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And here we go. I said it was non game or anime, and I meant it. This was the story I was talking about at the end of Twin Trials of the Goddesses. It's only four chapters so it won't be too long. After this, I plan to take a break for all of December and then start a new story I've been sitting on in 2019. But I've yapped enough. Bring on the Batgirl!


Bats in the Belfry

The world, was in a crisis.

Alternate dimensions were encroaching upon each other, blending together, and overlapping. Heroes from all worlds sought to halt the problem before it destroyed them all.

This story…is not about that. This story is about the effect it had on those not in the know. One woman in particular will experience a situation that will make her look at herself differently.

Among other things.


Gotham City was quiet. That was bad. Gotham City was rarely ever quiet.

A figure strode across a nearby building, surveying the area ahead; nothing but tall buildings, perfect for some swinging.

Said figure was a young woman with red hair; she wore a grey costume with a yellow bat symbol on the chest, along with blue gloves, boots and a yellow belt with multiple pouches. Over her head was a blue cowl, with bat shaped ears that left the bottom half of her face uncovered, and a cape that was the same colour.

Babara Gordon, aka Batgirl looked out into the night sky. She’d been feeling ill at ease all day, and now, even at night she didn’t feel better. Something was wrong.

“What’s going on out there?” The caped heroine asked herself, completely unaware of the universe breaking battle that was taking place out in the world. As she pulled out a grappling hook pistol and fire off a line, watching as it snagged a nearby water tower, she failed to realize just what else she was unaware of.


Just behind her, as she swung forward on her repelling line, a wave of energy surged forth. She never saw it coming, and it washed over both her and the entire city.


Batgirl felt a slight tingle as she was swinging.

“Whoa! What was that?” The sensation was small, and it had come quickly, but it was enough to convince her to land on a nearby building to check herself.

She examined her own body, but nothing seemed different, at least not to her. Everything however, had changed.

The colours of her costume were totally different: instead of grey and blue, she now wore an all purple body suit, with yellow on the inside of the cape. The gloves and boots were now also yellow, matching the colour of the utility belt and bat emblem.

“I seem to be fine.” She mumbled after finishing her examination, somehow missing her change in costume. “I guess I was just being paranoid.” She fired off another grapple line and resumed swinging. “Anyway, I need to hurry!” Tonight was a big night: the one she’d been chasing was going to appear again, and she wasn’t going to miss her chance. As she alternated between swinging through the air and gliding with her cape, she heard it: the dinging of an alarm, more specifically one from a nearby bank.

“I knew it!” She’d received a tip that someone was going to hit the bank today, and it looks like it paid off. The building was in sight, and she’d be there in a few seconds, so the only question left was if she would be there.

As she looked ahead, she saw something: someone else swinging towards her.

IT’S HER!’ Batgirl couldn’t believe her luck. The woman she’d been trying to apprehend for months now had appeared before her.

As the other person drew closer, her visage became familiar…too familiar:

A black bodysuit, with a similarly coloured cape and bat eared cowl; the inside of the cape was yellow, along with the gloves, boots and utility belt. The bottom half of her mask was uncovered, and she had red hair.

the costume was a little different, but beyond that, she was a spitting image of Batgirl…because she was also Batgirl.

“I’VE FOUND YOU VILLAIN!” Both the black clad Batgirl and the purple clad one yelled out, as they continued to careen towards each other. “AND THIS TIME, YOU’LL FACE JUSTICE!”

Those were the last words that either of them got out before their paths finally brought them together…and in a less then gentle manner too.



The two Batgirls, so focused on reaching the other failed to realize they had no way to stop while in mid swing and crashed together, smashing heads, stomachs and tits together and knocking both the sense and wind out of each other. Not surprisingly, they lost their grips on their grapple lines and fell to the bank below, crashing through the sky light and onto the cold hard floor of the bank in a tangled heap, a loud thud echoing out from the impact with the ground.


There they lay, down, but not out. Their battle was only just beginning.

This idea was born well before this site existed, when I would imagine the BTAS version of Batgirl fighting with the TNBA version of Batgirl (so that's blue costume vs Black and yellow costume). Those were of course the same two batgirls. I moved to TNBA Batgirl vs BTBATB Batgirl (that's Batman the brave and the bold) many years later. I did try and write this at some earlier point, but it fell through. Finally did it though, and was able to use all three Batgirl costumes (blue and grey, black and yellow, and purple and yellow).

