't want to get infected with some strange disease." Sophia said.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine." Michelle said with a pleasant smile.


Three vehicles traversed the beautiful Dutch fields and reached a town 20 minutes from the city of Arnhem. On the edge of the place was the cellar where The massacre of the clones would be filmed. A large white Ford truck driven by Michelle, where the entire things for filmig was; the cameras, lights, a smoke machine, scenography. Peter Moore was driving a Corvette Stringray, in the back of the car was Kirochka Kudryavtseva. Peter Moore was an American who helped in set design and usually performed in the Kirochka movies doing some sex scene. The third vehicle was a dark blue Lamborghini driven by Diederick Landerweerd, husband and manager of Sophia Lover. A fifty-year-old Dutchman who looks like twenty years old. He wore a tight white t-shirt that showed off his athletic body and dark sunglasses. He was a handsome blond man. He also knew the business of pornography very well. He did not expect Sophia to come to Hollywood someday, but she let the twenty-year-old girl dream. On the other hand, a rol for a Kirochka film was very well paid. He could get some euros to go live with his Brazilian girlfriend for a while. Everyone got out of the cars.

"It's cold." Sophia said.

"It's hotter in the cellar." Michelle replied.

The cars were on the edge of the village, you could see the huge green meadows that crossed the road and were lost in sight with their mountains, the town was full of very old houses. The place was very beautiful. A few people walked happily through the streets. It was a rather cold morning. Kirochka and the others were standing in front of a wooden door that led to an underground cellar that stored beer on tap in old times. And that much earlier was used as a refuge for criminals wanted by the Holy Inquisition. Only that nobody remembers. That is why the cellar was somewhat deep underground and quite spacious. Everyone went down a long staircase. Kirochka turned on the lights.

"This place is horrible, it seems to be infested with rats." Sophia said with a disgusted face. The floor was concrete and the walls of large gray bricks that seemed to have mold and fungus, the place smelled of a lot of humidity. (It looked a bit like the place where you fight Shang Tsung in the first Mortal kombat of snes, but not so grim.)

"Do you really expect me to undress and have sex here?" Sophia said with a face of repulsion for the place.

"Quiet sweetheart, it will only be some scenes, then you and I will be in Japan navigating some of its seas." said Diederick Landerweerd while hugging his wife. The man had met Sophia at a McDonald's in New Jersey. She worked at the cash register. Landerweerd after seducing the woman, fuck her and see her incredible orgasmic power, quickly recognized a porn star.

"The place must look perfect, to convey the atmosphere of horror and claustrophobia that I look for." Kirochka said. "Pete lowers all the things of the truck." Kirochka ordered.

"Ok." said Peter, going up again to the surface. Michelle inspected the place. There were several huge rooms next to each other separated by huge stone arches. The place was really scary. There were spotlights hanging from the ceiling that lit the place a bit. Diederick went up to help Peter with things.

"So the movie is me running away and having sex with my clones, right?" Sophia asked with her bitch face. "Splashing blood everywhere." Kirochka said with a much more bitch smile. "First we will shoot the scenes where you appear alone and some scenes in Amsterdam. Then, in the coming weeks, the girls will come to help us represent your clones."

"And they look like me, they can release an orgasm five yards away." Sophia said raising an eyebrow and with a superiority smile.

"We got a few blonde girls. We will overlap your face and your orgasms in the editing." Kirochka answered.

Peter and Diederick had finished bringing the things they would use to film in the coming weeks. Michelle and Peter began to assemble lighting and set design; Peter drilled some chains with shackles on the wall, Michelle did her thing by putting some bases to place torches, the smoke machine created a white smoke that was kept on the floor of the dungeon. Everyone was preparing to film some scenes of Sophia nude.

"This place is unpleasant." Sophia muttered angrily as she took off her clothes. "I hope we shoot everything as quickly as possible." Sophia's breasts were huge with beautiful pink nipples. Her ass was round and soft. The woman had a very beautiful and well-formed body.

"Sophia. In this scene you will run scared to death through the dungeon. You will stop for a moment and begin to walk slowly turning around with a frightened face." Kirochka said. "Okay. Ready. Action!!"

Sophia began to run completely naked through the dungeon. Her breasts bounced with each step she took. Sophia's blond, straight hair was ruffled all the way around as she made expressions of horror with her face. Thus they began to record the first scenes of the film.

Hola :lol:

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The anticipation is building....Love where this is going thus far.

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The anticipation is building....Love where this is going thus far.
Agree, but thus far, we have yet to see a MOH/TOH scene. Lol. I loved Markometalhead's last story, lol, hope this time its more extreme and hardcore. I love it when there is tension.

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Part 4.1.- Script Summary:
  "The massacre of the clones."
   Written by Kirochka Kudryavtseva.

First scene.

Sophia Lover (Blonde, American woman, nice ass, 20 years old) was walking around Amsterdam with her friends (Panoramic shot of the beautiful streets of Amsterdam at night. Electronic music background). Sophia arrives at a club and asks for a drink while chatting and dancing with her friends (Several quick shots of the girls having fun). Sophia was dancing with a glass of beer in her hand enjoying the party, suddenly one of her female friends approaches her and gives her a sensual kiss on the lips, puts a pill in Sophia's mouth and they start kissing passionately (Music trance at full volume, several quick shots while the flashes of the lights in the place create an effect of confusion).

