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And here we go. I said it was non game or anime, and I meant it. This was the story I was talking about at the end of Twin Trials of the Goddesses. It's only four chapters so it won't be too long. After this, I plan to take a break for all of December and then start a new story I've been sitting on in 2019. But I've yapped enough. Bring on the Batgirl!


Bats in the Belfry

The world, was in a crisis.

Alternate dimensions were encroaching upon each other, blending together, and overlapping. Heroes from all worlds sought to halt the problem before it destroyed them all.

This story…is not about that. This story is about the effect it had on those not in the know. One woman in particular will experience a situation that will make her look at herself differently.

Among other things.


Gotham City was quiet. That was bad. Gotham City was rarely ever quiet.

A figure strode across a nearby building, surveying the area ahead; nothing but tall buildings, perfect for some swinging.

Said figure was a young woman with red hair; she wore a grey costume with a yellow bat symbol on the chest, along with blue gloves, boots and a yellow belt with multiple pouches. Over her head was a blue cowl, with bat shaped ears that left the bottom half of her face uncovered, and a cape that was the same colour.

Babara Gordon, aka Batgirl looked out into the night sky. She’d been feeling ill at ease all day, and now, even at night she didn’t feel better. Something was wrong.

“What’s going on out there?” The caped heroine asked herself, completely unaware of the universe breaking battle that was taking place out in the world. As she pulled out a grappling hook pistol and fire off a line, watching as it snagged a nearby water tower, she failed to realize just what else she was unaware of.


Just behind her, as she swung forward on her repelling line, a wave of energy surged forth. She never saw it coming, and it washed over both her and the entire city.


Batgirl felt a slight tingle as she was swinging.

“Whoa! What was that?” The sensation was small, and it had come quickly, but it was enough to convince her to land on a nearby building to check herself.

She examined her own body, but nothing seemed different, at least not to her. Everything however, had changed.

The colours of her costume were totally different: instead of grey and blue, she now wore an all purple body suit, with yellow on the inside of the cape. The gloves and boots were now also yellow, matching the colour of the utility belt and bat emblem.

“I seem to be fine.” She mumbled after finishing her examination, somehow missing her change in costume. “I guess I was just being paranoid.” She fired off another grapple line and resumed swinging. “Anyway, I need to hurry!” Tonight was a big night: the one she’d been chasing was going to appear again, and she wasn’t going to miss her chance. As she alternated between swinging through the air and gliding with her cape, she heard it: the dinging of an alarm, more specifically one from a nearby bank.

“I knew it!” She’d received a tip that someone was going to hit the bank today, and it looks like it paid off. The building was in sight, and she’d be there in a few seconds, so the only question left was if she would be there.

As she looked ahead, she saw something: someone else swinging towards her.

IT’S HER!’ Batgirl couldn’t believe her luck. The woman she’d been trying to apprehend for months now had appeared before her.

As the other person drew closer, her visage became familiar…too familiar:

A black bodysuit, with a similarly coloured cape and bat eared cowl; the inside of the cape was yellow, along with the gloves, boots and utility belt. The bottom half of her mask was uncovered, and she had red hair.

the costume was a little different, but beyond that, she was a spitting image of Batgirl…because she was also Batgirl.

“I’VE FOUND YOU VILLAIN!” Both the black clad Batgirl and the purple clad one yelled out, as they continued to careen towards each other. “AND THIS TIME, YOU’LL FACE JUSTICE!”

Those were the last words that either of them got out before their paths finally brought them together…and in a less then gentle manner too.



The two Batgirls, so focused on reaching the other failed to realize they had no way to stop while in mid swing and crashed together, smashing heads, stomachs and tits together and knocking both the sense and wind out of each other. Not surprisingly, they lost their grips on their grapple lines and fell to the bank below, crashing through the sky light and onto the cold hard floor of the bank in a tangled heap, a loud thud echoing out from the impact with the ground.


There they lay, down, but not out. Their battle was only just beginning.

This idea was born well before this site existed, when I would imagine the BTAS version of Batgirl fighting with the TNBA version of Batgirl (so that's blue costume vs Black and yellow costume). Those were of course the same two batgirls. I moved to TNBA Batgirl vs BTBATB Batgirl (that's Batman the brave and the bold) many years later. I did try and write this at some earlier point, but it fell through. Finally did it though, and was able to use all three Batgirl costumes (blue and grey, black and yellow, and purple and yellow).

Anyway, this one will come quickly over the course of November, so enjoy it!

When twins tangle!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:26 pm 
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Can't wait.


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