Anyway, this one will come quickly over the course of November, so enjoy it!

When twins tangle!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2018 8:26 pm 
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Can't wait.


PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2018 8:51 am 
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Just as I promised, here's part two!

Chapter 2: Got-HAM!


Two entangled bodies lay in a heap in the middle of the National Bank of Gotham, having crashed through the sky light from a high position. One was Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon. The other was also Batgirl, aka Barbara Gordon.

And if that didn’t sound right to you, then you’ll probably be the only one who bats an eye at such weirdness.

Slowly, the two dominoed dare dolls (that’s actually a thing, so look it up) rose to their feet, stunned, but not anywhere near defeated.

“Ha! I’ve caught you red handed Batgirl!” One of them said. “Surrender, and I might go easy on you!”

“Ha! That’s a laugh!” The other countered. “You’re the one who’s finally been caught! You turn yourself in, or you know what happens next!”

They circled each other, like lionesses stalking their prey, each knowing she was in for another in a long series of fierce battles. They’d danced this dance many times before, but had yet to reach a proper conclusion, at least from their point of view.

The world had changed: a wave of dimensional energy had caused this, splitting Batgirl in two and creating a world where it had always been that way, with both of them convinced the other was a super criminal that only she could capture. As for everyone else…



…they just thought that’s how the Batgirls did things. The actual bank robbers came out, drawn by the noise of the super heroines entrance, but were too late to prevent what would happen next.

“HIYAH!” Batgirl and Batgirl leapt at each other at the same time the bank robbers descended on them.

Batgirl took a swing at Batgirl, and both women nailed each other in a cross counter, fists crashing against jaws.


As they stumbled back, two thugs who’d been approaching them (without guns for some reason) tried to grab both girls from behind, but the two women both reeled back to attack each other again and ended up elbowing the men in the face.


They then promptly punched each other again, this time the stomach.



Batgirl went for a high kick to Batgirl’s face, but Batgirl dodged at the last moment, and the kick caught another poor mook in the side of the head.


As she followed through on her kick, her opponent attempted a kick of her own, but Batgirl was able to avoid it…


…but the goon coming at her from the side didn’t.

And so it went; the Batgirls fought each other to a standstill, while the bank robbers were utterly demolished in the process, as their attempts to put down both do gooders only resulted in them getting caught in the cross fire of the super heroine battle.









After a good 10 minutes of fighting, the Batgirls had managed to put down most of the thugs. Two were currently fleeing, unnoticed by the two heroines as they prepared batarangs for each other.

“Try this on for size you hellacious hussy!” They flung their batarangs at the other, but both women ducked, and the projectiles continued on to strike the fleeing thugs in the backs of their heads. “Hah! you missed!”

The batarangs then curved (as boomerangs are wont to do) and struck both Batgirls in their heads.

“Ugggh!” They both pitched forward towards each other, crashing together again with another collision of skull on skull and breast on breast. Immediately and instinctively, they brought a knee up between the legs of her assailant.


“OOOOOOGH!” That didn’t feel good, but despite the pain, they punched each other in the jaw again, while still practically clinching. Even as the sirens blared and the police drew close, the two women began trading punches to tits and faces, and kicks to stomachs and groins as they stumbled out of the main hall of the bank.

“YOU WON’T(AIEEE!!!) GET AWAY (VRONK!!!) THIS TIME!!!” Not letting up on each other, Batgirl and Batgirl fought their way right out of the museum.


“You scum will be going away for a long time.” Commissioner Gordon commented as he watched the bank robbers get carted away.

“We’d have gotten away with it if not for those two catfighting dames!” One thug yelled out in fury! He then got clubbed over the head and pushed into the police wagon.

“Indeed!” The Commissioner agreed. “Thanks to the Batgirls, justice has once again prevailed.


As for the Batgirls….


The scene was identical, even if the subjects were separated. Batgirl woke up, battered and bruised in an alley, her twin nowhere to be seen.

“…no…not again…” As she pulled herself to her feet, she looked at her costume; it was torn and ruined. “She escaped again!”

Batgirl pressed a button on her belt, and a signal went out, summoning her Batgirl cycle. It would arrive in a few minutes, leaving her time to think on the current situation.