Sophia begins to feel bad and goes to the table where her other friends were, she makes her way through the people who dance while beads of sweat begin to appear on her forehead, at the table her friends ask her if she feels well (First-person shots from Sophia's perspective combined with foreground shots to the face Sophia walking through the people soaked in sweat and with a pale tone. When the shot changes to the first person the image is blurred and the music is heard quite strange, slow and deep).

Sophia begins to feel too bad and to have the feeling of wanting to vomit, gets up quickly from the table and goes to the ladies' room. She enters and quickly goes to one of the toilets where she starts to vomit, wipes her mouth with her hand and looks in the mirror at her back (Sophia's fuzzy, first-person shots entering the bathroom. First-person shots and foreground shots of Shopia vomiting on the toilet. Full shot from Sophia's back vomiting. Electronic music slowly begins to mix with tension music).

Sophia is in front of the mirror and the bathroom sinks. Opens a faucet and begins to splash her face with water (Foreground shot from Sophia's back looking in the mirror. Close up to Sophia wetting her face).

Sophia sees again the mirror in the bathroom and behind her is a woman exactly like her with the same green blouse and miniskirt but with a baseball bat, Sophia is petrified by the impact (Tension music faster), the other woman's face looks angry. The clone lifts the bat and hits Sophia on the head with force (The whole shot is recorded from Sophia's back looking at the bathroom mirror. The tension of the music reaches its maximum at the moment of the blow. Close up to Sophia's face when she falls fainted on the sink).

Second scene

Sophia opens her eyes (The first person shot begins completely white-reddish and with a labored breathing), the woman was covered of full body with a white sheet, quickly removed it and begins to look around scared and breathing hard). She was completely naked on a hospital stretcher inside a horrible dungeon: There were several torches in the walls, the floor of the place was covered by a slight white smoke, around there were more stretchers that seemed to have bodies covered by sheets on them (Foreground shot of Sophia on the stretcher focusing on her breasts. Long shot to the whole room: there were about forty stretchers arranged in rows. Mystery music).

Sophia gets up from her stretcher and passes by the other stretchers slowly, she notices that there are bodies under the sheets of the stretchers, her face is completely confused and terrified (Foreground shot of Sophia's nude body focusing on her breasts as she walks watching the stretchers). Then she tries to get out as quickly as possible from the place and starts running on a long hallway inside the dungeon. (Shot from Sophia's back as she starts running on the aisle, focusing on her ass, zoom in on her bouncing breasts).

Sophia ran down the hallway until she had to turn a corner, at that moment the woman collided with the body of another woman who also came running from the other end, and the two fell to the ground (Shot in movement from Sophia's back running down the hallway, foreground shot of Sophia crashing into another Sophia, will be used a double).Sophia quickly reincorporates to see the other woman who was an exact copy of Sophia naked. The two women had a panicked face, they stared at each other for a few seconds. There was a loud double scream (Long shot of the two women looking horrified, split-screen effects, shot from the perspective of a terrified Sophia, the camera crawls to a shot from the perspective of the other Sophia. Suspense music).

There is confusion, some babbling and a small dialogue between the two women about their identities and where they were. The two women were terrified seeing each other leaning each one against a wall (Long shot of the two women facing each other. Foreground shot of a Sophia babbling things, then without making a cut the camera moves to a foreground shot of the other Sophia also babbling, the camera moves of a woman to the other without making a cut while talking). The two women approach little by little with fear and intertwine the fingers of one hand while remaining uncertain. Then they bring their faces closer and get lost in a sensual erotic kiss (Foreground shot of the two women approaching and intertwining their fingers. Movement shot around the two women kissing zooming their faces, filming with a double then using special effects to replace it by Sophia as in the rest of the scenes).

The two Sophias pressed the breasts of their clone while continuing to kiss in the thick white smoke. The women hook their legs in scissor position and begin rubbing their vaginas against each other while moaning with pleasure. The two women are in ecstasy. One Sophia starts to suck the erect nipple of her clone while the other has her head towards the ceiling with her eyes closed (Foreground shot of the two Sophias having sex, several camera angle changes. Music of Soft voices of women style opera).

The two Sophias are close to reaching orgasm while they continue rubbing their vaginas together (Foreground shot of a Sophia from behind while her breast is sucked by her clone). The Sophia who had her head pointing towards the ceiling opens her eyes and sees the naked image of another Sophia with a baseball bat and angry (Sophia's first person shot when she opens her eyes and sees her clone with the bat, the music changes drastically to one of horror). Sophia screams in horror and at that moment her clone hits her directly with the bat in her face breaking her nose (Foreground shot of the blow, blood splashing everywhere. Close up to Sophia's fainted face with a broken nose and full of blood). The other Sophia who was sucking her clone's nipple, quickly moves away, crawling herself with her ass on the floor and completely horrified (Movement shot following Sophia head-on crawling across the floor mortally scared. Foreground shot Sophia's back crawling on her buttocks and watching the other Sophia with the baseball bat hitting her clone violently).