Dammit! I failed to capture her again! She’s too damned good!’ The night hadn’t been a total waste however. That bank robbery had been foiled, so whatever devious plan Batgirl had been formulating had been derailed a tiny bit. It wasn’t much, but with the aches and pains she was suffering, it was better than nothing.

She was brought out of her thoughts as her cycle pulled into the alley. She reached into the compartment for her helmet and put it on, riding off.


About an hour later, Barbara Gordon had pulled into her secret lair under her apartment, and stripped off her ruined Batgirl costume. A few bandages and some iodine later, she was all patched up.

“Well, time to head upstairs.” She said to herself, and with that, she pressed a switch on a nearby wall, opening up a stair case to her apartment.

Soon she was back in her home, ready for a good nights rest…provided she didn’t run into her room mate that is. Suddenly she heard a noise.

That must be her. I was hoping to avoid her.

“Barbara?!” A voice (similar to her own) called out. “Is that you!?”
“Yes it’s me!” Barbara replied. “I just got back!”
“Oh! What a coincidence! So did I!”

Barbara Gordon rounded the corner and came face to face with another woman, with a face identical to her own.

“How are you Barbara?”
“Just fine Barbara? How was your night?”
“Eventful. And you?”
“The same.”

The two women hugged in greeting, utterly oblivious to who was in front of them.

Heh. In case you were all wondering, I actually looked up authentic 60's Batman sound effects for this. Gotta be accurate and all. :lol:

Alright. I'll see all of you, same bat place, same bat time. :ugeek:

When twins tangle!

PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:59 am 
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Back again, with part 3. The month is almost over, and then I'll get a well deserved break.

So, I'd planned some other stories, while still building up to the main one I wanted to do, but one of them kinda fizzled before I could even start, and the other requires research that I'm actually not that committed to. I still have a bit to do before I can do the story I've been waiting to try, but I'm thinking that I may finally just get to it. I've been stuck waiting to do so for a few years now, and I'm tired of waiting...and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing me talk about it. But that's neither here nor there. For now, lets do the next chapter.

Chapter 3: BG’s BG BG (Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl Battleground)

As the two identical women hugged, both winced a little, something neither of them missed.

“Are you alright?” One asked. “You’re all bandaged up.”
“ You too! What happened?”

Both of them were startled for a second.

“Um…I slipped and fell…”
“…down a long flight of stairs…”

I swear, she’s incredibly clumsy’ Both thought, completely falling for the other’s lie.

“Don’t worry about me! I’m completely fine!”
“Well I’m glad to hear that! You really need to be more careful!”
“And you need to follow your own advice.”

Barbara and Barbara giggled a little. It was nice to have someone worry about her, and both felt a smidge guilty at lying to her. If they knew the truth, they’d be kicking themselves for not seeing it.

“Come on. I’m exhausted, so lets get some rest.”
“Good idea. It’s been a long day.”

With that, both of them headed to their rooms to sleep off their aches and pains.


“Have you catalogued all the copies of Gotham’s Notorious rogues Barbara?”

“I sure have! And have you found Volume II of Roof climbing for dummies?”

“Yes! It was exactly where you said it would be!’


As far as jobs went, being a librarian was nice; quiet, educational, and occasionally useful in their extracurricular activities as Batgirl and Batgirl. When they needed some extra info, they often asked for it, claiming it was for a personal project (which tended to happen often, though they fortunately never wondered why the other had so many personal projects).

They both still sporting some bandages from the previous night’s Batgirl brawl, but both were recovering nicely. All they needed was some time to rest.

“All right! Nobody move!”

But time is fleeting and all.

The double Barbara’s both jumped as a bunch of thugs stormed in, startling the patrons of the library. Both women quickly dived behind the desk to avoid being seen.

“I’ll go get help!” Both yelled, quickly getting up and running in opposite directions to change into their Batgirl costumes.

“We want all the money! Do it now!” One of the thugs shouted, and people ran about frightened as the criminals caused havoc.

“HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!” Suddenly, a figure crashed through the window. Batgirl stood up in a fighting pose.

“Give yourselves upUUUURKKKK!!!!” Right in the middle of her sentence, Batgirl was drop kicked by Batgirl, sending them crashing out of sight into some book cases (which fell on some nearby goons).

Purple Batgirl (the one who’d done the drop kick) limped back into sight and went into the same fighting pose.

“Now, surrender you villaAAAAAAAACK!!!” She got a taste of her own medicine when Black Batgirl drop kicked her from behind, sending them both crashing into a different book case (that also fell on some of the goons).

“You’ve done it now!” And so their dance began again.


Batgirl grabbed something wooden and heavy, shattering it over Batgirl’s body and sending her tumbling back, clothes tattered and head spinning as she fell into some nearby goons

“BONZAI!” Mere seconds later, the attacking Batgirl followed up, pursuing her foe and throwing herself at both the other Batgirl and the thugs she’d fallen on.


Batgirl now had Batgirl in a headlock, dragging her across the room, but Batgirl kicked her in the knee, screwing up her leverage. Batgirl then used the opportunity to lift Batgirl and back body drop her onto a nearby table.


Batgirl and Batgirl grappled with each other before Batgirl managed to land a punch that sent Batgirl careening back. Batgirl pumped her fist in triumph before pursuing her.





And so it went.


In the aftermath of the brawl, the thugs were utterly crushed, and the Batgirls had again lost track of each other post battle. Two battered and punch drunk Barbara Gordon’s limped back into view, slightly worse for wear.

Upon noticing each other both immediately went to check out her roommate.

“Oh my! Are you alright Barbara?”

“Yes Barbara, I’m fine! Just another issue with the stairs. What about you?”

“Me as well. Those stairs are horribly dangerous.”

“Are you ladies alright?” An officer came up to them to check them out.

“Yes officer!” Both replied. What about the library?”

“Well, thanks to the battling Batgirls, no money was lost, but it seems one of them got away with a book.” This made both Barbara’s perk up.

“A book?”

“Yes. I can only assume the remaining thief took in desperation to get something out of this, otherwise I can’t think of any reason to steal a book.” The Officer lamented. “Poor fool. His late fee will be tremendous!” He walked off shaking his head at the futility of evil.

“Hmmm…” The Barbara’s were still stuck on the stolen book. “I wonder…?” Seeing they were on the same page, the girls checked out the inventory to try and find out what book was missing.

Some time later, they had reorganized everything that had been scattered by their brawl, and now knew what book was missing.

“Gotham Secret Treasures for Dummies?” A secret treasure…

“I remember reading that book Barbara!”
“Me too Barbara!”

“There’s supposedly a hidden treasure in Gotham!” They both continued. “They say that the book leads to a clue about it, and that clue is in the Gotham City Museum!”

So that’s what the thugs were after then?’’ If that was the case, then it looked like Batgirl had a late night date.


Hours later, Batgirl and Batgirl stole their way into the museum. Not surprising, they stumbled across each other.

“HAH! I knew I’d find you here Batgirl! Looking to hook up with your fellow criminals!?” They charge each other. “Not on my watch!” Fists had close up and personal meetings with jaws.

“Blllngh!” Both women went down quickly, but they shot back up, trading cross counters.


They stumbled across the room, until both stumbled over chairs, separating.

“You aren’t escaping me this time!” Think the other planned to flee, Batgirl and Batgirl ran side by side as they went further into the museum, their battle still ongoing.

And now Part 3 is done. Next Friday is the last part, just in time for the end of the month. Then things will be quiet from me until January.

When twins tangle!

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And here it is! The final part. Like I said I'll be quiet for December after this. Been posting stuff non stop for months, so a little break won't hurt. I still got so much. Anyway, lets get to it.

Chapter 4: Tune in this time: Same Bat time! Same Bat Channel!

The Batgirls mutual pursuit of one another quickly hit a snag when they ended up they Large reflective crystal maze display. The two dominoed dare dolls quickly lost track of each other, barely able to tell the difference between one of the crystals reflecting her image and the real Batgirl.

“There you are!” A Batgirl in black threw a batarang at her purple clad rival, but only ended up shattering a crystal mirror. At the exact same moment, Purple did the same thing, destroying a mirror she’d mistake for her black clad rival.

“GRRR!” It was like finding a needle in a haystack. “YOU CAN’T HIDE FOREVER!”

What? Who’s hiding!? She has some nerve running in her to escape me then calling me a coward!’ Now both were livid, and hoping to get her hands around her fellow redhead’s neck. That’s when they noticed something out of the corner of their eyes.

“GOT YOU!” Each woman quickly turned around and threw a knife edged chop at the neck of the other.



But both received a surprise when their hand collided with hard crystal instead of soft neck. They’d been tricked by another reflection.