Third scene.

Sophia gets up and runs desperately through the corridors of the dungeon, is completely horrified and crying (Movement shot following Sophia running. Suspense music. Henceforth the main Sophia will be Sophia-P). Sophia-P begins to cross through several corridors (Sophia's first person shot seeing the corridors and entering them; left, right, left, left ..., Close up to her face while she runs scared and crying). Sophia-P runs until she reaches a room that disturbs her even more. Sophia-P screams in horror (Close up to Sophia's horrified face). There were several naked Sophia Lover in handcuffs with shackles and chains to the wall. Some had their bodies completely full of blood, they seemed to be dead, they had blows on the body. Other Sophias were alive and begged, shouting and crying to Sophia-P to release them. Some Sophias looked less bloody than others. Many cries and voices of supplication were heard at the same time (Long shot in movement of the room, turning 360 degrees from the center. Many screams are heard).

In one of the corridors of the room you can see the silhouette of a woman approaching with a baseball bat (Foreground shot to the dark corridor lit by a few torches). Sophia-P sees her come with a panic (Foreground shot to Shopia-P). The Sophia with the baseball bat arrives to the chained Sophias' room where the light of the torches gives her completely, she had a bitch face and a serious gesture (Foreground shot to Sophia with the bat). Sophia's face with the bat changes to an angry one and she rushes forward with a shout (Foreground shot of Sophia-P's back as she sees her clone approaching violently). Sophia with the baseball bat passes next to Sophia-P, who covered herself with her hands, and attacked another Sophia who also had a baseball bat and who was behind Sophia-P (Movement shot from Sophia-P's perspective: Sophia with the bat passing next to Sophia-P and attacking the other Sophia with bat).

The two Sophias with bats beat each other with them and used them as if they were swords or clubs (Foreground shot of the Sophias fighting, in the background Sophia-P watching the fight). One woman hit the other in the stomach, the other thumped on the thigh, beat on all the bodies; the flesh of her breasts and buttocks vibrated with each stroke (Foreground shot of the fight. Close up to the ass, vagina and breasts of women shaking violently). All the other Sophias watched with horror and screams (Long shot of the room).

The two women beat each other without mercy, their bodies began to show bruises. With the tip of their bats the two women began to hit the vagina of their clone, while they gathered their sweaty and angry bodies, and they observed each other (Foreground shot of the women watching each other with the bats hitting their vaginas).

The two women were violently pressing the tip of the baseball bat into the vagina of their clone, trying to insert it. Little by little, the bats enter the vagina of the clones with force while they curse and scream in pain and arousal. (Foreground shot of the two women inserting the bats in the vaginas. Zoom in on the vaginas with the baseball bats inserting little by little).

The Sophias begin to scream like crazy while they insert the bats when, without warning, a great orgasm comes out through their vaginas obstructed by the bats splashing everywhere (Foreground shot of the women giving a huge shout of pleasure and splashing orgasm around with the bats inserted in their vaginas).

The women fall to the floor with their buttocks while they feel the pleasure of orgasm, take the bats out of their vaginas to be able to release the orgasm completely and leave them aside. The two women bathed completely each other, light tremors shake their bodies and turn their eyes back as they enjoy the powerful moment (Foreground shot to the women. Movement shot around the Sophias as they bathe each other and squirm in pleasure).

At that moment a hit streak the head of a Sophia with force, it was Sophia-P who had taken one of the baseball bats (Foreground shot of the blow). The unconscious body of the beaten Sophia wallowed on the floor while squirting orgasms continued to come out of her vagina (Foreground shot to the body of the fainting Sophia focusing on her orgasms). The other Sophia on the floor was still trembling with pleasure and with her eyes turned when Sophia-P also hits her hard in the face, this time blood splashes Sophia-P's body. The unconscious woman with blood on her face continued to release her orgasms unconsciously (Foreground shot of the blow, the blood splashes the camera. Aerial shot of the two bodies of Sophia wallowing unconscious, releasing their orgasms and bathing between them).

The chained Sophias begged and cried for Sophia-P to release them, but she just watches them with a panicked look and runs down a corridor with the baseball bat spattered with blood on her hands (Long shot of the room with all the Sophias pleading. Foreground shot of Sophia running down a hallway focusing on her breasts and her ass).

Hola :lol:

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Markometalhead, way to go. Now this is what I call "a party full of gory and glory". hahhahahahha. You can quote me on that one. Just love the way they do that. If only technology was so advanced you can do a 2d or 3d footage to go along with the story. Just love it when there is tension. Whenever there's tension, there's competition. Sometimes it's sad to see one getting the upper hand on the other, but hey, this is life. You can't always expect things to go on the same level, sometimes, a little difference can trigger a fall. Like in Farscape, when Crichton is twinned, one eventually died. Both of them were found to be equal and 1/2 of the original, the woman they both are in love with made out with one of them when in a already relationship with the other. The woman got pregnant, one of them died, and the leftover deemed as father, this is an example of a sad note, but hey, that happens in real life. I like it when stories reflect real life. I mean by real life, conflicts and tensions.

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