“OOOOOOH!” They groaned in both anger and pain as they tried to shake off the agony in their hands, but while doing this, they backed into each other. “Eeep!” The double Batgirls turned around and came face to face and chest to chest.

“Hah! You can’t get away now!” They wasted no time unloading primed fists on each other, within halls of crystals; sometimes their fists found each other, some times they found only eerily accurate reflections, but they were undeterred, fighting on despite the confusion.

Purple Batgirl began raining blows on her black counterparts face, not caring or just ignoring the blows that she received in turn. both women went for a kick, but each caught the others leg, and then sent her twin (and herself) tumbling to the side. Black Batgirl quickly climbed on top and started raining down punches before Purple Batgirl rolled them over and did the same, only for them to switch 2 or 3 more times, until the one on the bottom grabbed the hair of the one on top to flip her over. By the time she was on her feet, her foe was on the offensive with punches and kicks. Despite this, she fought back until they were trading blows again.

After a few minutes of this, both women went for the other’s hair, and stumbled around locked together for a few minutes before again falling to the ground and rolling for the top position. they managed to get to their feet again and exchanged kicks to the gut, uppercuts, right hooks, foot stomps, and then…


“AUUUUUGHHH!!!” Mutual punches to the other’s breasts were traded. Both women stumbled back, holding their bashed tit…

“YOU VILE HAG!” And then they charged forward, fists raised.


Cross counter: both women socked each other right on the jaw, and fell to the ground in an exhausted and battered heap.

“Nnngh…ooooh…” There was no strength in their bodies at all. Right now, fighting each other was out of the question…


…which meant fighting anyone else was definitely off the table too. Neither woman could do a thing as a bunch of goons picked them up and carried them off.


“MWAH HA HA! I’VE GOT YOU NOW BATGIRLS!” The two heroines regain consciousness as the loud voice shocked them out of their mutual slumber. The first thing they noticed is that it felt like something was binding their bodies…but it didn’t feel like rope, or chains. No, it felt like…

“…wha…what?” Batgirl realized that the thing she felt was a leg coiled around her own leg, but when she tried to move…

“AUUUUGH!” Pain. Constricting, twisting pain coursing through her whole body. Not only that, she was positive she heard another scream at the same moment as her own.

“Hah!” The voice of the third person, a still unseen male, drew their attention once again. “Feeling a bit uncomfortable ladies! Well, now you know…” despite the pain, both women managed to turn their heads to see their captor.

“…THAT KILLER MOTH MEANS BUSINESS!” And indeed, the man standing before them was in fact Killer Moth, the gaudily dressed, insect based villain, flanked by a few goons. “And you’ll also find that it’s not so easy to escape from a Siamese Human Knot!”

Siamese Human Knot!’ Both women thought as they finally understood what had happened to them: while they’d been unconscious, Killer moth had placed them in the vicious torture hold. The two Barbara’s realized their own bodies were being used to hold the other.

“…gugh…ummph…KILER MOTH! YOU FIEND!” They both winced in pain as even that action caused their twisted bodies to pull on limb and contort limbs.

“Careful Batgirls! A Siamese Human Knot is deadly in normal circumstances, but it’s even worse with two people!” Moth gave a vicious grin. “I give you about 20 minutes before you break every bone in the other’s body!” He stood up, and began to walk away.

“So long ladies!” Killer Moth and his toadies departed to complete their looting, leaving the two Batgirls to try and figure out a plan. That was easier said than done however: Moth had bound them as tightly as possible, and every twitch of the body bound them even tighter.

“Aaaah!” Not only that, their closeness and the way their bodies were rubbing had…other effects beyond pain as well. Their contorted tied each other into tighter knots, while rubbing, bumping and massaging chests, nipples, groins, and —somehow—even asses.

“Grrrrr!” They knew what had to be done: they needed to cooperate to escape, or they’d squeeze each other to death. “….Do you….UGH!….know the technique for escaping?” One girl asked.

“Y-yes…I….OOOOHG!!!!….know it! I’ll wiggle my ears!” The other replied.

“Then I’ll bend the 4th finger on my left hand!” They needed to be careful. A single mistake could be their end. And yet…

“We’ll both need to move into the proper position first…”
“Then on the count of three!”



This would hurt…and probably feel really good.


Crunch! Smek!


At that exact moment, the Batgirls twisted their bodies, while simultaneous initiating the maneuvers to escape: one Batlgirl wiggled her ears while the other began bending her 4th finger on her left hand. Still the pain was excrutiating, but neither girl screamed…because they’d ended up kissing by accident, silencing the other before that could have.

“MMMMMMMHHHH! OOOOOOMMMPPPPPHHH!!!” The kiss surprised them, and as they continued their actions they realized their groins were also giving each other a nice massage.


“Ggggggck!” They were also constricting each other even worse. In fact, the knot got tighter.

NO! We must not be doing the escape technique well enough!’ If they didn’t change their luck, that’d be the end. At this point, Ear wiggling Batgirl also began bending her left hand’s 4th finger, while left hand 4 finger bending Batgirl started wiggling her own ears.

“….nnnngh,,,,ugggghhh!” The pressure was getting worse; yet they could also feel a tiny bit of relief. If they could just hold out a little longer….


Mere moments before every bone in their bodies would have shattered from pressure, there was a sense of relief, as the knot finally loosened, releasing them both. Not that either realized it right away, as they promptly passed out.


How long the two Batgirls were unconscious was unknown, but they did eventually come to.

“Ummm…looks like we’re free.” One of them spoke.

“Looks like it.” The other replied.

Now that that was done, there was only one thing left to do.

“AND NOW TO PUT YOU AND KILLER MOTH AWAY FOR GOOD!” With that, both ladies jumped to their feet, and threw right crosses that left the other kissing her fist.


Despite their exhaustion from both the previous battle, and the escape from the knot, they had plenty of energy left for going at each other again; each Batgirl tore into her mirror image with hair pulls, breast and stomach punches, crotch kicks, uppercuts, and other fierce blows as they fought their way out of that room…

“…what’s that noise….WAIT! NO!!! NOT THEM!!!! THIS CAN’T BE!!!!!”

And right on top of Killer Moth and his goons. The crooks never stood a chance.


An hour later, the Police were rounding up Killer Moth and his men.


“Quiet you!” One of the officers clubbed him over the head, silencing him.

“Any sign of the Batgirls?” The Commissioner asked, but all he got were some baffled looks. “I see, well thank you Batgirls, wherever you may be!”

And as for our heroines…


“There you are Barbara!” The two Batgirls, now once again two Barbara Gordons met in front of a fancy restaurant.

“I’m sorry I’m late! Had another incident with the stairs!” one explained.

“Oh don’t worry! I had something of rough time with the stairs myself!” The other retorted.

They looked over the other, noting the bruises, bandages and overall poor appearance of her room-mate, though they’d applied plenty of make-up to hide it, and it had worked well too.

I swear, this girl has awful luck!’ Both thought.

“Well, shall we begin?” One girl asked, extending her arm.
“Yes! Lets!” The other took that arm and wrapped her own around it.

Going on a date together after being room-mates for so long felt odd, but it also felt right. The two exchange a quick peck on the lips before making their way into the restaurant, but…

That kiss…it feels…familiar…’ They exchanged glances, as each wondered how that could be, only for a thought to hit them both…’…just like…HER

Indeed, the feel of her twins lips against her own reminded her quite a bit of Batgirl, but….

Her getting hurt all the time, could it be because she’s getting beat up as Batgirl…by me?’ It did add up. Could it be possible?

They stared at each other for a moment…then started laughing.

“Excuse me! I just remembered a hilarious joke!”
“Really? I did too!”
“Oh, I’d love to hear it!”
“Maybe later, and only if you share yours too!”

Both women started heading into the restaurant, still giggling.

I must be crazy thinking she’s Batgirl. Talk about an unlikely possibility!

And so, still unaware that her greatest foe was right in front of her, Barbara Gordon, aka Batgirl, prepared for a quiet night.

And that's that. You won't be seeing any more stories from me until January. My next tale is a sequel. I'll let you all decide what it's a sequel too. Until then, I'll see you guys.

When twins tangle!

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That was pretty funny and sexy. The knot was a brilliant touch on your usual tightly bound situations. I also found all the old 60s brave and the bold like humor you sprinkled throughout it. Made it very entertaining. Can't wait to see what you have next ^^. I'm assuming since it's a sequel it could be either Fairy Tail or One Piece. Both of which I should probably catch up on one day haha. Anyway, now I'm off to read that sun moon and goddess sequel you made when I have a little more time. The first one was really good so I can't wait to see what the second installment has ^^

Redheads are the best clones ;)

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